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Boyfriend! Jin

(I’m sorry, I had to use this one because I’ve been thinking about it all day and laughing to myself im sorry)

Dating Jin would include:

  • so many backhugs
  • you’ll think you’re in the kitchen by yourself until he comes outta nowhere
  • and sNAKES his arms around your waist and kisses your cheek a million times until you’re giggling like a toddler
  • he literally hangs onto you as you move around the kitchen to finish cooking ramyeon
  • but right when you take the ramyeon from the stove, he shouts
  • “but jin i want ramyeon”
  • always goes ‘i’m-gonna-randomly-make-a-four-course-meal-for-you-right-now’ full force
  • jin has two modes
  • mom mode
  • and
  • cooking mode
  • and sometimes cuddly, lovey mode
  • and when he gets into his cuddly lovey mode, it lasts for hours and you love it
  • you’ll go to sleep at night and he’ll like when you lay your head and hand on his chest
  • and his arm will go around you and right as you’re drifting off to sleep he’ll kiss your forehead ajfdigbajg so cute
  • no fighting!!!
  • jin calls himself an anti-fighter
  • “i’m a lover y/n” 
  • he’ll say that whenever you pout about something and he’ll get all cute and touchy and pull you into his embrace and you’ll just MELT
  • you love him for his big heart
  • and you think he’s gonna be a great dad one day
  • when the two of you went to the grocery store, it was normal n stuff
  • you know, like
  • “jin what do you think about this lemon”
  • “how much is it”
  • “a dollar thirty-nine”
  • “if its not perfect dont get it”
  • (jin seems like a very frugal person)
  • jin’s mom mode really came out
  • you almost felt bad for him in between laughing attacks
  • jin had to dig jimin’s hand out from under a pile of watermelons that fell on him after looking for the best one
  • and had to punish taehyung and make him get in the cart for knocking an entire display down
  • when the two of you go on dates its hella romantic
  • jin seems like a plain-jane but when it comes to dates its single red roses and champagne and flower petals scattered around
  • and one time he took you on a boat he rented and ya’ll got it ON 
  • the sex is so sweet
  • jin’s the type to want to stay in his comfort zone
  • maybe try something new every once in awhile but he just enjoys getting to spend the time with you
  • always looking for ways to help you and comfort you
  • maths homework?
  • he’s got u
  • he’ll pull up a chair, put on some glasses and snatch the calculator from your hand
  • “jin do you even know what you’re doing”
  • “yes..actually can you explain it to me”
  • EVERYDAY you make fun of him by saying “stob it” when he does something like pull a chair out to sit down
  • he used to get mad but now he just laughs along with you
  • “i cant believe that was so long ago”
  • speaking of long ago you guys don’t really talk about the future
  • i feel like jin’s a very in the moment and somewhat spontaneous guy
  • like if there’s music and you’re at the studio watching dance practice he’ll purposely mess up so everyone will stop and he can go give you a lil kiss
  • or he’ll do the Dance Monster dance in the middle of the Blood Sweat & Tears rehearsal 
  • makes the choreographer sO angry but usually Namjoon joins in on the Dance Monster dance and you’re laughing so hard you can’t breathe
  • overall jin is just a sweetie and you love how big his heart is

 Word Count: 2,084

Request: can you make imagine where magcon are visiting Cameron and y/n then cam tells y/n that she’s fat and she tells him that she’s almost 4 months pregnant and that’s why she’s fat? can it be long and super cute? btw I’m in love with your imagines

From: @asvpmendes

Note: Hey! thanks so much for your request! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it! I’m glad you’ve liked my previous imagines :)

You look in the mirror. Your hands carefully glide over your now bulging stomach. Its noticeable. There’s no denying it or even trying to hide it. Your let out a groan and pull your hair back from your face with your hand. Your shirt falls back down as its support left. You let out a shaky laugh. Even though the future is now inevitable, your still in a bit of denial. You remember when you found out, you were with your best friend (Y/F/N).

You crouched in front of the toilet. Your eyes filling up, daring to flood out. A positive symbol stared back at your shocked face.
“(Y/N)?” (Y/F/N) called again to you.
The door to the bathroom room slowly creaked open as she entered your bathroom, you were crouched on the floor a hand to your mouth still staring in disbelief at the test in your hand. You missed several periods but you didn’t think it’d ever happen to you.
“oh sweetie” Your friend slowly bent down next to you, she was the one who encouraged you to take it. She probably predicted it. You let out a shaky laugh. Your body shook.
“I’m pregnant” You finally let the worlds fall out of your mouth. The invisible barrier that held your tears back finally broke. What were you going to do? You couldn’t abort it. What would Cameron do? He’d surely brake up with you. The tears were now flooding out; you couldn’t stop it. You just cried into (Y/F/N) shoulder.

