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imagine taking a nap at your desk with one hand supporting your head and the other just outstretched. pocket-sized jimin would sleepily stumble over to you and lift up the fingers of your outstretched hand so he could snuggle under your palm and treat your hand as a blanket. 


Requested By Anon

Jace lent down, hesitating for a minute, before crashing his lips to Clary’s and tangling his hands into her hair. Eventually they pulled apart and he caught sight of you over her shoulder.


“(Y/N) wait… I can explain!” Jace called after you only for Izzy to step in front of him and put a hand flat across his chest.


“Don’t bother Jace.” She snapped following after you.


Sighing you looked at yourself in the mirror.  The trouble with being Izzy’s parabati was that you had to constantly out do yourself, not that you didn’t look like a badass in your dress and heels.


“You ready to take out your anger on some bad guys?” Izzy asked as she flopped down next to you on your bed, blade spinning in her hand.


“So ready, let’s go.” You smirked at Izzy who watched you pull the rare throwing daggers, that had been passed down through your family, and slid two into the clip on your thigh while two more were slid into their straps on your arms.


You both walked out, smiling at Alec and blanking Clary and Jace who both tried to apologise to you. When you reached Pandemonium you flew into action, the few demons you didn’t take out in the first few seconds were picked off by Izzy. Jace was stood breathing heavily, the powerful display you’d put on now burned into his memory.


He slowly approached you, sliding a hand over your abdomen and stepping into your body.


“You’re still not forgiven Wayland.” You snapped, forcing your body to stiffen rather than relax into him. “Go make out with Clary.” You muttered, narrowing your eyes and rolling them when you felt him grin and chuckle.


“Pass, I’d rather make out with you.” He pressed a firm kiss to the base of your neck. He groaned playfully when you pushed him away and stormed across the club. “Don’t say it, I know I messed up.” He practically growled at Izzy who was about to yell at him.


He jogged after you and sighed when you flashed your stele up your arm, for a moment you were out of sight until, seconds later, his eyes readjusted and you were a few strides in front of him.

“Jace… hey Jace!” Clary began running after Jace, you slowed slightly to see what he would do.

“Clary stop, that kiss was a mistake (Y/N) and I have been together… I don’t remember a time I wasn’t with her so you need to stop with this running after me like a lost puppy.” You could tell by his tone that he would no doubt be rapidly running his hands through his hair as he spoke.

“What?” Clary asked quietly. He repeated what he said and began jogging after you, eventually catching up with you, he said nothing but let you storm home by his side in silence.



Jace sighed as he watched you twirl your long pole in your hand and swung it at Izzy’s feet. Despite her heels she jumped and flipped over your shoulder, spinning to face you with a satisfied smirk.


A week had gone by and you still hadn’t spoken to Jace, not that he hadn’t tried to redeem himself. Your weapons were polished, fresh breakfast was brought to you every morning and he’d fetch whatever you needed even if you didn’t ask for it.


Izzy dropped the stick, gasping for breath, as she kicked off her shoes and slumped down against the wall of the training room. Jace abandoned his position by Alec’s side and jogged up the steps, gripping the pole before it fell from Izzy’s hand and stood in front of you.


“So you want your regular training partner or are you done for the day?” His smirk fell from his face when you swung you pole at him, almost catching him off guard. A few more blows and he was backed into a corner and you smiled triumphantly as he seemed to be stuck, he then began forcing you back, blow after blow.


You lashed out and almost hit his legs only to have him knock the pole from your hands. You jumped and were now stood in the pole that was braced in each of his hands. He grinned and dropped the pole and catching you by the waist and holding you in the air.


“I’ll put you down if you’ll speak to me, just say anything.” He wiggled his eyebrows and flashed you a cheeky grin.


“Put me down.” Your smirk matched his when he grunted and rolled his eyes, putting you down anyway. “Thank you.” You pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek and walked away, ruffling Izzy’s hair as you walked past her.


