pulled in all directions

Prince Rupert’s Drop

Did you guys ever hear about Prince Rupert’s Drop? The British Royal Society was really interested in these things back in the 1600s.

It’s basically a long, thin, practically snaky bit of glass that you get when you drop some molten glass into water. It solidifies into a shape like this:

The interesting and weird thing is, you can’t really break the bulb part. You can take a hammer to it but it won’t break. But the long tail is fragile and easily broken. And if you break any part of this thing, it explodes. Really, it just blows up into a million tiny little shards.

With modern high-speed cameras, they’ve managed to measure the speed of the fracture at slightly faster than one mile per second.

The reason why it breaks like this is because, when the molten glass rapidly cools, the surface hardens right up, but the inside still stays hot for a while. As the inside cools, it pulls in on itself really hard in all directions, leaving the entire drop in a constant state of high tension. When it’s entirely cooled, it only takes a tiny fracture to release that chain reaction of released tension that breaks all of it almost at once. 

Break-Up Novella.


Here we have the very first part to a very anticipated, very emotional, very long-winded, very angsty-filled break-up story where we see the missus and Harry split and cope in ways that only bring them back to one another, closer than before and deeper in love than ever before. A little novella(?) that I’ve been working my hardest on and spending my free time perfecting just for you guys. 

I cannot thank you enough for being patient with and understanding that it’s been something I want to be 100% happy with. It’s been tough, I’m not going to lie. It’s been hard to find motivation because I’ve not written very many sad stories whilst being on here; I’ve read them! But, not written many, so, I hope this is the start of something new (cue High School Musical reference).

I’m still very iffy over the argument scene. So, bear with uit, haha. It’s the first piece of angst that I’ve written…

But, I’m finally SO happy to be sharing it with you! For the next 5 days, you’re going to be taken on a journey of emotions between the two of them. Enjoy! x

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I’m a very troubling thing - I’m the good and the bad. I make your head spin and your fists clench, but I can make your nose crinkle and breathe at ease. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a headache and sometimes you don’t understand why you do the things that you do; but I can tell you that it’s all because of me. I can make your eyes flood with tears and your chest feel empty while your lungs slowly start to collapse because it finally hit you that I’m all too much. I can and I will pull you in all different directions. Because I don’t make sense, and I never will. But, you cannot live without me; I give you life, I give you hope, I am your home. Through all those tears, and all those scars, all that emptiness - I am everything you’ve ever wanted. I am the one thing you will spend your whole life looking for. Because I can make your heart stop, dead in its tracks, and bring it back to life in one split second.

I am love.

—  c.f. // “you cannot live without me”
Shinee as the Mafia + How He Met You

||| Anon asked: Can I request something for shinee like the Monsta x reaction: they’d win the mafia+how they met you? Please and thank you! |||

Onew/Lee Jinki

Originally posted by dayumonew

  • Was actually working in the gang till he killed the previous leader declaring himself the boss.
  • A lot of people didn’t support him so he had to deal with them himself.
  • Even nowadays he tends to kill the ones that look even a little bit suspicious.
  • Because of that (and fear) he gained everybody’s respect.
  • Likes planing and going on the missions himself, much to his men displeasure as the gang would surely fall without him.
  • Is really good with all types of weapons but prefers not to make a mess.

He was going to kill you after you talked back to him but found your courage amusing. 

“Where did you come from? Don’t you know the rules in this gang?”

“I follow no rules.”

“Is that so?” he asked standing up from his desk and pressing his gun to your forehead.

“Are you trying to scare me? Because it’s not working.”

He fired a shot into the wall near your head. You just closed your eyes and exhaled deeply.

“How about now? Still nothing, huh? How interesting! I’m going to enjoy your company.”

Key/Kim Kibum

Originally posted by celes-tae

  • Only the most trusted members have seen his face as he works as a spy for the group.
  • He doesn’t actually hide but likes to remain in the shadows.
  • Works quickly, silently and without a trace.
  • Can infiltrate any building in 5 min or less.
  • If paid enough would also assassinate anybody, doesn’t matter who - men, women children.

 You were working as a guard for a government building he infiltrated. According to his resources you were not supposed to be there, so he when he landed through the vent on the floor he was surprised to see you there just you were. He quickly grabbed your arm before you could take your gun out and slammed you against the wall.

“Now you’re going to listen to me and not make a single sound or I would have to kill you, that would be unfortunate though seeing how pretty you are, so do you understand?” he asked and you nodded quickly.

“Great.” he smiled. “Considering you work here you must have all the key cards to access guarded areas, right?” he searched your body.

“Everything is accessed by identifying the fingerprints.” you told him.

“Really now? Then I guess we are going to spend some more quality time together.”

Kim Jonghyun

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  • Unwillingly works as an assassin for the gang.
  • That’s because he would rather make the people disappear than kill them but as he’s the best shot in the whole gang the leader often asks him to care of business.
  • Talking about disappearing he’s the one you should come to. 
  • The people he dealt with would either end up in prison, be sold on the black market or end up in unknown, deserted places in less than 24 hours.
  • Tends to put on a serious face while on the job but is actually horrible at controlling his emotions which gets him in trouble most of the time.

He met you by accident when he was disposing of a body in a forest you were jogging. You just froze in your tracks out of fear and disbelief.

“Who the fuck goes jogging in these types of forests at this hour?” he thought. Seeing as you were just standing there and not running away he wondered what to do with you. He didn’t want to kill you and he was not afraid if you reported him to the police as most them were bribed. So he just took the body and dumped it in the hole, hoping you will take off. He didn’t expect to see you armed with a stick when he looked up. He just barely avoided your hit.

“Whoa, missy. Calm down.” but you were already swinging the stick in all directions. Annoyed he tried to pull it out of your hand which made you lose your balance and for him to fall on top of you.

“Well this is rather unfortunate for you.” he smirked but when he saw how sacred you were he just got back on his feet, picked you up and threw you into the backseat of his car.

“Maybe Minho will give me some advice on what to do with you.”

Choi Minho

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  • Right hand of the boss and sometimes even more reliable than him as he their leader tends to be reckless.
  • Doesn’t take shit from anyone.
  • Has a really short temper if you get him angry. 
  • Even though that happens rarely he just whips out his gun and kills whoever annoyed him on the spot.
  • Takes care of the gangs documents, finances, resources and such.
  • Likes to plan everything carefully before taking action.

You had nothing to do with the mafia as he often met you in the park, where he came to relax from the stress and tension in work. You would always sit at the same bench at the same time reading (he later calculated everything, so he would be able to see you whenever he came to the park). You could often feel his stare and whenever you looked up he would quickly avert his eyes. After a few weeks of staring you decided to talk to him changing your position every single day to get close to him. When one day you came and he was not there you were quite disappointed. Suddenly strong hands grabbed you and made you sit on the bench. His face was inches from your and he looked angry.