You never told Cameron in fear he’d leave you. Now you’d have to tell him though. Magcon was making a stop at your hometown, and of course he’d want to see his girlfriend. You could hide it from the endless calls and facetimes, but in person was a whole different story. Everyone but the boys knew. Your parents were thankfully very supportive of your decision and were helping with the cost of it all. (Y/F/N) gave you endless amounts of encouragement and even went to a class for first time moms with you. Your phone let of its familiar ringtone out.
“Hello” you breathed into the phone.
“Baby!” Cameron’s soothing voice let out excitedly. “I can’t wait to see you! And hold you! And kiss you, you can’t imagine how much I miss kissing you!” His words came through the receiver fast and jumbled. It was like he only had a minute to speak and he had to let it all out before his time was up.
“Hey” You quickly made sure your sweatshirt was completely down, “So when do you um, get here?” You were fidgeting with the hem of the huge sweatshirt. A nervous habit you’ve obtained.
“You okay?” Concern laced his voice. You let a chuckle, half because it was cute that he knew you so well and was concerned and half because he knew you so well and you couldn’t tell him over the phone.
“Of course!” You faked enthusiasm.
“Okay well we just got here, want to come visit us at the hotel? We’re all going swimming!” Swimming? Crap. There is no way you’d get away with a swimsuit.
“Um…. I’ll come hang out, but I’m not feeling up for swimming” You plainly stated, hoping he’d get the hint.
“Oh okay! That time of the month huh?” He chuckled, “Okay ill text you the details!” and with that the phone beeped letting you know the call was over. At least he doesn’t suspect anything. You went to get the keys to your car while a ping signaled that Cameron sent his text.
The lobby to the hotel was filled with laughing. The boys were so loud. You followed the sounds the door. As soon as you opened it you were greeted with the warm air and the smell of chlorine.
“(Y/N)!” eight different boys yelled out. You let out a small wave and smile. You felt awkward now. None of them knew and it just felt different. Shawn’s eyes met yours. He did know. You called him crying and explained the whole ordeal. He was probably one of your closest friends besides (Y/F/N) of course.  Two warm, and wet arms wrapped around you and spun you in a circle. Then your eyes met the warm brown ones that you fell in love with.
“I’ve missed you” Cameron bent down and gave you a sweet kiss, making your body feel numb and making your chest flutter.
“I’ve missed you too” You smiled sweetly up at him.
“Now c’mon join us!” He was slightly pulling you towards the pool.
“Uh no, sorry” You chuckled, one you didn’t wear your swimsuit. Your outfit considered of huge sweatpants and a huge baggy sweatshirt. Two, the most obvious and main reason was you were carrying a child.
“Nooo just put your feet in, please” he begged. Your eyes pleaded with Shawn’s to help some.
“Cameron she’s not even dressed for it…” Shawn’s voice let out, he cleared his voice. Cameron looked at you once more and then at Shawn. His eyebrow raised slightly and his grin suddenly left his face. But just as quick as it arrived his grin was back and he shrugged.
“Aright, but you’re coming out to eat with us later” He stated before turning and diving into the pool right between Nash and Jack G. You went over to a lounge chair and pulled your feet up comfortably. Your hand reached inside your pocket for the familiar phone. Then you played some games and checked social media to pass the time.
Eventually a shadow came and blocked your lighting, the sound of water hitting the concrete loud. Your eyes finally pulled away from your phone and you lifted your eyebrows at whoever dared interrupt your screen time. Cameron’s signature smile met your face.
“you look bored” He breathed out as he joined you on the lounge chairs, a hair running through his wet hair.
“A little” you admitted.
“Then tell me what’s new, I’ve been gone awhile and facetime is nice and all but nothing beats face to face conversations.”
“Nothing I haven’t told you already” Your hand fidgeted with the hem of your sweatshirt again. Your eyes went back to the screen trying to distract yourself.
“Really?” he chided.
“Why are you fidgeting then?” You couldn’t pin point the tone of his voice, it was concern but almost like he was implying something. You began to get more nervous. What if he found out? But as you finally looked over him that uneasy feeling went away. Instead the feeling of utter warmth filled its place. Cameron was undeniably hot. Water was trickling off his hair which was a shade laughter because of the sun and running down his body in streams. His chiseled abs were way more toned than the last time you saw them and left you with the thought that he’s been working out. His shorts were tight and defiantly left a lot of room for imagination in your head. Your eyes trailed back up to his face where of course his eyebrows were quirked up. He noticed you checking him out. He leaned over his chair and his mouth came centimeters away from your ear. You felt his hot breath breathe.
“Why don’t we go out and enjoy ourselves, huh?” His voice tickled your ear and he drew out the word enjoy. You knew what he was hinting out. It was obvious but he would also notice the sudden change in your body if you did join him.
“That’s okay” you moved your head away from him. He was about to open his mouth to interject but Nash suddenly came over interrupting whatever sentence was prepared to come out of Cameron’s mouth.
“Hey guys, were all ready to go out now.” You lifted yourself out of your seat, thankful for the distraction. The boys were already toweling off in different places, Cameron looked at you and finally gave in.
“Aright then let’s go then” He stated. You all stumbled out into the California air. The hot air entering your sweatshirt making you sweat a little. Crap. You didn’t think about the temperature.
“Aren’t cha hot (Y/N)” One of the boys stated. You thought for a moment for a reply.
“Nah I’m naturally a cold person” your grinned. Hopefully the joke will lead them off and wont allow any of them to overthink it. Cameron stared at you for a moment but looked away when you raised your eyebrows in question.
Soon you were all filled at a table, fries and other assortments of foods settled between you all. You finally gave into the heat and lifted your sweatshirt. Your pudgy stomach giving away. No one said anything.
“But then the girl…” Hayes started.
“I couldn’t believe she threw them at me!” Jack Johnson interrupted.
“And that one time with the tour bus” Shawn’s laughter filled the air.
You couldn’t even concentrate on one person since there were several different conversations and stories getting out of someone’s mouth. When you looked across at Cameron he was staring at you. You stared back some fries just entering your mouth.
“You might want to hold back on the fries, eh (Y/N), you’re getting a bit bigger” Cameron laughed.
The whole table went silent. Your body tensed up and the hand that was holding your fries dropped down. Your mind went blank.
“Well yeah id hope so saying I’m eating for two” You snapped. Then a wash of realization hit you. You. Just. Told. Cameron. You watched his face morph into sudden shock and confusion. You slowly got up, your chair scraping the floor as you rushed out.
Your body was crying into a pillow at home. Tears streaming down your face. He hated you. He was going to break up with you. Your door creaked open as a small knock announced that the presence of someone was there.
“Go away” Your voice, muffled by your pillow and rough from crying, let out. A sigh was released and your bed creaked under the weight of a new presence. You felt a warm hand rubbed your shoulder in a relaxing manner.
“Why didn’t you tell me” a voice broke the silence. A voice that belonged to Cameron. A new wave of tears streamed down your face and you let out anther sob. His hand didn’t leave your shoulder and you felt him lean over you. “Hey, hey shh it okays, baby, why are you crying?” You could hear his concern.
“Your ‘hic’ going to ‘hic’ break up with me” You sobbed out, his hand suddenly left your shoulder but moved to your cheek.
“Look at me” but you didn’t budge, you looked horrible and there was no way you could bear to look at Cameron in this state.
“(Y/N), look at me” He tried again, he didn’t sound angry, he was calm and his voice was soothing. You slowly moved your face from you pillow to turn and look at him.
“I love you” he breathed out, “and that won’t ever change, ever. Why would I ever break up with you? Don’t you think id be excited for my new son or daughter??” He questioned.
“No” You admitted, the tears weren’t falling down your cheeks as hard. His thumb wiped under your eyes. Only love and concern filled his eyes.
“I love you when your sad, when your mad, when you threaten to end things, when you complain about the distance, when you have no make-up on, I love you to then end of the world and back, and ill love you when you’re carrying my child” His eyes didn’t leave your own for even a second. You felt his lips met yours in a sweet kiss. His hand moved your hair out of your face and he looked at you with such compassion.
“Promise?” you croaked out.
“Promise” He kissed your temple and pulled your body into his. “Well get through this” Your body finally relaxed and your tears finally dried. His soothing scent calmed you down as you buried your face in his shoulder. He rubbed your arm and you both sat there in silence. In happiness.

Dean Winchester’s Human Baby

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Pregnant!Reader

A/N: Omg this one’s a bit heartbreaking and so full of fluff. Thank you all so much for all the requests. I love y’all so much! This is the first of the requests.

Inspiration: The amazing @crazinessgraveyardsandcartoons is the one to thank for this one. Thanks for letting me write this, doll! Love you!

Summary: You are pregnant with Dean Winchester’s child, and the two of you go to your first ultrasound together.

Warnings: Pregnancy, crying, mentions of death and killing.

Word Count: 1,779 Words (I got kinda carried away, whoops)

Masterlist Under Construction!

Dean Winchester’s Human Baby

Nervous hands fiddled with yours, threading fingers together and apart, drawing shapes on your palm, tugging your hand up to a pair of warm lips for a quick peck on your knuckles. You just let it all happen, knowing that Dean needed some sort of soothing movement to relax himself. You let him play with one of your hands while the other rested on your belly, gently rubbing over the small baby bump that had developed.

You turned your head to look at Dean, who had his eyes shut and his head resting against the wall behind your chairs. His chest was moving quicker than usual, despite his efforts to relax. Gently, you squeezed his hand.

“Dean,” you whispered, even though the waiting room around you was nearly empty. Only one other couple was sitting on the opposite side of the room, showing quite a lot of affection towards each other. Dean opened his amazing green eyes and looked at you. You wished the baby growing inside of you had those eyes. “Talk to me. What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?”

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Birthday Fic Gift

This is for @levonolev. Requesting a ClassicBerry ship. 

I’ve never done Blue before, and I like to see him as a mature person despite being known as the energetic cheerful one.
It was an interesting experience, but I don’t think I did a good enough classicberry. Sorry hun! I tried! ^^”) I still hope that this was a satisfactory read regardless. Wwwww

Pairing: ClassicBerry (Us!Sans x Ut!Sans)

Words: 1, 741

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oneshot #1 - dirty bathroom fuck | @minseoks-personal-trashcan

Originally posted by littlebyuns



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His Favorite Scent

This is also posted on Fanfiction.Net and AO3.

Pairing: RoyxRiza
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Humor.
Word Count: 1207
Written for the prompt: “You smell nice.”
Summary: Roy gets hurt on a mission and Riza carries him to safety, but he says something that throws her off and makes her wonder about the meaning behind his words.


The mission wasn’t supposed to go this way. He wasn’t supposed to get hurt.

Hawkeye grit her teeth and trudged forward, Mustang’s body heavy on her back. The warmth of his blood seeping into her clothes spread like a fractal spiderweb across her shoulder blades. He was losing too much blood too fast and, if his unconscious state was any indication, he needed medical attention soon or he wouldn’t be coming back from this. He had only been shot in the shoulder, but the bullet must have hit some sort of vital judging by the amount of blood pumping out of his wound and into her uniform.

The thought of losing him drove Riza forward, pushing through the pain from her own wounds, spiking up her side whenever she stepped too hard on her right leg. She was concentrating so hard on moving him to safety as fast as possible that she barely noticed when he moved a bit, his eyes cracking open ever so slightly. He moved his face to bury it into the fabric at her neck and nuzzled her, inhaling deeply. Riza definitely felt that and faltered in her step.

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Disappointment (Eliza x Reader)

AN: I’m like comedically bad at titles I’m sorry. Although this does reflect my writing I feel like

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @hamilton4starwars @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @theoverlordofeverything @megabooklover18

Request: Anonymous- Pairing: “You’re my roommate who’s super cute and it’s the middle of the night and you’re cramming for your exams in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and it’s becoming increasingly hard for me not to kiss you” AU Pairing: Eliza x reader (reader being the one cramming for the exam)

Warnings: a little kissing

Word Count: 1,000


This was now day five of studying until the early hours of the morning. Maybe. The days were starting to blur together and you really had no idea what day it was anymore. All you knew was that you had an exam in the very, very near future that you would probably never be ready for. And apparently you had given up sleep for Lent this year, so you used all of your new free time for studying. It was really soul crushing. You had recommended it Eliza, but she said it “wasn’t healthy” and “might actually kill you if you didn’t stop and get more than two hours of sleep a night.” But what did she know? Other than a basic knowledge of how the human body functions.

