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you know, for a while i always thought it would be either Riku or Kairi would be the responsible ones trying to keep Sora out of trouble... but now? i love the idea that the trio see a giant heartless Kairi is already charging in with a war cry and Tiku is following shortly after with an air of 'i got this' as Sora takes a minute to process and pulls out 30 mega potions screaming for them to wait

I believe in her

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Headcanons for mcree/gengi/hanzo/reaper reacting to their s/o asking to sit on their lap

I just need all these men to sit in a row so I can lay on all of their laps, okay.


  • Uh, YES
  • His s/o probably wouldn’t even have to ask he would already have them on his lap or be in the process of pulling them to him
  • His s/o cannot walk past him while he’s sitting without an arm snaking around their waist and getting pulled to him
  • On the rare occasion that his s/o does ask though he’ll grin like a fool
    • If his s/o is blushing as they do it he is 10x happier
  • Will put everything aside (paperwork, food, ANYTHING) to make room for his s/o
  • He’ll pull them right against his chest, squeezing them and inhaling deeply
  • Once on his lap there is little chance they will be leaving anytime soon


  • A little self conscious about having his s/o sit on his lap
    • His body is pretty solid, so wouldn’t it be uncomfortable for them?
    • Will need some convincing to let it happen
  • Isn’t sure if it’s a sensual thing or sexual
    • In his younger days he would pull women onto his lap in the clubs because it made them giggle and he could feel them up easier (he was a playboy after all!)
    • But now with his s/o it’s more than physical so he’s not sure what to expect
  • Isn’t clear on where to put his hands–waist, back, hips, thighs???  
  • His s/o will have to take the lead and place his hands somewhere
    • One hand wrapped around their back and resting on their hip, the other doing whatever Genji wants
    • Hair stroking, resting on the thigh, running over their arms, etc.
  • Will be asking if they’re uncomfortable for a while until they nuzzle into his neck and pull him close
  • He’ll be glad they can’t see his face, because he’s a blushing mess
  • Once comfortable with it he’ll fall back into the playboy days and get flirty
    • His hands will glide over places they probably shouldn’t in public, but only when nobody is looking
  • LOVES to make his s/o blush or laugh
  • Will tickle them a bit


  • Wouldn’t reply right away when his s/o asks
    • He’s not one for PDA or large physical gestures, so he isn’t sure how to answer
    • He’s not saying no, he’s just trying to sort through his emotions because he would love to be close with his s/o like that
  • But he remembers seeing Genji do it all the time with his dates, and so casually too, but that’s his only real example of it
    • Does he have to be as handsy as his brother?  He’s nervous others will look down on the display
    • Remembers what others would say about Genji’s carefree attitude as well as some of the nasty things they said about his dates and doesn’t want anyone saying that about his s/o
  • It’s a no-go publicly.  Privately though???
  • He’ll have his s/o in his lap during some downtime
  • If he’s reading in his room he’s more than happy to have them there reading or doing something quietly as well
  • He’s grateful his s/o asked though he wouldn’t necessarily say that out loud
  • Those moments have become some of his most treasured


  • Prefall he would be pulling his s/o into his lap just like McCree
  • Isn’t scared of ruining a tough guy attitude by giving some affection to the love of his life
  • Would love to make them ask though, purposely going out of his way to make it difficult to sit on his lap until they are forced to request it
  • Whispers sweet-nothings in his s/o’s ear
  • After the fall he would never offer it up like he used to
  • It wouldn’t really occur to him until he and his s/o are alone and he’s going over some potential Talon targets and plans when his s/o asks
  • He’ll wish his mask was on because his eyes widen as he looks at them
  • Will slowly nod and open his arms up
  • When his s/o is in his lap, cuddled up, he’ll actually blush
  • He’d forgotten the feeling of having someone close like that
  • Having their weight on him, their body heat and scent surrounding him
  • It gets hard for him to focus on work and eventually he’ll shove the papers away and start to do what he used to
  • Whispering sweet nothings, and sometimes something dirty to rile his s/o up
  • Runs his fingers through their hair or over their face
  • Peppered kisses along the jaw

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Beast!Adam x Reader

Note: Hi there! So um, this is my first imagine for this blog, but I’m no stranger to the art of x readering. I’ve been writing these for over a year now, I think. Anyway, Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite Disney movie as a kid, and I’ve already seen the new one twice. It’s amazing. So, here we are.

You had stumbled upon the enchanted castle about a month ago. Maybe less. Maybe it had been longer than that. It was so hard to keep track of time here. And though the place was odd and enchanted and sometimes scary, you couldn’t deny the beauty concealed in the darkness.

“Miss, the master is ready for dinner.” Mrs. Potts, one of the castle’s many enchanted caretakers rolled into your room on her cart. She was accompanied by her son, Chip.

“Tell him I’ll be down in a few minutes.” Madame Garderobe was currently in the process of pulling your hair into an intricate braid. “We’re kind of…in the middle of something here.”