“So am I forgiven yet?” He called after you, smiling hopefully. You pouted and turned to look him up and down before shrugging, smiling to yourself when he groaned loudly when you blew him a kiss.


“You know this is your fault right.” Alec chuckled as Jace joined him.


“Yeah remind me to never make (Y/N) angry again.” Jace muttered.

More Shadowhunters

Life in a Northern Town

I just did a rewatch of “Rock in the Road” and realized the guitar music wafting through the Kingdom was “Life in a Northern Town.” I am really reaching to see any symbolism with that tune in particular, but one verse of the lyrics stood out to me:

The evening had turned to rain
Watched the water roll down the drain
As they followed them down… to the station
And he would never wave goodbye 
You could see it written in his eyes
As the train pulled out of sight, right by

Makes me think of how Daryl  is at the Kingdom, reluctantly.  They all walked to the gates together, but Daryl would not wave goodbye, even as they were all leaving.  You could see it written in his eyes– until the gate closed all of the way and they were out of his sight.

Also, really random, but did anyone else find themselves yelling “Oh, shut up Rosita!” at the TV?  She is starting to grate on my nerves.

Title: in love and war

Rating: T

Summary: Her betrayal had made that seed of hatred further bloom…and yet right along with it had bloomed its twin – love. The two were intertwined, couldn’t live without the other.

Word count: 1,572

Warnings: angst, parallels, annalogia (kinda), character death, angst

I haven’t written anything solo in so long… So this is an apology as well as a thank you for being so patient with me, you guys!! You’re the best!! Please enjoy this twisted heartbreak, if you will ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

He stilled at the sight of her.

Even with the temptation of three dragons nearby, their scents making his stomach pull hungrily, the sight of her was enough to stop him dead. She was standing just behind one of the dragons, the one that smelled like ash and sickness, as he had an arm thrown out in front of her. Even though he wobbled on his feet, his battered body barely able to stand, he stayed firmly placed.

Protecting her at the cost of himself?

The fool.

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George x Reader (first post!)

Y/N = your name Y/L/N = your last name Y/F/N = your friend’s name

You felt a soft force hit the back of your head, but deciding that it was just your imagination, you continued to scribble down notes as Professor Snape gloomily went on with his class. Out of the blue, an object hit your shoulder again.

“What the-” You lifted your head up from your notes to find a crumpled piece of parchment sitting in front of you on the table. Exasperated, you proceeded to put it in your bag to throw away later.

“No!” You heard a familiar voice from right behind you as you pulled the parchment out of sight. Everybody, including Professor Snape, now had their heads snapped around to the source.

“Yes, Mr.Weasley?” Professor Snape crossed his arms in front of his chest, his voice booming across the large classroom.

“Uh-nothing, sir.” George quickly replied.

“DETENTION, Mr.Weasley. Tonight.” He turned back to his demonstration, a flicker of amusement in his eyes.

Whilst Professor Snape wasn’t looking, you turned towards George, eyebrows raised.

“Open the note!” He whispered, inclining his head towards the piece of parchment still in your hand.

Rolling your eyes, you smoothed out the note under your desk.

Hogsmeade next weekend? It read.

You suppressed a laugh, causing your cheeks to go red. “There’s something called asking in person too, you know.” You smirked up at him.

“Y/L/N!” Professor Snape’s agitated voice made you turn back to the front of the classroom.

“Detention tonight for you too.” He said, his dark eyes piercing yours.

“Y-yes sir,” You stammered, cheeks growing even hotter than they already were as several of your classmates giggled.

Professor Snape’s lips curled slightly as he commanded the class to get into pairs.

“So was that a yes, Y/N?” George whispered into your ear as the class stood up to get into pairs.

You simply nodded as Y/F/N whisked you away, and George made his way to Fred, a goofy grin on his face.

Thank you so much for reading! This is my first post, so I hope you like it xx

P.S. It’d also be great if you could request things as well!