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Flu Season ( male summoner x Alfonse oneshot )

// This is my first Kiralfonse oneshot so I hope it’s ok. I got this idea because flu season is around right know and how the 3 heroes would handle their summoner getting sick with another worldly illness. This is dedicated to @sarai377 because her oneshots got me into this ship, Naga bless you girl! //

It was a cool crisp February morning in Askr. The sun peeked through the curtains of Kiran’s room in the castle, hitting the summoners face as it roes him from his deep slumber. He let out a groan and pulled the covers over his head, hoping to get a few more minutes of sleep. Anna usually came and woke him up because with out an alarm he would usually sleep until noon which he loved to do on the weekend back home. It had been month since he was pulled from his world and so fare he loved it here. Kiran had always been into the medieval stuff so he didn’t mind changing his life style a bit. A knock then sounded at the door and he heard the sound of Anna’s voice. “Come on Kiran time to get up, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes!” She said. “Ok, ok i’m up.” He called to let her know he was awake. He heard a satisfied sound from the other side of the door then footsteps leading away. He let out a sigh and sat up, stretching his arms above his head and slid out of bed. But as soon as he stood up a wave of dizziness struck him and he stumbled. He let out a shaky breath and grabbed onto the bed post to keep from falling over.

 “Wow…” He mumbled holding his head as a headache started to make itself known. He shook his head and made his way to the bathroom to wash up before getting dressed and heading to the dinning room to meet the others for breakfast. As he walked he realized just how tired he still felt, his body aching too even though they didn’t have a battle the day before. He walked into the dinning room to see the royal siblings, Anna, and the few Hero’s he had summoned so far. “Good morning Kiran!” Sharena smiled as Kiran sat down next to her. “Morning.” he yawned and she giggled. “You still tired? Didn’t you turn in early last night.” She asked and the albino nodded. “Ya I just feel really out of it this morning.” He mumbled and rubbed his head, still trying to get ride of his headache. “Well i’m sure you’ll wake up once you get something to eat.” Anna said and Kiran nodded. As he put some fruit into a bole his glanced over at Alfonse who seems to be in deep though. “You ok Alfonse?“ He asked and the prince blinked and looked up at the smaller male. “Hm? Oh yes I’m fine just thinking is all.” The prince smiled lightly at the summoner. Kiran raised a brow not buying it but he let the prince be. “Ok whatever dude.” He said popping a Grape into his mouth and the prince rolled his eye’s with a smile.

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A BTS/ Kim Seokjin Fanfiction

Summary: He looked like an angel, and spoke like a singer. Next to you, a university student surviving on 5 hours sleep a night, and holes in your shoes, he seemed to have it all. But at the end of the day, you were both just Existing. You just cant help but think, it might be more fun to Exist together…

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Your head was pounding as you lay your head on the table in front of you, holding your temples desperately and trying to push the ache away as you run over the notes you’d been revising for the past 2 hours in your head, muttering them under your breathe to make sure you knew each one perfectly, before moving on to the next.

You’re unaware of the Styrofoam coffee cup that gets set down on the table in front of you, too lost in your mind to notice when the chair is pulled back across from you and you’re joined by someone else.

He watches you quietly for a moment, smiling gently at your muttering that mimics the notes written down on the page half covered by your hands, before gently reaching over and moving your fingers slightly to follow the sentence you were on, although you quickly start upright with a surprised gasp when he touches you.


‘Hey, Beautiful.’

You sigh as your heart stops crashing in your chest once you acknowledge Jin sat across from you, flopping your head back into your spare hand, as his fingers link gently with the other.

‘I didn’t hear you sit down.’ You mutter in greeting, conjuring a weak smile for him before fluttering your gaze back down to your textbook in front of you, reminding you that you were still only half way through your work.

‘How’s the note taking coming along?’ he asks quietly, his eyes dancing over you as you continue to run your gaze over your notes, barely hearing what he’d said as detail after detail replays over and over in your mind.

‘Hm.’ You mutter, picking up your pen subconsciously and beginning to take more notes as you become consumed by your work, missing the way Jin frowns lightly at you, taking in the dark circles beneath your eyes and gently smoothing his thumb over the back of your hand before he watches you pull away to hold your page still as you scribble determinedly into your class book.

‘Ah, I think I’ll have to keep myself entertained for a while.’ He mutters to himself, the sight of you so exhausted still playing on his mind even as he looks around the floor of the library he’d found you on, a few of the other tables being full of students who looked equally as tired, but seemed to still be enjoying each other’s company as they worked.

Whilst you continue to take notes, appearing totally unaware of him, Jin decides to wonder around the rows of book-filled shelves that encapsulated the few tables before him, raising his eyebrows at the complicated names of some of the volumes, before plucking a random one off of the shelf; a beginner’s guide to English.

However, when he returns to your table, all ready to begin studying alongside you like the other students, he ends up stopping a few feet away as he catches sight of you, head laid on your hands and eyes closed as you sleep soundly.

‘Yah. What am I going to do with you?’ he mutters softly as he takes you in with a smile, chuckling quietly to himself before walking over and sitting down next to you.

Even though he knew you’d be angry at yourself for falling asleep, Jin couldn’t help himself from pulling you gently into his arms, lowering you slowly so that you could lay your head in his lap, and in you sleep you end up pulling your legs up onto the chair as you make yourself comfortable, the sight making Jin smile as he gently pats your hair.

‘Sleep, Jagi. Get some rest.’ he says quietly, grinning to himself, before looking up and running his eyes over the books you’d had laid out before you, sighing as he picks up the closest one and begins to examine its contents.

‘This looks so complicated.’ He mutters to himself in surprise, continuing to stroke your hair as he reads, and ending up locating the exact passage you’d been taking notes from, and continuing your notes for you as he proceeds to get lost in the book.

Tiredly opening your eyes, you’re surprised to find the world at an angle, the sight that greets you being the chairs beneath the table and the books beyond, and for a moment you’re mind scrambles for an explanation of what was going on. However, once you acknowledge the soft, comfortable lap you found yourself resting on, you quickly push yourself up, bashing your head against something, and groaning in surprise when you blink sleepily and see Jin sat beside you, a book in his hand and eyes wide as he reaches out to pat your head.

‘Are you okay, Beautiful? You woke up so suddenly I couldn’t move the book in time.’ He chuckles to himself, staring at you as his smile dims when it takes you a second too long to respond to him.


‘Did I fall asleep?’ you gasp after seeing your books still laid out on the table before you, frowning when you see your notebook to the side, filled with someone else’s handwriting, as you realize your migraine from before had gone.

‘Yeah. I-I was going to wake you, but you looked so exhausted, Beautiful. You’ve only been asleep for an hour though!’ Jin quickly reassures you, gently laying down the book you’d been holding, and you realize it was the same book you’d been taking notes from, the sight making you understand something else;

He’d been taking notes for you.

‘Jin.’ You say, the word long and drawn out in an attempt to get across how touched you were by his act of kindness, whilst also trying to hint at the slight bit of frustration you felt at knowing you’d have to go over the notes again anyway, and that he’d just messed up your perfectly neatly formatted book.

‘I shouldn’t have touched it should I?’ he asks timidly, eyes fixed on you worriedly, flickering to your notes as you smile awkwardly at him, wondering how to respond, but that’s before he begins to nervously chatter.

‘I just figured, you were so tired, and-and since I was going to do some studying anyway-instead of wasting time on going over some English, I’d learn as much as I could, and then when you woke up I could help you memorize it, instead of feeling completely useless. And-and I thought that if I wrote it down, it might help you visualize the notes in the exam cause it was in my hand-writing- wait…does that make me sound big-headed?…I didn’t mean it like that, I just meant-‘

You crash your lips against his to shut him up, not being able to find the words for how sweet you thought his notion was, and feeling choked up enough that you didn’t think you’d be able to speak anyway. Thankfully sometimes during you being asleep the other people who’d been sat on the tables around you had left and so it was just you and Jin on that floor of the library, but even if they were there you don’t think you would have been able to stop yourself from climbing and straddling his lap as you deepen the kiss, memories of being interrupted the night before suddenly flickering through your brain.