“Are you trying to seduce me or something to get some info? What’s the deal with you?”

“I, I-” you started.

“You what?” he shouted.

“I just wanted to talk to you that’s all.” you said trembling. Only now did he realized how stupid and suspicious of everything he his.

“Oh fuck, you don’t know anything about me, do you? I’m sorry for scaring you. Could I treat you to coffee or something as an excuse?”

Lee Taemin

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  • His job is to gather information. 
  • As much as he enjoys torturing it out of someone he would often use other means to get it.
  • Is actually a really good thief and manages to snatch the things he needs without trouble.
  • He also learned from Kibum to sneak in and out without being noticed but that doesn’t always work as he needs more practice.
  • Dances his way out of trouble when the need arises
  • Likes small weapons like scalpels and such because they let him inflict more direct and precise pain.

He was about to steal your purse (just for fun) when you unexpectedly turned around and saw what he was going. You gave him a big slap and ran away asking for help. Not wanting to draw any attention to himself he quickly caught up with you and pushed you into an alley. He slammed his hand on the wall near your face, securing you in place.

“Look lady, I didn’t actually want your bag. You were even not supposed to see me but now that you know how I look, it might get dangerous.”

“Please, take whatever you want, just don’t kill me.”

“Whatever I want, huh? Then I guess I will take you.” he said knocking you out and throwing you over his shoulder before you could protest.

A/N: Woah this got longer then expected!! I laughed a lot at my own jokes while writing this, their are not even that funny, their are not even a lot of them here, I think I need more sleep 😂 Anyhow, feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups both male and female!! 😃

Writing Characters that Slowly Descend Into Madness

Okay y'all this is one of my absolute favorite tropes / character arcs / whatever you want to call it. I’ve written at least two characters that end up twisted and deranged… While it’s fun to do, it can be a little difficult to nail down, so I thought I’d share some tips! 

From Avatar the Last Airbender’s Azula to Gollum, characters often think that they can handle the Ultimate Power™ when they really can’t. These corrupted characters and their character arcs can be tricky to write, so here’s some pointers! 

  • The character to be corrupted should have a one track mind. Your character needs to have a goal in mind, one that (at least in their eyes) requires the Ultimate Power™. This goal can be as simple as world domination, or as complex as “I need to get revenge on this specific person in this specific manner, or else I won’t be satisfied.” It’s up to you, but you need to make sure that your character’s every action revolves around this central goal.
    Or, if your character has two motivations, like reconciling themselves to their family while simultaneously saving the world, make sure they can only do one of them! This will cause lots of conflict and it will be great..
  • Get used to writing internal conflict. In one of my novels, the main character has the power to clean the world’s water supplies, but her friends disapprove for…complicated reasons. She has something of a mental breakdown, wondering if she should be doing what she is. Internal conflict is a great way to show your character being pulled in two different directions; after all, tearing our characters apart is the name of the game. 
  • Make sure your character thinks that they are using their Ultimate Power for good. Even if they’re not. Especially if they’re not. When you can follow a villain’s logic and understand why they are doing the horrific things they are, they become that much creepier.
  • The Ultimate Power must be so attractive that your character can’t help but use it. The only way your character can be corrupted by power is if they use this power. Therefore, they must use it often. Whether this be a superpower, power that comes from the crown on their head, or dark magic, make sure your reader gets plentiful helpings of seeing the character use it.
  • Don’t be afraid to take it slow. Characters descend into madness, they don’t plummet into it. Let your character spiral slowly downwards, let them saunter casually into their twisted ways of thinking.
  • If they can’t be redeemed, they should probably die. Characters that have gone power mad really only have two options: redemption or death. Sometimes your character can pull out of their downward spiral and recognize their mistakes. This may lead to them siding with the very people they had been against, like Magneto teaming up with Prof X to fight a Bigger Baddie. Or they could just admit their mistakes and go on their way, like Mystique occasionally does.
    But if you can’t find a way to redeem your character (or don’t want to), then you should probably consider killing them off. Characters mad with Ultimate Power™ are usually unsustainable, and will usually self destruct at some point.

A character who descends into their madness and power-craziness and has a descent that is really well written can be super engaging. They are, at least, my personal favorite to write and read about. Have fun, and happy writing!

If there’s a writing thing you want to see me post about or you just wanna say hi, go ahead! I’d love to hear from you.

Hometown Glory // Part 1

“I want to hop in the nearest bus I can find, buy a one way ticket and just… make it big.”

Synopsis: You were nineteen when you said goodbye to Taehyung, swearing that you two would forever belong to the world. You thought your story with him would never ressurge; but, three summers after he hopped on a bus to make it big, he returned to the ghost of your small town in the most unexpected way possible – with an awry guitarist who owns the world with him, along with their music.


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung // rockstar!au

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 6.5k

collab w/ @sugajpg

SERIES: Prologue || Part 1

A/N: at last!! :)

It was as vivid as you could remember, the startling beauty of the evening sky — the night Taehyung bidded farewell to you when he hit the high road. Three summers had passed since his junket without destination, and the mere thought of it graced a smile on your lips every time. Never once had you let the sorrow if his departure to overshadow the pride of his achievements; let alone, the sight of his face on television made you feel something other than a blissful nostalgia.

Those moments when he sang to you until dawn swirled into your memory like creamer in your morning coffee, conduits to other time-frozen moments. Every time you heard his voice you were drawn back to the countless times your friend sang to you in the privacy of a quiet bedroom, to the everlasting ebony horizons that never left your heart.

The setting sun splattered upon the crystal skyline as you walked through your store door, the faint sound of the bell greeting your ears. Another day was passing, and it would be the same like every other. You happened to feel more at home within a dingy record store rather than the confinement of your apartment, even if you had to deal with random surges of customers when all you want to do is listen to the distant radio; diving deep into the melodious chords of forgotten songs.

Moments like those, when you fall under the spell of your urban town all due to a dingy tune, gave you peace. It was from the tranquility of the calm streets to the vague, comforting scent of old records; from the equilibrium of that immaculate piece of land to the immersive cosmos that embraced you every time you arrived at work. And it never broke; no, not even when his band sounded through the old speakers.

The mere sound of his voice surged a notion of reminiscence within you, and the ghost of his face on the television miraculously refreshed you like a dream; yet, it is all painful, as if his arrival home would only remain as faithless hope for a miraculous day.

Afterall, Taehyung  never said when — or if —  he was going to return.

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( @illesty posted a good prompt earlier and I couldn’t refuse, so here you go my dudes! I hope I was able to do it justice, it was trickier to write than I thought aaah)

“Is everyone ready to go? This planet might be crawling with Galra invaders, so we can’t afford to forget anything.” Shiro recited, methodically fiddling with his helmet as he slid it on.

