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I’ve been having a slightly unlikely nostalgic attack of Gundam feels this week, and since it has reached the point where I have to willfully pull away to work on Actual Worky Things, I figured I’d compile all the recent Gundam related doodles into a single post along with today’s new Trowa sketch and last night’s powdered charcoal gesture drawings!

It’s fun to make fan-art, since the pressure to design is low and I can just splash around and experiment with technique! I’m learning lots that I’m excited to apply towards future work- which I must do. now. because rent. 


I thought about telling you I miss you but then I realized the feeling is not mutual so i just asked about your day.
I like change, but I wish we were still the same.
I wish I still was enough for you and you weren’t the one who’s got me up till this time of night thinking about what it could of been.
I wish we hadn’t drifted so far apart from each other, there was always currents of self questioning pulling us away from each other but you stopped fighting it, you got tired and you just gave up on me so quickly, like a habit, like giving up on the ones you love was the only thing you’ve been taught in this life, like I was just another example to remind yourself of how fucking great you are at what you do. But it’s getting harder and harder to see you with all the haze of indifferences between you and I and these waves of sadness don’t help much either.
—  I should stop fighting too shouldn’t I my love?
His New Anchor --- Liam Dunbar Imagine

Part 9

warnings: swearing


Liam kisses back immediately. He pulls me down on top of him and rolls me over onto my back. He pulls away. “So, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Fuck yeah.” I say and he smiles. “But we’ll need to keep it a secret, okay?”

“Of course.” He says and kisses me again.

Okay, so Stiles wasn’t all too thrilled to find out that I was at Liam’s and he will not shut up about it. “You betrayed me!” He says during a pack meeting.

“I was hanging out with one of the three friends my age!” I snap.

“Stiles let her be-” Scott starts.

“I don’t care if she’s his anchor, I care about my sister getting hurt!”

“Physically or emotionally? Oh right, physically!” I shout, standing up. “Because you don’t fucking care about my emotional state! I came back when Allison died and I mourned with all of you but when my best friend was murdered on the street right in front of me, you didn’t even think to fly over!” Everyone looks at me. “This wasn’t supernatural. This was my best friend being shot three times on the street right next to me. By someone who got out of the hospital with a metal condition just one day before.”

“(Y/N)…” Stiles starts.

“All of you had someone to bounce back to, to help you get through the death of Allison. But me? No. Brendon was the only one I had. He was the only friend other than my dorm mate.” I quiet my voice. “But it only matters if I’m dying, right?”

I walk out of Scott’s house and down the road. “(Y/N)!” I hear. Scott. I sit down on the curb and he sits next to me.

“He yells at me so much.”

“I know…he’s just trying to protect you from our world.”

“It’s my world too.” I say.

“You’re right, run.” He says as huge black demonic looking creatures come at us. We get up and run back towards the house. “Guys! Stiles! Malia!” Scott shouts as we get closer. Everyone runs out of the house as we run to them.

“What are those?!” Kira asks.

“We don’t know!” I say and hide behind Liam. He stands protectively in front of me. There are six creatures and the first one quickly takes down Malia when she’s not even looking.

“Get in the house. Take Lydia and your brother and get in the house.” Liam says and I nod. I grab the two and we go in. We watch in the window as everyone starts to fight.

“What the hell is happening?” Lydia asks. I remember something and I go over next to the stairs, opening the cupboard. “What are you doing?”

“Looking.” I say and grab the the bow and arrows. I go upstairs and climb out Scott’s window to the roof of the porch. I walk around and load up the first arrow. I shoot it towards a head and it goes in. It screeches and falls, exploding in a black dust. I keep shooting them.

My breath hitches in my throat and I look down. A dagger, in my stomach. “Scott…” I say and the black figure disappears from the roof. I take it out and drop it onto the roof.

“(Y/N)!” He exclaims and I drop the bow, along with the arrows. I feel somebody grab me and pull me back inside. Stiles.

