pull of your arms

GOT7 Reaction: You wanting them to rub your tummy because it hurts.

Mark: As soon as he heard “Mark oppa, my tummy hurts”, he’d be sitting you down for a cuddle session. You’d whine and ask him to rub your stomach and he’d comply, his eyes still glued to the tv as he was captivated by the movie.

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JB: Jaebum would come home to find you laying on the couch with your hands on his stomach. He’d find himself thinking that you were pregnant, his breathing hitched in his throat. You’d notice he was home and whine for “oppa rub my tummy? I have a bellyache!” He’d release the breath he didn’t know he was holding and huff his way over to you, pulling you into his arms as he ran his hand under your shirt to rub your stomach. 

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Jackson: He’d wake up in the middle of the night to you groaning quietly, your hands on your stomach. He’d ask if you had to poop, earning a small smack to his hand as they held your butt. You’d tell him your tummy hurt and you wouldn’t get to ask, he’d already be holding you, his hands running small circles in a soothing manner.

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Jinyoung: It’d take a little more convincing to get him to settle down for a proper cuddle session. Being the mom, he was busy around the dorms. He’d sigh and turn to face you, finally taking in the pained expression on your face. He’d soften, asking what you needed. You’d pout and put his hand on your tummy and ask him to rub it. He’d tell you to sit on the couh and wait as he made you some sou, then settled down to rub you stomach.

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Youngjae: Once you told him your stomach hurt, he’d ask a million questions at once. You wouldn’t be able to get a word in otherwise. He’d be running around, being dramatic to try and make you giggle. He’d be making a small pallet on the floor, making soup and a nice hot cup of tea, and carrying you princess style. You’d have to yell to get him to listen. He’d stop and you finally got to ask if he’d rub your tummy. He’d for sure comply.

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Bambam: “BAMBAM PLEASE STOP LAUGHING MY STOMACH REALLY HURTS!” You’d have to scream at him to make him stop laughing at you for pouting so hard. He’d stop instantly, knowing it was pretty serious. He’d apologize and suggest a movie marathon in comfy, warm pajamas. You’d agree, asking him to rub your stomach. He’d pull you close so your back was against his chest and rub his tummy under your shirt.

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Yugyeom: Yugyeom would be at dance practice when he learned you weren’t feeling well (thanks for playing messenger, Mark) and he’d rush to your apartment, finding you on the couch trying to drown out your aching stomach with a horror film. He’d accidentally scare you when he asked if you were okay. You’d calm down and shake your head, pouting. He’d scoop you into his arms, laying himself on the couch with you in his lap. His hands would reach under your shirt to rub your tummy without you asking.

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"I'm sorry" said by who ever to morality. how much angst can you fit into a story?

This is a human AU

Morality walked out of the living room absolutely fuming. He choked down his tears as he opened the door to leave. “Morality!” Logic called from their bedroom.

“No!” Morality snapped, “Don’t talk to me!”

Logic grabbed Morality’s arm and snapped back, “You are letting your emotions control you!”

Pulling his arm away, Morality cried, “So what if I am?” He knew that Logic hated to see him cry, but he couldn’t help it.

“Just come back into our room, we can talk about this!”

Morality ignored Logic, picked up his bag, and left.


Morality always went to the dog park when he was upset. Today, that wasn’t exactly helping him. He watched a couple play with they’re golden retriever puppy and felt a tugging at his heart.

He only looked away to glance at the suitcase that was lying next to him. He knew he would have go back, but he just couldn’t do it yet. Maybe he’d go to a hotel and relax for a few days, attempt to forgive Logic.


Morality tried his hardest to remain mad at Logic, but he just couldn’t. He loved him too much. What worried him was if… if Logic loved him back? Logic never really seemed to care about what Morality thought or wanted. He seemed to only want to get things done and never wanted to have fun.


Morality whipped his head around to meet Logic’s sad eyes. “Logic….” Morality held back the lump in his throat. “What are you doing here?”