“There’s no rushing beauty~” the wardrobe sang. Every time she belted her soprano notes, you feared a window would shatter.

The cart rolled out of the door and down the hall. A few minutes later, you were finally ready, dressed in a gorgeous pink gown. You hurried down the halls, down the stairs to the dining room, where the Beast was waiting for you.

“Sorry I’m late,” you breathed, taking your seat at the end of the table opposite him. “Garderobe decided to try something new with my hair.”

You could have sworn you saw a soft smile on his fur-covered face.

“It looks nice.” He stated and then paused. “You look nice.”

“Well, thank you.” A blush crept onto your cheeks. The two of you began to eat.

“You know, you’ve never seemed homesick in the time you’ve been here.” He pointed out.

“There’s nothing to miss. Not where I’m from.” You shook your head. A certain sadness waited behind your gaze. He raised an eyebrow. “I was kind of…outcast. I suppose that’s the best way to put it.”


“They thought I was too headstrong. They didn’t like a woman that couldn’t be controlled.” You shook your head. “Because I wasn’t married, I didn’t have access to the things men did. They expected me to cook and clean and bear children, but that’s…not what I want to do with my life. I want to be a doctor. They don’t think I’m educated enough.”

“That doesn’t seem right.”

“It’s not.” You shook your head. “It wasn’t. So I left. And I found this place.”

“Well, if it means anything…” He took a somewhat nervous breath. “You’ll never be an outcast so long as you’re here. You’ll always be welcome here.” When he peered into your eyes, you could tell he meant it. Emotion swept over you in a deep, warm wave. Tears filled your eyes and you couldn’t stop them from trickling down your cheeks.

The Beast stood up to come over to you at the same time you did. You practically ran to him, and while he was expecting the sting of a slap or rejection, what he received was something much different. It was a hug.

His eyes widened as he realized what had happened. You were standing there, your arms around his wide frame with tears dripping from your eyes. He looked down at you for a few moments before gingerly embracing you. His touches were tentative, careful. The last thing he wanted was for you to recoil in disgust, in fear of the monstrous creature he had become. Admittedly, it had been a long time since anyone had showed him affection, even something as simple as an embrace.

“I’m sorry if I said something wrong-” he began to apologize, unsure of the cause of your sudden emotional breakdown.

“I wish the people back home were like you.” Your voice was quiet, broken. You gripped him tightly, continuing to sob in relief, or perhaps in realization that you had finally found somewhere that accepted you for who you truly were. “Thank you.”

At your words, the Beast’s jaw dropped. And it was in that moment that he realized, like a whisper in the back of his mind: you had to be the one.

Meanings Behind the Sign Symbols


               The glyph for Aries represents the face and horns of a ram. Aries is a sign that is known for its initiative, and its innate ability to move with fervor towards its goals. Like a ram charging forward an Aries pursues its target with abandon. The glyph can also be seen as a geyser bursting forth from the ground, or the female reproductive system, which alludes to the creative potential of the sign as well as its position as the first sign, and the baby of the zodiac.


               The glyph for Taurus shows us the head and horns of the bull. Steadfast, stubborn, and sensual the bull is a great parallel to the Taurean nature. Taurus is known for its ability to work tirelessly towards its goals, not budging from the path that they’ve set for themselves. The glyph shows us the crescent of the mind atop the circle of the spirit, which reflects Taurus’ ability to push forward with their whole beings to attain the security and comfort that they desire.


               Gemini is the sign of the twins, and in its glyph we can see the duality that is at the very core of its symbolism. Gemini sees the duality of all things, that of light and darkness, right and wrong, male and female then incorporates these dual natures into the same being. The glyph is the Roman numeral for two, and yet at the same time it can be seen as a tunnel or a doorway. Gemini synthesizes information, pulling it in, processing it, and then disseminating it to others. The Geminian works as a conduit for knowledge and its role in the zodiac is that of the informant.


               The glyph for Cancer shows us the claws of the crab. With its hard protective shell, home beneath the waves, and propensity to cling to its prey and possessions the crab is an apt metaphor for the watery Cancer. Crabs live their lives in the endless ebb and flow of the ocean, and for Cancer it is no different. They feel the endless tides of their emotions and instinctively feel the ups and downs in all things. The glyph is also reminiscent of the earth and moon, circling each other in their eternal dance through the cosmos. We’re also shown a mother’s breasts, which are ruled by the sign as well as their function of nourishment.


               Here we see the head, mane, and swooping tail of the lion. Leo reflects much of its qualities, with the females being aggressively enterprising and fiercely loyal, and the males being protective and deeply prideful. In this glyph we again see the circle of spirit, the sun, and a tendril that reaches out projecting its power and influence. A Leo similarly projects their innermost power and warmth in order to attract attention and admiration from those around them.


