pull with both hands

Another thing that gives me heartburn when I think about it:

-Sherlock’s eyes going softly closed and all the tension draining out of his shoulders, leaning down into it, when John kisses him for the first time.


Anon Requested:  53&58 with Jungkook bts pls? Thx ❤

This is probably really short so I’m very sorry but some cute fluffy jungkook cuddles are in here so I hope you like it ♥♥

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 561

Warnings: No warnings

“They’re so cute when they sleep.”

“Okay mom.”

His arms wrapped right around you bringing a peace that you have never known before, a calming of the storms in your heart which led you to fall asleep, head falling against his shoulder while your legs were draped over his legs. His arm wrapped around your lower back unintentionally pulling you closer while you both were asleep, his other hand laid upon the blanket that was draped over your legs. You didn’t know it at the time but you wished you could extend the night just so you could stay close to him for a little longer, safe in his embrace. The room was dimly lit, the television being the only thing lighting up the room but  your cuddles feel like a little touch of heaven, warm, together, it was cozy.

While the two of you laid together on the couch you were both unknowingly being watched by all of the boys. Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok were sitting together on the couch while Jimin, Taehyung and Jin were standing around you two. The boys all watched as Jungkook’s arms held you close while you snuggled up closer to him in instinct of his arms. They couldn’t help but smile seeing the two friends together, you two were closer than best friends could be though you never called each other brother or sister, you liked him and he liked you, you both just refused to admit that to yourself or anyone else who mentioned it.

 “They’re so cute when they sleep.” Jin said almost in a coo. His hand coming up to his heart and a big smile coming on his face. Yoongi’s chuckle cut through his admiration for the two of you causing him to look back at the second oldest of the group. 

“Okay mom.” Yoongi said looking up at his hyung before looking back at the ‘couple’ who laid on the couch. Just as Yoongi’s eyes hit you both, Jungkook feels cold wind creeps under his shirt from an open window in the dorm. His head lifts up from yours and sleepy eyes slowly open. He was far too drowsy to even see all his hyung’s scramble from where they were and bolt either into the kitchen or down the hall so they weren’t caught watching the both of you in such a private moment, though you both were out in the living room.

Your hands moves around his middle, warm and soft. In seconds Jungkook shifts his body and lays down against the soft cushions of the couch and arm pillow. You stir a bit, your own eyes slowly opening with a small whine leaving your lips as you felt the sudden lack of warmth leave your body. Jungkook gently pulls you down with him your body molded to his own almost immediately. He shares his body heat as easily as he shares his heart. He could never let another close to him like this, but you’re so different. He’s never known a person to always have the right motivations, even when you’re wrong. There’s a purity to you, naivety perhaps, but that’s what he likes about you. He lets his body relax under you and wrap his arm around your waist again holding you close to him. He falls asleep easily as he can only focus on the warmth of your body on top of his. 


If you adjust for superpowers Sam Wilson is inch for inch and pound for pound the strongest and most agile of the team. The reason he hasn’t been experimented on is because he already has like 800lbs of pure awesome. 

I mean try it your damn self. Do a plank for two minutes. 

Ok, did you do it? 

Did you not because your core muscles clenched in fear? I know mine did.

You have the assistance of the earth to hold you up, meanwhile Sam is in a constant state of plank going like eighty miles an hour in the sky against all kinds of wind conditions and shit. 

But SAM MOTHAFUCKING WILSON is like no I am a graceful torpedo.


Does this man just casually bench 400lbs on arm day? Does his bicep curl move the entire machine???? WHAT KIND OF MAINTENANCE REGIMEN DOES HE HAVE?

I feel like Sam does body weight workouts on all the DC light poles he can find like man I gotta take the ferry somewhere, better get my workout on. 



THere’s probably an instagram account of the mysterious DC planker with like 7million dudebros following trying to figure out which protein he takes. 

The wings are a fucking jet pack there is no way you can convince me they’re anything less than 50 lbs of dead weight deactivated, and then over 300lbs of torque strapped ten inches from his asshole. He’s just casually maneuvering this shit without getting thrown are yOU KIDDING. 