“I just want to say…” Logic gulped, seeming to be holding back tears as well. “I shouldn’t have sold him.”

Morality’s eyes widened. Getting Logic to say he regrets doing something that, well, made logical sense to him was extremely difficult. “Why? Why did you sell our puppy?”

“The-” Logic get choked up and took a few deep breaths to hold down cries. “I’m so sorry, Morality.”

Logic collapsed onto Morality, holding him tightly. “Wha-” Morality sat there for a moment, shocked that Logic was the one to hug him. Logic was acting so strange… “Logic?”

“I didn’t s-sell him,” Logic sobbed. “I just didn’t w-want you to see what I had to!”

Morality pulled Logic up. “Hey, hey hey. Logan, what happened?”

Logic, with messed up hair, a crooked tie, and red eyes, whispered, “There was a car. I stopped l-looking at him for one second.”

As the truth dawned on Morality, he felt sudden guilt and pain. “So that’s why you…”

Logic nodded and grabbed Morality again and started to cry once again. “I’m s-so sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Morality rubbed Logic’s back and whispered, “I forgive you…”

And they both cried.

sorry this is so late i just lost insperation for some reason 

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I read this on a twitter page a while ago where this girl met H and she hugged him and when she pulled away he said, "heeeyy I wasn't ready to let go" or something like that. I could imagine Harry doing that to his girlfriend. Like you go visit him on tour and you haven't seen him in a while. His whine and pout when you pull away from the hug would be so cute, he'd take your arms and put them around his neck again, whispering "that's so much better love".

OH MY GOD. And he’d properly whine out and grab hold of her hand and pull her back to him, “didn’t say yeh could let go yet, love. It’s been too long. Le'me remember how yeh feel,” and just wrap his arms around her in a tight fashion. Swaying them from side to side and resting his chin on her shoulder and she drags her fingers up his back. Purring and humming and sighing softly in contentment.

“Tha’ feels better. Missed yeh loads, Gorgeous.” xx

drabble prompt #59

“can you dance with me?

“you’re not mad?”

w/ jaemin

the clock reads 11:04pm, and as you step into your bed, you see your boyfriend, jaemin standing in front of you. 

“can you dance with me?” you sigh. “jaemin, its bedtime, don’t you want to rest for tomorrow?” you look up to you boyfriend who cutely pouts. 

“no, lets dance!” he grabs your arm gently and pulls you up. groaning, you lazily fall into his arms as he wraps his arms around your waist protectively. 

“you’re not mad?” he asks. you shake your head. sure, you’re a little tired but sleeping can wait. as long as you’re in the arms of jaemin, you’re fine.

“no, why would i be?” he looks at you in adoration and starts to swing you around. jaemin starts laughing, which makes you laugh too. your giggles fill the room a you keep swinging, and swinging around. jaemin slowly comes to a stop, and rests his head in the crook of his neck mumbling sleepily.

“what happened to wanting to dance?”  you giggle lightly as you kiss the top of his head. wrapping your arms around his torso, you bring him onto the bed and your limbs start tangling together. your eyes slowly start to close as sleep consumes both of you.

“i could stay like this forever” 

“me too.”

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I read this on a twitter page a while ago where this girl met H and she hugged him and when she pulled away he said, "heeeyy I wasn't ready to let go" or something like that. I could imagine Harry doing that to his girlfriend. Like you go visit him on tour and you haven't seen him in a while. His whine and pout when you pull away from the hug would be so cute, he'd take your arms and put them around his neck again, whispering "that's so much better love".

STOP. He’s so dang cute. He just looks like he gives the most snuggly and warm and comforting hugs ever. He’d probably give you the most crushing hug ever, pretty much throwing himself around you and snuggling his face right into your neck. And when you go to pull away he’ll all pouty and a sad: “Hang on a minute, love. Haven’t seen ya in a while. Need a long’ah cuddle then that.” And then at any point you were lounging on a sofa somewhere, he settle down pretty much on top of you so he can lay his head on your chest and hug you tight and you massage your fingers through his hair, just like he likes. xx.

