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BTS reaction: you can rap or sing really well

Hope you guys like this! I honestly really like this request, because I can sing (whether it’s really good or not I leave up to the people who hear it, but I have taken 6 years of voice lessons) and one of my favorite things to do is shock people with my voice. For some reason, people don’t expect me to have a good or strong voice when I sing. But anyway, enough about me! On to the reaction! Also, gifs are not mine: credit to the owners!

Rap monster:

Namjoon would stare at you in awe the minute you opened your mouth, a big smile forming on his face. He has said that his ideal type is (among other things) someone with a good voice, and I feel like he’d want to hear you sing a lot, and even sing with you. If rapping was your speciality, I think it would be the same way. I see him as being very supportive and encouraging, hoping you’ll push yourself since you clearly have a talent for it.

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I’d see him being impressed by your skills, but not showing it too much outwardly. Not to say he wouldn’t be bobbing his head or smiling a bit while you sang/rapped, but I personally see him as one whose thoughts are more internalized. If you were good at rapping, I could also see him possibly wanting to have a friendly rap battle now and then.

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I think he’d be smiling brightly as he listened to you, clapping/cheering for you when you were done, wanting to hear you sing/rap more. If you sang, I could totally see him pulling out a bunch of duets and wanting to sing them all with you. He would love hearing you sing on your own, but I think he would also really love singing with you. I also think he would be one to make sure that everyone heard you singing in some way at least once, just because he’d be proud of your voice… If that makes any sense…

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This ball of sunshine would be beaming and glowing with happiness and pride as he listened to you. Another person I would see just wanting to hear you sing/rap more, unless your voice got tired.  I see him just taking short videos of you whenever you would sing or rap, wanting to save all those moments, and he might likely annoy the others by sending them tons of said videos. He could likely want to rap with you, but for some reason I see him more of just listening to you.

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He would enjoy listening to you, but I think, like Suga, he might be a bit more internalized. I mean he would be smiling and listening to you, and he would tell you that he really liked your singing/rapping, but I don’t see him going crazy for it (on the outside, at least). He may want to try to sing a duet or two with you, but I think for the most part he’d just enjoy listening to you.

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This wonderfully random boy… I think when he first heard you, he would go completely silent and just stare at you. It might even get a little creepy. But the minute you were done, he would burst out in cheers, jumping up and down. He would definitely keep asking you to sing/rap more, oftentimes just randomly joining in. He would have his phone out constantly just to record every little thing you sang/rapped, but the videos would probably only show you in the beginning, because he would probably end up just dancing around while you performed.

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I think he’d be similar to Jimin, but I think he might also be blushing a little bit. I think he’d quietly compliment you on your singing/rapping, but I don’t know if he’d ask you to do more. I think he’d certainly want to hear more, but I’m not sure if he would ask. although, honestly I could see him being really sweet and for like your birthday or something learning a song you could sing together (if singing was your forte).

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Duets; Sherlock X Reader

You sat at the keyboard you had forced your boyfriend, Sherlock Holmes, to move into 221B. You were playing a song that you had learned when you were younger but the song still managed to send beautiful chills through your body. Your fingers worked over the keys, knowing exactly what they were supposed to be doing. You let your fingers move and let your mind drift off.

Before you knew it someone had sat next to you and you opened your eyes to see that the sun had begun to set. You looked over and Sherlock was there staring at your hands which were still moving over the keys, only they had begun to play another song entirely.

“When did you get home?” You asked Sherlock.

“Two hours ago. You were thinking so I let you be for once.”

“Thank you Sherlock,” you said, smiling at his “generosity”.

Sherlock stood up and went over to and pulled out his violin. “Duet?” he asked.

“Of course,” you replied. “Mozart’s Sonata in E minor?”

Sherlock smiled back at you, happy with your choice. He counted you off and you both began to play.

The piano and the violins became mixed together to form a perfect melody. You fingers flew across the keys and Sherlock drew his bow across the strings. The duet could be heard throughout Baker Street and eventually Mrs. Hudson had come upstairs to sit and listen.

Finally the song ended and you both looked at each other and smiled at one another’s talent. “That was wonderful!” Mrs. Hudson said, breaking out in applause, pulling the two of you away from each other’s eyes. Neither of you realized that the landlady had come up.

“Thank you Mrs. Hudson,” you told her. Then the flat was consumed in an awkward silence and Mrs. Hudson stood up to leave you.

Sherlock walked over and pulled you off of the piano bench and into his arms. “This has been a lovely evening, Y/N.”

“That it has,” you said, leaning your head onto his chest and taking in the smell of his cologne while slowly drifting off to sleep. You felt Sherlock’s arms pick you up and carry you to the bedroom. You smiled into him, happy that you got to spend another night with your Sherlock Holmes.