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Underboss AU

AU Creator(s): Renrink

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AU Canon: Toriel is a former mob-boss who defected from the family in order to save Frisk and protect them from other mob monsters who are out to kill them. Sans is sent to assassinate the kid since he is notoriously good at picking people off, but runs into Toriel unaware she was the boss lady before he was pulled into the family. He is surprised to find out how strong she is, and ends up leaving the family for Toriel’s sake later on. Papyrus ends up joining them, surprised to meet Toriel since he had met her previously when helping Frisk find their parents (unaware that he was actually supposed to kill this kid).

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Look. If they don't want you to intervene yet, then fine, but they have to stand up for themselves. If they're not highschool age, then there's no way that either of them are remotely ready for anything like that. If they don't lay off then for your friend's sake, you must talk to a responsible adult. Someone who pulls crap like that at such a young age either 1. doesn't fully understand the consequences or 2. IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

3. both

..I’ll try not to get into things.. But.. It’s going to be hard.. Because.. 1.she’s a really good friend and

2. She’s dating someone

The last episode inspired this little piece of indulgence. :) 

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When in darkness we wander

Percy hates dark tunnels. Not because he is claustrophobic, which he isn’t, or because he is afraid of the dark, which he isn’t either thankyouverymuch. But because they make him feel useless, entirely dependent on a light source someone else in the party needs to provide for the sake of his entirely normal, entirely human eyes (- he was never good at remembering to buy torches, even though he swears to himself every time they are in a town he will). Usually Keyleth steps up with her Burning Hands spell or Vax pulls out his Flametongue Dagger so he doesn’t have to stumble blindly through the dark.

It’s just this time, neither of them are here to help, having chosen another route to their quarry to cover more ground. So there is nothing left for him but to slowly shuffle forward, following Grog’s lumbering footsteps and the soft clinking sound that Pike’s armor makes when she walks.

To add injury to insult, he hits his foot on some damnable thing on the floor and stumbles forward, nearly falls, arms flailing.

Percy almost swears as an arm wraps around his waist and steadies him, a hand grabbing his wrist helping him to right himself.

“Careful darling. No need to sweep the floor with your good coat.”, the darkness says with Vex’s voice, followed by a quiet chuckle. He notices her grip on his hand shift, feels her ducking underneath his arm so he can drape it over her shoulder, her other hand sliding slowly over his side to a more comfortable position on his back.

“I thought you went with your brother and Keyleth.” He is glad about how steady his voice sounds.

A sigh. “I did, at first. But it seemed like he really wanted to talk to Keyleth, alone, so I decided to come back and follow you guys instead. And it seems like a good choice too, can’t let you run into walls and such.” He knows she’s smiling now, he can hear it in the tone of her voice.

She nudges him forward and they continue walking, at a normal pace now that she leads him. Percy thinks that it is quite telling, that every time he is lost in the dark it is Vex’s voice that keeps him going, leads the way to where he can see again. He wants her to know that, how much she means to him, but can not find the words.

Yet there must have been something showing on his face for he feels her shift and then there are soft lips pressed against his jaw, just for a heartbeat.

And suddenly dark tunnels don’t seem so bad anymore.  

ML Childhood Meeting AU (I’ll Find You)

OMG SORRY FOR BEING SO LATE. I had exams the past weeks and I had to study, I’m so sorry! I wanted to update earlier, but I wrote like 3 one-shots halfway and gave up on them because of writer’s block. I finally managed to write this. It’s not very good, but hopefully you’ll like it! Also, sorry that it’s rather short!

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AU: Childhood Meeting

Pairing: Adrinette (again, I know)

Summary: All is the same… Well, not really. It doesn’t start with a gum on a chair. Instead, it starts with a little boy who met a friend in the park.

Note: Let’s pretend that Adrien’s mother died when he was nine or something for the sake of this story. He’s nine at first.

Adrien pulled up his legs to the bench he was sitting on, wrapping his arms around his legs to pull them to his chest. For a long while, he sat there, burying his face into his knees as he recalled how his father had snapped, how he had yelled at Adrien in a way he had not done in a long, long time, saying bad words that he was not supposed to say. He’d run from his father then, evading the Gorilla’s attempts at trying to catch him, and had run until he was out of breath (which was very quickly).

He’d ended up at an unfamiliar park, nowhere he had been before, but in that moment, he hadn’t cared. He’d pulled himself up onto one of the benches and had sat there for a long time, watching adults and children alike walking and laughing in the park. Even now, he sat there as the sun set, turning the sky was a pretty orange.

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there’s just something so intrinsically charming about stories that emphasize the goodness of humanity. our eagerness to solve problems, to help others, to do great things, amazing things, even just for the sake of doing them. people coming together from all walks of life, working towards a common goal is just. fucking incredible.

and then there are those moments at the climax, when all that effort’s come together and they pull it off and the crowd’s cheering and you feel this rush of fondness for humanity bc yes, we fuck up so much, but we can also do so many fantastic things if we put our heads together and that’s such a great feeling, the kind that makes me all warm and tingly long after the story’s over.