There were echoes of approval from the rest of the team as each member fastened their own armor and prepared their bayards. The process was clockwork at this point, each step flowing one after another.

Lance slid his helmet on and groaned under his breath, looking exhausted before the day had even begun. The rest of the team looked psyched up to hit the battlefield, but something kept tugging in Lance’s chest that couldn’t match their energy. 

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Life in Color (Part 2)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Summary: Modern AU. An artist in every sense of the word, Bucky sees color in everything, vibrant as they fill his world with magic. What happens when the colors fade? 
Word Count: 595
Note: Super duper big thank you to Kumi ( @mellifluous-melodramas ) for writing the summary and for editing this part!

Originally posted by a-khaleen

Steve doesn’t even bother knocking on Bucky’s door. He was polite at first, he would knock, waiting a few moments before entering the apartment, but after the first month of constantly checking on his friend, knocking when he already knew that Bucky wouldn’t come to the door seemed stupid.

He kicks the door closed with his foot after he walks inside, the slam reverberating through the room loud enough to hopefully wake everyone up. Sure enough, a girl wearing what’s clearly last night’s dress walks out of the bedroom, smeared lipstick decorating her lips and heels dangling from her hand. Steve holds out one of the three lattes he brought over to her which she takes. She smiles shyly at him before moving quickly out of the apartment. Bucky’s conquests are always a little embarrassed when Steve brings them coffee, but they’re always grateful. The walk of shame is better with caffeine, even if it means that a stranger knows the man you just slept with well enough to know that there will be a girl in his bed without being told.

As usual, Bucky waits until the girl is gone before stumbling out of bed himself.

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Welcome to dailyvicturi’s ‘Fic of the Month’ post! On the 1st of every month, we will choose a fanfic to feature on our blog. The fic and author will get an aesthetic graphic, a review of their fic, and a place on our ‘Hall of Fame’.


One Step Sideways by airgeer


“Waking up in a world where the best possible turn of events was a literal doppelgänger was not exactly what Victor considered a great morning.

The other Victor apparently begged to differ.

“Amazing!” he said, poking Victor in the shoulder.”

Just as Victor and Yuuri are about to start the final dash of preparing for the Grand Prix Final, Victor finds himself in a different reality- one where he, rather than coaching Yuuri, is in the middle of skating his retirement season.

They don’t know how it happened, or how to fix it, but neither Victor has ever let details like that stop him.


When Victor wakes up in another dimension, he doesn’t know how he got there or why. And if that isn’t weird enough, he runs into an alternate universe version of himself, one who didn’t see Yuuri’s Stammi Vicino video and continued skating under Yakov. He’s lost, clearly putting on a mask, and isn’t happy at all. 

In order to fix whatever went wrong in this world, Victor (the one we know and love) does everything in his power to find his doppelgänger inspiration to feed off of, and get himself back to his own dimension in the process. 

I’ve read a few time travel/change dimension fics over the years. A few of them are done well, and others try but come up short in the delivery. This fic blew away my expectations and then some. The way the author worked with two dimensions was gloriously perfected, and their use of two Victors never made me question which one I was reading about. Technically, this fic was fabulous. 

But that’s not exactly why I’m recc’ing it. Besides being technically brilliant, this fic also packed an emotional punch that stayed with me long after I finished reading it. Using multiple POVs pulled me into all different directions and gave me insight I wouldn’t have been able to get if only Victor was narrating, and getting into the thought process of these various characters truly led to an exhilarating experience filled with laughs and tears galore. 

This fic is a work of art. Give it a go!

Punish [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Thank goooood someone is writing oneshots about Rick they’re so hard to find. Can I request one please? Or do you take requests at all? If so I’d like to request one where Rick is the readers DaddyDom and reader is his little girl. DDLG with so much dirty talk. If you don’t take requests I’m sorry lol

Hope you all enjoy! ❤️

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Warnings: Daddy Kink, DDLG relationship, SMUT, Dirty Talk, Spanking, Rough Sex, Punishment, Oral Sex (male receiving), Unprotected Sex, orgasm denial, slight d/s

Words: 1,505


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remember me not

Drabble Request: 35. “Why are you looking at me like that?” + Hoseok || for anon

Characters: genie!hoseok x you

Words: 14.1k (oml this is monstrous)

Inspiration hit me like a train and gave birth to this mess. This was also supposed to be a Valentine’s Day gift, but that didn’t happen so now it’s a gift since Hobi’s birthday is coming up. Special mentions to Admin Z, @kittae, @ssconce, @pink-strawberry-flavored-kpop and @suha-min​. To readers, enjoy! and happy reading!

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oculoslux  asked:

Could a large planet spin fast enough to weaken its gravity a noticeable amount, without falling apart?

Short answer: yes!

The apparent gravity you feel from a planet is due to the amount of matter the planet is made of and the distance you are from the center of the planet. The more matter, the greater the gravity, and the closer you are to the planets surface, the greater the gravity.

Lets find a local planet and put our Friend A on it’s surface. The gravity he feels is easy to calculate. What matters is how dense the planet is, and what the distance from him to the center of the planet is. If the planet is denser (lead), it’s made of more stuff and has a higher gravity. Less dense (like marshmallows) will result in lower gravity.

If we dig a tunnel down into the planet and put our friend B in it, she will feel less gravity for two reasons. First, there’s less stuff between her and the center of the planet because some of the planet is now over her head. Second, that part of the planet will pull up on her, and will reduce the gravity she feels a little bit as well.

If you are at the center of the planet, you will feel no gravity. The mass of the planet is pulling you in all directions at the same time with the same force, so it all cancels out. I have to give a shout out to the movie Total Recall (the newest one, not the one with Arnie and “get your ass to Mars”). They show that the Fall experiences zero-gravity as it passes through the core of the Earth. A nice piece of scientific accuracy in a movie.

If we start spinning the planet, both A and B will also feel another force - a centripetal force that tried to toss them away from the center of spin. It’s the same force that you feel on a carousel or in a car making a quick turn. This force, because it is in the direction opposite the planet’s gravity, will result in both A and B feeling slightly less gravity. The planet’s gravity is still there, but it’s being partly counteracted by another force.

The faster you spin the planet, the less gravity A and B will feel.

And yes, you need to be careful. If you spin the planet too fast, it will fling itself apart. You’d have to spin the Earth about 100 times faster to fling people off the equator. Any faster than that and you’d start to throw off pieces of the planet itself.

The Earth has a bulge around the equator as a result of it’s spin. It’s not much, but it’s there. That means you’ll weigh less at the equator than at the poles - because you’re further from the center at the equator, and the centripetal force if higher at the equator than at the poles.

This centripetal force is also partly why most US space launches take place in Florida and are launched towards the east (the direction the Earth spins). It’s closer to the equator than the rest of the nation, and that gives the rockets a bit of a boost. Not much, but rockets are hard enough as it is. Any little bit helps.

