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Pregnant!Zen'sis x daddy Hanzo pt 2?

Your stomach had swollen considerably in the last few months, your hand constantly underneath it trying to hold it up. Hanzo was spending the last few of days, looking frantically for a hara-obi to wrap around your stomach at the quickly approaching dog day of the month. It wasn’t until Genji pointed him in the direction of a Buddhist shrine nearby that he finally could relax.

After a quick day trip, where he prayed for a safe pregnancy and bought the strip of fabric. He had remembered his oba-chan wrapping it around his mother’s stomach when she was pregnant with Genji. However his mother had been dead for years, so he took it upon himself to wrap it. 

You sat on your knees, blouse unbuttoned and your red inflamed stomach rested on your thighs. You shuffled uncomfortable and he started to wrap the fabric around your stomach. Making sure not to pin the cloth of your shirt underneath he pulled it tight.

As he reached the end of the obi he tucked it in, resting his hand on the fabric bound stomach. You closed your eyes as he lay his head on your stomach. Gently rubbing your tummy he gave a happy sigh. Being content with his close proximity to your child. You ran your fingers through his hair, pulling it out of the tie. It tousled down onto your stomach and he nuzzled into the hara-obi. 

You shifted a bit more, suddenly needing to pee and you gently shook Hanzo off of you.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” you whispered, not wanting to ruin this moment.

He pressed a kiss to your stomach before pulling away. You got up and hobbled to the bathroom, Hanzo watching every step. You slowly rebuttoned your blouse and he just gave a peaceful sigh.