pulled stem

Cherry Stem

Summary: You and Kai are hanging out in his living room when you show him that you can tie a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue. Safe to say, he was impressed.

Members: Kai x Reader

Type: Smut

Length: 731

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You and Kai are sitting on the floor in his apartment. Music is playing and boredom strikes after hours of playing video games and eating junk food. You go to the kitchen and bring back some more snacks for the two of you. You immediately go for the jar of cherries, you had a craving for them at the moment. You pulled the stem off of one of the cherries and held it up in front of you and Kai.

“Can you do this?” you ask as you bring the stem into your mouth and tie it in a knot. You pull the freshly tied stem out of your mouth and show it to him.

Kai looks at you with wide eyes, very impressed while also feeling a sort of strain in his pants. “No, I can’t. Can you teach me?” he suggests with a smirk.

Laughing, you answer, “how do I teach you?”

“Like this,” he replied, scooting closer to you, your face is only inches away from his now. Kai then brings his soft, plump lips to yours. Your eyes open widely in surprise, but you quickly recover and kiss him back. He licks your bottom lip for permission, and you open your mouth in response. His tongue, swirling with yours, leaves you breathless; but you don’t stop kissing him. He finally pulls away for a quick breath, then quickly reattaches his lips to yours. His hand moves slowly to your waist, pulling you closer to him. You straddle him, moving your hands towards the hem of his shirt. He pulls it off and takes off yours as well. Your hands find their way to his hair, holding on while the kiss gets more passionate. He unclasps your bra and slides it off of you. His hands softly caress your bare back, as you glide your hands down his torso, admiring his sculpted body under your fingertips. He hums in response, and plays with the waistband of your shorts.

You both stand up, throwing your shorts and underwear off, with him doing the same. He sits back down and you straddle him once more, your bodies closer than ever. He guides you to lie back on the floor, keeping your legs around his waist. He slides one of his hands to your core, which was already heated and soaked from the passionate kiss. His finger rubs your core gently, making you moan lightly. You can feel him smirk into the kiss, so you reach for his cock and palm him slowly. His breath hitches and he responds by rubbing your core faster. You are both panting when he decides you’re wet enough and slowly pushes himself into you, leaving you breathless and grabbing his biceps. He starts kissing your neck as he waits until you’re adjusted to him, then he pulls out until just his tip is inside you and he slowly pushes in again.  He continues doing this for a while, wanting him to go faster you push him in deeper with your legs. He moans loudly, and starts pumping into you faster and harder.

His chest is against yours, his arms around you, holding you, as he brings you to your sweet end. You are moaning his name like a mantra, and suddenly you feel your core letting go, and letting your climax take over. Your eyes are closed, but you see white stars dancing around, and all you feel is bliss. He continues pounding into you, reaching his climax shortly after you. He moans your name loudly and he collapses on top of you. You don’t mind him laying on you, despite his weight, so you both lay there until you both finally catch your breath. He pulls out of you and lays on his side next to you. Kai pulls you close to him and you can feel his heart beating on your cheek. The slow rhythm of his heart beat starts to lull you to sleep and before you slip into sweet dreams, he whispers, “you should teach me things more often.” You both chuckle, he then kisses your forehead. Kai picks you up and takes you to your shared bed, bringing you close to him again under the covers. You fall asleep to the beating of his heart, and he kisses your head again before drifting off with a smile on his face.

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That he was only being given half her attention grated finely on his nerves. Shen stood with his back to her, glancing back to her for just a moment as he pulled lychees off their stems and put them in a bowl.

“…really. So, say… someone risked their life for you. Perhaps even… gave their life for you. You wouldn’t feel… at least some measure of obligation? It’s all conscious desire with you?”

Cygnus, why can’t you drink your tea like a normal person?

Cygnus A has a blackhole for a head and can control the gravitational pull caused by it. Like he can attract certain things in a cone like radius toward him if he wants or he can completely stem the pull so he can walk around without causing trouble. To counter his tractor beam, you just have to get behind someone or something he likes, he’s precise with his tractor beam but he can’t curve it.