“Am I going to die?” I ask. He has tears in his eyes.

“No, (Y/N), you’re not going to die. I promise.” He says and he puts me in the back of the jeep. Malia gets in the front. Stiles speeds off down the road.

When I get there, everything is bright and blurry. They set me on a bed and start wheeling me down the hall. “You’re going to be alright sweetheart.” Melissa tells me. I don’t even have to see her to know its her. The one who took care of me when dad and Stiles were in the hospital with my mom, the one who always gave me advice, my second mom.

“I’m going to die…” I whisper.

“No you’re not honey.”

“I’m going to die…” I say and pass out.

Types of energy: Air

Introduction to magic masterpost

Air is highly associated with the mind and all mental faculties and pursuits, such as academics, business, and communication. It is an element that can take many forms: the gentle and warm summer breeze, the blunt gale that feels like a punch, the cutting cold autumn wind, or the massive storm that tears a town apart.

Air destroys in the same way it heals: it tears everything apart. When the wind whirls through, nothing is left in its wake. All is scattered and torn, tossed carelessly by the skies. But in small doses, air can gently weave through, pulling away at rotted structures, revealing the dead and damp, and showing us the truth behind things we could never see before.

When fire burns away the impurity, air can blow away the ashes, leaving nothing at all in its wake. Call a little air in to stale situations to freshen things up. Focus on the situation, then inhale deeply with your stomach. Exhale, and imagine you are a great airy god blowing new life and vitality in to the situation.

Air can transport your spells. Call upon its powers to send your spells to far-off locations, or help you find hidden things (air touches all). Light incense or obtain a feather and use that as a focus object to call the energies of air to you. Channel air and add it to your spells. With a dash of fire, your spell will arrive at its target in no time.

Air pulls and pries. It rattles weak doors and blows through damaged walls. When you call air in to your corner, it can show you where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Talk to the winds and the breezes and ask them to show you some personal thing you can work on. 

Air can carry you far. It can get you places. When you have your eyes on the prize, air can lift your wings and take you there. Just be sure you have enough earth to get down again when you are where you want to be. Use images of birds in your spells to help move something to where you want it to be.

When it comes to mental pursuits, air is like a sword, cutting through all that stands in its way. Use representations of steel weapons and all on the powers of air to improve your mental prowess, support your education, or gain knowledge. 

Where air flows, energy goes. Hang small paper charms up in a breezy space. As the winds blow through, they will read your wishes and carry them out in to the world.

Combined with fire, air can quickly get out of hand. The two should be carefully paired. Just enough earth can properly ground air so that things come down to earth and manifest once they have flown high enough. Water and air is a potent combination with a great power to destroy.

( Got this from this )

“Why dear Amethyst, do you really think these Crystal Gems care about you? Why stay here when your true home is with us, we can make you strong and proud of yourself,” the black Gem said, her claw like fingers digging into Amethyst’s shoulders. She leans down to speak in Amethyst’s ear. “Come join me, Amethyst, and we’ll show these traitors what real Gems look like.”


Tourmaline frowned. “No?”

Amethyst pulled away and backed away from Tourmaline. “Yeah no, this is my family, my home, I was born and raised on Earth and I wouldn’t leave it behind even if it was burning!”

Tourmaline nodded. “I see, then it seems I must use force, we could have done this the easy way, Amethyst.” The black Gem reached up to the gem on her left shoulder and summoned a whip.

Amethyst’s eyes widen, summoning her own whip; however it was immediately knocked out of her hand and Tourmaline’s weapon wrapped around her arm, pulling her onto the warp pad. Tourmaline let her whip disappear as she grabbed Amethyst and lifted her up into the air.

“You’ve grown weak on this planet but don’t worry, I’ll make sure you’re one of the strongest amethysts Homeworld has ever seen.”