I feel that Tony would be a far second because he moves his equipment around all the time, therefore has big arms, but I also feel like Tony is the kind of man to not know his macros and who never learned to lift with his goddamn legs and therefore has injured himself countless times until Rhodey forced him to build lifter bots. 


From what you know about Negan, he never gets angry, the shit eating grin a part of his face like his eyebrows or something.
Until that day.
“Negan, stop.” You say, slightly in panic as Arat presses her knife against Rosita’s face. “Let me see her.”
Suspiciously he stares down at you before showing you the hole in Lucille.
“She’s angry..”
“Fuck yes, she is.” Negan snarls, sending another death glare towards Rosita.
You nod understanding and take a deep breath before wrapping your hand around the barbed wire until blood trickles down the bat. His eyes widen surprised as he watches your hand almost with fascination.
“She likes that, doesn’t she?”
You both breath heavily as you slowly pull the hand away, biting back a painful moan.
“Let’s get you a bandage for this.” He says and glances over your shoulder, the grin is back. “Rick, look who’s saving your friends asses.”
Frightened you turn to your friend and leader who seems shocked, tears floating in the blue eyes.
“You should feel fucking blessed to have her.” Negan continues and pats Rick on the shoulder. “Maybe I should take her with me after she treated my Lady with respect..”

Okay but can you imagine lazy Sunday mornings with luke like he doesn’t have practice and you’re off work or don’t have any school or whatever and it’s just spent in bed both of you too lazy to get up and grab food

but the light is shining through the blinds and it’s reflecting off the white covers and practically blinding luke but he still looks so beautiful and his hair is all tousled and sticking to his forehead and when you go to brush his hair back he practically leans his whole head into your hand craving attention and his arms wrap around your waist and pull you basically on top of him and now both of your hands are brushing through his unruly curly hair and slowly you start to drift back to sleep only for look to mumble at you to keep massaging his head

and eventually your stomach overrules your laziness and you get up, luke still sprawled under the covers, and slowly make you way to the kitchen to grab some water and turn on the Keurig for luke and you can softly hear his shuffling to get out of bed and you’re turning on the stove for the Sunday morning pancakes you two always have and luke walks in his hair 10x messier than before and mumbling for his coffee

once the mumbling stops you look up to see him staring at you, his hands both holding the steaming mug and his eyes less watery as he’s waking up but his lips turn up in the cute little smirk that you love and his eyes are sparkling, like they do when he’s singing or preforming, and he’s just staring at your face like it’s the greatest thing in the world even thought you haven’t brushed your teeth or washed your face and brushed your hair, “stop staring will you,” you whisper putting your attention back to the food on the frying pan

a hand slides up and down your back, situating itself right on the skin between your top and sweat pants his lips softly kissing your forehead, his nose brushing through your hair and you can practically feel him smiling against your skin


Imagine: Joker Surprising You

Joker wakes up Harley and you, his daughter, in the middle of the night. He refuses to tell you guys what is going on and just insists you both get in the purple lamborghini and trust him. He drives through gotham silent while you and your mother shower him with questions. He pulls up to Ace chemicals and grabs both of his girls hands to lead them inside. When you walk in, the entire factory is covered in purple roses and there are dresses waiting for you and your mother to wear. Joker reveals he wants to renew the oath Harley took all those years ago, but this time he wants their baby girl to see it. You help your mother dress for the occasion and watch as your father falls in love all over again when he sees Harley walking to him.

Another surprise preference about a mystery member who’s last name rhymes with good.
A/N: I had made a mini series after the Michael preference about him “Waking You Up.” Emptying my notes and found Cal’s that I meant to post but thought it would flop(LBR it will either way) sooo yeah. Here’s you go.