‘You’re so kind, and thoughtful, and sweet…’ you mutter between kisses, fingers threading into his hair as his hands smooth down your back to your waist, his arms having wrapped around you the minute you’d kissed him, almost as though he’d been waiting ever since he’d arrived to hold you in his arms.

‘So you’re really not mad?’ he murmurs against your mouth, tiny breathless moans seeping from him as you fail to stop yourself from nibbling on his lips, his lips tasting like cherryade, the sweetness only making you want him more, and as you feel his fingers subconsciously splay over your ass, suddenly your notes are the last of your worries.

‘Im not mad…’ you mumble, pulling back suddenly and touching your forehead to his to get him to look at you, feeling butterflies riot in your stomach as you utter the next words.

‘Will you walk me back to my room?’

‘But what about-’ he goes to object, glancing behind you at your notes just as you silence him with another kiss, pulling back with a tempting smile as you shake your head gently and lock eyes with him.

‘Take me back to my room.’


How they react to you being on your period (BTS)

“Jungkook, if you really think I’m gonna get in this floor and do yoga with you while I’m in this much pain, you are out of your mind.”

“Come on, babe! I read somewhere that exercise is supposed to help!”

“That’s not true.” You scoffed and turned back to the tv. “I’m not doing it.”

He pushed the power button on the television.


“I will binge watch Supernatural with you later if you just try doing the yoga positions with me. Please, babe?” He begged. “I just want you to feel better, and people say it helps. I’ll make your favorite.”

“Mac n’ cheese?” You questioned wondering if meant your favorite ‘fancy’ food or your favorite 'comfort’ food.

“Yep! Supernatural and mac n’ cheese until you fall asleep if you just do a few of the positions with me.” He smiled.

“Fine! But just one.” You agreed and pushed yourself off the couch.

“Yay!” He yelled and dragged the rug from the hallway into the living room.

“The rug, Kookie, really?”

“We don’t have any yoga mats.” He laughed and scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment.

“Okay, well, let’s do this.” You huffed and followed his instructions.

After a few minutes in the first position, you did start to feel better, making you feel bad for being so mad at Jungkook.



“This does make me feel better. I’m sorry for yelling at you.”

“Ha! I told you it would help!” He laughs.

He came home to find you curled up on the bed clutching your stomach.

“Ah, Jagi! What’s wrong?” He asked, concerned. “Are sick? Do you have cold? Is it your time of the month?”

“Why does my body hate me?” You whimpered.

The statement answered Jin’s question but, also, brought up another one, “Have you taken any pain relievers, baby?”

You shook your head 'no’. The pain had been so bad you didn’t have the strength to lug yourself into the kitchen basically leaving you vulnerable in excruciating pain until Jin found you.

“Okay, I will be back with some medicine, some water and some food.” He listed as he started for the kitchen.

He was back in just a few minutes with his hands full of pill bottles, plastic water bottles, and dozens of candy bars. Even though it wasn’t healthy, and Jin always wants you to eat healthy, he doesn’t say anything about it because he fears it might upset you.

“Okay, jagi-are you crying?”

You could only sniffle in return.

“Oh my god, baby, come here!” Alarm laced his voice and the items in his arms were hastily dropped on the nightstand as he crawled on the bed.

He carefully pulled you up into his lap, settling you between his legs with your back against his chest so you were leaning up slightly. He pulled a tissue from the box on the stand and dried your eyes, all the while whispering thins like 'it’s gonna be okay’.

“Here.” He dumped two of the blue pills into his hand and opened a water bottle. “Take these.”

You took the objects from him and downed the pills, handing him the bottle back when you were finished. He smoothed your hair away from your eyes and moved his hands down to your stomach and began massaging the area, instantly making you feel a bit better.

“Thank you, Jin.”

“Anything to make sure my baby is okay.” He replied and started singing a soft tune of a song you couldn’t quite recall, but it didn’t matter because you loved listening to him sing.

“Namjoon.” You called from the bedroom, dragging out the 'o’. “Namjoon!”

“Y/N!” He dragged out the last part of your name like you did to his as he walked into the room. “What do you want?”

“Could you get me some pain killers from the kitchen and maybe something to eat?”

“Why do I have to do it?” He retired playfully.

“Please!” You pouted. “I’m hurting really bad.”

“Fine, I’ll do it. But only because you’re hurting.” He laughed and headed to the kitchen.

You heard the sound of a something hitting the floor and rattling, but you didn’t worry about it because it he dropped things all the time. It was when you heard glass shattering that you panicked. You threw the covers off you and ran to the kitchen, but stilled to a stop when you saw what had happened.

There was Namjoon standing in front of the cake stand with broken glass around his feet and a shocked look on his face.

“What happened?!”

“Well, I dropped the pills which was fine. No problem there, but you said you wanted something to eat, and you’re always whining for cake when you’re on your period, so I thought I’d bring you some cake, and I must’ve set the top too far on the edge, and it fell.” He explained quickly.

You couldn’t be mad at him and his apologetic smile, so you just laughed.

“Why are you laughing?! I could’ve hurt myself!” He laughed, as well.

“Because you’re adorable.” You noticed his bare feet. “But don’t move. I’ll get the broom.”

“Yoongi-oppa?” You said from the doorway of his studio.

He was working on his music and asked you not to disturb him unless you absolutely had to. You heard him sigh, and he turned around to face you.


“I know you told me not to bother you but my cramps are really bad and I wanna cuddle.” You started to ramble. “I understand if you don’t want to so if you can’t, I’ll leave you alone until you’re done. You know what? Never mind.”

You turned to leave, but he called you over.

“Come here, jagi.” He smiled at you.

You walked over to him and curled up in his lap. There was a lot of fidgeting as you both tried to get comfortable in the chair. He pulled himself back up to the desk and continued working. Every now and then, he would lean back, take a deep breath and run his hands through your hair, and you’d perk up with a lyric suggestion once in while.

Soon, he noticed you hadn’t spoken and realized that you were asleep. He kissed your head and whispered, “Goodnight, princess.”


“Yes, babe?”

“Why is there a mountain of candy in the kitchen?”

He joined you in kitchen where you were staring at the dozens of candy bars on the counter. Hugging you from the back, he kissed your neck.

“You always want chocolate when you’re on your period, and we might have went a bit over board with it.”


“Yeah, I forgot to tell the guys that I had already bought you some.” He laughed, embarrassed.

You turned around in his arms and pressed a kiss to his lips.

“Thank you, Jimin.”

“Oh! I almost forgot!” He grabbed your hand as he practically yelled in excitement and started pulling you down the hallway “Follow me!”

“Jimin! What’s going on?” You questioned when he stopped outside of your shared bedroom.

“It’s a surprise.” He smirked and opened the door.

“Oh my god!!” You squealed. “You actually got me one!”

You had mentioned to Jimin once or twice that you wanted one of those giant teddy bears because you love stuffed animals, and it looked like it’d be perfect for cuddles when he was away. You collapsed in the bear’s lap and let out a sigh of relief.

“You like it?”

“I love it!” You exclaimed.

“Good because if you didn’t, Tae was gonna take it.” He giggled and sat beside you. “But you have to admit that I’m better at cuddling than this bear.”

He pulled you into his arms, kissed your forehead and started rubbing tummy.

“Why are you crying, jagi?” He was confused as to why you were curled up and crying your eyes out. “Did someone die?”

“No, but my body is trying kill me.” You sniffed.

“Aw, jagi, it’s your time of the month, isn’t it?” He pouted.

When you groaned in response, he put on your favorite Disney movie and crawled into bed with you. He pulled you into his lap and pressed soft kisses to your temple.

“You’ll feel better soon, jagi.”

“Babe, please?” He begged.

You were athletic, but you weren’t as athletic as him. And, you sure didn’t have the will power to exercise while on your period.

“No! I don’t wanna get up!”


He picked you up and threw you over his shoulder.

“Hobi!! Put me down!!” You yelled and hit his back.

“I’ll put you down when you agree to workout with me!” He bargained.

“Fine! I’ll workout with you!”

“Yay!” He celebrated as he put you down. “We’ll start with stretching!”

He pulled you to the floor with him and pushed your legs apart with his. Your feet was pressed against his with your legs apart and hands in each other’s. You each pulled each other towards yourself to stretch. The session was filled with lots of laughter like all your workout sessions with Hoseok were with a lovely bath with him after.

I’m sorry that Hobi’s and V’s were so short. They are the two I have the most trouble writing about, but I’m trying to get better! If you want me to re-write theirs (maybe a full scenario), just tell me! (Also, I tried to put gifs with this, but Tumblr was being a dick. Sorry.)

