pull face

- They took him once… It won’t happen again.

Iwa-chan has a healthy scepticism regarding presents jointly purchased by Mattsun and Makki.

[I knooow this is late for his birthday, shh]

WEIGHTED pull ups!!! First time ever doing these and I had no idea how much weight I could add but ended up doing 5lbs for 6 reps (not shown), 10lbs for 6 reps, 15lbs for 4 reps, and 20lbs for 3 reps!! (sorry for the weird shift in quality my camera died lol) 


Happy Father’s Day

“There’s something ancient and inevitable about this desire to do whatever you can to protect your child.”


“[American Assassin] is an origin tale that portrays Mitch Rapp as a young spook for the first time. The counter-terrorist agent is also O'Brien’s first lead role since a vehicular stunt went awry on Maze Runner: The Death Cure in March 2016, leaving him seriously injured with concussion, facial fractures and lacerations. Eight months later, he’s back and undertaking a six-week crash course in mixed martial arts and intensive weapons training. ‘I was worried about being able to pull this off,’ he concedes of the strenuous action beats. ‘It was a challenge to find my feet in the training. Funnily enough, I did get into the knife-throwing. It gets really addictive trying to find your distance, find your rotations and get it down.’” | Empire Magazine August 2017


this boy is trying So Hard to be chill™ but he is,,,so obvious?? how did Amy “amazing detective/genius” Santiago not see all of this coming?

  • his fake “noooo~”
  • his fidgeting, he literally had no idea what to do with his hands
  • HIS EYES WHEN AMY WAS TAKING THE CUMMERBUND OUT OF THE BOX “did she see it? is she gonna see it? omg just look. at. it!!!”
  • “yeah…..although *nervous swallow*”
  • his smile after he told her to read the inscription…”yeah you won. won my heart and my life, if you’ll have it. any second now….”