Jealous Jooheon

This was a request I turned into a text reaction. The series is Jealous of You Hanging Out with Another Member

Enjoy the fourth of the seven members <3


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What’s Between Us

Summary: Requested by @fantastic-fantasy-fanfics:  For your fluff week, could you please write a Steve x reader fic where the reader breaks her arm or something during a mission so she has to stay in the tower to heal. After a while she gets really bored and glum so Steve takes her out to cheer her up? Maybe by taking her duck feeding or to the zoo or something.

Word Count: 3,254

Warnings: None.

A/N: One of my favorites ever. I hope you all enjoy <3 

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Stepping into the common room, Steve couldn’t help the affectionate smile that bloomed on his lips. You were sprawled on the couch, looking every part the most miserable person, groaning at the roof, head pulled back on the armrest. Your broken arm was in a cast, resting on your chest, the TV’s remote thrown on the floor right next to the arm you had hanging off the sofa. The television was still on, but you weren’t paying attention to it, and Steve suspected it was because you were bored.

He walked forward and cleared his throat, letting you know he was there. That sound made you sit up and you spun your head around until your eyes met. Steve grinned.

“Are you doing okay?”

You glowered. “No. I’m bored as all hell and there’s nothing to do in this stupid place that doesn’t require both of my hands.”

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RFA+Saeran and V Receive a Valentines Day Card from MC


  • “Well this cute butt of mine has kept you around for five years now,” he chuckled from the couch. 
  • “It’s really a powerful thing,” you agreed and relaxed into the cushions. 
  • He leaned in closer. “Isn’t there anything else you like about me?” 
  • “Hmm…like what?” you teased and pretended like you couldn’t think of anything else. 
  • An arm slipped around your waist and pulled you down roughly. 
  • Yoosung hovered over you with a flare of passion to his eyes as he looked down at your body. 
  • Your heart beat accelerated in excitement. 
  • His hand slowly wandered up and down the side of your frame.
  • “I could think of a few things…” his deep voice made you shiver. 
  • “Maybe a few things…” you swallowed. 
  • Because I am obsessed with older Yoosung 


  • You two were laying in bed when you handed him the envelope 
  • He sat up and hugged you to his chest with on arm 
  • When he read it his smile spread so wide he chuckled 
  • “We’re so perfect for each other!” 
  • You giggled as he started kissing you all over and dragged you both back down onto the bed


  • A small smile broke out
  • She looked up with an eyebrow raised at you
  • You held up a copy of the Promiscuous Jalapeno 
  • “I am willing to watch this, because I love you.” 
  • Jaehee’s smile only grew. “Are you trying to seduce me?”
  • You winked. “Maybe~”


  • You held up a bottle of red wine
  • “I’ve got wine and I’m not wearing any underwear,” you stated in a seductive tone. 
  • His eyes widened for a second and you could see his excitement 
  • He put down the card and pulled you close
  • “A woman after my own heart,” he smirked. 
  • You bit your lip. “Happy Valentines Day.”  ❤ 


  • “Happy Valentines Day!” you exclaim and hand him the card. 
  • He takes it, “Well well well, I bet it’s about my ravenous looks right?”  
  • He starts to read a loud, “Things I will never do: Give you up. Let you down. Run around…” he grew silent as the rest sunk in. 
  • He threw the card and started to walk away to the bedroom. “NO! NO! I REFUSE!” you heard him yell. 
  •  “I can’t believe you Rick rolled me on Valentines Day!!!” he shouted. 
  • You were laughing hysterically. 
  • “And they say I’m the sadist?” he exclaimed. 
  • You were leaning against the couch trying to catch your breath. 
  • He stomped out of the room and right up to you. 
  • Before you knew what was happening he picked you up. 
  • “There’s no way you’re getting away with this!” he said and locked the bedroom door behind you two. 
  • Aw, young love. 