               The “M” of Virgo shows its ties to the sign of Scorpio. Indeed at one time the two were considered to be one and the same, representing the processes of birth and death and their inexorable link. At some time in the past the two were split, with the sign of Libra occupying the space between, representing the harmony between the two. The tail of Virgo’s M is turned inward becoming the female genitalia and being representative of the fertility and purity of the sign.


               The glyph for Libra is that of the setting sun. It is the twilight before the darkness, the time of day where light and darkness exist in equal proportions, appropriate for the balance that is representative of this sign. Libra seeks harmony in its relationships with those around it and has an innate ability to find balance in opposing forces. The glyph is also the Mirror of Venus, resting atop a shelf. This alludes to the planetary ruler of the sign as well as Libra’s association with the 7th House, which is sometimes called the House of Mirrors.


               The glyph for Scorpio shows its ties to Virgo, but instead of its tail pulling in it thrusts outward. This shows how the Scorpion’s will and drive is turned to power and the ability to change the world around it. Scorpio is a sign known for its great initiative and ambition as well as its great capacity for change and transformation.


               The glyph is an arrow, ready to fire from the bow of our fiery archer. The arrow symbolizes the far-reaching search for knowledge that is inherent in this sign. Sagittarius wants to push the boundaries of human knowledge and experience and push their minds and bodies forward with abandon towards this goal.


               The glyph gives us a silhouette. It is that of a creature that is half mountain-goat, and half fish. The mermaid has climbed out of the primordial nurturing waters to climb the mountain of success and accomplishment. It’s important to recognize this dual nature in Capricorn. The goat can no more escape where he came from than he can the drive that propels him forward. There will forever be a connection back to the home and indeed what is built in life serves to provide sustenance and security for it.


               The glyph for Aquarius shows us waves, it is multi-faceted in its nature now more than ever. It is the ever-permeating waves of electromagnetism and energy that surround us. It is the radio waves encoded with information as well as the sound waves that carry a human voice to all ears that listen. This is the “water” that is poured forth from Aquarian amphora. It is the free and ever present information that will lead to an even more enlightened future.


               Two fish are swimming in opposite directions, but cannot escape one another because of the chains that bind them. This represents the dual-nature of the Piscean individual. One fish swims upwards toward divinity. It wishes to return home and be one with its source. The other fish swims downwards toward the material realm. There is much that is unfinished and the weight of the world is constant in the emotional ties that bind.  Pisces seeks to use this connection to higher spirituality to work as a conduit for healing. They take on the pain and suffering of others in an attempt to soothe them.

Transaction [m]

genre : smut
Summary : It was a beautiful transaction. You were his date for the night and your bank account got bigger.

You had your hand ready on the latch of necklace, you couldn’t risk breaking it mid sex. It was far too expensive. 

“Don’t take it off,” he said, voice and tone not leaving any room for argument. 

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Surprise (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which Bucky takes you by surprise while you’re walking home from class. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,289

A/N: Well here it is! The first deleted scene from “A Lesson in Love”. I imagine this happening some time between “The Unintentional Run-In” and “The Little Things (Part One)”. I hope you babes enjoy it! 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - thank you, as always, for editing this like the beautiful queen you are.

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The sun is nowhere to be found when you finally get out of class. In your eyes, this is the sole downfall that comes with winter - day turns into night while you’re stuck in a room with a professor who really loves the sound of his own voice.

Instead of thinking about the excessive amount of homework Professor Loki had assigned at the end of class, you tilt your head back and look up at the stars decorating the night sky. Tonight, they’re the only things keeping you company on your way back to your dorm. As soon as this thought crosses your mind, your slow stroll becomes a speed walk. You’ve attended enough of Natasha’s self-defense classes to know that being a female and walking alone at night is the worst combination imaginable. You’ve also heard more than your fair share of horror stories to know that this has a high possibility of ending badly.

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Dabin; the real estate issue

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Morning wasn’t really your thing, so when your alarm blazed off filling the small room you groped for your phone next to your pillow and hit the locked button at the side, snoozing it off. A small breath escaped your lips, snuggling your face closer against the cold and soft pillowcase. You could smell the scent of your shampoo stuck against it and the tingling senses helped to deplete the dazed you were in. “Hey,” Dabin’s voice called out from behind you heavy with asleep moving his arms and tugging you closer against his chest. “Good morning.” He whispered, his lips right next to your ear as you moved to lay in your stomach letting your nose sunk inside the pillow and your hands cuddling it from underneath.

“Morning.” You mumbled, the pillow absorbing the sound making it sound incoherent.

He draped a hand over your waist, moving closer to your side with her eyes still closed when you prepped an eye open. His skin seemed to glow underneath the soft black locks that fell in front of his face and the stillness of the room engulfing the only two presences of heat in the room. “Babe…,” his croaky voice filled your ears making you snuggled against the pillow closer, nuzzling your nose against the soft material. “Are you still on your period?” he continued, your eyes fluttering closed when his fingers ran down your t shirt, tracing the side of your waist.

