pulled in all directions

Prince Rupert’s Drop

Did you guys ever hear about Prince Rupert’s Drop? The British Royal Society was really interested in these things back in the 1600s.

It’s basically a long, thin, practically snaky bit of glass that you get when you drop some molten glass into water. It solidifies into a shape like this:

The interesting and weird thing is, you can’t really break the bulb part. You can take a hammer to it but it won’t break. But the long tail is fragile and easily broken. And if you break any part of this thing, it explodes. Really, it just blows up into a million tiny little shards.

With modern high-speed cameras, they’ve managed to measure the speed of the fracture at slightly faster than one mile per second.

The reason why it breaks like this is because, when the molten glass rapidly cools, the surface hardens right up, but the inside still stays hot for a while. As the inside cools, it pulls in on itself really hard in all directions, leaving the entire drop in a constant state of high tension. When it’s entirely cooled, it only takes a tiny fracture to release that chain reaction of released tension that breaks all of it almost at once. 

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ziall getting into it, Sydney day 1

day vi: cookies

for: (a v belated) marichat week 2.0 
prompt: cookies

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Afterwards, it’s both surprisingly easy and just as hard as she’d imagined it would be.

Adrien and Chat slot neatly into one, because all along she’d never been pulled in two different directions by two different boys. The suits are magic, but as Chat—Adrienhad said, a mask is just a mask.

It’s the little things that change in the biggest of ways.

For example:

When they’re doing something together as a group, sometimes Marinette will catch the strangest look on Adrien’s face and realize it’s because he’s trying to hold back a pun.

When it’s a really good one Marinette, I swear, he’ll pull her aside as everyone’s leaving and proudly present it to her like the metaphorical dead bird on her pillow.

Marinette is exasperated to find that even when Chat Noir’s puns are coming out of Adrien Agreste’s beautiful mouth, their quality does not improve.

(But she’d be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy seeing Chat’s face light up without a mask in the way. Marinette will gladly endure all the bad puns in the world if it means that Adrien will get to keep having a reason to laugh so hard that he cries.)

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So no one told you fifth year was gonna be this way

i’m actually crying i love liam so much he pulled thru for all of us and reassured us of one direction’s return and i love one direction and i love my boys so so much they care about us so so much

(on Black Sails again)

See, I’m scared that what’s going to happen now is that John is going to get pulled in all different directions: Billy wants one thing, Madi another and Israel Hands is whispering in his ear - and now there’s also Julius and his army to consider etc. I have a feeling that with the talk of having to choose one irreplaceable thing over another, that John is going to be forced to choose between the fortune/the future of their war, Madi, and James. Even then there might be no choice at all - I can’t imagine anyone will be rushing to save Flint or ensure his safety, so what if they just stop John from completing his end of the bargain? 

What if Madi leaves the pirates to join Julius and the slaves’ rebellion?

And so John is crying because he is being forced to choose between them, he’s crying because whatever step he takes next he is going to have to sacrifice something or someone he cares about. Searching for something sharp enough to make the cut….

In short, the number of times I will refer to John as ‘my precious child’ and get the urge to give him a hug will rise from at least once an episode to probably about once every five minutes.


I don’t know how else to describe it. 

My parents took care of B for a week but it’s not like I went on vacation. I stayed at a family friend’s house at night and stayed in the hospital all. day. long. I’m swollen. I’m sore. I don’t know how nurses do it besides the fact that maybe they are able to go home and relax at the end of the day. Or maybe I”m just being a big baby.

 I’m 37 weeks today. I’m tired. I’m peeing all night long. I’m giving meds every 4 hours. I’m running up and down the stairs at least 3x more than I’m used to. I feel like I”m being pulled in all directions. 

I know my husband just had surgery and I want him to feel as comfortable and taken care of as possible but damnit this is not easy.

He told me he doesn’t feel like I”m being affectionate enough towards him right now, that it will help him heal. I’ve cared for him more than he has ever needed to care for me ever and in ways that I didn’t think I’d have to deal with until we were very old. He needs attention. He’s bored and lonely and hurting. I get it. But I’m so so drained. 

