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Luke takes Leia shopping once she becomes a bigshot senator in the New Republic because "your tendency to just steal Han's clothes when you run out of clean ones is adorable but not #fashion"

She’s never done this before. 

In her old life, she had a personal tailor–the decisions she made were along the lines of color and fabric, not cut and style, and even those were political decisions. White was the color of the royal family. Silver highlighted her planet’s wealth, to those who needed reminding. In her life after that one, she wore cast-offs, collected a wardrobe out of whatever the quartermaster handed out. 

Luke, who grew up in a glorified village on the Outer Rim, can’t believe she lived in Coruscant for actual years and never once went to the shops

“No way,” he says, pulling her away from a foamy white dress, his nose wrinkled. “Eighty credits for four feet of boilercloth? You could buy the factory for that much.” 

Leia reaches for a simple grey jacket, and draws her hand back when Luke winces. It’s endearing, the way he still doesn’t always know what his face is doing. “Fine,” she says, and gestures broadly at the shop. “What do you want me to wear, hotshot?” 

“It’s not about what I want,” Luke says immediately, and she rolls her eyes. 

“Luke,” she says, and picks up the jacket, holds it against herself. “Are you sure you don’t have an opinion?” 

“Not grey,” he says, and grins at her, suddenly looking absurdly young. She can just about picture him, sorting through the outdoor markets at Mos Eisley, saving up for the dusty boots he wore his first year in the Rebellion, until they fell apart. “Not white, either. You have a lot of white. How do you feel about color?” 

Yellow for Chandrila. Green for the ruling families of Hosnia. Purple for Iego. Red for the emperor. White for Alderaan. Black for the Empire. 

Leia blinks. “I like blue,” she says after a moment. 

Luke takes the jacket, puts it back in its place. “Blue, okay,” he says, and claps a hand on her shoulder. “We’ll start with blue.” 

50 Shades of Dean

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 3163

Warnings: Slight dom/sub, smut, unprotected sex, mentions of 50 shades of Gray, use of restraints, spanking, mostly just fluff and slightly kinky sex. 

Summary: You and the boys decided to watch a movie after Sam gets embarrassed and goes to bed, you and Dean decide to do a little role playing of your own. Not even you realized just how brave you could be. 

A/N: This was done for an anon who requested, Hello. I was wondering you could write one where you and the boys are finally staying in one night so you decide to watch a movie and the girl picks 50 shades and Sam ends up going to bed and Dean and reader somehow end up acting out what they are watching. Not sure if I explained well. Thank you!!! ❤️ I hope it was what you were looking for. I am even thinking about possibly doing a part two if people want to read one just let me know. This was super fun to write, I hope it is fun to read. Italics are scenes from the movie, specifically. 

Flopping between your two favorite guys you let your body squash between them. Carefully tucking in your elbows to your side to make sure you didn’t hit anyone in the guts. It was not only a much-needed break from the cases you had been dealing with, Lucifer’s baby mama drama was still causing problems not to mention the British douche bags were now also trying to murder you and everyone you knew. It was also movie night, and it was your turn to pick the film. A well-deserved distraction and you already had a title in mind.  

You didn’t get to watch movies and relax very often, so even knowing the boys might be slightly uncomfortable, you choose the one movie you had been dying to see. The movie was supposed to be a romance and you only vaguely knew that it was about somewhat kinky sex, you didn’t even care if you blushed for two hours straight. It was what you were watching. You clicked a few buttons and up it popped on the screen. 

“Ugh, no, you aren’t going to make us watch,” Sam let out a sigh, “this.” 

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Neighbors Chapter 10 - Invoke Murphy’s Law

Shirayuki brushed her teeth the next morning with vigor as she dressed and readied herself for work, contemplating just how long it had been since she’d had such a pleasant conversation with a complete stranger-

She froze. Wide green eyes stared back at her in the somewhat cloudy reflection of the old mirror above her bathroom sink as she slowly pulled the foamy toothbrush from her mouth, the color draining from her face as the reality of what she’d done hit her full force: she’d let a total and complete stranger into her apartment. She’d willingly allowed someone entrance without another thought as to who he was or what he was capable of. She didn’t even know his last name, for God’s sake! What on Earth was the matter with her? What if he was a convicted felon? What if he was a murderer? Perhaps he’d taken the opportunity to scope out her home’s layout and was (as her father would say) “casing the joint?”

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Sick On Christmas [Chanyeol]

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Summary: In which you warn Chanyeol not to go outside in the cold, but he goes out anyway but ends up catching a cold.