•Or anything you can think of, and I’ll try it!

Just yesterday, Jason Todd remembers, he’d thought to himself, “You know, Tim and Damian have been getting along very well lately.”
It was true at the time. Tonight, however, is a different story.
“Oh my GOD, Damian, just let the damn thing go.” Tim’s stops pacing long enough to throw his arms out in front of him. He’s annoyed— his nose is turning red, and he keeps running his hand through his hair.
“Oh, is that what you were thinking?” Damian snaps. “Let it go? Because you definitely let him go. He literally walked away.”
“We now return to our regularly scheduled programming,” Jason mutters, but the others are too busy yelling to notice.
“Do you want me to apologize? Fine! I’m sorry. I got distracted, and I lost a perp.”
“He was our best lead!”
“Thank you, Damian, I’m aware of that.”
Jason sighs. They’ve been like this for a while, and they don’t sound like they’re going to stop anytime soon— might as well get comfortable. He pulls up a chair by the medicine cabinet and starts unwinding bandages.
“You ruined the entire mission.”
“And I apologized. What else am I supposed to do?”
“It’s not an isolated incident, Drake, it’s a pattern of behavior!” Damian plants his hands on his hips. “If I had a nickel for every time you’ve been sidetracked, I would easily be richer than Father.”
“What are you even talking about?”
“I’m talking about your commitment issues, Drake. You’re not focussed, and the whole team suffers for it.”
“Come on, I was distracted for like, five seconds—”
“During which a criminal escaped, and an entire night’s work went out the window.” Damian looks… angry. And something else?
He glares at Tim. “Is that what happened while I was gone? Red Robin was distracted?”
There’s a moment of silence where all three of them turn toward the memorial cases behind their backs.
“I… I don’t—” Tim stammers. “That’s—”
Christ, kid,” Jason says. “That’s below the belt.”
“Are you seriously blaming me for—” Tim gestures to the cases. “I do my best, okay? I wasn’t—”
“You weren’t there,” Damian says. His voice is very quiet.
“Neither were you!”
They’re close together now, arms crossed, stances wide. Jason gives it sixty seconds before they go to blows. Lord have mercy on them all if Bruce walks in on that— his cowl is in it’s case so—
Wait, Bruce is home? Sweet Gotham on high, they’re toast. “Guys—” He tries to warn them, but they aren’t paying attention.
“In case you didn’t notice, I was dead, so—”
“So whose fault is that? If you’d just stayed in the damn cave for once—”
“Hello? Brethren?”
“Well excuse me for saving the entire city!”
“I can’t protect everyone!” Tim says. “I can’t protect anyone if they—”
“Guys! Code Bat!” Jason can hear footsteps on the stairs. Hell no, he is not getting nailed for this.
“I wasn’t here,” he tells the others. “Got it?” And he ducks behind his own memorial.
Just in time, because Bruce comes down the stairs seconds after Jason tucks his knees away. He’s wearing his nightclothes. Was he asleep? Oh god, if they woke him up—
“Is there a reason,” he asks, “for you to be yelling?”
Tim and Damian fidget for a few seconds. Damian inhales like he’d going to explain, but Tim nudges him in the shoulder. “Not really,” he says.
“Do the two of you want to spar?”
They glance at each other, then stare at the ground. “No,” Damian says. “We’re fine.”
“Then I expect you to behave.” Bruce huffs at them angrily. “Both of you are too mature to act like this. We’re a team! You’re supposed to work together.” Behind his case, Jason rolls his eyes. F-word in three, two, one…
“You two are part of a family, and I expect you to treat each other accordingly.” And there it was. “Agreed?”
Tim and Damian nod.
“Now go to your rooms,” says Bruce, pointing up the stairs.
Tim raises a tentative hand— “I don’t… live here?”
“Well then Jason can escort you home.” Bruce crosses his arms. “Can’t you, Jason?”
Son of a bitch. Jason doesn’t bother getting up.
“Fantastic.” Bruce turns to leave. “Goodnight.”

For mayhw   :)

(Y’all should check her out, her art is fantastic.)

Request: China Doll

Word Count: 1,222

This is a (highly requested) Part two to Ricochet, which I’ll link here!

Thank you so much for the response to Ricochet, and thank you even more for bearing with me. Writer’s block is a major major bitch. But hopefully I’m back! And there’ll be a prompt set going up in the next few days because I’m away from the 6th to the 13th of next month, so there’s that to look out for. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy<3

“Careful, sweetheart.” Dean’s arm tightens a little around your waist as you make your way down the stairs. Any other day, you’d tell him to shove it up his ass, but… well, it’s pretty nice to have there, considering you’ve stood up about five times in the past week and even though you refused the wheelchair, you’re still feeling a little bit wobbly.

“I got it.” You say instead, gingerly navigating each stone step. Dean watches your feet with eagle-like precision, waiting for the tiniest slip or stumble. When it doesn’t come, he relaxes, but only a tiny bit. He doesn’t relax until you’re safely deposited in the back of the Impala and carefully belted in like a small child.

“We have a pretty long drive,” Dean says, leaning in the door as Sam scoots out of the driver’s seat and takes up his usual position, “So if you’re getting stiff or sore just let me know and we can make a stop.”

“I’ll be fine,” You assure him, “Really.” The throbbing from this morning’s disaster has pretty much stopped – you’d tried to put on a shirt and forgotten that you can only lift your arm about forty-five degrees from your body, almost ripping your stitches in the process. You hadn’t expected it to hurt so badly that your head began to swim and you had to take a seat for ten minutes before trying again. Dean had come in to find you holding your side and freaked out on you, which eventually resulted in him insisting that you put on his loose flannel, because ‘it would be more comfortable’ than your own shirt.

You’re not complaining.

You sit back in the seat and sigh softly, watching out the window as Dean pulls out of the parking lot. Every few seconds he glances at you in the rear view as if he’s waiting for you to drop dead or for your head to start spinning. Of course, neither of those things happen and he tries to reason with the voice in his head, telling himself that you’re okay, that you survived, and you’d been given the best care that his stolen credit-card money could provide.

Before you know it, you’re back at the bunker. Dean insists on pulling a more comfortable chair up to the table and getting you carefully situated, a woollen blanket draped over your legs. The three of you sit in a comfortable silence, browsing the internet – Sam looks like he’s on some healthy food website, judging by the things he’s writing down on a notepad by his right hand. Dean… well, you don’t have a clue what strangeness he’s looking up while you browse through a selection of vaguely amusing cat gifs.

“You’re seriously searching that?” Sam’s voice lifts you from the webpage – he’s staring incredulously at Dean’ screen, “I thought you’d know how to do it.”

“Sam,” Dean hisses, glancing over at you, “Shut up.”

“I’m serious, Dean, a webpage won’t be able to tell you how to-“

“Shut up!” He slams the laptop shut, “I’m gonna go get some food, I’m starving.”


A few minutes later, when he hasn’t returned, you decide to go and make sure that Dean’s alright. You could do with a walk, anyway, and you’ve been meaning to catch him alone. You pad towards the kitchen, your socked feet almost silent on the laminate floor.

Please just hear me out, alright?”

Dean’s voice startles you, prompting you to pause a few paces away from the kitchen doorway.

“I know this is probably the last thing you want to think about – no, that’s stupid. Uh… I don’t want to pressure you into anything, I just wanted you to know?” You listen in as he huffs, “That sounds just as dumb.”

From the angle you’re at, you can just about see him pacing back and forth – he isn’t even trying to make any food at this point.

“Y/N,” He says, testing the words out on his tongue, “I love you. I don’t know if you care or not but… after the last few days, I need you to know. I don’t want to change things between us or make it awkward because you’re probably my best friend and I don’t want to lose you, no matter what, but…” His voice fades away and you hear him huff in frustration. It finally clicks in your mind exactly what he’s doing – he’s rehearsing.

You stifle a small smile as you slip into the kitchen, folding your arms across your chest and waiting for him to see you. He’s facing away, and it takes a few moments for him to spot your shadow on the opposite wall and turn, his green eyes as wide as dinner plates.

“Y/N! I- I was just-“ He stumbles over the words of his escape route, “Uh-“

“I heard.” You say simply, trying to quell the smile so desperately trying to show itself, “Everything.”

“Oh.” You watch as he visibly deflates, unable to meet your eyes, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Carefully, you move towards him, searching for a reaction on his face, “I heard back at the hospital, too.”