Shuffling around, you tried being careful that you didn’t knock over your sleeping boyfriend. You took a second and admired him in his slumbering state. His covered chest in a gray tank gently rising up and down, his stiff lips occasionally pouting out of habit. It took all of it in you to not mess up his hair which flew in every direction and grazed across his forehead. You couldn’t contain yourself any longer and started running your fingers along his biceps and across his chest. You moved your leg farther across his waist and pulled yourself to his center. Gliding both hands up his chest and moving your face closer his ear. “Cal…” You whisper and pecking his jaw. Thank god it was dark, so he couldn’t see how impossibly closer you had gotten to him without him knowing. His breathing became less steady and he crinkled his eyes. “Calum… Please wake up.” You nudged his arm with a little more force. He took a long inhale and tried to move into a different position but you had him trapped with your lower body and sighed, rubbing his eyes. You giggled and moved your upper half closer and kissed the corner of his plump lips. He groaned and pulled away. “Y/N… What are you doing?” He asked in his morning voice. “I can’t sleep.” You stated, sprawled across his body. “Yeah I can see that. Just relax.” “But I can’t. I’m wide awake.” You replied squirming around. He wrapped his arms tightly around you and turned you both so you were then on your side and he raised his leg so it was now wrapped around your waist now. “Problem solved.” His voice trailing off so you could hear he was beginning to fall asleep once again. “CALUM.” You muttered, your face squished against his chest, his grip was still pretty strong for someone who was asleep. “Hmmm…?” he groaned in response. There was no way to escape so you used the first mechanism you could think of which was tickling. You poked his hips and he immediately retreated from his hold on you. “Y/N! Come on.” You laughed and all of sudden he let go and was dragging himself out of bed. “I’m going to the bathroom.” You nodded with a sheepish smile, deciding to stop being such a pest but then changed your mind and had an idea. You discarded your flimsy shirt and slid off your fleece shorts, leaving you in your embracing undergarments and pulled the plush bright red comforter over your exposed body, facing the wall. Calum walked out the bathroom, sliding into bed. “Y/N, I haven’t gotten much sleep and was just feeling a little grumpy. You mad at me?” He pouted, gently tugging on your ear. “Can I climb in there with you?” He asked, raising the blanket and laying alongside you, wrapping his arms around you only to find him feeling your bare bum against his clothed center and his hands against your topless upper half. He furrows his eyebrows and props himself up on one elbow and slowly peels the blanket off of you. “Cal… It’s cold.” You moan, bringing the blanket back up. “Y/N?” “Go to sleep babe.” “I don’t know if I can anymore.” His managed to say with a newly woke part of his body. “Just relax.” You mocked his voice. “That’s not fair!” He whined.

about  mark . .. when i first got into smrookies i was like “omg we’re the same age! ” but i didn’t see him like that you know? it was more like a childhood friend type of love. but now…. he’s growing up and he’s showing deep meaningful sides of him, and sometimes when he smiles i feel all warm inside and… it’s been years now and we’re both growing up and *girl in a sappy romantic high school drama voice* i’m starting to see him as a man *cups face and blushes*


Alec leaned forward and felt Magnus’s lips touch his. He moved automatically closer to the warlock until their legs touched. His hand was on Magnus’s knee, sliding slowly upward, caressing his thigh. Magnus gasped against his mouth and Alec opened his lips and sucked on Magnus’s lower lip. Magnus’s tongue probed against him and he opened his mouth further to let him in. Magnus was searching his mouth with his tongue. Alec’s hand was now on Magnus’s hip and he pushed himself closer. Magnus slid both his hands around Alec’s back and pulled him on top of him. They went to lie down on the sofa as the kiss deepened and Alec felt the familiar spark of fire blazing inside of him. Magnus under him was all he felt, all that existed now. And all he could ever dream of. He couldn’t think of anything he’d rather do, or anywhere he’d rather be than here with Magnus.

When you get Invested in the Plot Line That Started Out as a Joke

aka: more adventures in the modern day Jamilton dads fic, this time in the “handcuffed together” trope. Also featuring Eliza, saving the day, but not quite the whole day (they’re still cuffed after all). A little over 2k below the readmore

The first thing Hamilton did was yank his hand away, instinctively. With a harsh pull against his wrist, Thomas’ hand followed. For a moment, they both stared, silent.