I feel bad that my MIL is here to help but is also tired. I feel bad that I can’t just sit by his bedside and comfort him how he likes. I feel bad that I don’t want anything to do with our kid except for to hug him and kiss him but not play with him and give him the attention that he’s begging for. I feel bad that the only times that I’m thinking about our daughter who is due in three weeks is when she is wedging her foot in my side or when I start to feel crampy and realize I’m doing too much.

 I can’t be everywhere. 

I’m bringing ice packs, cold water, food, company up and down and up and down. 

This last few weeks of pregnancy are supposed to be me preparing for our child. And for trying to keep my SELF comfortable. And I”m on the bottom of the list. 

And I feel like a total bitch for feeling bad for myself and being on the verge of tears every second. 

VIXX Little Love Notes

When you leave little notes of love and encouragement stashed around for him to randomly find.

N – You made him cry. Not open sobbing but just a few tears that escaped and made their way down his cheeks. To be honest he really needed this. He juggles so many things, tries so hard, and is pulled in so many different directions he worries about handling it all. To hear that someone loves him and acknowledges those efforts, supports and believes in him and loves him even if he fails would be nothing short of healing to him. While you’re used to his affection in public you’d be surprised when the next time you saw him he picked you up and spun you around only to set you down and kiss you deeply. Usually in public he gives you sweet, quick kisses but this would be long and passionate like you two were the only people in the world. And for him you would be. Expansion

Leo – Leo is going to be incredibly moved by your thoughtfulness. In fact he will spend great amounts of time thinking about how to repay you but he feels like words are too inadequate to describe what you mean to him. The next time he sees you he’ll kiss you on the cheek and whisper in your ear a thank you for the notes. Surprised he even did that much in public you’d think that was it and still be pleased. As soon as he could have a night alone with you he would get you in the bedroom and treat you like a queen. He would try to show you with his body what he knew words couldn’t express. Passionately yet tenderly loving you all night he’d worship your body and pleasure you over and over again to show you how very much he loves you. Expansion

Ken – Oh dear. The next time he sees you in person be prepared to be nearly smothered to death with cuddles. Once he lets you up for air he will be talking nonstop about how much he loves you and how sweet you are. He’ll go on to say how he bragged about you to his members, his manager, the cordi-noonas, random children, stray dogs. It truly would make him so happy and feel so loved he just wouldn’t be able to contain himself. The other members may hate you a little. Ken on the other hand would place tiny kisses all over your face and be even more affectionate with you, if that’s possible.

Ravi – Ravi would low key love this and his insides would get all squishy. On the outside he’d try to keep his cool while being appreciative and thank you sweetly. On the inside he’d be screaming like a twelve year old girl. It would really spur him on to take good care of you and treat you well. He’d be very, very affectionate with you behind closed doors. And while he isn’t the type to save all the notes he might hold on to the most poetic one or what touched him the most for years and then surprise you by getting it tattooed on himself before you get married showing it to you on your wedding night as his gift to you.

Hongbin – On the one hand, he’d be cringing because he’s embarrassed. But on the other he would adore the sentiment so much. He would probably save the notes to encourage himself when he felt down or frustrated. He’s so happy and grateful that you support him and his dreams. It would also make him feel like you see things of value in him that others don’t, maybe not even himself. This would really speak to his caring nature and he’d repay you by making sure you were never in need of anything when you were with him.

Hyuk – He would be the most caught off guard by this. He’d appreciate it, to be sure, but he wouldn’t know how to respond right away so it’s a good thing you hid them for him to find when he wasn’t with you. Hyuk would definitely keep this from his hyungs because that’s the last thing a maknae needs in his life. He wouldn’t know if he should respond as ManHyuk or KawaiiHyuk so he’d settle for a bit of both. He’d probably start off by teasing you a bit and being playful about it, but then out of the blue he’d get serious and look you squarely in the eye with all sincerity thank you for the notes and your effort.


“My legs were being pulled in all sorts of directions and suddenly there was a huge rip in the crotch of my trousers.” -Ryan Gage

During the final battle against Handsome Jack, while Kelley and their family focused on keeping Jack’s robot army at bay the hero’s mind was surging with conflicting emotions.

