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Companions React To SoSu Attempting Suicide

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Now off to the reacts!



Cait - She walked into the room where she had seen SoSu walked in, not really registering what was happening until she saw the bright gleam of the gun in SoSu’s hand. In a moment of pure adrenaline, Cait lunged towards SoSu, knocking the weapon out of their hands.

“The hell do ya think you’re doing!?” She gripped onto SoSu’s shoulders, digging her nails into their skin. “Are you daft or something? What gave you the idea to do that to everyone who cares about you!” They were both crying, looking straight into the other’s eyes. SoSu pulled Cait into a tight hug, mumbling against her chest that they were sorry. Petting SoSu’s head, Cait allowed them to cry. It was the least she could do.

Curie - SoSu cried into her chest as they sobbed, their body collapsing to the ground, rocking back and forth. The chems laid abandoned on the ground. Curie petted her friend’s head, saying sweet things in their ear.

“It’s going to be okay, I’m here now. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m not going to let anything hurt you anymore.” Though they seemed like words, to the both of them it was a vow, unspoken and pure.

Piper - “Blue, want to go to the Dugout Inn?” She walks into SoSu’s house only to have her stomach twist in a sick not. “Blue!” Piper runs up to their friend, grabbing the knife away from them and holding the wound they had created from their weapon. “What were you thinking?” Her voice was soft, but slightly harsh as she slightly flinched just how deep the wound was.

SoSu was quiet, watching as she treated the cut they had created. “I’m tired, tired of having to solve everything, of holding everything. People expect so much for me and I can’t even cope with how much everything has changed around me.” They bite their lip, looking down at their lap. “I just want everything to go back to the way they were before.” Piper hugged her friend, whispering comforting words as they cried into her shoulder.

Magnolia - Magnolia hushed her lover that cried into her chest, petting their hair as a sign of comfort. She had just walked on SoSu about to put the noose around their neck. Luckily she had been able to talk them down and listened as they confessed that the world was bearing down on them.

“I’m here, love.” She confessed rubbing their back. “I’m not going anywhere.” As the night went on, Magnolia hummed a soft song and the SoSu fell asleep, feeling a little better now that they had said their troubles and cried for a good while.

Haylen - She had barely caught SoSu, wrapping her arms around their waist and pulling them back onto the Prydwen before they could take a step away from the edge. Haylen’s entire body was shaking as she held SoSu tightly, burying her head in their back.

“I’m not going to let you go. You have so much to live for, so many people who care for you.” 

Her hold tightens, only to relax when she feels SoSu’s hands wrapping around her arms, repeatedly saying. “I’m sorry,” and “Thank you.”


MacCready - “Boss, what’s taking so long, we were suppose to head towards that settlement a few minutes ago.” He walked into SoSu’s room and felt his blood turn cold as he saw the noose swaying back and forth from the ceiling. Just then, SoSu comes out, tensing up as they notice MacCready looking at them. “Boss,” His voice sounded betrayed.

SoSu went to open their mouth, but instead found themselves in MacCready’s embrace. His arms held them tightly and before they knew it everything they had bottled in spilled out. MacCready hushed them, rubbing their back, and holding them tightly against his body. “I’m here for you, SoSu. I’m here.”

Danse - Danse approached SoSu who was standing on the railing, looking down towards the ground below the Prydwen. “Soldier, please, come away from the edge. We can talk about this.” He studied their figure, their shoulders slightly slouched forwards, knees shaking. “Please, SoSu, take me hand. You’re not alone in this, so please, step away from the railing and talk to me.”

SoSu looks over their shoulder, gazing upon his outstretch hand with uncertainty. It felt like an enternity, but eventually they stepped down the railing and took Danse’s hands, tears rolling down their cheeks that was quickly wiped away by Danse as he pulled them into a tight hug. “I’m here, soldier, everything is going to be okay.”

Hancock - “Hey, trouble, wanna take a chem-” Hancock immediately cut himself off as he saw SoSu holding a handful of pills. Before they could take the pills though, he jumped them the pills flying in the air. Holding them tightly, they screamed into the air, sobbing as the pills hit the ground.

“Why won’t you let me die?! I want to die!”

He continued holding them, their shouting slowly turning into sobs that wracked their entire body. Hancock couldn’t allow his best friend to die, not when so many people cared about them.

Nick - Nick had just barely caught SoSu with a gun pointed at their head, just before they pulled the tigger, he snatched the gun out of their hands, throwing it to the ground and wrapping them up in his arms. In his embrace, they broke down, they’re body shaking violently.

“I’m so sorry, kid. I should have notice, but you’re not alone.” He slowly starts walking them back and forth. “I’m here, I’ve got ya.”

Codsworth - “Oh, Sir/Mum, your dear spouse wouldn’t want you to do this. You have so much to live for.” SoSu gives a side glance to their robotic butler, the trigger to the bomb in their hands. Their salvation just a push away. “Please, don’t you think your dear Nate/Nora would want you to do this.”

SoSu looked back towards the trigger, their eyes showing all the pain they had been withholding. “No,” Their voice is weak, but they gave it to Codsworth, pulling their knees to their chest as they cried into them.

X6-88 - SoSu knew it was useless to fight against him so they handed him the noose, his eyes burning into them. What they didn’t expect was for him to kneel down to their height and pull them into a hug, rubbing their back gently.

“If you need to talk, I’m always here.” His words brought tears to their eyes as they wrapped their own arms around his body and buried their face in his chest.