“Yes.” You managed to reply in a dazed, somewhat conscious.

He hummed in reply and pressed himself against you, the whine in his lips clear as you felt his pain against your side. “I’m so fucking horny.” He said, making you laugh softly opening your eyes to look at your boyfriend and the side of his lips tugged as well when he opened his eyes upon noticing you staring at him. “Do you want me to help?” you offered, turning to your side to face him, cuddling your cold hand underneath your cheek.

He shook his head closing his eyes. “I’m good.”

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euphoric - tom holland imagine #3

“You’re sick and Tom is very headset on wanting to hang out with you. Even if it includes surprises.” 

 Type : fluffy shit!

 Warnings : maybe some feels? 

 Notes : I wrote this a few months back but didn’t get around to finish it. Now I did! Enjoy!


It was a particularly cold day. The sky outside was painted a dull grey colour, which matched perfectly with your mood. You had been sick for several days and you were forced to stay at home with the terrible cough you were having. Every time you coughed, it felt like your lungs were about to eject themselves out of your body. So it was good to say that you felt like absolute crap and you thought nothing could liven your spirits.

That was, until you got a phone call from a certain Brit.

You grabbed your phone from under the pillow and slid the green icon without checking who the caller was. Putting your phone on your ear, you let out a weak ‘hello’.

“Y/N! How are you?” The familiar accent rang out. Your eyes widened.

“H-Hey Tom! I’m okay, how are - “ you didn’t even manage to finish your sentence as you let out another painful cough, “you?”

“Woah, you alright there?” He asked.

You tried to suppress the cough that was threatening to come up by clearing your throat.

“Yep, just choked on my juice,” you lied, rubbing your forehead with the back of your hand.

“I’m just fine, I was wondering if you wanted to join little Tess and I on a walk? It’s a nice windy day and we haven’t hung out in forever.”

You winced, pinching the bridge of your nose with your free hand.

Of course, you hadn’t seen each other in so long. Tom was always out of town and busy with his career, so it was rare that the both of you hung out. You had missed him terribly, especially since you had developed a big crush on the boy.

After two months without his presence, he was finally back for a little break. And of all the days he wanted to hang out, he had to pick the day which you had a really bad cold.

“That sounds really nice and all, Tommy,” you absent-mindedly used your favourite nickname for him, “but I’m afraid I can’t really get out of the house now.”

“Oh,” you could hear the disappointment seeping through his voice, “why not?”

“I’m just really busy with homework. I have an essay I’m supposed to hand in at five,” you lied smoothly, resisting the urge to cough.

Tom made a humming noise from the other side of the line and sighed, “okay then. I’ll ask Harry to go with me. Maybe we can hang out soon?”

Your heart fluttered and a blush began to form on your cheeks.

“Yeah, totally. We can go out for lunch. Catch up and all.”

There was a little silence that formed as you laid down, playing with the string on your sweatpants. He didn’t hang up, and neither did you. Neither of you really wanted to hang up. There were many words on the tip of your tongues, but it was difficult to let them out.

Tom finally broke the silence.

“You know, I really miss you.”

You couldn’t help but widen your eyes, surprised at the statement. He had missed you? It didn’t seem like it.

“I miss you too,” you replied honestly, “like a lot.”

“We haven’t seen each other in so long.”

“Feels like forever, doesn’t it?”


There was that silence again. You bit your lip, not knowing if you should say what’s on your mind. You wanted to tell him how much exactly you missed him.

It was so evident in how you acted. How you had spent many days staring at pictures of the two of you on your phone. How you dressed yourself in one of the grey hoodies he had left at yours before he left for Atlanta. How you wrote down about your memories with each other on your notebook so you couldn’t forget them. How you listened to Spotify playlists that reminded you of him. How you tried to watch movies that you saw with him, but not being able to continue them because of the painful ache in your chest from missing him too much.

But you couldn’t.

You were just his close friend.

“Well, we’ll see each other soon. Promise,” you managed to let out after another minute of silence.

You could feel Tom’s smile, “yeah, very soon.”

There was a slightly different tone to his voice and you immediately recgonised it as the tone he had when he thought of something great. Before you could ask him what he was up to, he bade a quick goodbye and hung up the phone.

You stared at your phone, confused. Shrugging, you snuggled into your pillows as you let out another painful cough. You closed your eyes, wishing for the pain to stop.


It was about eight at night when the doorbell to your house would not stop ringing. You woke from your sleep, groggy from the six hour nap you had taken. Confusion took over you as you got up from your bed. You took a  glance at the clock on your wall.

Who was at the door? The postman never came this late, and it wasn’t like you had ordered anything.

All your friends were out of town since they took a roadtrip, which you had hesitantly dropped out of from being too sick.

Your parents were out at dinner since it was their annual date night.

Who could it be?

The person didn’t stop ringing the doorbell, which just added to your annoyance. You adjusted the oversized hoodie on your body and yelled out for the person to wait.