As they literally ripped any loaders that were close enough apart, they we’re glad that they were fighting robots and not people.

Because Kelley wasn’t and still isn’t sure if their enemies being human would have stopped them from tearing and mangling their bodies.

On top of it all, their emotions were so strong and pulling in every direction that they couldn’t keep themselves from getting emotional during the fight. Thankfully, their goggles obscured their emotions; at least partially.

5SOS Preferences: You’re Shorter Than Him

A/N: Being a short person I know how hard things can be XD XD XD XD 

Calum:”Stay close to me okay?” Calum asked you in the hotel lobby as you stared out at the big crowd of girls. “I want you to hold either mine or one of the guys hands at all times” You nodded kissing your boyfriend of two years before following him outside, You were being pushed around and pulled at in all directions. You closed your eyes grabbing what you thought was Calums hand and walked through the crowd. When you opened your eyes you saw Calum was back in the crowd and you were stood with three fans. “Hi.” You said to them while they smiled. “We saw you were struggling a little so I wanted to help.” The blonde one said before shaking your hand. “I’m Bri.” You smiled. “Hi Bri, thanks for helping.” You said before they asked for pictures.”Cal! I found her!” Michael yelled seeing you and waving you over. You said goodbye before walking to the boys. “I thought I’d lost you.” Calum said gripping your hand tightly. “We should buy her some heels.” Ashton joked before hoping into the van. “Maybe we should.” Calum said before letting you in the van.

Ashton: “So in a few of your online photos with your girlfriend, Y/N, you put with PLP….What’s PLP?” Alan asked the Ashton as all four boys sat on the sofas. Ashton chuckled looking over at you and smiled. “It means Personal Leaning Post.” Everyone started laughing and you blushed a crimson red. “Because she is so short I call her my PLP” Alan chuckled. “That’s adorable!” He said before images started flashing up on the screen of you an Ashton. Some photos you’d never even seen before or even knew were taken. “She is really small!” Alan said looking at the screen. “But she is adorable.” He added before Ashton smiled brightly at you. 

Luke: “Luke!!!!!” You whined trying to keep up with him. “I only have tiny little legs!” You yelled as he stopped waiting for you to catch up to him. “You have long legs meaning you take bigger steps.” You said leaning against him. “I hate being small.” He suddenly picked you up bridal style and started walking with you. “What are you doing?” You giggled looking at him. “Well since you walk SO slow,” He joked kissing you. “I thought the perfect solution would be to just carry you.” You giggled before resting your head on his shoulder. And from that day on Luke would carry you for a while when you were at big venues and needed to be somewhere quick. 

Michael: You laid on the floor looking down at your leg. “MIKEY DON’T COME IN!” You screamed but it was too late, Michael was stood in the kitchen looking down at you on the floor. He was doing his best not to laugh at you. “Erm Babe, why are you on the floor?” He asked biting his lip while looking at you. “I was trying to get the pasta pot down from ontop of the fridge but….I slipped.” You said looking down at the floor. “Can you move?” He asked now with a serious face. “I cant move my leg.” You said trying not to cry “Okay.” He said putting down whatever he was holding and hoisting you up onto his shoulder. “Let’s get you to a hospital short arse.” He mumbled the last part but you heard him. “If you still want a girlfriend I suggest you shuch up.” You giggled quoting your favourite youtuber. “Shhh.” He said setting you down in the car. “No it’s Shuch up.” You giggled.

Needless to say, Caleb was having a pretty stressful day at work. He never minded how busy the clinic would become at certain hours, but it felt like everyone required something from him all at once while being pulled in various different directions. He needed a small break after work and calling up a friend to go to the bar sounded just what the doctor ordered. Caleb sat at one of the stools in the local bar, drinking a beer, only to get up out of his seat when he spotted Noah. “Please tell me you had a better day than I did.”

‘I’m sure we can all pull together, sir.' 

Lord Vetinari raised his eyebrows. 'Oh, I do hope not, I really do hope not. Pulling together is the aim of despotism and tyranny. Free men pull in all kinds of directions.’ He smiled. 'It’s the only way to make progress.’

—  Terry Pratchett’s The Truth