Word count: 2 199

Type: Christmas! AU, FLUFFF :)

Member: Chanyeol from EXO

A/N: Although this imagine is short, I think it’s really cute, so I think you guys will like it! I hope you guys are doing fine and are happy, love you loads! x

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You happened to glance outside the small window in front of the kitchen sink you stood in front of, watching harsh cold winds blow past the window, making a whistling sound that you heard from outside but also you saw snow slowly and gracefully fall from the white heavens to the snow covered grounds below. You felt an imaginary chill go down your spine, hoping no one was outside and stuck in the coldest weather your part of town has ever had in it’s existence.

You sighed, just about to continue with what you were doing before you heard heavy footsteps coming from the direction of the bedroom before you smelled a familiar cologne, knowing he only wore this cologne when he was going out of the house, no matter how small the occasion was, he’d always wear this cologne which you loved the smell of but right now, didn’t care for because that meant he’d be going outside in the freezing cold.

“Where do you think you’re going?” You asked your boyfriend for three beautiful and lively years, Chanyeol who you heard shuffling behind where you stood at the kitchen sink, washing all the dishes.

You pulled your hands from the foamy water, drying your hands with a dish towel nearby before you turned around, crossing your arms over your chest as you gazed upon your boyfriend, who stopped whatever he was doing and innocently smiled at you before he placed on a heavy but warm jacket.

“I’m going to Baekhyun-hyung’s house.” Chanyeol answered you, looking down at the bottom of his jacket where his hands were to zip up his jacket that was very reluctant to zip up, causing the boy to pull a cute and confused face.

You smiled in amusement, walking over towards your boyfriend, jokingly slapping his hands away to which you heard cries of pain from Chanyeol who you stood on your tip toes for and kissed his lips briefly, watching as a pink blush decorated his cheeks as his eyes looked from side to side while even his ears become pink. You laughed at the site of a flustered Chanyeol, finding it endearing even after three years together he still blushed when you kissed him. 

You’re so cute!” You commented happily, standing on your tip toes once again but this time kissing his blush decorated cheeks before you helped him with the zip to his jacket while he remained quiet.

“Chanyeol?” You called out for your boyfriend, pulling at the zip harshly once hoping it would zip up but it didn’t and you were forced to try again.

“Yes jagiya?” Chanyeol answered tenderly, his voice causing goosebumps to appear on your skin even if the heating was on in all rooms of the cozy apartment you shared together and you wore warm clothing, along with Chanyeol’s cream turtleneck sweater because you liked how big his clothing was on your body and Chanyeol always said cute things about your appearance in his clothing. 

“It’s the lowest and coldest temperature this town has ever had ever, why are you going outside?” You questioned out of curiosity but also concern, worried that Chanyeol might go outside and catch a cold or something even worse because of the cold temperature beyond the space of your apartment. Even if it was kind of stupid worrying about a grown man’s health, Chanyeol was really just a kid stuck in an adult’s body, so you had to take care of him more than other people did for their boyfriends.

“Because everyone is going to be at Baekhyun-hyung’s house for a Christmas celebration since we won’t be celebrating Christmas this year together.” Chanyeol answered you, you not noticing the face he pulled and how his eyes nervously shifted from left and right when he spoke, clear signs of lying shown that you were oblivious to since you were too busy trying to fix Chanyeol’s jacket zipper. 

You thought about this for a moment, debating whether having Chanyeol, a kid stuck in a grown man’s body going out into the extreme cold and get a cold just to go and celebrate the joyous holiday with his best friends or just have him stay indoors where he couldn’t catch a cold but whine about how you hadn’t allowed him to go see his friends. Finally, you looked up at Chanyeol, zipping up his jacket to the absolute top before you stood on your tip toes once again and cupped his cheeks as you said, “Please keep warm, Chanyeol. I don’t want you being sick during Christmas or ever, okay?”

“I promise to keep warm jagiya,” Chanyeol promised you with a sweet and cute smile, having you smile at how precious and adorable he looked in that exact moment, “Don’t worry about me.”

Also wear your mask,” You added on, witnessing Chanyeol pull a face at you which only made you blush because of how motherly you were to him, “I’m sorry, I just don’t want you sick.”

“Jagiya, I am a grown man and can take care of myself. There is no need to worry about me.” Chanyeol assured you with a charming smile which caused your heart to flutter in your chest, warming you inside. 

“Okay,” You agreed with your boyfriend with just the slightest bit of disagreement towards what he just said, sighing an upset sigh before you threw your arms over him, hugging him as tight as possible, “I love you.”

You heard Chanyeol chuckle, finally feeling his arms wrap around your body, his arms being warmth to your body and a feeling of pure peace and sincerity brought to you whenever you were in his arms, “I love you too, jagiya.”

“Keep safe.”

“I will.”