  • You smiled so proud of yourself as you handed him the card and a pen. 
  • He handed it back to you
  • He had written no with a box next to it and checked it
  • You frowned. “Saeran! That’s not how this works!” you pouted. 
  • He patted your head. “I know,” he smirked. 
  • But your pouting face was so sexy he couldn’t resist 
  • “I’ll make it up to you…” he stated as he bent down to capture your lips. 


  • Imagine the card like this but also in braille 
  • He would blush and love how considerate it was
  • “I love you V,” you held his face in your hands. “I’ll kiss you and tell you how much every time you doubt it.” 
  • He covered your hands with his and smiled. 
  • And looked down at you with his bright blue eyes. 
  • “Than I’m the luckiest man in the world,” he replied.

BONUS: Vanderwood (by popular request) 

  • MC: *hopeful smile*   。◕‿◕。
  • Vanderwood: What is this?  ( ಠ_ಠ)
  • MC: A Valentines Day pun! \(^ω^\)
  • Vanderwood: Why? ( ಠ_ಠ)
  • MC: *making sad eyes like a seal* B-but, the bed.  \(◕︵◕\)
  • Vanderwood: Don’t you have work you need to do?   ┐(≖︿≖)
  • MC: *deflated* You’re right…  o(╥﹏╥)o
  • I’ll have to practice my Vanderwood writing…

concept: you wake up next to your bias, your head comfortably snugged in the crook of their neck and your arm over their chest, pulling them closer. They end up turning to your side, their leg in between and under yours, the arm that was once across their chest now rest to their lower back, your lips a few centimeters apart, and they’re so close that you can even count the small freckles/beauty marks on their face.

Then your bias wrecker/s kicks the door down and pulls you out of bed (rudely waking up your bias) and pulls you into their arms screaming how you should have slept in their bed for the night, then maybe they could have had that moment too

I love making out

But I love everything that comes with it more. Like when you’re taking each other’s clothes off or just pulling them out of the way, not even because you’re in such a hurry to fuck but because you want to feel her skin against your palms while you move your hands around her waist, or because you want to feel the way her ribs get bigger and smaller when she takes deep breathes between kisses or when you run your hands up her back and feel the way her muscles tighten when she pulls herself up to you with her arms around your neck


Anon Requested:  53&58 with Jungkook bts pls? Thx ❤

This is probably really short so I’m very sorry but some cute fluffy jungkook cuddles are in here so I hope you like it ♥♥

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 561

Warnings: No warnings

“They’re so cute when they sleep.”

“Okay mom.”

His arms wrapped right around you bringing a peace that you have never known before, a calming of the storms in your heart which led you to fall asleep, head falling against his shoulder while your legs were draped over his legs. His arm wrapped around your lower back unintentionally pulling you closer while you both were asleep, his other hand laid upon the blanket that was draped over your legs. You didn’t know it at the time but you wished you could extend the night just so you could stay close to him for a little longer, safe in his embrace. The room was dimly lit, the television being the only thing lighting up the room but  your cuddles feel like a little touch of heaven, warm, together, it was cozy.

While the two of you laid together on the couch you were both unknowingly being watched by all of the boys. Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok were sitting together on the couch while Jimin, Taehyung and Jin were standing around you two. The boys all watched as Jungkook’s arms held you close while you snuggled up closer to him in instinct of his arms. They couldn’t help but smile seeing the two friends together, you two were closer than best friends could be though you never called each other brother or sister, you liked him and he liked you, you both just refused to admit that to yourself or anyone else who mentioned it.

 “They’re so cute when they sleep.” Jin said almost in a coo. His hand coming up to his heart and a big smile coming on his face. Yoongi’s chuckle cut through his admiration for the two of you causing him to look back at the second oldest of the group. 

“Okay mom.” Yoongi said looking up at his hyung before looking back at the ‘couple’ who laid on the couch. Just as Yoongi’s eyes hit you both, Jungkook feels cold wind creeps under his shirt from an open window in the dorm. His head lifts up from yours and sleepy eyes slowly open. He was far too drowsy to even see all his hyung’s scramble from where they were and bolt either into the kitchen or down the hall so they weren’t caught watching the both of you in such a private moment, though you both were out in the living room.