So, there’s no visual of my face cause you really don’t wanna see the expressions I pull when sight reading
But @just-your-new-york-witch-doctor made me do another thing…
I’d just woken up so forgive the quality (or extra lack thereof)
It’s horrendous and yeah…


“Windy Old Weather” from Assassin’s Creed Rogue

As we were a-fishing off Happisburgh light
Shooting and hauling and trawling all night,
In the windy old weather, stormy old weather
When the wind blows we all pull together

When up jumped a herring, the queen of the sea
Says ‘Old skipper, you cannot catch me’
In the windy old weather, stormy old weather
When the wind blows we all pull together

We sighted a Thresher-a-slashin’ his tail,
‘Time now Old Skipper to hoist up your sail.’
In the windy old weather, stormy old weather
When the wind blows we all pull together

And up jumps a Slipsole as strong as a horse,
Says now, “Old Skipper you’re miles off course’
In the windy old weather, stormy old weather
When the wind blows we all pull together

Then along comes plaice-who’s got spots on his side,
Says 'Not much longer-these seas you can ride.’
In the windy old weather, stormy old weather
When the wind blows we all pull together

Then up rears a conger-as long as a mile,
'Winds coming east’ly’-he says with a smile.
In the windy old weather, stormy old weather
When the wind blows we all pull together

I think what these fishes are sayin’ is right,
We’ll haul up our gear now an’ steer for the light.
In the windy old weather, stormy old weather
When the wind blows we all pull together

Note: Portion of this sea shanty can be heard when going harpooning.

Forgotten Feelings - Negan Imagine

anonymous asked:
Could you maybe do a Negan fanfic where he falls for the reader? Like, really falls for her and maybe it’s like the first time he’s had a real connection that reminds him of what humanity was like before the apocalypse began?

‘Yeah ‘scuse me, we’ll continue this later.’ Negan walks away from the man who only minutes ago had his attention about something important. A settlement of survivors he’d come across in a place called Alexandria, it’s usually something Negan would want to hear about but the man had been distracted for a few weeks now. He shakes his head and walks away. The corner of Negan’s mouth pulls up at the sight of you, he doesn’t come over to you straight away, he stands and watches you from a distance. Since you were brought back to the group after a routine run of a nearby town, you’ve occupied his every thought. As if sensing him you look up and wave in his direction. Negan feels relieved that he’s not so close to you, so you don’t see the colour that rises to his cheeks.

‘Hey.’ You say smiling up at man who welcomed you into his community, with no questions asked. You look into his eyes and feel as though there’s no one else in the room. He tilts his head and smiles back at you ‘Hi…How are you?’ You shake your head trying to be as normal as possible, he is a very good looking man, but he’s also the leader of the community and no doubt he doesn’t have time for silly little crushes from the people he’s trying to keep alive. ‘Good..you?’ Negan nods his head and puts his hand on your arm, you feel a jolt of electricity run through your body, and your mouth feels warm and tingly. ‘I’m glad I saw you..I wanted to ask if you’d eat with me this evening?’ You’re slightly taken aback by his words ‘What?’ Negan takes his hand away and shuffles his feet ‘Oh nothing funny..Just to get to know you better. I like to do it with everyone who joins.’ Your heart drops a little at these words. You mentally kick yourself for thinking it could be something more, nodding your head you smile at him once more ‘Sure, what time?’ He notices her face change but doesn’t want to misread anything ‘Sunset.’ He says smiling. You smile at him once more ‘See you later.’

Negan is pacing back and forth in the large studio room, he’s tided the place up, conscious that he wants to make a good impression on her. He looks at his reflection once more, he’s opted for a checked shirt and jeans. He’s brushing his hand through his hair when he hears a knock at the door. He walks over to the door and takes a deep breath before opening it and feels the breath leave his body. She looks beautiful.