For more information, this video is pretty good. Warning - it shows math!

So, yes, it is possible for a large planet spin fast enough to weaken its gravity a noticeable amount. Our own Earth does. I’m not sure how noticeable 0.34% is, but it can be easily measured.

Intent is not Magick

Any experienced practicioner knows when the magick is strong and on target a key aspect of the working is clear intent. This breeds a sort of confusion that leads to statements like, “Intent is the power behind magick.” or “Intent is the most important ingredient of magick.”

Intent is neither power nor ingredient. To explain, let’s borrow an analogy from the philosophy of psychology and neuroscience. We may have heard that a key aspect of a team doing well is team spirit. We can look at a baseball team and understand the roles of each of the players. The pitcher throws the ball such that it is difficult to hit. The batter tries to hit it. etc. We can study all of their duties and how well they perform them and still not find anyone responsible for adding this key ingredient of “team spirit.” That’s because team spirit is not actually part of what they are doing, but a sum description of how well they are doing it.

To continue the sports analogy, you can look at a team and ask if they’re “playing to win.” Have they all got their “heads in the game.” Are they distracted? or are they focused? A kid playing in little league may be out in the outfield picking dandelions and not notice when a ball is finally hit their way. Clearly that kid wasn’t focused on the game. The team wasn’t playing unified with the intent to win.

That’s what our minds can be like when we sit to do a spell. Parts of our minds may be off picking dandelions while only a few parts of us are doing the magick. To the conscious mind it may feel like we’re all there, but the unconscious is a mess.

Clear intent can begin with a statement of intent. We put that down into a sigil to relay the message to the outfields of our minds. Dramatic ritual, sexual imagery, pain, the sight of blood… these all draw focus. When all the parts are paying attention and pulling in the same direction, the state of gnosis, from there we can do powerful magick. The intent is just the rallying cry that gets all the parts pointed in the same direction. Intent is important, but it is not in itself really a thing and it isn’t really what is doing the work.

I wrote a cute kili X reader story. It gets kinda fluffy but gets very smutty, quite fast. This was my second story written regarding the Hobbit so let me know what you guys think. Send me some requests too if you would like. love u guys 💛

warnings: smut + fluff and a SUPER hot dwarf.

“Y/N, Kili, go look after the ponies. Make sure you stay with them.” Thorin trudged off, giving orders to Oin and Gloin, leaving Kili and me to secure the ponies. He glanced at me, revealing a smirk.
“For goodness sakes, Kili. What is it?” I bickered.
“Well, after the constant state of stress, and well, Thorin is finally not around-” He pleaded.
“Kili, I know what you’re up to and it’s not happening.”
He simply looked at me amused.
“I have no doubt you’ve flirted with every lass you’ve met. You exasperate me.” I threw the luggage down, emphasizing my stress. His face fell somber,
“You truly think that, Y/N?”
Caught off guard by his sudden grave state, I replied, “Well- yes. You’re incredibly flirtatious and you have this attitude which I find atrocious. You don’t take anything seriously and I find your arrogance vexing.” I stated briskly. His demeanor withdrew and silently tied up the ponies. Guilt washed over me. “Kili,-” I put a hand on his shoulder.
He removed my hand. “No, you’re right. I simply act like this because- well, because I’m scared.” He sat on a large, gray rock and pulled out his smooth stone and began fiddling with it.
“Scared of what,” I breathed, dumbstruck.
“I don’t know what we’re going to find in that mountain and I have anxiety for the dilemmas we will face on the way. I also-”
“What?” I approached him, kneeling down so I was face to face with him.
Kili’s eyes ignited, terror stricken.
“I fear for Thorin.” He exhaled. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I sat in the grass, as he fiddled with his stone, feeling burdened.
“I’m sorry,” I sighed. “I understand. I shouldn’t have judged you like so. Forgive me?”
“Aye, lass. I must apologize for the way I was acting. It’s was not good form.” He winked. I beamed at him, grateful to see him in a more content state.
He looked intensly in my eyes, it caught me off guard. “Time for dinner!” We heard Bofur’s voice proclaim over the distance.
“Aye, time for dinner.” He smiled at me, sweetly.
Dinner was a joyous occasion. There was a plethora of food, that even Bombur ate to his fill. Evening fell, and the dwarves sang a good deal of merry tunes.
I attended to the dishes, listening to the fine music, pleased with how everything was going.
“Let me help you,” Kili ran over next to me, leaving an earthy, spicy scent.
“Oh, okay-” I stammered nervously. My hands shook and I dropped the plate. He picked it up an handed it to me. His rough hand brushed mine and I quickly pulled my hand to my side. This would never had bothered me before. Thoughts swelled in my head.
“Are you feeling okay, Y/N?”
“Yeah, I’m okay. I’m just feeling a bit off.” The corner of his lip tugged into a smile. We continued washing dishes, silently, to the music. When we were finished, I heard his charmed voice, “May I have this dance?” I looked up and met Kili’s eyes. His hand was held out, and his eyebrow lifted.
“My lady?” He urged.
“I am not your lady, Kili.” I teased, drying my hands.
“Surely, you owe me this dance.”
“And what for?” I challenged.
“Well, you were infact a bit impolite to me earlier. I only ask for one dance.” He held his hand forward once more, and I thus took it.
Kili walked me out to a more secluded area, where the music was heard but the dwarves were not seen. The air was chilly and refreshing, as the stars glistened above our souls.
“It’s beautiful,” I commented.
“Yes, she is.” He looked at me like how a writer would look at a sweet and serene poem. I felt special. Something in the pit of my stomach tugged, when I looked in his eyes, so I glanced away.
“Are you okay?” I smirked. He held my waist with one hand, and his other hand interwined with mine.
“You know, Y/N? Since we’ve talked, I don’t feel any form of fear that I discussed. I sense no such feeling lingering… except one.” We swayed to the music, gently and slowly.
“And what is that?” I questioned.
“That you might leave.” He breathed. I dropped my hands and scrunched my brows.
“Kili-” I stammered.
“No, Y/N, please-” He begged.
“You- you love me?” I demanded. He stood, dumfounded. “Kili, do you love me?”
“Aye. I do.” My stomach felt as if it were being pulled in different directions then melted, all at once. I grabbed his shirt and crashed my lips to his. He pulled in further, resulting in a tender, sweet kiss. My hands found their way to his hair, and his to my waist. It felt amazing and- so right. His lips collided with mine. I could tell he had wanted this for a while. His hands traveled to mine, then he stopped kissing.
“Your hands are freezing,” Kili commented. He removed his jacket and placed it gingerly around my shoulders.
“Thank you,” I breathed. He layed me down in the grass and we simply stared at the stars.
“You know, this dance isn’t over.” He mentioned.
“What do you mean?” I laughed, smiling.
He sat up and leaned so close from my face. I felt his warm breath on my skin.
“Kili,” I chuckled.
“Shh,” He leaned in which seemed quite slowly. The earth stopped spinning and I didn’t breathe a breath.
“Kili-” He quieted me by outlining my lips with his tongue. He pressed his lips against mine and slipped his tongue in discretely. He tasted wonderful and I found myself craving more. He pressed his face to my neck and kissed gently.
I moaned, “Oh, fuck, Kili,” He laughed, “Sit up, dear.”
I sat up immediately. “Good girl,” He rasped as he slipped off my shirt. I found myself getting very wet for him. I did the honor of removing his shirt. I grabbed the fabric and ever so gently pulled it over his head. It got caught on his arm, and he chuckled and smiled, “Come here,” And pulled me in a kiss. I felt his warm hand unclasping my bra against my cold skin. I tried to help remove it but he demanded, “No, don’t move.” I remained fixed. He withdrew my bra and analyzed my body. I felt self concious. My arms moved to cover my breasts but he caught my arms.
“Y/N, you’re so fucking beautiful.” A timid smile became of my face as he wrapped me in a hug and kissed my forehead. Kili’s hands moved up to my wrists and he forced me down on the ground, his weight on me. “Stay, sweety,” He ordered. His heat radiated and his scent drifted over me. He crawled his way down my body and I didn’t dare move a muscle. He slid off my pants, gradually. Kili kissed my hips and trailed his tongue down to my entrance. I jolted in pleasure.
“Don’t move,” He repinned my wrists. His lustful eyes burned into mine.
He placed his finger in my entrance, deeply, and began stroking on my walls, gradually building up speed.
“Oh, fuck, Jesus Christ, Kili” I sobbed. I rocked my hips into his hand and released.
“Good, darling,” He sat up and licked his fingers.
“I want more, Kili.” I stated, practially breathless.
“ Beg,” He ordered.
“Oh fuck, Kili, please.” I frantically kissed his neck. He kissed my collar bones, then sat up, removing his pants. My heart skipped a beat.
“Would you like this?” He purred.
“More than anything.” I whispered.
Kili separated my legs and slid into me. He felt heated and his sweat trickled onto me. Kili began rocking back and forth. There was a tugging sensation in my gut and it made my chest burn and my brain go hazy.
“Faster,” I moaned. He developed speed and continued pounding into me. I glanced at his face, and I knew that during that moment, he wouldn’t have known how to count, hell, he didn’t even known his own name. Kili moaned, “Ah, fuck,” I felt a wave of pleasure rock through my muscles. I tensed up then completely went limp, unable to move. He went slack on top of me, his head on my chest. I ran my fingers through his hair, “Wow,” Was the only word going through my head.
“Do you still find me annoying?” Kili laughed.
I giggled, and kissed his forehead. “Yes.”