Your hands moves around his middle, warm and soft. In seconds Jungkook shifts his body and lays down against the soft cushions of the couch and arm pillow. You stir a bit, your own eyes slowly opening with a small whine leaving your lips as you felt the sudden lack of warmth leave your body. Jungkook gently pulls you down with him your body molded to his own almost immediately. He shares his body heat as easily as he shares his heart. He could never let another close to him like this, but you’re so different. He’s never known a person to always have the right motivations, even when you’re wrong. There’s a purity to you, naivety perhaps, but that’s what he likes about you. He lets his body relax under you and wrap his arm around your waist again holding you close to him. He falls asleep easily as he can only focus on the warmth of your body on top of his. 

to read during a panic attack:

  • it won’t last forever. it will be crazy and overwhelming for a while, but it will stop eventually. i promise.
  • breathe through your nose, it will help slow you down.
  • call a friend if you need to talk, they will listen. even if they can’t help much, get your thoughts out if you need to.
  • don’t scratch at your arms or legs, don’t pull at your hair. try to be gentle with yourself please
  • biting your nails isn’t going to help anything.
  • turn on some rain or waves sounds, or a comforting song
  • if you can’t stop shaking your hands out, clench them into fists, don’t dig your nails into your palms.
  • if you’re rocking back and forth, listen to a slow song and gradually rock to the beats.
  • don’t listen to the intrusive thoughts.
  • when you’re calm, pick yourself up, and freshen up if you can. even if it’s just splashing your face with water. just a little something. take a shower if you’re able.
  • breathe steady. you’ve gotten through this before, you can do it again.

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A new MM headcanon, yay! <3 I hope requests are still open! If not, please forgive me. ^^ Can I please ask for some HC for RFA + Saeran +V for MC feeling exhausted, and falling asleep for the first time on their laps or while cuddling? Thank youuu~ ^^

Requests are definitely still open! <3


  • The two of you are cuddling on the couch, a typical weekday night
  • But it’s been a long day and you are WIPED
  • You’re also a pretty quiet sleeper, though, so he doesn’t notice that you’ve dozed off
  • Until he tries to get up for a glass of water
  • You stir on top of him and mumble something incoherently
  • Oh no, she’s sleeping–
  • He tries again to leave, but you mumble again and pull your arms tighter around him
  • don’t forget, you’re here forever


  • Zen’s sitting on the couch watching TV, and you come into the room with a can of beer for him
  • Without even thinking about it, you hand him the beer and lie down across his lap
  • He stiffens immediately but you don’t notice
  • Because you’re asleep within moments of planting yourself there
  • “Babe… babe no….”
  • He’s got a vicegrip on that beer can as he stares at the TV, trying hard not to think about The Beast™ or the fact that your head is in his lap
  • “Shit- not now, boner
  • You sleepily complain, but he manages to shift you away from his raging hard-on
  • just take a cold, cold shower, hyun
  • Poor man feels like an absolute wolf


  • You two have spent many nights together watching Zen’s DVDs
  • So, really, this had to happen at some point
  • She’s not flustered or anything
  • But she likes watching you sleep with your head in her lap
  • Your face is so serene that it even alleviates some of her own stress
  • She runs her fingers through your hair, gently caressing and massaging your scalp
  • She eventually turns off the DVD
  • She’s found a new stress reliever


  • You usually spend your evenings together on the couch, talking about your days over a glass of wine
  • You had had a busy day, and Jumin was listening patiently as you laid your head in his lap, empty wine glass on the ground
  • He threaded his hands through your hair as you talked
  • But he noticed that your speech was getting slower, and your eyelids kept drooping
  • “And then… And then he asked me if… if I had the paperwork, and I was like… …. …no, I gave it… I gave it to you…”
  • “Mhmm.”
  • You eventually trailed off into silence, and Jumin looked down to find you sleeping
  • With the patience of a saint he works his way out from under you without waking you up
  • And puts a blanket over you
  • And the softest pillow under your head
  • He brings a blanket for himself and sleeps on the floor
  • so you’d better be prepared for the soreness complaints in the morning