That also means that he can transport himself very quickly, since his head is literally a black hole he can pull on his body and hurl himself around, or he can make himself float if he wants. His head is also huge storage place and he’ll frequently pull miscellaneous items out (if they’re not alive) of his head. He’s always sucking in light, so  he tends to show darker tints and colors. If he needs a distraction or escape mechanism, he just expunges all the light at once. When Cygnus gets mad, he absorbs the light around him even more, so he just turns into a black outline of an angry man.

You might see more of this guy.

Bonus: When Trotter is happy or elated, his moon glows a brighter blue.

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" 'Cherries are gross' huh? So you, DON'T want this?" She was really playing with him now, grabbing a cherry and sticking its stem between her lips.

Kakyoin freezes, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, a very faint red hue coming over him as he furrows his eyebrows, the tiniest of conflicted frowns striking over his facial features.

“…I never said Cherries were gross…” He did. He had been the “anonymous” person, and he felt bad lying like that despite it being such a stupid, childish lie that could easily be seen through. And to be confronted here, in such a teasing way…”…But if you’re offering–”

He hesitates. His movements are slow, before he cautiously approaches her and takes the cherry into his mouth, lips carefully grazing her’s but never going further as the redhead pulled away quickly, the stem between the other’s lips but the cherry between his own.


Because an anon said Yoonjin making flower crowns for each other oiajsdofasfd

Yoongi might not look like it, but he’s good with his hands.

And he doesn’t mean he’s just good at doing woodwork and fixing their bathroom and installing household appliances. He’s also good at making things. Pretty things. He pulls the stems of the wildflowers through the loops of the others, and the flower crown he’s made looks fit for a princess.

Yoongi eyes his boyfriend, humming as he threads a flower tiara of his own for Taehyung, and a small smile quirks at the edge of his lips. Princess, indeed. Seokjin’s made a pretty nice flower crown of his own, pink and white flowers braided together into a thin band. Not too flowery, but pretty enough for Taehyung to be satisfied.

Yoongi slides over to Seokjin and carefully place his own flower crown on the ashy green locks. Seokjin flinches, and then he turns to see Yoongi and he relaxes, smiling a little. “What is it?”

“Bugs,” Yoongi grins, but Seokjin isn’t even fazed. “It’s a crown.” He brushes Seokjin’s bangs out of his eyes, and Seokjin beams at him. “Better than the one you made for Taehyung.”

Taehyung snorts and sticks his tongue out to Yoongi, fiddling with the one on his head until he’s satisfied with the way it sits. Seokjin doesn’t touch the one on his head. Yoongi knows it’s because Seokjin innately trusts Yoongi to have made a nice one that sits well on his head.

Yoongi watches Seokjin as he gets up and flits about the field that they’re taking pictures in, picking flowers he can’t see and carefully making them into a small loop. He comes back with a crown of dandelions. “Dandelion,” Seokjin says, placing it carefully on top of Yoongi’s head, “symbolizes happiness. Exactly what you are to me.”

Yoongi grins and leans forward to catch a kiss. No one but Taehyung sees them, not when they’re covered by flowers everywhere.

The most beautiful time in his life, indeed.


School is still out for the summer, but at Eastern Senior High School in Washington, D.C., students are hard at work — outdoors.

In a garden filled with flowers and beds bursting with vegetables and herbs, nearly a dozen teenagers are harvesting vegetables for the weekend’s farmers market.

Roshawn Little is going into her junior year at Eastern, and has been working in this garden for three years now. “I didn’t really like bugs or dirt,” Little says, thinking back to when she got started. “Well, I still don’t really like bugs, but I like the dirt,” she laughs. She gathers a handful of greens, yanks from the stem and pulls up a baseball-sized beet.

During the summer, Little gets paid to work Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. with City Blossoms, a nonprofit that brings community gardens to schools, community centers and other places where kids gather in urban areas.