anonymous asked:

i'm looking for some angsty war-time h/d fic, do you have any recs? especially ones where they struggle with allegiances / aren't on the same side immediately, maybe like a "sleeping with the enemy" situation at first. sorry if that sounds overly specific, i was just listening to "between the bars" by elliott smith and it's soooo h/d and it gave me war-time fic cravings! thank you!

Here are some war time Drarry;

Temptation on the Warfront by Alizarincrimson (180k)
Draco Malfoy is forced into hiding with the Golden Trio and dragged into their search for horcruxes. What ensues is a journey of redemption, unexpected friendships and an unwanted, turbulent romance with Harry Potter. Warnings for swearing, sexual content, and dark themes. [Oneshot Sequel Let them Hear]

Walking the Line by Silentauror (180k)
Sixth year is over and Draco Malfoy is on the run. The war is on and an unwanted assignment is forced upon him by the only people he trusts - and a one-time arch-enemy just may be out to kill him. DM/HP, HPB spoilers. Complete!

And I Know the Spark by Firethesound (15k)
All Draco cares about is keeping Potter alive, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

A Thousand Beautiful Things series by Geoviki (168k in total)
Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend.
Delicate Sound of Thunder (Sequel):  Draco Malfoy has always known that happily ever after is only true for fairy tales.  When someone threatens to expose his wartime past, he risks his life to protect his secrets, but learns he’s not the only one with something to hide.  The sequel to A Thousand Beautiful Things.

Not Through With You by Dark0feenix (11k)

Draco doesn’t remember, and Harry doesn’t let him forget.

The Eighth Tale by Lettered (12k)
Draco Malfoy tries to fix the past, but instead mucks it up some more. For Harry, it all becomes quite clear.

It Started in the Shower series by Chickenlivesinpumpkin (124k)
When Harry finds Malfoy in his shower at Grimmauld Place, the two boys struggle to keep their hands to themselves, not realizing that their ‘enemies-with-benefits’ relationship will eventually become considerably darker and more powerful. That relationship will influence the search for the horcruxes–and the war–in unpredictable ways.

Love is… by Melusinahp (13k)
This is a story about love. It is not a romance.

Angels and Devils by Aj_socks (28k)
Draco is captured by the Order and during his time as a prisoner, he realizes that both light and darkness can blind you to the truth.

Boys Don’t Cry by Furiosity and Pixies (50k)
After the eventful Christmas in Harry Potter’s fifth year at Hogwarts, his godfather gave him a badly wrapped package. Inside was something Harry could use to get in contact should the need arise, Sirius said. Harry resolved never to use whatever it was – he would not put Sirius in danger. When Harry had a vision of Sirius in terrible danger, he did not think of using Sirius’s last-minute gift. Hermione, however, did. This is the story of what happened after that.

A Fruit Tree in Winter by Bryoneybrynn (29k)
After failing in his task of killing Dumbledore, life doesn’t go as Draco expected. Sometimes just surviving takes everything you’ve got. And sometimes healing is something you can’t do alone. Story goes AU/AR from the end of Half-Blood Prince.

Promise Me by Frayach (4k)
Draco made two promises that pulled him in opposite directions. He can only fulfill one.

For All That Ails You by Frayach (17k)
Voldemort forces Draco to drink a love potion so that he’ll fall in love with Harry, and he does - madly. But then Harry does too. When Hermione finds an antidote for the love potion, neither knows who loves who. But then along comes the anonymous poetry contest to save the day.

Allegiance and Sedition by SilentAuror (98k) 
The war is in its fifth year, and Harry finds himself caught up in the confusion of friend versus enemy, spy versus traitor.

Consequences of Redemption by Bobbirose (120k)
When Draco makes an impromptu decision to rescue Harry Potter from Malfoy Manor, the two find themselves completely alone and facing the looming climax of the war against Voldemort. Harry must start from the beginning with Draco–and starting over has more consequences than either of them anticipated.

Beneath You by Cinnamon (114k)
Draco had no idea that the repercussions of stealing Potter’s journal and shoving it down the back of his trousers would be so extreme. Featuring nefarious plots, the mating rituals of Slytherins, double-crossing spells, Ron/Pansy, and Draco/Harry.