A few days later

You walked slowly, careful not to walk too fast that the bowl of chicken soup, hot chocolate and glass of warm water would spill over onto your feet and burn your skin while the other things such as fruit placed on the tray you carried carefully and with a firm grip, could possibly fall to the floor or fall onto your clothing which would cause a disaster if you weren’t careful enough. You walked slowly, hearing a deep echoing cough from the lounge before the sound of six sneezes in a row.

You rolled your eyes, walking into the lounge more fast this time around, wanting to talk to Chanyeol who laid almost dead on the couch in the lounge with a bright red nose just like Rudolf the deer with his face just a shade lighter than his nose, used tissues placed all around him and a bucket at his feet just incase anything didn’t settle well in his stomach. You placed the tray onto the coffee table nearby the couch Chanyeol laid on, picking up all the used tissues from the ground and on the couch, pushing away how unhygienic this was and placed all the tissues into the small dustbin at the entrance of the room before you walked back and sat down on the couch, looking down at Chanyeol who coughed deeply with an echo once again.

“I made you lunch,” You commented plainly, gesturing towards the food and beverages that were on the tray on the coffee table nearby, “You have to eat and drink everything on that tray if you wanna get better.”

“Thanks-” sneeze “Jagiya.“ 

"I’ll bring your medication just now,” You mentioned to him, watching him obediently nod his head towards what you said making him look like a cute innocent child that you adored just for moment before the moment was ruined by him having a cough fit. He sat up as he coughed and coughed over again, your hand being raised as you patted Chanyeol’s back gently but effectively, the sound of his cough simmering down before you heard him whisper a soft, “Sorry.”

You know what Chanyeol?” You asked rhetorically asked Chanyeol, happy to see that the boy didn’t answer you but gave you his undivided attention when you were speaking, “I’m not gonna scream at you. I did warn you that you would catch a cold and you caught one and I’m not angry at you for that because I love you and I understand, okay?”

You’re the-” sneezebest, jagiya.”

You chuckled at how Chanyeol’s sentence came out, not helping it but giving him a sweet kiss on his cheek that turned even more pink because of the intimate touch, you smiling at the site before you asked Chanyeol, “Chanyeol, how did you get sick if you were inside Baekhyun’s house the whole time?”

Chanyeol remained quiet after the question you asked, eyes widening when you said this before he nervously smiled towards you and reached for his hot chocolate, accidentally knocking over his small bowl of nutritious fruits. Luckily they didn’t end up on the floor or on the surface of the coffee table but landed on the surface of the tray. You heard Chanyeol repeatedly apologize for the accident while you just smiled because you adored Chanyeol’s clumsy side, even it cost you a fortune to replace what he accidently broke or you to clean up the mess he made if he tripped or slipped. 

You watched Chanyeol nervously sip on his hot chocolate, placing it carefully this time onto the tray before he sighed out nervously, confusing you because he had no reason to be nervous around you after being together so long. He seemed in thought for a moment, staring down at his blanket covered lap before you saw him shuffle for something underneath the covers but never show what it was.

“The thing is, I didn’t go to Baekhyun’s house to celebrate Christmas with the guys.” Chanyeol honestly told you as a feeling of small betrayal hit you right in the chest because he had lied to you, for the first time during your relationship and that didn’t settle well with you.

Then where did you go?” You asked curiously, not angry with Chanyeol but not pleased with him either because he lied about where he’d be been that day.

Chanyeol swallowed a nervous lump that developed in his throat, avoiding your eyes for just a second before he looked directly into your eyes, the pair of eyes he had fallen in love with the first time he’d look into them and the pair of eyes he’d love more than ever to look into for the rest of his life. “Jagiya, you know we’ve been together for a while now, yes? Three years, the best three years of my life and hopefully yours. In those three years, we’ve shared many stories and experiences, especially to the hospital because I did something stupid, but we shared all of these things together. We also shared laughs, tears but mostly smiles together and I can’t thank you enough for that. You’ve made me smile through depressing times, always supported me and my busy career that tends to keep us apart but in the end, we still hang on and stay together because we love one another. Even if I was planning on doing this a few minutes before New Year’s day, I figured why not do it on Christmas day when you’re taking care of me instead of celebrating Christmas,”

Tears started welling in your eyes of the thought of what you could possibly happen next, your prediction of what could happen next proved correct as you watched with your very eyes Chanyeol pull a velvet red color box out from under the blanket, opening the box and exposing a shiny and glittering diamond ring that you gasped over for it’s beauty. You looked at Chanyeol out of disbelief, only seeing the man smile encouragingly before he spoke once again, “Jagiya, will you-” sneeze “marry me?”

You chucked a bit when during the most important sentence he had said was interrupted by a sneeze, smiling fondly at Chanyeol as you only nodded, finding yourself speechless at the reality of the situation you were in, watching Chanyeol take the ring out of the box, almost drop it to the floor where it would probably end up underneath the couch and slip it onto your finger, the fit of the ring just perfect which made you smile even more.