  • You guys are a cuddly couple, so it’s not much of a surprise when you fall asleep on top of him
  • At first Saeyoung does a good job of staying still for you
  • But it reaches a point where he can’t stand it 
  • “Baby, do I have permission to leave?”
  • He doesn’t expect you to answer
  • So when a mumbled “NO” is your response, whether to him or to something in your dream,
  • he is SHOOK
  • “My princess has spoken! Who am I but a humble slave to your will!”
  • His theatrics were wasted, however, because you really were sleeping
  • “No seriously baby please, I need to pee”
  • He eventually picks you up and deposits you on the bed
  • But comes back to keep spooning you once he’s done with his business


  • *deep breath* this boi
  • You guys aren’t really cuddly. At all.
  • So the first shock is when you lie down in his lap
  • The second shock is when you don’t respond to him saying your name
  • And your deep, steady breaths tell him that you’re fast asleep
  • Poor boy really doesn’t know what to do
  • So he stays there
  • stiff as a board
  • for as long as he needs to
  • on a sadder note he’s probably really used to denying his own personal needs; i.e, having to pee or eat or drink so he will probably literally stay there until you wake up :’((


  • Like with Saeyoung, you two cuddle a lot
  • But this time he’s so warm
  • And the calming tea is working its way through your system
  • And you find yourself dozing off
  • V is content to let you stay there, keeping his arms wrapped around you
  • Rubbing up and down your arms slowly
  • Pressing lazy kisses to your forehead
  • And all gentle enough to avoid waking you
  • as a film person myself let me tell you

oh boi this really brought out my inner fluff monster

It was a night in May.

You had fallen asleep hours before, while I had stayed up writing. When I finally padded into the bedroom, you were splayed out, taking up the entire bed and snoring lightly. When I climbed underneath the covers, you swung your arm around me in your sleep and pulled me close.

And it was then that I thought that, maybe, despite my habit of never returning calls and deleting voicemails without listening to them, and despite my habit of locking my keys in my apartment and sleeping on my neighbor’s floor, and despite my habit of running from the nearest commitment, and despite my habit of fucking everything up around me…

Maybe, maybe I could do this with you for the rest of my life. And maybe, maybe I wanted to.

—  cut scene: “i was always scared of staying in one place for too long until you came around”
Long-ass SB/ho tips outline and I don’t even care

I’m on a roll today haha.  Been typing these out as I think of them all week, so here is a list of things in order of what I perceive to be least to most talked about:

1. Be able to leave at any time. You never know when you’re going to have to make a run for it or if you feel unsafe and need to bounce.  This includes:

  • Know your exits.  Not all places have the exit the same as the entrance.  Figure out where the exit is either before you walk in or as soon as you do.
  • Keep all your things as close together as possible.  Pretty easy if you’re in a public place, but if you are at a hotel or his house or something, try to either keep everything packed or all your things in one place.  This makes you look neat and organized too, or at least you can claim that if he calls you on it.
  • When you’re done brushing your teeth, pack away your toothbrush again.  This goes for everything.  When you use it, put it back.
  • Keep your dirty clothes folded next to your suitcase, if not in it.
  • Keep your purse on your person or with your things.  I usually put it on the nightstand so it’s easy to remember, and my clothes/rest of my things usually end up next to the bed anyway.  Take your bag to the bathroom, especially if there are things inside that reveal your identity if you don’t want him to see.
  • If you take off your clothes, leave them right-side-out.  If you don’t do it as you take your clothes off, just fix them as soon as they’re off.  Leave all your clothes in one place.  If you’re naked and need to run, this speeds up the process and you don’t look a complete mess when you get outside.
    • For your shirt, grab the bottom hem and pull it over your head.  Once the neck clears your head, take the hem of one sleeve and pull your arm out of it.  Then use that arm to hold both sleeves as you remove your other arm.  This leaves you holding both sleeves by the ends as the shirt hangs down and your shirt stays ready to be put on quickly.
    • For your pants, step on the hem with one foot to slide the other leg out.  Might be a little tough with skinny jeans or leggings, but try to pull from the bottoms and slide out instead of peeling them off your body.
  • Have the number for a local taxi service saved in your phone.  Or Uber, or a friend nearby, or whatever you feel like.  Don’t rely on him to get you home.
  • Pack a pair of flats if you can because running in heels is way too hard.
  • If you do need to leave, put on your underwear, then pants.  Don’t need to wear the bra.  Put on your shirt, grab your things and leave.  Run to the staircase–don’t risk the elevator in case a bunch of people with luggage hold it up long enough for him to find you there.  Go barefoot down the stairs, then put on your shoes after you’ve reached the bottom.  At this point you should be holding your purse and bra, maybe socks, jacket, heels if you packed flats, and jewelry.  As you walk to the door, put your jewelry and bra in your purse if you can.  Put socks in the heels, or hold them if you’re wearing the heels.  Get into the taxi.  Put your bra on around your stomach, then pull it up under your shirt so you’re wearing it like a strapless bra (you can fix this later if you want).  Put on your socks if you have them.  Double check that you grabbed everything.  Get home safe.

2. Have a safe place to go to if needed.  This is anywhere very public and preferably somewhere you cannot be followed.  Know how to get there from wherever you are.

  • If you have a membership at a gym, they usually check membership cards at the door. 
  • If you are military/dependent, go on base. 
  • Go to your place of work and hide in the break room.  If your coworkers ask, say it was a Tinder date gone wrong and this creepy old guy is following you.
  • Worst case scenario, go to the bathroom in a public place.  Enlist the help of other women in there/call the hostess of the restaurant or a nearby store and explain the situation.

3. Put your phone on airplane mode.  Turn WiFi and location off.  I’ve seen it mentioned before where people pop up as Facebook suggestions.  If you spend a lot of time in the same area as someone, Facebook knows.  Even with location off, it can tell your location via WiFi access point and which cell your phone is connected to.  Turning off location and WiFi will help, but you need to disconnect your phone from service to block that avenue too.  I would say turn your phone off entirely, but my phone takes 6 million years to power on, so that could be dangerous in an emergency.  Turning off airplane mode can allow you to reconnect quickly to service.  (This is also useful because then your phone won’t be buzzing and stuff.  No distractions.)

4. Tell a friend where you’re going and what time you expect to be back.  Keep them updated with changes.  Even if they don’t respond, having it in writing somewhere can keep you safe if anything happens.  Message me where you’re going if you don’t have anyone else idgaf.

5. Ask for everything upfront.  Whatever you agreed on (cash, gifts, dinner, whatever), make sure you get it first.  I feel like everyone on Tumblr already knows this, but maybe one person will read this who hadn’t read it elsewhere and it’ll help.

6. Keep these things in your bag.

As always, add stuff I didn’t think of if you have anything!  Stay safe and may the sugar gods bless you all.

My Fake Boyfriend Part 3

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1664

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.


credits to the gif owner

When you knock on the door all your family, literally all your family is there waiting for you. The first person you see is your oldest brother, he looks older since the last time you saw him and tired as well. 

Then you saw your parents, your father pulls you to a quick hug while your mother keeps you in her arms until she is sure that you are eating enough, drinking enough water and definitely okay in your city.

Your grandmother is the last one, she smiles bright at you and you swear that she doesn’t age. She is wearing a bright red dress and hands you a glass of wine “He is a much better choice than the last one, you did good, honey.” She raises her glass in a sign of approval, you hug her, you missed your family like crazy, but your grandmother was always the one that made that house feels like home, she was always the one who stayed by your side in fights.

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