Then, Hamilton turned towards the open door, took a deep breath, and attempted to channel Washington’s pure authority. “Philip Schuyler-Hamilton, get back here this instant!”

Predictably, nothing happened. Philip wasn’t even within sight of the yard anymore. For such small legs, the kid moved pretty fast. “Philip, I’m serious! You’re in big trouble right now!” He bellowed, greeted only by the pleasant sounds of a Saturday afternoon.

“Yeah, tell him he’s in trouble, that’s going to work,” Thomas snarked, still unable to keep his eyes off the cuffs. For the life of him, he couldn’t grasp what possessed the kid to do this. He didn’t seem like the practical joke type, but then, Thomas hadn’t known him long.

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Time for a story - Made for loving you

As soon as Mr. Dennis turned away, Felicity released a breath of relief and reached out a hand for the tray with the glasses of orange juice next to her. Leaning her head against Oliver’s shoulder, she took a sip and closed her eyes for just a moment. After years of leading the company talking to some of the people on the board still made her so terribly nervous at times though she knew that she had no reason to. She was doing a great job being CEO if you considered that they had been in the black for quite some time and it didn’t look like that would change, actually with the first successful transplantation of the bio-transplant the company would hit a new high.

When Oliver started rubbing his warm hand over the small of her back, Felicity opened her eyes and angled her head back to look at him. He put both of his hands to her hips, pulling her from his side until she was standing in top of his, her chest pressing against his. Felicity smiled happily at the amazed expression in his eyes. She knew that she was the only person he would ever look at like that and it made her stomach flutter in the best way possible.

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Fic: Love You More

Summary: Phil has always known that he loves Dan more than Dan loves him.
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 4.2K
Tags: Angst with a Happy Ending, Established Relationship, Miscommunication, Mutual Pining, Self-Esteem Issues
Author’s Note: Even on vacation in Hawaii, I can’t stop writing fic! This story was inspired by a very emotional scene in “Doctor Who” between Amy and Rory.

Love You More

Phil pressed close to Dan’s sweat-slick skin, running a hand down along his waist and hip, stroking him gently as they both calmed, Dan’s breath still coming fast but slowing under Phil’s gentle touch. Dan rolled to turn toward him and their lips met, softer now than they had been, still eager but no longer desperate. Dan smiled against Phil’s lips but did not speak, simply nestling closer into Phil’s arms until a shiver wracked him and he leaned down to pull up the sheet and duvet to cover them both.

Phil’s hand rose to stroke through Dan’s hair, which was damp and curling with sweat, and Dan hummed contentedly, his eyes closing and his breath evening out as he drifted toward sleep. Phil continued to comb his fingers through the curls, his eyes still open, looking past Dan’s shoulder into the darkness.

He wished this was all he wanted, but it wasn’t enough.

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drabble: rocky date

notes: for Jana, who said “full offense when is alicia gonna write a soft drabble about phans cute seaside date”, here you go, i hope no one else has done this yet

The wind is cold and biting and Dan thinks that his fingers might not survive much longer, despite the thick gloves he’s wearing.

He wants to bury into Phil’s warmth and it takes him a moment before he remembers that he actually can – no one is here, this place is literally the most deserted piece of land they could find. If a fan found them here, Dan might even let them out him and Phil as a reward for that kind of dedication.

He grabs Phil’s hand with both of his and pulls him closer, trying to absorb as much of his body heat as possible.

“Not that I don’t love this,” Dan starts. “But why exactly are we here? I might actually be freezing to death right now. But it’s cool. I’ve always wondered what that would feel like. Do you think my nose would just fall off first?”

Phil looks a bit pained. “I didn’t know it would be so windy and cold.”

Dan can’t help but smile at him. “Phil, we’re in England. In February. You could have maybe predicted this turn of events.”

“I know,” Phil whines and kicks a pebble down the hill. Dan attempts to do the same thing, but- fuck, these rocks are glitchy, is his last coherent thought, before he feels himself tumbling down.

“Dan, fuck, are you okay?” That’s Phil’s voice in front of him. Dan blinks. Blinks again. Looks around. Then looks at Phil again.