Under the Cold, Wan Moon by Slytherincess (38k) 
He does not seek war, but when attacked he knows better how to die than surrender.

A Dream of Running Water by Lomonaaeren (35k)
Driven nearly mad by his bitterness against the Dark Lord, Draco becomes a spy for the Order of the Phoenix. The device they sneak him to aid in his reports has unpredictable side-effects—like allowing Draco to dream of a landscape with a river running through it. That would be soothing, if Potter wasn’t there.

Wolfish by Femmequixotic and Noeon (7k)
With wolves surrounding him, Draco seeks safe haven. But as his godfather warns him, wolves come in many forms.

Finite Incantatum by Alysian_Fields (159k)
What should have happened after ‘Half Blood Prince’! It’s the autumn after Dumbledore’s death, the Death Eaters are steadily gaining power, and Harry and his friends are desperate to find the remaining Horcruxes. But then Draco Malfoy arrives at Grimmauld Place, traumatised, starved and drained of all his magical ability. It falls to Harry to show the Slytherin how to adapt to his new way of life, never guessing that Draco has a few things to teach him in return.

The Boys Who Lived by distempered and Writcraft (49k)
The Battle for Hogwarts is over and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix have lost the war against Voldemort. When his father is killed for treason, Draco Malfoy is forced to return to Hogwarts and finds the school under the control of a much changed Slytherin House, and the cruel leadership of the Carrows. Yet even in the darkest of times, there is light and Draco finds an unlikely ally in Harry Potter. Battered and bruised by the war, Harry’s tenacity and determination gives Draco hope and the two boys forge an unexpected alliance in a post-war world where secrets tear friends apart and nothing is quite as it seems

Secrets by Vorabiza (411k)

Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side.

hope u enjoy them♥

A Shot of Sake (TG/AP)

Billy and Matt were at their uncle’s house for the weekend while their parents visited the city. Their uncle, Dave, took a passive approach to babysitting that usually involved watching TV and drinking beer while his nephews played in the yard. Dave had a rather extensive alcohol collection, though he preferred to drink cheap beer and save the alcohol for impressing any women he was able to convince to date him. His nephews, being far too young to legally buy alcohol, were fascinated with his liquor cabinet. Matt was particularly intrigued by a bottle with Japanese characters on it. Making sure that no one was watching, he swiped the bottle and a shot glass from the cabinet and bought it out to the yard to show his brother. The two brothers played rock, paper, scissors to decide who should take the first drink. Billy won, and Matt excitedly poured him a shot.

Billy took the shot in one gulp, immediately feeling a warmth spread throughout his body. He initially thought that he was just getting drunk, but he soon felt a slight tugging on his arms and legs, like he was being pulled out in all directions.

“How is it?” asked Matt.

“It’s kinda weird…I don’t feel so great…” Billy moaned. Suddenly, Billy’s bones cracked and shifted as his arms and legs grew outwards. Billy stood up in shock and was about to run to get his uncle, but he was having a tough time balancing on his new limbs. Matt watched in horror as his brother’s torso elongated, his spine cracking and popping as it grew. Billy soon had a body with the proportions of a full grown adult, but the two brothers noticed that his body was not only growing older, but growing more feminine. Billy’s spine cracked once more as it gained a feminine arch, and Billy reluctantly pushed his chest out as his body shifted.

“Matt! Get Uncle Dave! I need help-ahhhh!” Billy moaned as two mounds of flesh began to push their way out of his chest. He looked down at his budding breasts as his clothes began to transform. His t-shirt morphed into a sweater that opened enough to give an ample view of his new bosom to his petrified brother. As Billy looked down at his new chest, he felt a tickle on the back of his neck and noticed long brown hair beginning to come into view. Matt stared at his changing brother as Billy’s skull shifted into that of a beautiful woman in her thirties. Billy’s eyes widened as they took on an slight Asian slant. Billy could feel makeup materialize onto his face, and Matt continued to stare in awe as his brother transformed into a mature beauty. Earnings weighed down Billy’s earlobes as piercings materialized. He took a deep breath as his breasts inflated more and his collarbones grew more pronounced. He wanted to resist touching his new appendages, but the new sensations coming from his sensitive nipples were too much to ignore. He squeezed his chest as his brother watched in shock, stifling a moan of pleasure as best he could.

“Billy, what are you doing?!” Matt asked in an exasperated voice.

“I don’t know! I don’t want to, but - oh god it feels so good!” Billy moaned in a new sensually feminine voice. “Please, help me - ohhhhh…” he whimpered as jolts of pleasure shot through him from his groin. He reached down and cupped the crotch of his pants as his member retracted into his abdomen. His pants morphed into a short skirt just as a fleshy clit opened up between his legs. His hand slipped under the new skirt as his fingers plunged into his new sex. He felt a new warmth in his abdomen as a womb and ovaries settled in. He continued to moan in his sensual new voice as new hormones flooded his body. The distinct smell of sex surrounded the air around Billy and Matt as the transformed boy slipped his fingers in and out of his new organ.

“Oh…oh…ohhhhh!” Billy screamed in ecstasy as Matt looked on in terror. Billy tried to stop what was happening, but with each thrust of his fingers he felt new personality traits slip into his mind. “Oh…” he moaned as he remembered all of the best one nights stands he had. “Ohhh…” he moaned again as thoughts of video games and playing with his brother became thoughts of watching porn and messing around with her sorority sisters. “Ohhhhh….ahh!” she screamed as she came and felt her juices running down her legs. As she reeled from her orgasm, a wedding band materialized around her finger and memories of Dave proposing to her entered her mind.

The new woman looked at her nephew, who stared back at her in shock. “What’s wrong, Matthew? Aren’t you a fan of your Auntie Betty?” she said, embracing her confident new personality. She noticed the bottle of sake on the ground and picked it up. “Oh Matthew, you aren’t supposed to be drinking.”

“Billy? Please, if you’re still in there…” Matt said. The new woman merely smiled and poured herself another shot of sake.

“Matthew, I don’t know who Billy is,” she said as she spilled the sake over her breasts. “Oopsie!” she said as she ran her hands down her cleavage. “Well, looks like I’ve had enough to drink. I’ll be inside with your uncle if you need me.” And with that, Betsy left Matt in shock to go lay down with her husband and try to make a baby. Matt sat there in a strange mixture of shock and arousal, wondering if he should’ve taken the shot instead. 

Not Dead Yet (Part 30)

*I enjoy writing slowburns way too much. Development. I live for watching and creating development between characters piece by piece. Hope you do too cause I just keep dragging this baby out.*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warning: language

The next couple of days I was more than able to keep my silence around Peter. He’d make a comment here or there to try and get me to crack but I let it roll off my shoulders. I would acknowledge his presence, nod along, or do what I was asked but without a word spoken. Only problem was that it didn’t seem to bother him. If things continued like this I’ll just have to start ignoring him altogether.