Without looking at the peephole, you turned the door knob and opened the door.

There stood, the familiar brunette standing outside your flat. A beanie was pulled over his fluffy brown hair and he sported his usual get-up, which was a hoodie and a pair of dark blue jeans. He had a shy smile plastered across his face and a bag of takeout in his right hand. In the other, he held a bouquet of your favourite flowers.The sweet smell of the flowers and the scent of Thai food almost made you throw up.


He grinned sheepishly, “hello.”

“What the hell are you doing here?” you asked, your eyes wide open.

Tom’s face fell, “I just.. Just came to surprise you and bring you Thai food. I know how studious you can get sometimes. I didn’t know I came at a bad time.”

You almost slapped yourself. You were acting way too hostile for the situation at hand.

“I’m sorry, no. You didn’t come at the wrong time. I was just,” you didn’t even get to finish as you let out a painful and loud cough.

This caused some alarm from Tom.

“Y/N? You okay?”

You couldn’t answer. Breathing was already getting quite difficult to do. All you did was stumble over to the sofa and plop down on it, holding your chest as you tried to take in deep breaths.

Tom immediately reacted, setting down the flowers and food on the coffee table before rushing to your side. He soothingly rubbed your back as you wheezed. After a few minutes, you finally calmed down and got your breathing back to normal. You thanked Tom softly and leaned back on the sofa, resting your back on the backrest.

“You okay? Need anything? Water, an inhaler, medicine?” He asked quickly, making you wave your hand dismissively. That had quickly silenced him.

The Brit copied your actions and the both of you stared up at the wall above you.

“You didn’t tell me you were sick.” he started.

“I don’t want you to worry. You always worry whenever I’m sick.”

He almost scoffed, “of course I get worried, Y/N. I don’t like it when you’re sick.”

“You have enough on your plate than to worry about a sick friend of yours,” you reminded him.

“I care about you, Y/N. That’s why I get worried too. You’re my friend.”

Those words stung your heart. You’re his friend. And that’s all you were going to be.

“Right. You found anyone special while in Atlanta?” That was your pathetic attempt at changing the subject. You knew how Tom was a charming lad, so it would be no surprise if he had found a girl in America. Even though you knew it would hurt you to know, you still wanted to know.

“Nah,” Tom chuckled, “although, I’ve been keeping an eye on this other girl.”

“Oh,” you raised your eyebrows as you faced him. He was still looking up at the ceiling while you stared at him unknowingly. “What’s she like?”

“She’s nice. Beautiful. Hilarious. Kind. Loving. But she’s also really stubborn. Still everything I ever wanted in a woman,” he let the words roll off his tongue.

“That’s lovely. What else?” you asked, feeling your heart break slowly.

Whoever she was, she was everything you were not.

“Whenever she’s with me, I feel so happy. Like, I can’t even describe to you how happy she makes me. The feeling itself is so..” he couldn’t quite find the words to finish.

“Euphoric?” You finished for him.

Tom smiled.

“Yeah. Euphoric,” he breathed out, letting his eyes close for a bit.

“You know what’s the best part though?”

You hummed, letting him answer.

“She’s staring right at me.”

He lazily turned his head so that he was facing you. He opened his eyes and looked back into your eyes intently. Tom let a small smile crawl into his face, although his nerves were everywhere.

For a moment, it felt like your heart had stopped beating. You couldn’t breathe. He didn’t mean you?

“And,” Tom licked his lips slowly, “I’m wondering if she feels the same.”

The answer to that was quite simple as you leaned in and collided your lips with his. Tom let out a sound of surprise before composing himself, kissing back and practically melting. He touched your cheek gently. Your lips moved in sync as you tangled you tangled your fingers in his hair, slipping off his beanie in the process.

You pulled away and apologized, giggling at his messy hair.

All Tom could do was grin widely, ignoring the fact that he was probably going to get sick from kissing you. He didn’t care, that was all he had craved.

The woman he had loved for so many months had finally kissed him.

She felt the same way.

“She does,” you simply answered.

The feeling in your head was something you couldn’t quite describe as he leaned in for another kiss.

Euphoric. Yes, that was it.

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Monsta X// Teasing under table

Monsta X reaction to their s/o teasing them under the table, thank you


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It was his birthday, the members planned to go out to eat with the two of you. You were getting rather bored with the conversation, you put your hand on his thigh moving higher and higher until you fully palmed him, Shownu, shocked from you actions quickly looked at you telling you to stop.

“Can’t you give me my present at home?”


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The both of you were not at all interested in what the other couple was saying, so you decided to take matters into your own hands, shoving your hand down his pants. He let you do as you pleased and took it as an invitation to do the same. You didn’t care if people were suspicious just loving how good you were feeling.