Amethyst looks to the side and she gasped seeing Pearl, Garnet, and Steven running toward them. Her sight was turned back toward Tourmaline by a clawed hand; Tourmaline wearing a nasty smile on her lips. “You’re mine now, Amethyst.”

“Get your hands off of her!” Pearl shouted, throwing her spear.

Tourmaline dropped Amethyst to dodge the spear, Amethyst scrambled onto her feet and ran toward Pearl. The pale Gem ran toward her too, Amethyst leaped off of the warp pad, reaching outward for Pearl, but the warp pad activated. Pearl quickly grabbed onto Amethyst’s forearm, trying to pull her out of the warp beam.

“Don’t let them take me!”

“I won’t Amethyst!”

Amethyst gasped, feeling Tourmaline’s clawed fingers dig into her leg, pulling her away from Pearl. “No no no, Pearl I’m so sorry, I lov-” Amethyst was cut off as she was ripped roughly out of Pearl’s hands and into the warp stream. The beam of light disappeared.

My dream is for Robert to be kneeled over one of the dead (Vic), crying his eyes out, and a teary-eyed Aaron has to pull him away so other people can get to the body, and Robert just sort of full-body collapses into Aaron’s stomach and cries, and they hold each other tight.


Imagine Steve Finding Out About Your Past

For caricrazychic (So sorry for the wait sometimes messages get lost in my inbox because I have so many)

“Uhm (Y/N) what are these?” Steve cautiously asks holding up several articles from years ago in front of you. You seize up and the air leaves your lungs. Those stores those stupid articles. You always knew they would come sneak up.

“Newspaper stories about me” you say slowly and reach to take them. Steve pulls them away before you can grab them.

“They’re about suicide, rape, child abuse, and foster care. From different hometown papers” Steve says plainly.

“Yes they are” you state.

“Did this stuff actually happen to you?” Steve mumbles a sad look on his face. You just look him in the eye and nod.

“Yes they did” you confess. Steve tears up and just grabs you into a bear hug.

“Why didn’t you say?”

“I didn’t want you to know. I didn’t need you having that weight” you explain and pull away. “I didn’t need you pitying me. I didn’t need you loving me because you felt sorry about me.” Steve sighs and let’s the articles fall to the floor.

“I love you for you and I will never ever let anything like that happen to you again” Steve vows.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep” you deadpan. Your hope was taken away a long time ago.

“But I will. I may not be able to keep depression away but I will make sure no one ever hurts you ever again” Steve assures and tugs you back into his arms. “I’m gonna keep you safe.”

“Why would you do that for me?” you whisper barely audible. Steve is nice. But you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“Because I love you desperately (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” He’s never said those words before.

“Do you mean it?” you ask.

“I’m Captain America I don’t tell lies” Steve jokes and you manage to laugh despite everything.

“I love you too.”

“I’m gonna keep you safe.”

The Signs at the Drive Thru

Aries: speaking in an exaggerated tone because the person taking their order asked them to repeat themselves

Taurus: the one holding up the line because they’re getting food for everyone at the office

Gemini: taking forever because they can’t decide

Cancer: praying that someone they know doesn’t see them. probably is going to pull into a parking space afterwards to shove the food down their throat.

Leo: do u actually think they would even think about eating fast food leos are mf royalty

Virgo: doesn’t pull away from window until they check to see if their order is correct

Libra: “can I get a number 3 with a diet coke and large fries?… wait, no! can I make that a regular coke? I actually worked out the other day so I think I can treat myself this time! :)”

Scorpio: the person taking everyone’s order who literally wants to stab themselves in the neck with the nearest spork

Sagittarius: makes sure they hold the bag on the way back home so that they can eat from everyone’s box of fries and then take the fullest box for themselves when everyone goes to eat

Capricorn: complains about the line being long and ends up going inside instead

Aquarius: asks for 100 chicken nuggets but has to repeat self several times due to the loud music they’re blasting

Pisces: panicking because they forgot their wallet at home and they can’t back out and go get it

Well.. I have a friend. A friend that only lets a side of me do the bad stuff. Sometimes i want my friend to go away but he won’t leave me alone. I feel like he’s trying to hurt me.. hurt you all too. My friend wants to always do bad things. I try to pull away but i can’t handle it. 