“I thought you were sleeping,” He seems to know exactly what you’re talking about, but then he glances up at you, “Which time?”

Finally, the smile breaks through, “Just after I woke up, accidentally. I may have pretended to be sleeping a few times after that, just so I could hear it again.”

After a moment of silence his eyes meet yours – his face remains troubled, but there’s something in his eyes that gleams with hope.

“Say that again.”

“That I pretended to sleep, or that I did it so that you’d say that you loved me again?” You ask, fully knowing what he wants. He finally, finally grins, and you could swear that your heart grows three sizes and takes off into the air.

“You promise you’re not just messing with me?”

Rather than answer, you take five steps towards him, punctuating each footfall with a word, “I love you, Dean Winchester.”

You end up within arm’s reach of him and he makes full use of that, reaching out, and in one fluid movement drawing you into his arms and bending down to your level to kiss your lips – he’s gentle with you, as if you’re a china doll threatening to break in his hands and he pulls away all too soon, your mind protesting the loss of his lips, soft and sweet on your own. He glances you up and down, moving his arm a little so as to stay as far from your wound as possible.

“Dean,” You remind him, just a hint of admonishment in your tone, “I’m fine.”

He smiles, a little sadly, “I know. But you have no idea how scared I was; how broken you felt in my arms. You couldn’t have lifted a finger.”

“But I’m fine now. Because you saved me,” You finish for him, leaning in close once more, “I only got the chance to recover because you were there.”

He responds by closing the gap between you once more, deeper this time, like he’s trying to put every emotion he feels towards you into words. And though it feels like an impossible task, you understand, because you feel them right back.

The Ludicrous Garmentation

To end the day, here is my final contribution to @nerdforestgirl‘s fluff crawlspace :)
Happy Anniversary Shamy! 

Amy began the long climb towards her boyfriend’s apartment. She did not mind having to take the stairs, she did it every day, but the elevator situation seemed to be going on for a long time. Her thoughts turned to Bernadette and the trouble she would be having in several months as her baby bump made it far more difficult to ascend the stairs.

Amy was dressed in her regular date-night attire. A loose floral dress that perfectly hugged her curves, and a colourful cardigan on top. She always enjoyed date night. It always seemed like a special occasion. Despite Sheldon’s original aversion, he now appeared to actually enjoy their romantic evenings together. He also dressed up and often took her out to dinner, making Amy feel very important.

Although, as Amy knocked on Sheldon’s door after smoothing down her dress, she was met with a character she hardly recognised to be her boyfriend.

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“I’ll get you a wet washcloth for your head, though, and I want you to lay down on the couch.”

Once Joyce had gotten Race the wash cloth and propped his head up with every pillow in the house to make sure he was comfortable, she pulled up a chair and opened her book. “ ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ by Washington Irvine.”

anonymous asked:

Can I request Bokuto and the reader playing scary video games for the readers YouTube channel??? Like she doesn't really like them but the viewers and Bokuto wanted to so she agreed. THANK YOU!!!!

Ah, I love requests where the reader is a YouTuber because I myself am Youtube trash. Thanks for requesting!

Female pronouns used

“I really don’t want to post this video, Bo. Like, I really don’t want to.”

Bokuto propped his head on his girlfriend’s shoulder and peered at her computer screen. The cursor hovered over the Publish button but Bokuto could see that every detail to the video was perfect. The title was short and sweet: _____ and Bokuto play Outlast. The title card was set to a picture of the couple mid-scream paired with one of the more terrifying monsters in the game.

He craned his neck to stare at her conflicted face. “Why not? Did you not have fun recording it?” She shook her head, sighing. “It’s not that, I did have fun. I’m sure my subscribers will love it.” Bokuto pulled up a chair and sat down, placing a comforting hand on her knee. “Then what’s wrong with it?”

_____ chewed on her lip and fingered the mouse hesitantly. “My reaction was so embarrassing.” Without giving Bokuto time to respond, she clicked through to her editing software where the completed video was saved. Bokuto sat back and watched as she pressed play.

Their intro was the same as usual, beginning with a full shot of the couple sat in front of the computer, but it was clear to anyone that _____ was uncomfortable. “Hey, everyone. Much to your guys’ requests, I’m here with Bokuto-” Her boyfriend cut in with a short “hey” and a wave. “And we’re going to be playing Outlast.”

The girl swiveled in her chair to face her boyfriend, and continued, “And I want to apologize in advance if I shatter your eardrums from screaming.” Bokuto guffawed while taking her hand and giving it a squeeze. “Don’t worry, it’s just a game! And besides, I’m right next to you if you get scared.”

_____ fast forwarded, skipping to the actual game play. Through editing, she had positioned a face-cam of the couple in the top right corner of the layout so their viewers could both see their reactions and the game. Bokuto knew with a chill that this part in the video was when they encountered the first jump scare in the game.

As the horrendous monster’s face overtook the computer screen with a roar, _____ shrieked and in one swift motion, whipped off her headphones. She nearly tumbled out of her seat but thankfully, Bokuto was there to grab her. Bokuto, looking a bit frazzled himself, managed to shake it off with a laugh as he steadied his girlfriend.

However, Bokuto watched as an extra part of the video was added. _____ had taken the face-cam footage of their reaction and changed it to fit the entire screen. He had to resist from laughing as he watched both himself and his girlfriend’s faces pale and their mouths tearing into screams.

What made it even more funny was that _____ had slowed down the footage and audio, them sounding more like distressed elephants and the slow motion capturing each horrified detail of their faces. With a grin, Bokuto turned to his girlfriend. “That’s hilarious! This video is gonna be a hit.”

_____ eyed him nervously before returning to the YouTube editing page. “You don’t think my viewers will laugh at just me?” Bokuto shook his head diligently. “Listen, _____, people watch these kinds of videos because the reactions are funny. They won’t think you’re some chicken ‘cause getting scared is normal. Heck, some might even get spooked watching the video itself.”

Bokuto rose from his seat after pressing a quick kiss to his girlfriend’s cheek. “I think you were just fine. You’re adorable when you’re scared, hah.” _____ gave him a light smack on the arm and jokingly crinkled her nose. “I am not.” Her boyfriend sauntered away with a “Suuuure” and she turned back to her screen.

Her cursor still remained over the Publish button but this time, a smile crossed her lips.



hey! i was hoping i could request a one-shot where the reader is a hunter and the boys bring her back to the bunker for a job, and Kevin squirts her with his holy water water-gun and she is wearing a white shirt? something with embarrassment and fluff please? thanks so much xx

So I couldn’t find a gif of this, but here’s a picture: 


The Impala became comfier each time you sat in it; feet propped up against Sam’s seat, head leaning back, listening to Dean’s music. The hunt went well, and you tossed your machete onto the car floor, earning a groan of annoyance from Dean. 

“One day you’ll have to clean my damn car!” he bellowed as if the blood drops physically hurt him.

“Unlike your jacket, my shirt is white” you smiled proud at your ability to keep it clean as you unzipped your sweatshirt.

Sam rolled his eyes and took out his phone, the light illuminated his face in the dark. After about twenty cars passed by, he spoke up.

“Kevin’s at the bunker, he says he found some more information out” Sam said and you opened began to pay attention.

“Well tell him to lock the doors this time” Dean muttered and the made a sharp right. Within minutes you fell asleep, head against the window. 

Your sleep was heavy, you hardly felt Dean shaking you awake.

“Y/N! Wake up, we’re here” he said, trying to wake you up.

“What? Oh” you said and grabbed your duffel from the seat next to you. 

“Sam set up a room for you, you can stay as long as you like” Dean said as he began opening the door. You shrugged your jacket off, the night was humid and foggy. 

Immediately you were met with the tip of a water pistol, spraying water all over your face and torso.

“Kevin!” you shouted, “Not a demon!” you flicked the water off your eyes, and followed Kevin’s eyes to your shirt. The white turned completely see-through as it clung to your body, exposing your lacy red bra.

“Oh my god” you pushed passed him and ran to your normal room, pressing your back against the door, exhaling.

That was beyond embarrassing, you weren’t outgoing, and especially in front of Kevin you felt like hiding under your blanket for a couple years. Maybe ten. 

Hurriedly you began opening and slamming drawers, figuring out where you left your sweater last time. You threw the duffel on the bed and peeled the t-shirt off, hanging it on the lamp Dean gave you. Probably not the safest idea. 

Quickly you zipped up a hoody against your bare body, the zipper felt cold on your stomach. But that was all you had except pajamas and you weren’t ready for bed just yet. 