You look at Negan and can’t help but smile, he looks so good in the shirt he’s wearing and you feel a smile play across your mouth as he takes you in. You opted for a plain black skater dress and tied your hair up when it was wet so that it dried with loose curls. You threw a shawl around your shoulders to keep the chill off ‘Come in.’ You walk over the threshold and look at your surroundings, you hear him close the door and feel your nerves flair up. ‘Can I take that?’ You feel his hand brush against your shoulder and as you turn around you don’t realise how close he is. He looks you in the eyes as he pulls the shawl from your shoulders, there’s an energy flowing between you and if you had the courage you’d reach up and plant a kiss on his mouth. ‘Thanks.’ He smiles at you once more and drapes your shawl over a coat hook by the door. ‘Sit down, get comfortable.’ You head towards a sofa that’s in front of a fireplace and settle yourself down, suddenly aware that the dress you’re wearing is a little bit shorter than you were ever used to. ‘It’s not much but I’ve been saving this for a while.’ He uncorks a bottle of red wine and pours a glass, the glugging sound almost convinces you everything is still normal in the world. He passes the glass to you and notice him blush as your fingers brush against his.

He looks at her and can’t get over how beautiful she is. Since the world slipped into hell he’s felt cold and hatred fill his veins and his mind has been filled with the most incomprehensible thoughts, but he feels different with her. She’s like the warm rays of sun that poke through storm clouds. He smiles as he watches her take a sip of the wine, she closes her eyes and breathes out through her nose. ‘Good?’ You nod your head and smile at him, your entire body relaxes with that first hit of alcohol ‘Oh yeah, thanks.’ He takes a pull of his drink and looks at you intensely ‘So…Tell me about you before all of this.’

You’ve been talking most of the night, and you see the first light of the sun start to break out above the horizon. ‘I never would have guessed.’ You nod your head and yawn. You’re so relaxed that you rest your head against Negan’s shoulder, you feel his body tense momentarily but it passes quickly enough. ‘I guess we all ha…’Before you can finish your words you feel sleep envelope you. Negan looks down and sees her asleep, he feels a warmth swell in his chest and he just wants to reach out and hold her. He doesn’t want her getting a stiff neck so he stands up gently and scoops her up in his arms. He carries her over to his bed and places her down onto it. He pulls off her shoes, leans down and gently strokes her face with his hand. She stirs slightly in her sleep and Negan freezes. Your eyelids feel heavy and you see Negan looking at you, you reach up and grab his hand. ‘Come lay down with me.’ You pull his arm ‘Ok.’

You shuffle over on the bed and a few moments later he lies down on his back, looking at the ceiling. You prop yourself up on your elbow and look down into his face ‘What’s wrong?’ You ask sleepily. He shakes his head ‘Nothing..I just don’t want you thinking I’m being inappropriate.’ You smile and flop down on the bed again, draping your arm across his chest and nuzzling your head into his neck. ‘I don’t think that..I want to be close to you.’ Negan’s whole body is tense and still, he feels his heart skip a beat. He turns to look at you, and you stare into his eyes. You reach up and touch your hand against his stubbled cheek and jaw, Negan closes his eyes and opens them again. You feel something pulling the two of you together and when his lips gently press against yours, you push yourself closer to him. The kisses he plants on your mouth are soft and slow, one hand gently cupping your face. He pulls away and looks into your face ‘What are you doing to me?’ All you can do is smile at him as you settle your head on his chest and fall into a peaceful sleep, his arms wrapped around you protectively.

I wrote this in the spirit of the winter weather, I thought it was pretty cute and at the time I getting a lot of snow where I live so it seemed appropriate. Enjoy!

Inspired by: Twenty One Pilots- Oh Ms. Believer

Oh Ms. Believer….