“Did I just fall down this fucking hill?” he wonders a bit incredulous, trying to strech his arms in front of him. He has to look up quite a bit to see the spot where they were standing before.

Phil laughs, relief in his voice. “Anything broken?” he asks anyway.

“No, I’m fine, I think,” Dan replies, still not making a move to get up.

Phil runs his hands across Dan’s body, tenderly, as if waiting for Dan to scream. It would actually feel nice, if Dan wasn’t currently freezing to death.

“Okay,” Dan sighs after Phil seems to be sure his limbs are all still attached to his body. “I should get up again, I’m literally sitting in a puddle of water. Let’s go home, please.”

Phil looks dejected again. He mumbles something to himself.

“What did you say?” Dan asks absentmindedly, trying to figure out if his clothes are irreversibly damaged, so he almost misses how Phil goes bright red in the face.

“I said, that I wanted to do something romantic for you and it kind of didn’t turn out how I expected it to. I’m sorry.”

Dan stares. He might actually physically feel his heart melting, he isn’t quite sure. Maybe it’s also a sign of beginning hypothermia.

“I just wanted you to be able to take some aesthetic pictures and be all pretentious and ramble about the expanding of the universe while staring at the sea and stuff. I know you love that.” His voice gets quieter at the end.

“Phil,” Dan says, stepping closer to him. “This was super nice and romantic. And you are-” he stops to press a short kiss on his mouth “-the best boyfriend I could ever ask for. Even if your ideas are very stupid sometimes and I’m way too clumsy to be trusted with walking on glitchy rocks.”

They kiss for a few seconds, but Dan pulls back when it starts to get more heated. “Listen, just because I love you, doesn’t mean I’m willing to die for you out here. My arse is literally wet and I wish that was some kind of euphemism.”

Phil laughs, but lets Dan lead him back towards civilization.

“I’m just glad you’re not mad.”

“Oh, I’m not,” Dan starts casually, “but if you don’t think of something better when you propose, I’m actually going to consider saying no.” He laughs at Phil’s dumbstruck face and takes off.

“Last one at the house has to give the other one a blowjob.” He can hear Phil laughing behind him, but when he turns around, Phil has started to run as well.

Thank god he’s as unfit as Dan is. Dan really deserves that blowjob.

anonymous asked:

I watched an NBA game last night and they showed the kiss cam and there was a mom with a little girl and it was adorable! So I thought how cute would it be if Harry took his 2 year old girl to an NBA game and the kiss cam would be on them so he would give her many kisses on her face and she would giggle.

She would be sooo giggly! Have you seen the video of David Beckham doing that with his little girl? SO cute!

Harry would be making sure she’s paying attention to the screen and pointing every time it pans to a new person. Then he’d see that the screen was on them and get very excited.

“Baby, look! That’s you; up on the screen, look!”

She would suddenly get very shy and hide her face in Harry’s neck, but Harry would coax her back out and pucker his lips.

“Does daddy get a kiss?”

She’d put both hands on his cheeks and pull his face toward her own, giving him a very sweet smack on the lips, before Harry continues to pepper his cheeks with kisses causing her to giggle and the kiss cam to linger on them for a little longer than it normally would, just because the crowd is loving it so much.


What Did You Learn In Martial Arts Class Today?

Today Sifu spent the entire class with us breaking down Sil Lum Tao step by step, correcting and making small adjustments and explaining the development vs application - 

Two hands working together evenly and balanced, Rolling hand position, squaring of the body with the punch, all 3 elbow lines, the inside, middle, and outside (the tan, fok, wu section), all 4 directions of shoulder strikes/blocks, elbow lines up and down on lower gate and uppergates, both hands going together one pushing one pulling to and from the center. Lots of details and still only scratched the surface for today. Understanding the development and the application of what is learned from the development is very important, so we apply the “principles” of what the forms and drills teach us and not try to apply rigid “techniques”. It was a great class dedicated to Sil Lum Tao, lot’s to work on and more to think on. 

Train well and train safe.