Little believes that working in the garden has taught her to try all sorts of new things — like eating different kinds of vegetables more often. And she’s taken those healthy behaviors home with her. Little brings home vegetables from the garden, and she says her eating habits have encouraged her family to buy more fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Eaters, Strong Minds: What School Gardens Teach Kids

Photo credit: Lydia Thompson/NPR

Headcanon (Prison era)

Rick places the jar in front of her as he sits down on the other side of the table. “I got ‘em.” Michonne looks up, a smile spreading across her face. She immediately opens the jar, pops a maraschino cherry into her mouth, and pulls out the stem.  Her eyes roll back into her head as her eyelids close. Rick swears he heard a little moan. “Thanks, Rick!” Michonne pops another cherry in her mouth. “Did you just put the stem in your mouth?” Michonne smiles. A moment later she sticks out her tongue. On the end of her tongue is the cherry stem, with a perfect loop tied in it. Rick’s jaw drops. “Close your mouth Rick,” Michonne says jokingly. Rick closes his mouth, but stares, fascinated. Michonne rummages around in the jar and pops another cherry in her mouth. She stares at Rick, concentrating. He stares back expectantly. Michonne smiles again. She sticks out her tongue. At the tip of her tongue is the cherry stem with two perfectly tied knots. Rick stammers something about needing to go do stuff. He can’t think straight the rest of the day, wondering what other tricks Michonne can do with her tongue.

SoMa Week 2015- Day 3, Catharsis

A/N: The angstiest these will get, and thisisn’t even that angsty. Enjoy! Thanks to lueurdelaube for the eyes.

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 4

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He smothers her and it’s nice. Far nicer than she had expected. He’s tall and lanky and he encompasses her as they doze on the couch. He’s on top of her, breathing evenly into her neck as she runs her hands through his fluffy hair, and it’s just so nice.

She bites her lip forcefully when she contemplates kissing his head, or his cheeks, or his lips.

Friends don’t have those sorts of feelings for each other, and friends are all they are.

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you know how jemma and fitz are tagteaming their presentation in seeds, and it cuts away for a little bit so that we can see ward interviewing seth?

the last thing we hear jemma say before it cuts to that interview is ’it makes sense to reflect back on our history.’ then when it cuts back to their speech, it’s fitz kind of concluding ‘and shield was founded after the ssr was able to defeat the nearly indomitable force known as hydra.’

you know which chunk of shield’s history came just before that? that would have been jemma’s part of the presentation?

jemma simmons literally got to make a presentation about peggy carter. 

It was their first real date and Santana thought about it all night last night, all day today, and then finally, it was time to pick Brittany up. Santana forwent color in favor for a sleek black minidress and leather jacket, her dark hair spilling over her shoulders, and applying a deep red to her lips. Brittany was going to see another side to her style, and this one was the baddest by far. She walked down to the corner store to pick up some flowers for her, pulling a long stemmed sunflower from the bucket and tossing a dollar towards the cashier before quickly hailing a cab. The fact that there would be no public transportation involved only made the night better. When she was outside Brittany’s building, she sent her a quick text, getting out of the cab and leaning against it, waiting for her date to show. She felt jittery with excitement, tapping the toes of her heels in anticipation. 

Vermin in my garden

-Something was moving around in her balconies flowerbed…
Rat’s managed everywhere… Al through sighing, pull the dark orange poncho over her head, smoothing it over her tummy and opened the door, meted by a cool fall breeze.- Brrr..
-Given shivers peer over on her flowers and are surprised by spotting the intruder right away beaming like a small light.- 

-Very small but she recognized the fea near immediately as.. Harrison? Stare, corner of her mouth twitched, confused but oh so amusing. Slowly sneaked closer, curving a finger around one of the flowers stem, pulled back.. And let go, pedal flicking Harrison’s back.- Good evening small fry~ -She hummed-

If I Was Sober

Part I

There was something about how the bubblegum pink clouds meandered across the vanilla sky that made Jiyong lay back in the grass and watch. Somewhere deep in the recesses of his mind he knew that it wasn’t right, clouds should be white, not pink, and the sky a vibrant blue, but it was only a distant memory of them that he was recalling; what he was seeing now with his own eyes had to be the real image. Even so, it was striking enough to make him stop walking and watch for a while.

Soft blades of grass tickled his ears and his fingers dug deep at his sides, pulling gently at the stems. He breathed, in….out, the only sound other than the rustling trees just at the edge of the field. Time was not a concept to Jiyong, not here, he could lie about all day if he wanted, for the rest of his life, just watching the blushing clouds pass above him. There was no one to tell him ‘no’, no one to come find him, he would simply leave when he felt like leaving, and until then, he was still.

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