I threw on a hoodie and zipped it all the way up,realizing that alone wouldn’t protect me against the cold weather, I threw on my winter coat. I double checked  to make sure I have everything I need for the trip there and back.I opened the door, the cold wind greeted me immediately. I shoved one hand into my pocket, using my free one to shut the door. I looked up at the night sky, even blurred with clouds the moon still looked amazing. I pulled myself away from the sight and began my journey.

My pretty sleeper….

It was late and I knew she’d be sleeping, but I can’t help it. I needed to see her just as much as she needed to see me, maybe even more.

Your twisted mind is like snow on the road….

The wind blew and the falling snow stuck to my eyelashes and any dry clothing. It was about mid December, we always get hit with the worst snow storms at this time of year, but i’d do anything for her.

Your shaking shoulders prove that it’s colder…

My body shook at the freezing wind, but a little weather won’t stop me. I’m too determined to see her, I needed to see her. I had to set my mind right, she’s got me worried and I know I’ve worried her these past couple of days.

Inside your head than the winter of death….

She’s usually the calm and level headed one but let’s be honest, we all derail every once in awhile. She’s been shutting people out, being vague, and distant. I want to help her and that’s hard when I can’t get to her, but tonight she finally agreed to meet me. I thought meeting in the snow would be romantic and calming, but actually it’s freezing and stupid.

I saw her standing on the corner, shivering. I felt bad for making her come all the way out here but I think she deserves to hear what I have to say.

I will tell you I love you….

“Seriously Tyler? It’s like -18 degrees outside and you tell me to meet you here?” Her blue eyes still popped and stayed frozen on me as my chocolate ones stared back. Her nose was red and her eyes let out small tears, she’s probably been standing out here for a while.

“Tyler!” She snapped me out of my trance and i waited for her next words. “Please Tyler, don’t waste my time with you staring at me. Either tell me why you called me out here or I’m going home where there’s hot coco with tiny marshmallows and heat.” She sighed and hugged her body more.

“I-I love you….” I whispered, barely audible and looking at my feet.

“What?” She asked, sounding curious. “W-what did you say?” I kept silent for a moment, bringing more courage up to tell her again. Hopefully louder the second time. “Tyler, what did you say to me? It-it sounded like….Tyler ple-”

“I love you.” I interrupted, saying it with more confidence and staring straight into her bright blue eyes.“

But the muffs on your ears will cater your fears….

She stood there perfectly still, you probably would’ve though she was frozen and telling by how cold it was she could’ve been. Her pink lips had separated, a cloud of her cold breath slowly breathing out. She stuttered as she tried to find the right words to say back. Even if she doesn’t say it back that doesn’t matter. I told her how I feel and she knows it now, I’m no longer holding it in, this was just one of my fears but I know she has a thousand racing through her mind right now. Her earmuffs were laying over her ears, protecting them from the cold or any other feelings I decided to confess to her.

“I-I love you too…..” The smile slowly crept on her face as she looked back at me, passion and excitement in her eyes. Neither of us said anything else, I grabbed her hand and we ran.

My nose and feet are running as we start to travel through snow….

I can’t really say why I did that, but Jenna didn’t seem to care. She seemed to run just as fast. The snow crunched beneath our feet with each step we took, we didn’t care about the possible ice or chances of frostbite, we cared about us in that moment. We weren’t caring about our fears, the slots society throws us in, the desires and goals of other people, whether we needed go home early because we have work in the morning, none of that. We cared about how we felt with each other and how we can keep this moment of pure bliss.

Together we go….

We ran till we couldn’t anymore, till our clothes were soaked with melted snow, our noses rubbed raw from them running, our hair curling from the water, our lips chapped from the cold breeze, till parts of us turned numb, till we were happy.  She’s all I’ve ever wanted,she believes anything is possible…even us.

Together we go….