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The moment the bell rang a huge smile spread across your face. In a matter of seconds your bag was slung over your shoulder, chair kicked underneath the desk, feet carrying you halfway across the classroom. A figure appeared at the door and straight away you recognised who it was. Stiles; your boyfriend. He attended the school on the other side of the town, and a few times a week he’d drive over to collect you from school. The moment your eyes a met, a smile to match yours took over his lips as he began to walk briskly towards you. You took a few steps forwards, arms wrapping around him the moment he was close enough to hold; he held you closely, lips brushing against yours before he pulled away, his eyes holding your gaze.
“Good day?” He asked, pupils tracing over your facial features.
“Well, you weren’t there, so it wasn’t that great.” You smiled. “You?”
“Everything was alright, except the fact I was missing you.” 
You snaked your arms around his neck, hands running through the back of his hair as the two of you locked lips once more. His hands moved down your back, lingering around the small, before slipping to your butts where he cheekily grabbed them, then took your hand and led you out of the classroom and away from school.

“Zayn. Zaaayyn.” Louis nudges into Zayn but he has yet to open his own eyes. Zayn mumbles and pulls a pillow over his head. 

“Zayn. We have to get up.“ 

"Don’t wanna,” comes from under pillow. 

“Do you think I want to? Come on,” he nudges through the covers with his foot to kick Zayn again. The bed is soft and the thick comforter keeps the cold of their flat away from them. Louis can’t believe he’s being the responsible one.

“Right. I’m putting the kettle on. Don’t be too long.” He kisses the exposed flesh of Zayn’s back, feeling the content hum from Zayn before pulling away.

“Come back here.” Zayn clutches lazily at the bed but Louis has already abandoned his spot. 

“Tea is calling, love.” Louis hates keeping a schedule, preferring to stay in bed and ravish his boyfriend late into the day, but Liam has started threatening to come in with a spray bottle if they were late again. 

He puts the kettle on and pulls out some mugs, red for Zayn and stripes for himself, followed by tea bags and fixings. Louis paces the kitchen, trying to fight off the sleep that still clings to his limbs as well as the the cold. Once the kettle whistles he pours the water to the sound of bare feet padding into the kitchen. He places the mugs onto the table and pours his own milk, trying to pretend he didn’t see Zayn add sugar to his mug. 

Zayn takes a sip of his tea and groans at the scalding he receives. He crashes his head to the kitchen table and continues to grumble sleepily. He doesn’t move for a long time and Louis fears he’s fallen asleep. 

He reaches out to prod at Zayn’s hand on the table. When his hand makes contact Zayn lets out a long breath and flips his hand to hold Louis’ in his. While it was not Louis’ intention, he doesn’t let go. The warmth of Zayn’s skin on his is more comforting than his tea. 

They sit at the table, Louis sipping his tea and Zayn snoozing gently, holding hands on the worn wood. When Liam comes pounding on the door, threatening to pour buckets of water over them, Louis can’t bring himself to care.


-takes place during that beautiful two month time gap between chapters 69 and 70 & very “jearmin-y”-

Armin wasn’t watching the brats anymore. He was too busy staring out of the window. There was a tiny girl in his arms that was doing her best to distract him, though nothing worked until she yanked on his hair. He winced and looked down at her with a soft smile, pulling her hand away before putting her down on her own two feet to let her run with the others.

“What are you staring at?” Jean sidestepped some of the kids as they ran by. Their shrieks and squeals were drowning out the conversations from the rest of Squad Levi. He stopped by Armin’s side, scooting closer to the fire.