“This is better entertainment than what they are giving us”


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When he felt you caressing his thigh he would give you a look to stop, but you did the opposite and slowly got higher. Minhyuk stopped your hand and whispered a command in you ear, you obediently did as he said. When he entered the bathroom he pushed you against the wall saying how you were a bad girl/boy and weren’t going to like what you got in return.

“Go to the bathroom now!”


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You were stroking his leg, he knew that you wouldn’t just stop there, so he moved your hand onto your thigh, you just went right back to what you were doing. He looked at you and began to scold as you looked at him innocently.

“We can go home but we are not doing this here”


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When he felt something crawling up his leg he swatted that shit, he felt it again so he looked down to see what it was and why it was not dead. He saw a hand and it was attached to you, he looked at you giving you a wtf face.

“Can you not”


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Was helping himself to some food, watching him enjoying his meal, you palmed him through his jeans. He dropped the food he was about to eat and said oh shit rather loudly, giving some bullshit excuse to his friends on why he got so surprised.

“Did you really have to do that while I was eating?”


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You were sitting right next to him when your hand started reaching for his zipper, you were in the process of pulling it down until Changkyun grabbed your wrist putting it on the table, looking at you like you’re crazy since his parents are right across from you.

“Da fuck you doing”

Parent-Teacher Cock-ference

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Characters: Y/n, Chris, Allison

Pairing: Chris x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, blowjobs, squirting, pussy eating, awkwardness and fluff…

Word count: 1979

Summary: It was supposed to be a regular parent-teacher conference. But of course, when it comes to Chris Argent, you’re unable to ever turn that man down.

A/N: Ok, so…decided it was about time I wrote something with the daddy of Teen Wolf, cos he’s stunningly delicious. Hope u like it!!

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“Mr Argent. We really shouldn’t be doing this”, you panted, tilting your head as he leaned down from behind you, his breath hot on your skin, the smell of him surrounding you.

Mint, beer, and gunpowder.

God, he was intoxicating.

“Shouldn’t do what, princess?” he asked, his chest vibrating against your back as he spoke, his voice smooth and soft, yet deep and rumbling.

“T-that!” you stuttered when a hand trailed down your body, slipping past the band of your skirt, and gently brushing your cloth covered pussy.

He simply chuckled, pushing your panties to the side as he ran a finger through your folds, making your head fall back with a sigh, unable to resist the pleasure this man was giving you.

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anonymous asked:

Kara and Lena decide to have a baby and all the repercussions of having a super baby around that follow

“I’m fine Kara! Go.”

It was the last thing Lena said to Kara right before she flew out the window to go assist the DEO. It was the last thing she said before everything started to get a little crazy.

Lena placed Laura into the high chair, buckling her in before moving to the kitchen to mix up some baby cereal.

“Time to eat kiddo.” Lena called as she turned back to the island realizing she was speaking to an empty high chair.


Lena headed to the living room where they had been playing on the floor, it wouldn’t be the first time in her sleep deprived state that she thought she had put Laura in her chair and forgot.

“There you are baby.” Lena cooed as she walked over to the blanket, halting as she blinked a couple times at the empty blanket.

“What the hell. Where did you go?” Lena spun around as a vase crashed to the floor behind her, Laura grinning at her mom from her spot on the decorative table. “How?”

Scooping up the giggling blonde Lena placed her in the chair, never taking her eyes off as she grabbed the cereal on the counter and started shovelling it in the open mouth.

Lena unlocked her phone as she continued her motions with the spoon, calling her wife with her free hand.

“Kara, call me back, something weird is going on the Laura.” Lena hung up the phone staring at her daughter a moment before lifting her free of the high chair.

Lena was beginning to believe she had imagined everything when the next few hours passed by without an incident. The two of them playing on the floor on the living room until Laura started rubbing her eyes.

Laura balanced on her hip, Lena quickly heated a bottle checking the temperature on her arm before holding it for Laura to suckle as she moved them into the nursery. Placing Laura gently in the crib Lena moved across the room to turn on the white noise machine. A little drip startled Lena as it landed on her neck.

“What-“ Lena looked up at the ceiling not really thinking about what she expected to see dripping down on her. Not really expecting to see her daughter sitting on the ceiling in the process of pulling off the lid of her bottle dumping the entire thing in Lena’s face.

Breathing heavily Lena reached up gently circling her fingers around Laura’s wrist pulling her floating daughter back towards her. Tears immediately erupting as Lena pulled Laura into her arms kicking and screaming.

“Where is your mama when I need her?”

Lena bounced on her toes as she tried to hush her daughter as the phone rang in her ear.

“Pick up. Pick up. Pick up.” Lena swore under her breath as Kara’s voice came over the line asking for a name and number and she’d call right back. “Kara Zor-el Danvers, answer your damn phone. You need to get home this instant. I don’t know what made today so special but your daughter has decided to take after you! And not in the cute fun-loving way! And I don’t know what to do!”