“Y/N?” Kevin asked quietly, knocking on your door.

Hesitantly you opened the door up a crack, “Uh” you started and he opened the door further.

“Sorry about that, I just had to make sure. They’ve been gone for days, and I didn’t know you were coming- and just…” he trailed off, scratching the back of his neck.

Blushing you smiled, understanding his worry. 

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Your methods for demon testing aren’t too conventional though, try something sneakier like holy water in beer” you laughed, sitting on the bed.

“Hey, do you want a beer then? I mean if your not tired or anything” he smiled and furrowed his brows.

“I’d love one” you said and began towards the library. Kevin came back with two beers, and popped open the caps. 

You pulled the chair up next to him, straddling it comfortable, with one elbow on the table.

“So, how’s the tablet coming along?” you asked, smiling up at him.

“Not bad, I got another few sentences” he said, taking a swig. 

You nodded and drank some of yours. 

“How long are you staying? At the bunker…” Kevin asked suddenly and you raised your brows.

“Well I don’t know, so far my wanderings haven’t been bad. There isn’t much of a reason for me to stay here…” you said, oblivious about his feelings for you.

Kevin clenched his jaw, having no clue how to even begin to tell you how he feels about you, and your goofy smiles he loved so much.

“Well, I mean, we can hang out all the time and do stuff normal people do” he said, and you laughed.

“I’d love to do “normal people” stuff” you said, putting air quotes around it. 

Kevin leaned forward in his chair, towards you. “If you really need a reason to stay, how about I’ll tell you one over dinner?” he said, making your eyes go wide.

“Like a date?” you asked and he nodded.

“Like a date” he said, setting his beer down. “Like a real date, in a real restaurant, with real food. And wine instead of beer” he said smiling.

“I’d love to” you said and leaned forward, pressing your lips strong against his and he smiled into the kiss. You wrapped your hands on the back of his neck and moved along with him.

“Uh?” Sam’s voice rang through the room. “I mean- that’s great. But not here” he scrunched his nose and grabbed the book he needed. 

Laughing you pulled Kevin up and kissed him one more time. 

Maybe the white t-shirt was the best outfit decision you’ve ever made; it was even better than that gala dress you wore on an undercover case. You smiled as you pulled up your covers, thinking of a hundred ways to dress up that stupid t-shirt for your date. 



You met Jongin through a mutual friend, but at this point you just knew he was just going to stay a close friend. Or just a friend. You didn’t have too many friends, but you considered the ones you did have some of your best. 

Some days you thought Jongin would fit in that category. But when you find out things like him individually hanging out with all of your friends, it made you think otherwise. 

You often thought if there was something wrong with you that lead to him not wanting to hang out with you. Maybe there was something more appealing about all of your other friends, and there was nothing that made you stand out. You wouldn’t call it a crush of sorts. 

But Jongin was an ideal type. Tall, handsome, charming, caring, awkwardly hilarious. Since he was so perfect, there must have been something wrong with you. your friends always subtly dropped the bomb that you had never dated before, though they always asked for your advice when it came to that area. Ironic, yet hypocritical. 

You thought just because you had never been in a relationship doesn’t mean you didn’t know what you wanted. Yet they always pinned you as the ignorant one, lightly taking your advice even in the times where you were right. 

You awkwardly stood there while one of your girl friends was talking about wanting to see his dogs again, completely aside the point that you loved dogs. Not that it mattered what you liked, you were never able to jump into a conversation so easily. 

Apparently it didn’t matter as he and your friend were making plans together right in front of you. at this point in your life you started questioning if there was even someone for you. or that you were just that type of a person that people didn’t like, let alone fall in love with. 

Your charms weren’t charming or there wasn’t something physically attractive about you. you nonchalantly played it off by being occupied with your phone, but inside was hurting. 

Silently in your head, you tried recalling a time when someone wanted to hang out with you, miserably failing. It wasn’t aiding to your already aching heart. Instead of excusing yourself you just walked away from the scene. It wasn’t like they were paying enough attention to even notice you were there to begin with. 

Classes went on with a dreary pace as you entered a no talking phase. You began to notice that when you didn’t approach your friends, they didn’t approach you. So be it, you’d be alone and accept it. 

At the end of the day you were craving bubble tea and desperately needed to fill the want. Instead of trying to find someone to go with you, you opted for going by yourself to save you the trouble of inviting people who probably wouldn’t go with you anyways. 

The shop was full of groups of friends, dates, families. It made you stick out like a sore thumb and brought back your loneliness. you mustered a blank face, as if nothing was wrong and bought your favorite drink. Once your order was ready, you bolted out of there, wishing to be truly lonely. 

You’d rather be completely alone rather than being surrounded by people. Your parents thought it would be a good idea to send you to a boarding school rather than a normal high school, so you made your way back to school and headed for your room. 

With your drink by your side and your computer at hand you tried to entertain yourself and become free of boredom. About an hour after mindlessly watching youtube videos there was a knock on your door. Without checking who it was you lazily opened it. 

Jongin was standing in your doorway with a small smile, one you could have sworn dropped slightly when he saw you. “Oh, hey. Is your roommate back yet?” 

If course he’d be looking for her instead of you. You wouldn’t have assumed any different, though your heart was always hopeful. “Sorry, she’s not here.” 

As if you could feel any more miserable. This felt like the cherry on top. And you hated cherries to begin with. “Oh…uh mind if I wait here until she gets back? It’s a long walk to my room.” 

Jongin could sense some awkward tension in the air, even though he considered you a friend. The aura around you was just different than the usual you. He saw you as a cheery person around other people, a cute smile with dimple. 

He watched you plop down on your bed and open up your laptop, with your straw hanging from your lips. You were pretty clear that you were not in the mood to entertain, so Jongin let his eyes wander. He looked on your roommate’s side first, at all the pictures of her friends, noticing that absence of a certain person. 

From one desk to the next he could see the immediate differences between personalities. Your desk lacked pictures of yourself, but the ones you had were stunning. Rather than having pictures that were memories, you had pictures of your achievements. 

There were pictures of you working at your job over the summer, unknown to Jongin, at the local animal hospital. Different certificates were framed for your awards, pictures with presidents of animal protection organizations, working at shelters. All of which you were smiling brighter than Jongin had ever seen you before. 

He subtly looked over at the completely different girl sitting on the bed when he finally figured out the atmosphere that was surrounding you. Your heart was beating out of your chest when you felt eyes on you, and you played it off by slightly giggling at what was going on in front of you. He pulled up a chair next to your bed and made himself comfortable. 

“What are you watching?” You jumped slightly at the sound of his voice, perplexed by the idea that he was actually paying attention to you. You licked your lips nervously and turned the computer towards him so that he could see. 

“Chow chow puppies.” They were like little giant puffballs, easy enough to get you out of your bad mood. If that didn’t work, then Jongin’s reaction to the puppies might have been. 

A much less subdued reaction, as he started squealing and pointing at the screen, bouncing his legs up and down like a girl. You stared dumbfounded at him, mouth slightly hanging open. As the video finished and he was about to look at another one he turned to see your shocked face and blushed. 

“What?” I love dogs, you know that.” He turned away with a tint of pink displayed on his cheeks. He probably didn’t show that side to a lot of people. He cleared his throat and looked back up at you with a sweet smile. 

“So you like dogs?” 

You playfully rolled your eyes. Liked was an exaggeration.  You grew up training dogs with your family, receiving your license to officially train service dogs two years ago. His eyes watched you with fascination as you rambled on about your love for animals and the likeness between the two of you neither of you knew you had. 

Something about talking to Jongin…it made you feel special. He was actually paying attention to you. The two of you talked for about half an hour before your roommate walked in the door with nothing but smiles. 

“Hey, Jongin sorry I’m late.” He pulled his eyes away from you and got up from his chair, walking over to greet her with a hug. Your heart was immediately dragged down to its original spot, remembering why Jongin was here in the first place. He wasn’t there because of you. 

He and your roommate started walking out the door when Jongin turned back at you. “I’ll see you later!” 

You mustered a smile as they left you alone with the silence again. It was stupid, you had nothing to cry over. But you did, because your loneliness had the tendency to be bottled up and opened at moments like this. In the end, people always leave. 

You accepted that long ago. It was so routine to find you lying on your side with tears rolling down your face. And all you could think was how pathetic it was for you to be like this. It was hard the next day to cover up the redness in your eyes, so you splashed water on your face repeatedly hoping that it would work. 