“The stars,” Armin said with a light shrug. He was dismissive, like it didn’t matter. Jean looked out of the large window, but the flames were reflected in the panes, and he couldn’t see more than one or two pricks of light in the black sky. He looked back to Armin just as the small, wistful smile tugging at the corners of his lips faded. “Alright! It’s time for bed!”

The kids groaned collectively, but with a bit of manhandling they were all ushered up to the loft and packed into the bunks. It was certainly a big change, going from fighting Titans, to killing humans, and now taking care of orphaned brats, but Jean couldn’t say he was ungrateful. He couldn’t stand the kids most of the time, but one look generally sent them running away.

“You two have the watch for tonight!” Historia called down to Jean and Armin as they descended from the loft. Jean waved one hand - he remembered. Their presence was mostly to make sure the kids stayed in their beds. The others wandered to their own bunks.

Jean headed outside rather than return to the fire. It was chilly outside. He looked up at the sky. The stars were much more visible out here. There were no trees or clouds to block the view. He heard footsteps behind him, but didn’t turn to look. He knew it was Armin.

“Orion is bright tonight.” Armin stepped up to Jean’s side. He was smiling sadly up at the sky.

Jean puzzled over the bright spots in the sky, but he couldn’t figure out which one Armin was talking about. “All of the stars are bright.”

“Orion is a constellation.”

Jean frowned. “Which one is that?” Armin’s hand was in the air, but he still couldn’t make out what he was pointing to. “I don’t…” Suddenly, Armin grabbed his arm and pulled him down so that their cheeks were almost pressed together. He followed Armin’s hand as he traced out a pattern in the stars.

“Orion is the hunter.” Armin’s breath was warm against Jean’s neck. “He fell in love with the goddess Artemis. He was killed, and placed among the stars. Do you see those six stars close together?” Jean nodded once, still following Armin’s finger as he pointed them out. “There are really seven. Those are the Pleiades. Orion chased them in life, and so he chases them in death.”

“How did he die, though?” Jean could remember some of the stories his mother had told him as a child, but he never remembered Orion. He knew of Perseus slaying the medusa, and he knew about Jason and the Argonauts on their quest for the golden fleece, but Artemis and the Pleiades were strange to him.

Armin chuckled lightly. “No one seems to agree on that. In one story, he rapes one of Artemis’s followers, so she kills him. In another, Orion swore to hunt down and kill all of the beasts of the earth, so Mother Earth sent a giant scorpion to kill him.” Armin paused and dropped his hand. He turned his head to look at Jean. One of Jean’s hands rested on Armin’s shoulder as he stood upright once more.

“I thought the constellations were put in the sky to represent good things,” Jean muttered, recalling his mother’s story of the bears, Castillo and Arcas. “Orion just seems like a jerk.”

Armin smiled once more, but it was that same horribly sad smile that Jean couldn’t understand the reason behind. “There’s another ending to the story of Orion. It’s the one I like the best. Orion, having fallen in love with Artemis, planned to marry her. Her brother Apollo became jealous. One night, he spotted Orion in the water, though he was very far away. Apollo made a bet with Artemis and said that she could never strike the object. She takes the bet and makes her mark with one arrow. When Orion’s body came to the shore, Artemis realized what she’d done. Overwhelmed with guilt and sadness, she placed him in the stars so that she might always look up and remember him.”

Armin fell silent. There was a soft silence to the world, where even the crickets weren’t chirping. Jean shifted his hand on Armin’s shoulder. He wrapped his arm around Armin’s back and pulled him into his side. Looking down, he caught Armin’s gaze. He was content to share this quiet moment with Armin, but he knew the days like this couldn’t last forever.

“That’s a depressing story.” Jean grinned down at Armin, trying to search for a happier topic.

“It’s one of my favorites.” Armin looked down at the ground, his cheeks pink.

Jean chuckled. “I didn’t think you were such a romantic.”