Lena hated sounding so desperate but she really didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know how to handle a baby with super speed. Or super strength, Lena grimaced, the inside of her arms already feeling bruised from Laura’s struggles, her own desperation agitating Laura until her eyes started to glow red.

“Lena?” Kara called softly into the quiet house, afraid to wake anyone up as she entered from off the balcony.

Kara froze as her foot crunched against something in the living room, wondering if this had something to do with the eight voicemails on her phone. Eight voicemails, all with various levels of Lena yelling at Kara about their daughter, or Kara’s daughter at this very moment in time.

Turning towards the nursery Kara coughed as she tried not to laugh. Half way down the hall was a hole in the wall the size her hand, the edges black, the wall across from it a little scorched. She would have been more worried if she hadn’t received so many calls indicating that both her girls had survived whatever had happened when she was gone.

The nursery was another matter. The crib was turned on its side, knocked over in some kind of fight Kara imagined, probably the same one that had knocked over the baby powder, spraying half the room. The baby bottle still sat open on the floor in a puddle of drying milk. Dresser drawers hung at their ends, items half pulled out and scattering the floor. A fire extinguisher sat next to the hole in the wall, foam still evident from Lena’s battle.

Kara couldn’t help herself from grinning as she took in the mess. Not when in the middle of it all, Lena sat in a rocking chair holding Laura against her chest where her shirt sat unbuttoned, both fast asleep. Crouching next to the chair Kara stroked Lena’s hair, as she placed kisses up her bare arm.

“Kara.” Lena’s eyes fluttered open, staring into the blue eyes looking up at her.

“Hey… You look you had quite the day.”

Lena groaned closing her eyes tight against the images of destruction.

“Next time Alex calls for help, you’re staying with the baby.”

Kara smothered her laugh by giving Lena a kiss before pulling away rocking on her heels.

“You got it.”

Where do we go from here?

Bucky x Reader

Summary: After a man saves your life, you can’t help but get attached to the blue-eyed brunet. And your life has never been dull since.

Word Count: 1,800

Warnings: NSFW gifs included, just smut, mentions of drug use, insults

A/N: A continuation of my Imagine I recently posted here. Sorry if my google translations are for shit. Thank you thesuperwholock394 on AO3 for wanting a backstory to this, I had a blast writing this! And there will be ONE more part to this! :D (GIFs are not mine)

Please read the imagine first so you know what’s happening and won’t get confused. :) 

                                                One Year Before

Frank, your dad’s right-hand man, held the gun to your temple as your father leaned on the desk, arms crossed staring daggers at you.

“You’re a real piece of work, aren’t ya, girl?” You rolled your eyes at him, his demeanor didn’t scare you, not unless he held a needle to the inside of your elbow demanding obedience. But other than that, he was just a man who happened to be in charge of one of the biggest drug gangs on the West Coast. And no one’s been able to catch him.

“Not my fault your stupid fucking coke shipment was confiscated.”

“That shipment cost me 21k, you little piece of shit. You’re just lucky Sanchez loves my stuff, that I don’t mind givin’ him extra for the same price. ‘Course, Imma throw a little bonus on the side.” He smirked at you, giving you a long look.

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Shit Driver

Harry sits in the passenger seat, his arms crossed as he tilts his head to look at her. Y/N sits in the driver seat, her eyes in front of her as she herself as her arms crossed. Harry tries to not laugh at he sees her chewing her lower lip, anxious.

“Baby,” Harry says, placing a hand on her thigh, “it’s the same as driving in the states, just on the wrong side, and you already do that over there.”

“’s not funny,” she mumbled, “I can uber everywhere, I don’t live here, I don’t need to learn.”

“Yes you do, come on, it’s a quick drive to my mums,” Harry promises, pushing the start button.

Y/N sighs, gripping the wheel, “you can do this, I’m right here,” Harry says.

Y/N starts off, driving down the drive way. She takes a deep breath, looking left and right, she’s about to turn but Harry grips the wheel, “wrong way love, turn left,” he says.

Y/N nods, her eyes wide as a car speeds past. She turns, driving as slowly as possible. Harry chuckled, watching her closely.

“Why do you guys drive this way, it’s stupid, and the wheel shouldn’t be here, it should be where you’re sitting,” she mumbled, her American accent is thick and Harry had always loved it.

He claims it was the first thing that hooked her, but what he loved the most was how she was adapting to him. In the three years they had been together her accent had shifted slightly. He would catch it before she noticed, but when she spoke sometimes, it was rare, but one of the words would hold an English accent. He thought it was hilarious, the first it happened was eight months ago. Y/N had asked for some ‘wahta’ instead of water. She had even caught on to some of his crazy sayings and he loved to tease her about it.

“Maybe you American’s are doing it wrong, have you thought of that?” Harry asked, reaching over to turn on the radio.

“No it’s you guys, for sure,” she says, gripping the wheel as she comes to a fork.

She moves to the right, swerving into the wrong lane, “Harry stop that,” she mumbled, turning off the radio.