Concealer did a better trick as you left your room to attend classes. It was another day where you decided to let your friends approach you first, with too much hope. You gave up with a brave face and went to them instead and pretended like you were completely fine. 

None of them saw through your brave face. A boring and painful school day passed, and you found yourself wandering campus to avoid boredom in your room. You were one of the only students walking around your school, so it made you a much easier target. 

Little paws scratched at the back of your calves, as you looked down to see a little brown poodle. There was a color, but no leash. “Hey little guy, where’d you come from?” 

You bent down, let the dog sniff your hand, and secured it in its place so that it wouldn’t run away. The dog was apparently very happy to see you, as it jumped up multiple times to lick your face. You smiled brightly and scratched behind the dog’s ears, when you heard someone yelling your name. 

Jongin was sprinting toward you, with another dog in his arms and a leash. Once he caught up he set the dog down and panted for dear life. “My-my dog-…he-“ He planted his butt on the ground and continued to pant. 

He clipped the leash onto the brown dog, whose name you found to be Monggu, and the other white dog in his arms Jangah. Monggu seemed to take a liking to you, constantly sniffing at your feet. The sight made Jongin smile. 

“He might like you more than me.” There was a slight pout behind his tone, as he walked with you. You said you were about to head back to your room when Jongin stopped you.

“Uh, actually I was going there to meet up with you. I…I was wondering if you wanted to hang out, go for a walk?” Even though he had enough bravery to look at you directly, his cheeks were so rosy red that it was impossible to look at anything else. 

You blinked twice, he was going to see you? On…purpose. Jongin wanted to hang out with you, but by the sounds of it, it wasn’t just a casual hang out. You might have regretted asking, you might have not. 

“Like…a date?” You swore you watched his face turn even brighter red as he tried to stutter out a formed sentence. 

“Uh—I mean—not if you don’t—um…yes?” After thinking about it for a long second, you took one of the leashes out of Jongin’s hands, continuing to walk in your silent agreement. These ‘like a date’ hangouts were more than frequent for Jongin, you would just start at that. It only took one, the first one, for him to fall.

Let’s just say a lot of personal stuff just came out…and now it’s bed time

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Cat/Kara where Kara is actually a doctor and Cat has to take Carter to the emergency room

“Lorde, what is going on in here?” A young doctor slipped around the curtain, eyeing the man in front of Cat shrewdly and bringing a momentary cease to the blonde woman’s tirade.

Dr Lorde looked at his colleague, then over at the frightened boy on the bed, and back to his mother, the fury, raging between him and her son, and as he opened his mouth to explain the row Cat cut across him, addressing the newcomer to the bay. “This incompetent baboon has been terrorizing my son. He is injured. He needs care, not roughhousing and misogynist banter. I demand to be seen by another doctor, and I want to report this clod to the hospital administration, I can’t believe my hard-won dollars are paying for this.”

“Ms Grant,” the new doctor smiled in recognition, “I don’t actually think any private funds are spent on salaries. In fact, I think your last donation paid for this new wing, so I hope you don’t feel like the building itself is personally mistreating you…” she joked as she moved carefully over to the bed and gestured for Dr Lorde to leave.

Cat huffed in indignation, but was glad of the ease with which the new doctor had dismissed her blundering colleague, and she was soothed somewhat by the warmth the woman emanated as she moved calmly toward her son.

“Hello,” she pulled up a chair to sit comfortably at the boy’s eye level, speaking very gently. “My name is Dr Danvers, what’s yours?”

“C-carter.” The boy replied without making eye contact, cradling his wrist and trying to wipe his tear streaked cheeks on the shoulder of his t-shirt.

“It’s lovely to meet you, Carter. Have you hurt your wrist?” The small boy nodded but pulled his arm tighter to his chest, seeming to shrink inside himself and away from the doctor.

“Ok buddy, I’m going to need to take a look at it.”

He withdrew further still and shot a frightened glance up at his mom.

“I promise I’m just going to look, I won’t touch you without asking you first. Ok, Carter? If you hold out your arm for me so I can see what might have happened to it, then I will be able to work out how to make it hurt less.” He tentatively held out his arm, supporting it with his other hand and eyeing the doctor warily as if daring her to break her promise, but also terrified she would. “That’s great, Carter, well done. Keep it there.” She stared at the small arm intently, moving her whole body so she could look at it from every angle without asking Carter to move.

Cat watched as the young doctor worked, intuitively talking to Carter exactly how he needed to be spoken to. She was struck by the sensitivity in the way she navigated the interaction, and respected Carter’s physical boundaries without question.

“Alright, it doesn’t look like anything is broken, so what we have here is called a sprain. I’m going to prescribe you some ibuprofen, which will help with the inflammation and reduce the pain, and I’m going to give you a tubular bandage to compress it and support it while it heals. It will be very hard for you to put it on yourself, but I can talk your mom through how to do it if you don’t want me to touch you.”

“How can you possibly know nothing is broken without touching him or seeing an X-ray?” Cat demanded, dubious, moving forward to confront the doctor.

“An X-ray! You mean like Supergirl?” Carter’s small voice bubbled up from the bed.

Dr Danvers grinned widely, “Yes, exactly like Supergirl. We have machines here in the hospital that can look inside your arm to make sure all the bones are intact and where they should be.” She turned back to Cat to reassure her, “Trust me Ms Grant, he can move the arm freely even though there is pain, and he would be more distressed by the injury itself than the quality of Dr Lorde’s care if there were broken bones. I can tell you with certainty that this is simply a sprain.”

Cat looked the doctor over suspiciously, but found no hesitancy in her words. She had already been impressed by her competency with Carter and it seemed fair to accept her judgement on this without any further argument.

“Alright then,” Cat moved forward and placed a hand lightly on Carter’s shoulder, “let’s do this bandage.”

Carter babbled excitedly about Supergirl’s powers as Dr Danvers talked Cat through the proper placement of the bandage and how how to check his circulation was ok and that it wasn’t too tight, distracted from the pain by his own chattering. “Supergirl would never need a bandage like this, she can’t get broken or sprained.”

Dr Danvers smiled at the boy, still waxing lyrical about his hero as they finished up and his mother started to lead him out of the bay. “She’d make a great doctor too, because she likes helping people, and she could just use her eyes instead of needing the X-ray machines-” at this Cat froze, looking sharply up at the doctor writing out Carter’s prescription in front of her.


The long golden hair. The broad shoulders. The face distorted slightly by a pair of glasses, but still decidedly familiar.

It couldn’t be… Could it?

Months of following Supergirl’s every move, cover stories and exposés, action shots, and one brief but exclusive interview on the CatCo balcony, and here she was in the flesh. Normal and understated and brilliant with Carter. Here in the hospital built from CatCo dollars, in a labcoat and Crocs, Cat Grant had finally found Supergirl.

Today I fucked up..by going to see a movie

So there I was, having a fine evening with my boyfriend at the movies watching “Aloha” starting Bradley Cooper in a theatre in my hometown. The theatre was one of the smaller ones with roughly 70 people in their, most being couples.
While half way in the movie I casually pull my legs up in the chair to become more comfortable. (Back story: these 40 year old women, about 3 of them, had already been quite annoying the entire movie seeming very rambunctious despite their age)
Anyway, the entire theatre sees the shadow of this giant flying creature on the screen and it starts swooping over the crowd like a vicious spirit. Mind you, this unnamed creature was so large that the random man beside me said “It’s a humming bird”. Boy was he wrong.
So, when the crowd settled down and everyone felt safe, terror struck. I see this giant bug fly over my head and land straight on my leg: mother fUCKING ROACH. I immediately start slapping my skin like no body’s business and then the roach ATTACHES TO MY HAND. This roach attacked me like God was punishing me for all the sins I had committed. At this point I start standing up and the entire theatre is staring at me and also knowing exactly what attacked me. As soon as my boyfriend stands up to face the beast, the 40 year old women start screaming and yelling while jumping around in terror. The roach weasels it’s way onto the stairs and my boyfriend looks like he’s having a stomping contest with these women. This random guy beside my boyfriend is coaching him along the way “Get him son! Yeah right there!!”
My boyfriend kills it. The beast is dead. My soul re enters my body. The battle is won. I reassure the theatre after a guy shouts if it’s dead. “Ladies and gentlemen the roach attacked me and my boyfriend slayed the beast. Please enjoy your movie.” We sat back down and enjoyed the rest of our movie. Meanwhile, I am traumatized for the rest of my life.

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