Armin looked up at him with his own grin. “Shows what you know.” He grabbed the front of Jean’s coat and pulled him down. Armin kissed him once, very softly. “I know you can’t put me in the stars, but don’t forget me, okay?”

Jean frowned hard and pressed his forehead to Armin’s as he wrapped his other arm around him. “Never.” He pressed his lips to Armin’s once more. “I think I hear the brats giggling.” Armin nodded, and they turned for the building behind them.

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im sorry, i usually agree with your posts, but doyle is dead, and kimball told him basically to do it, and we're saying kimball needs a hug? i love kimball as much as the next guy but i do think she is in part blame for his death

Kimball’s now the only one left running a huge army, half of which does’t trust or respect her, against two genocidal mercenaries who want to destroy the planet, and she very likely understands that what she said influenced him.

I’m not even denying that, I say that right there in the post, but I still stand by what I said when she first snapped at him, and that’s that she was under a very high stress situation and she was allowed to lose her cool and say things she didn’t mean.  I say she clearly didn’t mean it because she was also very ready to sacrifice herself to save Doyle, and even as they were leaving she was reluctant to go.  Carolina was pulling her away, but she was still looking back and resisting slightly.  Even as Doyle pulled the trigger she was calling out to him.

And the thing is, Doyle’s death means something.  It wasn’t just a meaningless death, he sacrificed himself and Armonia to kill all the space pirates and give his planet a fighting chance, and for people to be throwing this back at Kimball like everything is her fault really doesn’t do his fantastic character development justice.

“Oh, for god’s sake, Vanessa, I know it’s not perfect. But I’m rubbish as a leader, and even worse as a soldier. This is all I can do.”

“We’ll finally have a chance, a real chance, and if Felix is out there… I know you can stop him.”

“Chorus still needs you, Miss Kimball. So… when you die, you had better be damn sure that those you leave behind can carry on without you. I know I am. This is General Donald Doyle, signing off.”

Doyle is dead, but he did what he thought was best, not because Kimball told him he should have died, but because he found his bravery and did what he needed to do in order to give everyone else a fighting chance.  He left Kimball in charge because he knows she can lead them all to victory, he trusted her and respected her enough to know that he was leaving their planet in good hands.

All that said, all the war and death and guilt that must be weighing Kimball down right now?  I do really think she needs a goddamn hug.

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How would Loco, Dok2 and Bobby react if they saw a guy flirting with you? And what if you were unintentionally flirting back (like you know diff cultures and all so you were just being polite and friendly) Thank you so much :)

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Dok2: He would see you help a guy with directions and you were being all polite and trying to help the guy, but Dok2 was seeing what was up. He would be kind of jealous. Dok2 would put his arm around your waist and pull you close against him. “I think my girlfriend is done helping you.” He would say to the guy and eye him up and down. He would pull you away from him and kiss you so everyone can see you’re his.

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Bobby: He wouldn’t like at all what he was seeing. Bobby sees that the guy is taking advantage of your politeness and Bobby would just glare at him and when he decides he has had enough of this guy, he would put his arm around your shoulders and put up a big cocky grin on his face. “Uhm, go find another girl to help you out, this one’s already taken. Aren’t you princess?” He would give you a big kiss while smirking and so sending the guy away.

Originally posted by fy-jay-dok2

Loco: I think Loco would be kind of lost in the situation. He would hate that the guy is flirting with you and you were just being friendly. He would grab your hand and you would look up surprised at him. “Let’s go jagi, I think you already helped him enough.” He would slowly pull you away from the guy.

Look at the boys being all protective and jealous and shizzle, cuties.

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me and my crush were standing next to each other today and are arms were touching but we both didnt move. he didnt pull away and neither did i and it made me smile because i felt his skin on mine for the first time. im still thinking about it. that was so lame lol

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh this is really lovely!!! oh my god!! this isnt lame at all this is magical !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy 4 you!! go you go you