When she looks back up she shrieks, quickly swerving into the left lane. The truck beeped at them, clearly angry. Her eyes were wide as she pulled over, trying to process what happened. Harry rubbed her arm, kissing her shoulder.

“’s alright love,” he says, “it was a mistake, no one is hurt.”

“I hate the UK, I hate this,” she whispered, “I’m not driving, you can.”

She starts taking off her seat belt, “okay, okay, I’ll drive,” Harry says, stepping out of the car.

He walks over, opening the door for her. Y/N steps out, a frown on her lips, “you can drive us all around America and I’ll drive us around here,” Harry says, a smile on his lips.

“Sounds fair,” Y/N says, walking over to the passenger seat. 

“You’re just a shit driver,” Harry teased, pulling on his seat belt, Y/N lets out a whine, “but you’re my shit driver,” Harry adds, kissing her cheek.

Painted Hearts (3)

part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part sevenpart eight; part nine;

“Ow, ow, ow,” you groaned tiredly, wincing hard at the pounding headache. It felt like someone was trying to crack your head open with a chisel. Slapping your hand over your eyes and rubbing them hard, you rolled across your pillow and opened your bleary eyes. Your bedroom slowly came into focus, and immediately you knew something was wrong.

This wasn’t your bedroom. The soft grey walls, the fresh white sheets, the tall windows letting in soft streams of golden sunlight – this most certainly wasn’t your bedroom. It was too big, too clean and way too tidy. So where the hell were you?

Sitting up slowly and wiping the sleep from your eyes, you looked around the room, spotting your silver dress and red heels on the white carpet beside you. Your eyes slowly scanned the rest of the room, trying to take everything in and figure out where you were. Suddenly something moved on your right, snapping your attention to the shirtless Sehun sleeping beside you.

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Double Shot - Part 5

Characters - Steve x Reader, Tesla, Pietro Maximoff, Brief mention of T’Challa Udaku

Word Count - 1708

Warnings - Language, Drama

AU - Coffee Shop

Co-Writer for this part - @bovaria

A/N - It’s been a while, huh? Sloooow burn. Also, I would slap Pietro tbh.

Double Shot Masterlist

Originally posted by mackievanstan

For the next couple weeks, all you could think about was the night Tesla dragged you out to that dinner. You tried your hardest to busy yourself, but your mind always wandered back to the thought of Steve. Having not seen him since that day, you couldn’t help but wonder what his intentions were. His smooth voice and the way his breath hit your ear would haunt your dreams on a nightly basis. You tried to get a grip on it. Being sure that you were just thinking too far into his advances, you avoid telling your friends these feelings at all cost. That was until you found yourself sat in the living room with the only person that you thought could give you some insight.

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Mother cat walks through flames 5 times to save kittens from building fire in Brooklyn, NY.

On March 30, 1996, Scarlett and her five kittens were in an abandoned garage allegedly used as a crack house in Brooklyn when a fire started from undetermined causes. The New York City Fire Department responded to a call about the fire and quickly extinguished it. When the fire was under control, one of the firefighters on the scene, David Giannelli, noticed Scarlett carrying her kittens away from the garage one by one. Scarlett herself had been severely burned in the process of pulling her kittens from the fire. Her eyes were blistered shut, her ears and paws burned, and her coat highly singed. The majority of her facial hair had been burnt away. After saving the kittens she was seen to touch each of her kittens with her nose to ensure they were all there and alive, as the blisters on her eyes kept her from being able to see them, and then she collapsed unconscious.

Scarlett was adopted by Karen Wellen.

Damon Salvatore Imagine

can you do number 10 with damon where she’s kidnapped by a group of vampires in order to get to damon?

#10  “I nearly lost you. If you want to make this about sides, I’m on whatever side keeps you alive. Can’t you see that?”

(This took me way too long to write due to holidays and no internet and I greatly apologise!!!)

*Also Kai and Klaus make a short appearance*

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 29: Pool Time

Jensen Ackles X Reader

1250 Word

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

After a wonderful night sharing the soft and fluffy bed with Jensen, you woke to get ready for a much needed girl’s day. Both Jensen and Jared were planning on staying around the house, hanging out with the kids, giving you and Gen some much needed time to relax.

Jensen lounged in the bed, shirtless and irresistible with his rumpled hair and cocky grin. You stood there in nothing but his borrowed shirt, looking through some of the items he had been able to pack for you. “If I had my way, you’d wear nothing but my shirts.” He interrupted your concentration.

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||happy belated birthday, spade ♤||

**dont repost this story**


Peter always found it to be a challenge to surprise his girlfriend, [Full Name], on her birthday.

Seemingly born with observational skills that could even put Batman to shame, to say it was difficult to surprise [Name] was a huge understatement. As Peter lay in bed with just about a week until his beloved’s birthday, he thought back to the years he had tried to surprise her, only to have it ruined each time within seconds.

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