“This is why I went out that other day, I needed Baekhyun’s advice on what ring to buy and also to fit the ring because somehow, his hands and fingers are the exact same size as yours.” Chanyeol explained in amusement, causing to laugh lightly at the funny line he said.

Once your laughter faded into the air, you looked back into Chanyeol’s eyes, smiling fondly but smiling even more now because you were for sure spending the rest of your life with the person you would only want to spend your life with, leaning in going for a kiss before backing away when you saw Chanyeol sneeze.

You cupped his cheeks gently, the cold of the ring on your face bringing a shiver down Chanyeol’s spine as an amused smile made it’s way to your face, “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, future Mrs. Park Chanyeol.”



“I am Cinna’s bird, ignited, flying frantically to escape something inescapable. The feathers of flame that grow from my body. Beating my wings only fans the blaze. I consume myself, but to no end. Finally, my wings begin to falter, I lose height, and gravity pulls me into a foamy sea the color of Finnick’s eyes. I float on my back, which continues to burn beneath the water, but the agony quiets to pain. When I am adrift and unable to navigate, that’s when they come. The dead.
The ones I loved fly as birds in the open sky above me. Soaring, weaving, calling to me to join them. I want so badly to follow them, but the seawater saturates my wings, making it impossible to lift them. The ones I hated have taken to the water, horrible scaled things that tear my salty flesh with needle teeth. Biting again and again. Dragging me beneath the surface.
The small white bird tinged in pink dives down, buries her claws in my chest, and tries to keep me afloat. "No, Katniss! No! You can’t go!“
But the ones I hated are winning, and if she clings to me, she’ll be lost as well. "Prim, let go!” And finally she does.”

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You know theres this one everlark exchange that I really hope is in the movie that goes something like "I wish I could grow wings and just fly away" / "except humans cant grow wings, real or not real"/ "real, but humans don't need wings to survive"/"mockingjays do." Not because of any everlarkness but because that is just so cleverly written and impactful.

I’m interested to hear why you find that particular dialogue so impactful or important. I’ll be honest, I haven’t thought too much about that snippet of their conversation. It’s a little obtuse to me, I think, and a little hard to parse out the meaning. So now I’m thinking about it and trying to decipher the importance of Peeta’s words here…

To give the conversation context, they’re talking about differentiating his hijacked memories from his real ones:

“Well, that’s good, isn’t it?” I ask. “If you can separate the two, then you can figure out what’s true.”

“Yes. And if I could grow wings, I could fly. Only people can’t grow wings,” he says. “Real or not real?”

“Real,” I say. “But people don’t need wings to survive.”

“Mockingjays do.”

I think there are layers of meanings here. And I think there’s also foreshadowing in this exchange. I do think there is some reference to their relationship in that, as Katniss herself remarks, Peeta needs her to tell him what’s real and what’s not regarding his memories since a large portion of them involve her. Peeta can’t grow wings, and he can’t resolve a lot of his memories himself, but Katniss, as the Mockingjay, can grow wings. So she can help him.

I read farther, because I thought I remembered that there was something later about wings and Katniss:

I am Cinna’s bird, ignited, flying frantically to escape something inescapable. The feathers of flame that grow from my body. Beating my wings only fans the blaze. I consume myself, but to no end.

Finally, my wings begin to falter, I lose height, and gravity pulls me into a foamy sea the color of Finnick's eyes. (…)

Foam. I really am floating on foam. I can feel it beneath the tips of my fingers, cradling parts of my naked body. There’s much pain but there’s also something like reality. The sandpaper of my throat. The smell of burn medicine from the first arena. The sound of my mother’s voice.

These things frighten me, and I try to return to the deep to make sense of them. But there’s no going back. Gradually, I’m forced to accept who I am. A badly burned girl with no wings. With no fire. And no sister.

I think the metaphor here that Peeta (unwittingly) alluded to in the sewers was about Katniss as the persona and political figure of the Mockingjay. Without wings, the Mockingjay can’t survive. After the bombing, and her sister’s murder, Katniss’ wings as the Mockingjay are clipped, essentially. The symbol is destroyed. Which is probably what Coin wanted, in the end, so she could rise to power with no competition or question.

So, without her wings, the Mockingjay dies. And Katniss very nearly dies too. But Katniss herself doesn’t need wings to survive. By the end, as Gale predicted, she realizes that what she needs to survive is the dandelion in the spring, the hope and the promise that life goes on and that things can be good again,

And only Peeta can give me that.

So I think that conversation in the sewers is ultimately about them. It’s about them helping each other, because that’s what they do.