“Devin,” Peter approached where Devin and I were lounging, “We need extra stores of dreamshade, take someone and go collect more.”

“Come on, Y/N.” Devin nudged me.

“Someone else.” Peter grabbed my arm keeping me in place. Devin gave me a sympathetic look before grabbing Nick and heading off. Peter dragged me off in the other direction. He pulled me in close with an all too familiar look in his eyes. Oh this poor naive thing.

I brought a hand up to to his lips and pushed him away. He peered at me annoyed. “The vow of silence I can handle but you won’t even let me kiss you now? Why? You don’t have to make a sound if you don’t want to.” he reached for me again. I rolled my eyes and spun him around, stole his dagger from his hip, stabbed the material of his tunic into the tree and left him pinned there as I went back to camp.

I sat down next to Ben with a huff. He glanced at me before going back to his whittling. “Still not talking to him?”

“Yep.” I picked at the shavings on the ground. “I think I’m starting to wear him down.”

“Is that what you’re doing? I’ve never seen him happier.” I glared back at him, “What? You not talking to him put him in the best mood I’ve seen him in years.”

“Do I need to stop speaking to you too?”

“I’m only teasing.” Ben assured me. “This spat between you two will be over in a week or so like they usually are.”

“Not this time.” I drummed my fingers against the log, “I am gonna make that boy crack and I don’t care if it takes me a decade of silence. He will admit that he was in the wrong.”

“Care to tell me what it is that he is wrong about?”

“Not particularly.”

“Okay then. Need a pointy stick?” he held up the slightly sharpened branch in his hands.

“Sure, we can go sneak up on people and poke them.” I took the stick and hopped up.

Ben followed right after. “Sounds fun.”

The day went on but Peter didn’t approach me again though I could feel the pissed off glare he burned into the back of my skull when he thought I didn’t notice. I don’t care what Ben says, Peter is getting annoyed. Best case scenario, he’s nearing breaking point. Worst case, he’s just being his overdramatic pouting self because I won’t let him grind on me while I’m not speaking to him.

If anything this break from him the past couple of days has given me the chance to think about my life. I’ve lived on Neverland for decades now. I am not the same person I was when I was first brought here. Most days I couldn’t even remember who that girl was. Years will go by between realizations that this wasn’t what I always was. Sometimes it makes me sad to think about. If I think really hard I can remember living in a little shack somewhere very cold with weak lungs struggling to breath the arid air. I can remember my father long dead. Not a name or even a face. Just a warm nostalgic murmur amid the blaring noise of my demented life.

Some nights I’d lay out where I could see the stars and pretend I was somewhere else. I’d hum to myself an old tune dredged up from life past. Perhaps it was a lullaby, maybe something else. Who knew. The only song that ever got stuck in my head that I could remember was from years ago when Peter and I were stranded in the Enchanted Forest. It wasn’t the night of that wedding we crashed (the wine made sure all I could remember clearly was my hangover the next morning.) No. Another day during our travels we came across an old fiddler playing for alms. I tossed him a spare coin and he began to play anew. Peter spun me once before we fell into a ridiculous dance right there in the square. At the end of the song we laughed about it and Peter tossed the old man another coin.

Such a simple memory but one of my favorites. It’s one of the reasons I know Peter’s wrong now. You don’t have times like that, you don’t smile like that, laugh like that, you do not enjoy something so mundane that much unless you also care about the person you’re doing it with. You, for sure, do not break open an entire island for someone you only think of as a comrade and piece to have.

Am I thankful that he saved me? Yes. Am I surprised that he acted the way he did when he thought I had died? Not as much as I initially thought. I know Peter’s gotten close to past Lost Boys and was upset when they left or died so maybe his reaction to what happened to me wasn’t unexpected entirely. But the degree to which he took it was.

I am glad that I mean something to him even if he won’t admit it. I am proud that I know him as well as I do. I’m thankful that he finds my life worth saving. What I cannot condone is his disregard for others in order to keep one alive. The safety of the many does not yield for the safety of the few…or the one. What is the life of one Lost Girl to that of say, twenty Lost Boys? Can I honestly sleep at night knowing that the reason they are dead is because of circumstances regarding my own fate? That I should live at the cost of their lives when their lives need not have been lost in the first place?

Knowing all this and thinking of all this just made my anger at Peter more substantial. He struts about this island with no regard for anyone or anything he deems unworthy of his attention. Then he gets upset when he doesn’t immediately get his way.

It’s been two weeks since the kissing incident where I left him stuck to a tree. He’s tried a couple more times to coerce me into giving in but the response, or lack thereof, was always the same. What had gone from being a fun game morphed into a personal challenge and it was starting to get bothersome.

Finally it all came to a head during training one morning.

“Alright everyone, gather round!” Peter called to the camp, “We’re going to be doing something a tad different today for training. Based on what I witnessed during our last fight with the pirates your reflexes have faded hysterically so.” He gave me a pointed look, “So that’s what we’ll be doing this morning.”

He took a dreamshade coated bolt from the quiver on his back and loaded it into a crossbow. “Let’s begin.” he shot the first bolt directly at me. I ducked out of the way just in time for it to fly over me and land somewhere else. I am going to literally use my last dying moments to physically emasculate him if he hits me with one of those.

The rest of the Lost Boys scattered. Felix and Peter alike were shooting dreamshade bolts at the quickly retreating targets. One of the younger boys wasn’t paying attention and Peter shot a bolt at him. I tackled the kid out of the way and the bolt tore through my sleeve as a result. I could feel the blood rushing out of my face as I rolled up my sleeve and inspected the spot. Oh thank the gods above, he only got my shirt.

I shot daggers at him. He hid any kind of remorse behind a mock innocent face. That’s it, I had had about enough of this. I gripped the hilt of my club as I rose to my feet. I don’t need words to knock the teeth from his head.

The egotistical blockhead had the audacity to smirk at me in that triumphant way of his. We’ll see how smug he looks when I’m tearing the ears from his head and shoving them down his throat!

Wait a second. I paused for a moment when I noticed he was pointing the crossbow at the ground. I looked back up at those startling green eyes and realized what this all was. This was just another attempt to get me to break. This, my anger, it’s what he wants.

With great difficulty I drew in a deep breath, lifted my head high and turned my back on him. Let him shoot me in the back. He won’t do it. If it was my attention he wanted then it was my indifference he would receive.

A bolt flew by my head embedding itself in the tree. I smirked at the last ditch effort and continued on my way. I didn’t see him for the rest of the day.


“So…” Felix watched as Y/N disappeared into the jungle, “I’m guessing this was a failed experiment.”

“I don’t get it. I shot deadly poison at her and she just walked away. She never backs down from a fight, never. So why would she run away now?”

