pull him out of retirement

ok, by the way, speaking of 616 elements on cap 3

that bit where ross is like “people are afraid” and tony’s like “that’s why i’m here” – you always need to be careful when trying to piece dialogue together from trailers, but like, assuming tony’s response does follow from ross’ comment (if not directly, then at least chronologically) – the thing is, tony was already there. and we already know that there’s a trigger event tony wasn’t a part of, and that pulls him out of ~retirement

there’s an untold story here, about how something involving the new avengers went down and tony was lectured on it first – like in the comics, when you’ve got the stamford/new warriors situation, and who does the president immediately have on the line? tony stark. who gets pulled out of clean up and into a meeting with gov people? tony stark. he’s bearing the burden of political first-responder pressure on this, even though he wasn’t directly involved. when he attends the memorial service for the stamford victims, he’s spat on and held responsible – because he’s “been telling people they can do anything as long as they’re wearing tights” and that he “funds this sickness with his dirty billions” and now the “blood is in his hands”

there’s a really fucked up amount of pressure that comes with financing the team, providing offensive technology (!!!!!!! remember!! tony is paranoid about sharing his guns!! imagine how much!! he trusts the avengers!!). E.W. termed it as “underwriting” the team. people think the new avengers fucked up, and they ring up tony

and there was no steve rogers there to go “that’s enough” when tony was presented with the run down of how supposedly guilty he is. nope. he probably flinched as well, just like wanda, but he didn’t have anyone to deflect the pressure or say that it’s unfair to blame them for responding to circumstances beyond their control

I was thinking through the fact that MMFR practically swept the technical Oscars, while missing all of the “above the line” Oscars. And I think it speaks to Miller having real depth in the technique of filmmaking. He understands it technically. He can talk a period piece costumer into doing post-apocalyptic costuming. He can pull John Seale out of retirement, but hand him all the new technologically advanced camera equipment and trust the man to have a feel for multi-camera shooting at high speed. He hires stunt coordinators and then let’s them MAKE STUNTS. He hands editing to his wife with absolute trust and faith in her abilities.

Like at every point he knows the right person to choose and then how to get out of their way and let them do their job without compromising his vision for the final product. That’s deep, deep roots in the history of how film gets made as well as branches that are reaching towards any new technological innovation.

It’s more brilliant really than XYZ director making an XZY film. Its the process that’s so amazing.