Dogmeat - Dogmeat dashed towards SoSu, knocking the knife out of their hand that hovered over their arm. Whimpering a bit, he nudged his head under their arm, kissing their face and he placed his body on top of them. 

They wrapped their arms around their neck and cried into his furry neck for the rest of the night, grateful that he had stopped them from making a permanent decision.

Preston - SoSu handed Preston the gun, a sigh of relief leaving the man’s lips. “I understand, General, but just remember it’s not now, but what happens later that makes us.” He wraps and arm around their shoulder, pulling them into a side hug. “We can do this, General. We’ll get through this together.”

As SoSu quietly sobs into his chest, Preston rubbed their back, hugging them tightly. Looking up at the Commonwealth’s stars he vowed that he would get both of them through it somehow, it was too soon for either of them to leave.

Deacon - Deacon’s eye’s widen as he opened the door and saw SoSu holding a pile of piles, their head tilted back, eyes closed, face almost peaceful. Moving as fast as he could, he knocks the pills out of their hands, gripping their shoulders roughly. “Idiot! What are you doing?” SoSu looks at him with wide eyes, never seeing him this angry before. “If you had something on your chest you could have told me.” His grip loosens and arms slid around SoSu’s body, holding them tightly. “You can talk to me, bud. You don’t have to do this alone.”

Maxson - The moment he walked into SoSu’s quarters, he knew something was up when they were nowhere to be seen. That’s when he saw the note on their bed. Once he read it, he bolted out of the room fast. He barely made it in time as he saw SoSu holding a knife, straight at their neck. Grabbing their wrist, he retrieved the knife and threw it behind him.

SoSu fought against him for awhile until they finally gave up, crying into his chest, clinging to him tightly. “It’s going to be okay. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but we’re going to get through this. I’ll make sure of that.” He places a chaste kiss on the top of their head. “I promise.”

I left Strong out on purpose cause I have no idea how he would react.

Edit: Sorry about leaving Preston out! The precious cinnamon bun is now with us. Thanks Anon for pointing that out to me you’re the bomb! Some to the rest of you guys! You guys are the best.

1000+ words of parent!phan headcanon:

because parent!phan makes me so weak !

- phil brings up kids over dinner one night, startling dan so much that he chokes on his wine for a few seconds. it’s surprising; between the two of them, dan’s usually the one to discuss domesticities like that. “kids? are you sure?” phil’s smile is hesitant, but there’s an excitement in his eyes that’s contagious. “yeah, i think i am. a little dan junior running around might be fun.”  dan rolls his eyes even as happiness surges through his heart. “ok , first of all, we are not calling him that.” the next morning, phil wakes up to a surrogate agency flyer taped to the coffee pot, with an appointment date scrawled on the bottom in dan’s messy script.

-once they decide on a surrogate, dan insists that phil be the one to send in his DNA. he claims it’s because he doesn’t want their child to have his proneness to existential crises, but it’s really because the cerulean shade of phil’s eyes is a genetic miracle that must be continued.

- they spitball baby names to each other on a constant basis, going so far as to attach a dry erase board on the refrigerator to keep track of all their options. “winston” tops the list, courtesy of phil. there’s also “delia”, “elizabeth", “christopher", and many more, gathered from childhood memories or favorite books and movies or even heard in passing as they walked through town. “child susan” is crossed out several times, as is “phan”. dan takes baby names very seriously, thank you very much.

-phil’s room gets remodeled into a nursery, filled with toys and clothes that arrive in boxes under dan’s name. he makes sure to order from both the “girls” and “boys” section from harrod’s - there’s no way in hell he’s going to let gender roles affect his kid.

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Crazier/(Jared Leto)Joker

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well

“J?” I called out as I walked through the halls of our shared mansion. 

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White Flag (Yongguk)

Finished another set of scenarios! So if you haven’t noticed by the majority of scenarios I’ve written, my bias group is B.A.P hence I write a lot about them haha but if you find a scenario concept that you like for another group that I’ve written just send me a message and I’ll write it for them too :D So here is the background for the scenario and always links of the others will be at the bottom when available.

You and boyfriend had gone through a big fight and you walk out on him to allow both of your nerves to calm down. Your boyfriend feels really crappy for treating you poorly so he decides that he should just surrender the fight and ask for your forgiveness (hence the white flag)

Warning: slight sexual content (very slight)

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“I told you I was busy.” Yongguk let out a tired growl as as he began to rub his temples. He had attempted to remain calm and collected, but he felt his temper was slowly rising and his will slowly fading.

“Busy!? So that gives you the right to not tell me about going on a tour for over 6 months!? I had to find out from the freaking internet!” You shouted, your hands balled up into fist. Rarely would you ever raise your voice or get mad. You were realistic and practical, understanding the consequences of dating an idol as big as Bang Yongguk. But you had enough.

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code of silence ; { leah&matt }

He and Leah had been texting recently, and after (very little) convincing, she was coming over. Which he was happy about. Matt loves being around Leah, even though she constantly teases him. It’s all in good fun and he considers her a great friend. Which is why he’s glad to be hanging out with her. It’s been a while, he’s bored, and she misses him, and he misses her. Killing all the birds with one stone. He’s in the back yard, watching his pups when he hears a car pull up. Kanga and Tigger head over to the fence, tails wagging, and he shoos them away so he can get out of gate, heading out. Sure enough, there’s Leah, and he’s grinning, placing his hands on his hips as he watches her get out of the car. “Hey there! Long time no see!” He’s greeting, cheerfully, although he knows that she’s still probably going to try and pull a Code of Silence. He did kind of goad her into it, so he’s honestly not surprised if she tries to pull it on him.