Avengers Preference 7 - He Needs You

Thor - 

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

Because it’s getting to him - not being able to travel from Asgard to see you all the time. Being you - the girl he loves - you understand, and learn not to worry about him too much, but he would go hour, after hour of feeling terrible. If he was refused to go to Midgard, he would sit in his room, relishing over the memories he would spend with you. When he eventually got back to Midgard, you were the first person he found; the second you came into his sight, pulling you into a hug which pulled you off the floor. Thor’s lips would soon find yours, making up for all the time you had spent apart. He didn’t let go of your hand for a while, either. He needed you right now, even if it was just your presence. 

Steve - 

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Because he missed everything - His old life, Bucky, Peggy… You held no feelings for the Super Solider talking about his first love, because it was her, and although he felt terrible for talking about her, he couldn’t help himself. The cure to fix him was always quite sweet - Steve would tell you a song, one he listened to. One he truly loved. Using the Internet, you would find it, and play it, gently swaying around with him; your hands round his neck, his around your waist, whilst his head rested on top of yours. It was his sign of comfort, and being able to protect something he loved. He found the homely feeling, and understood, you’d never let him go.

Tony - 

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

Because his reputation was getting to him - alright, he still did the odd flirting whenever you attended a party or social event, but you had been together for almost a year. Yet, the press were eagerly awaiting on the day you would both split, leaving Tony Stark ‘King Bachelor’ once more. Once the news of a latest article reached him, he flipped, cursing everything and everyone. You eventually found him slumped in his lab - sore throat, red eyes. You rolled your eyes, making yourself comfortable on his lap pressing a kiss to his forehead, gently humming a tune from the radio. He couldn’t help but show a content smile, either. That’s when he knew you were there, that it was real, and he needed you. 

Bruce - 

Originally posted by dairxoxo

Because he can’t stop thinking. His job seems to be taking over his life, more than the ‘Other Guy’ did, and he blamed himself for not spending as much time with you as he could. He’d come into your room at night, close to tears, as he realized all the things you could of done. Instead, his brain continue to whir with ideas and thoughts, until he thought he’d go insane. You’d see him, breaking apart, and take his head in your lap, continuously pressing kisses to his forehead until he was calm. He knew he needed you - you were his antidote to the pain he couldn’t stop.

Loki -  

Originally posted by mrs-hudsonn

Because he’s lonely - you had gone on a trip with some of your friends, and he was still located at Stark Tower. He hadn’t made the best impression on the Avengers, so isolated himself, with books, as he used to. But, since you were in his life, the loneliness and want for companionship began to grow even more. When you returned, you could barely say hello to anyone, before he dragged you away, kissing you heavily. He carefully pulled away, resting his forehead on yours. He needed you, otherwise he would fade away, becoming something he knew you wouldn’t love.

READ - I need you guys to send me Preference Ideas…I’m running low. ALSO, CAN YOU PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE IF YOU THINK I LOOK LIKE TONY STARK OR NOT?

Masterlist - http://formyfandoms.tumblr.com/masterlist

2. Casual Petrification

Wordcount: 3,968
Warnings: some violence
Summary: The plot takes off as the girls fight off some reptilian kidnappers and dive into the Laelle Wilds only to discover this plot goes far deeper than they imagined…

The alley spills out into a strip of empty green land left bare behind the huddled backs of the last row of buildings. The looming Laelle Wilds are creeping into the space as if advancing on the city’s edge. And–dragging two screaming teens through the encroaching underbrush–there are four massive serpents, accompanied by what appears to be a naga and a presumably human woman covered in scales.

The girls pull up short at the sight of the kidnappers. Though most of them pause, stunned and slightly perturbed by the unusual creatures, Runa is unfazed and charges forward before the others can stop her. She pulls her sword from where it’s hidden beneath her clothes and stabs it down through the trailing tail of one of the four giant snakes, which hisses and turns on her, baring fangs as long as her hand. She makes a face at it, reverses her grip on the sword, and swings the blade around to slice the thing’s head off.