“It’s not so much running as…sashaying away.” Felix pointed out.

Pan aimed the crossbow at him. “You want another scar?”

Felix held up his hands in defeat. “I merely meant that perhaps riling her up isn’t the best way to try and break this silence.”

“Don’t come to me with your well-meaning advice. You’re the one that spoke to her and started her on this whole annoying tirade.”

Felix took a step back. Yes, he did tell Y/N to rein things in with Pan. Did he care that they had their disgusting arrangement? No. He could quite honestly care less about their indulgences. What he did care about was the safety of the island and the remaining Lost Boys on it. If that meant poisoning their relationship, figuratively and literally, then so be it. She had too tight a grip on him and it needed to be loosened if not dropped entirely. Felix would always be loyal to Pan, that would never change. But if it took his anger at Felix to get things back to a safe and normal state then he would allow it.

Pan shoved the crossbow at him then disappeared in the blink of an eye. Seems that ends training for today.


Stupid, annoying, insane Lost Girl! This had been fun at first. Hell, it had been downright bliss. No nagging, none of her annoying jokes, and no screaming matches. Peter figured that Y/N would go through with her tantrum for a week at most then everything would go back to normal. Now it had almost been a month and he could count on one hand the number of times Y/N made eye contact with him for more than three seconds.

What did he want from her? He saved her life, again, and she acted like it was a crime. Yeah, some boys died but it was just the way things were. Boys died. They’d bring more in.

Sometimes Peter had to keep from yelling at her that she was in fact a murderer just like him. She’s taken lives and yet she still acts the martyr. Y/N can claim that all the boys are her family and that she cares for them all in her own sisterly way but it is all a load of crap. Besides her idiot trio she couldn’t care less about the others. She barely remembered their names half the time and if she wanted to she would strip this island bare until she was the last one standing with the makings of her own empire. She’s a wolf that wants to believe she’s a sheep. But the red on her hands will never wash out, it will only grow, he’d make sure of it.

The only way to ensure his ruthless Lost Girl stayed on his side though was to play along with her game.

He found her at camp playing games with the boys. “Hey,” he tapped her shoulder, “I need to talk to you.”

She didn’t so much as turn her head. Okay, she was going to be like this about the whole shooting her thing, was she? Peter shot a glare at the others and they scattered. Y/N made to follow them but he kept her in place. “I know you’re not talking to me but you need to listen.” He sat her back down. “Things got a little out of hand yesterday, I’m sorry for shooting at your head. What do you say we put that behind us?”

She remained silent staring off into the jungle. “Y/N, I know you’re not speaking to me, for a really dumb reason I might add, but you can at least give me a nod or something.” He tried not to let his irritation show on his face.

A solid minute passed of Peter just sitting there watching her while she made a blatant point not to even glance in his direction. “What? Are you just ignoring me altogether now? Not even going to acknowledge I’m right next to you?”

At this she stood up and left to follow the other boys. Her demeanor immediately changed and Peter could hear the sound of her laugh as she joked with the boys. “Hey! We’re not done yet!” he grabbed her again. She shrugged him off like he was nothing and continued on with her conversation despite the boy’s clear apprehension. That’s it! He gripped her wrist and transported them to the beach. “Now listen here you–”

Without as much as a pause in her step she turned and headed back into the jungle. “No! Get back here! Y/N, I’m talking to you!” she disappeared from view among the foliage, “I am your leader and you will listen to me! Turn your ass around! Y/N!” Thunder cracked to life up above. Y/N never came back.


A storm like nothing I had ever seen broke out after I left Peter on the beach. With the first clap of thunder my poised steps faltered. “Damn…” I looked back at where I came from, “Why do you have to be such a pain?”

Maybe I should go back. Not talking to him was doing the job fine enough but ignoring him altogether may have taken things a tad too far. The rain poured down soaking through my clothes in seconds. I shivered against the cold.

No. This is exactly why I’m doing this. He claims to not care about me. That I am just another child on his island to do his bidding and such. Peter refuses to acknowledge that I affect him whether he likes it or not. This storm just proved my point.

I want to forgive him. I really do. I want to have him back in my life. I miss joking with him and relaxing with him. Hell, I even miss making out with him. He is my friend. I’ve told him things I haven’t even told Devin. In a way he is my best friend, despite how much I want to kill him most days. He understands me in a way I can’t comprehend. But that doesn’t excuse what he’s done. He let boys die and didn’t think anything of it. He looked me in the eye and told me that I was nothing to him. After everything I’ve done for him and he’s done for me he denied that I meant anything to him.

I risked my life to get him his damned eye. The eye that will give him the information he needs so he doesn’t die. I’ve kept his secrets. I’ve followed his lead without question. He’s saved my life in more ways than one. He rescued me from a terrible life. He brought me somewhere where I can have a family and adventure. He listened to my trauma and took me to find closure. Yet after all that he has the gall to say I mean nothing? Was this damned storm he conjured up because I simply won’t look at him nothing?

I turned back and ran further into the jungle clutching my doused, freezing arms to my equally frozen body. If this was all an act then it was bloody convincing. King of pretend indeed.

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Malec headcanon 🐱

Headcanon that Magnus’s cats all like Alec. And when he’s on the balcony reading or just simply resting, all the cats hop on the seat he’s sprawled on and start purring and rubbing theirs heads on his body. Alec’s always smiles at them, content eyes closed and lazy hands caressing their little heads. And Magnus’s heart always races, swells, and melts into a puddle because he has never seen something so adorable. He can’t blame the cats for adoring Alec, because Magnus too loves him beyond compare.

Magnus always takes pictures of Alec and his cats with his cellphone, and looks at them when he’s missing Alec (during those times when work gets in the way). And Alec knows this, and relished in the fact. Beautiful sleepy hazel eyes flutter open and he immediately offers his hand to Magnus, Magnus takes it and lets himself be pulled on top of Alec, all the cats scattering in different directions. And they kiss, tenderly and lovingly with a bit of teeth and roughness, both smiling into the kiss, hands in silly dark hair and sailing on hot skin.

“Magnus…Magnus, I-I…never knew what being in love was until I met you…until you spoke to me after killing that demon. I was paralyzed by your gaze, because when I looked into you fathomless eyes, all I was your eyes looking at me. With one look they shattered my carefully built facade and saw the real me. I love you, I love you.”

“Oh, my dearest Alexander. You are nothing short than a miracle to me. Hundreds of years looking for love and not finding what my heart was desired; I had almost given up. But then I saw you at the club, you saved my life in every way imaginable, and all I could think of as I walked into that portal was ‘Will I see him again? Please, let me see him again.’ I love you too, soul of mine.”

Moans and whimpers fill the air in a sensual song as their very souls vibrate with the kiss of knowing that the love they feel for one another is a miraculous thing.