pull up to my bumper


Pull Up To The Bumper - Grace Jones

Original… It is still a great song. :)

Pull Up To My Bumper, Baby!

In Your Long Black Limousine
Pull Up To My Bumper Baby
And Drive It In Between

For Some Reason, I Could only Think Of Grace Jones, When I Saw Tom Trbojevic getDacked.

Woof, Baby!


So today I was making a perfectly legal, safe U-turn when some crazy asshole drives up behind me and begins honking his horn because I am in the right hand lane and not accelerating fast enough for him: a)we were approaching an intersection with a RED light and b) I had my TURN signal on indicating I was going to turn into a business. So the asshole nearly rams my car from behind-yeah, he speeds up and pulls within an inch of my bumper. The honking didn’t bother me, but deliberatley endangering us both did and I flipped him the finger as I pulled into the parking lot.

So a minute later the car comes flying into the parking lot and blocks me in. A crazed white guy rolls down the window and begins roaring insults and cussing me out and threatening me. I loudly remind him that he was speeding, I had my turn signal on, and I did NOT cut him off and he almost rear ended me ON PURPOSE . He stays stopped in the road blocking me in and yelling at me so I turned off the engine and got out of the vehicle. “You’re out of control!” He yells. He says hes calling the cops on me to report the “illegal turn and irraditic driving”. I yell back Kay, I’m right here i’d love to show the cops you’re harassing me. FINALLY the spectators start to come to my aid telling the guy off. He snaps a pic of me and my plates and drives off . What’s the matter , motherfucker thought you were waiting for the cops? Lesson here, people are crazy


Patra - Pull up to my bumper (by killakastro)

Fantastic cover of a Grace Jones classic.


Nah yo, here go #2… and right behind kid for the top spot.