Naiakiir concentrates, flinging a bubble of protective magic at Runa just as the second snake lunges at her, its fangs bouncing uselessly off the soft golden glow. Lisseth takes a moment to connect to the Source, and shoots an icicle at the naga. It rears up, hissing in pain as the ice slices into its arm, and it drops its hold on the girl it was dragging. She scrambles away sobbing, landing a kick to its snake tail as she flails away from it.

Neema rushes forward, cocking the rifle and aiming for the scaled woman, who turns on Neema with a vicious smile.

“Interlopers! They would steal back our offerings!” Her voice is hoarse and sibilant, and though Neema pulls the trigger, she laughs a low hiss of a laugh, leaning to the side to avoid the bullet. She shakes her hair free of her scarf, and the snakes hidden there writhe and rise up in a halo of venomous danger. The gorgon locks eyes with Neema, who can’t quite look away fast enough, her smile growing even wider–and Neema freezes. It’s not fear so much as an enforced panic that creeps over her mind, locking her in place, her hands rigid on the barrel of the rifle. Petrified.

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“It’s just a nug, Haylan.” A smile twisted her mouth, pulled by the sight of her friend’s expression. Almost ugly by how crooked it made her usual stiff lips bend.  It was a strange sight to see on the Herald’s face, this teasing grin of hers.
But…not unwelcome.”

A wonderful bust art from being a small winner in siriusdraws​‘s giveaway. Thank you girl <3 

Thicker than water

The vampire thought he had dragged the body far enough from the sidewalk to not draw attention to himself.

The man was already dead, he had very swiftly snapped his neck on the street and pulled him out of sight into the alley. Now hidden, he could get down to business. The red haired man grinned, not bothering to roll up his sleeves as he dug his claws into the chest of the body. With a cracking sound, he ripped his ribcage in half, exposing the warm organs beneath with a spray of blood. And that’s when the meal started.


cuteteacakes  asked:

"So Cici! Where's my date? Did the petting zoo not lease him to you or something??" He grinned, kind of hoping Morgan wasn't right there to hear him. If he was in fact Doopliss's date. Which he didn't know if he hoped for or not.

“You’re lucky he’s not here yet; he’d skin you alive if he heard that!” Oh, Cecil couldn’t wait to see the look on Doopliss’s face when he saw his date. It would be better than any prank he’d pulled. Looking around, he caught sight of a familiar face, and waved to catch his attention. “There he is! Oi, we’re over here~!”

And there Morgan was, dressed to the nines with his hair pulled back as he approached. “I saw you already, Cecil. No need to shout.” Unlike Doopliss, Morgan knew who his ‘blind date’ was, but swore not to say anything.

Christmas night lights. ✨💫 Just pulled in and love this sight! ❤️🎄 I’m always so sad to take them down in January. One of my all time favorite things! It’s the last week of our #ISpyDesignSeries! This week we want to see your outdoor holiday decor! Night lights, front porch.. anything making the outside of your house festive. Can’t wait to see all of your pictures!🎅🏻
To play share a new picture with #ISpyDesignSeries and tag any friends who might want to join! You have until Tuesday 8:00 p.m. (EST) to post your pictures. The winner of the week will be announced Wednesday and will be featured on all 7 of our accounts! 🙌
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DeanXReader: Zombacalypse

Request: Can I request a one shot with TFW and reader and its the zombie Apocalypse(walk ink dead) and there just trying to find a home?

Request: Can you do a one shot of some dean x reader and something super fluffy with some scary stuff? And maybe ghosts or zombies or something? Love your writing by the way

Request: I LOVE YOUR WRITING! Could you do a one shot of team free will trying to survive the zombie Apocalypse? Maybe deanxreader? It’s cool if you don’t, I was just wondering. Sorry if it’s weird…

Request: So, Monday! Could you do a deanxreader, where Dean tells the reader to be patient, and that things can get better with time, please? Thank you very much :)

Request: Can u do a dean x reader based on the song cactus in the valley by lights?

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