pull down your pants

  • Jaune: *Turns on video of Pyrrha*
  • Pyrrha: Okay Jaune. Are you ready for tonight's lesson?
  • Jaune: Yup.
  • Pyrrha: Did you remember to bring lotion today?
  • Jaune: Yup.
  • Ruby: Jaune what are you watching.
  • Jaune: Pyrrha recorded some training videos for me.
  • Pyrrha: Now Jaune, make sure to keep your eyes focused on me at all times. Now, take off your pants.
  • Jaune: *Begins pulling down pants*
  • Pyrrha, pulling off her breast plate: Now Jaune, once your underwear starts feeling tight, apply the lotion and make sure to moisten the palms of your hands.
  • Jaune: *Applies lotion*
  • Jaune: Wrist exercises! Come one Ruby, me and Pyrrha used to do these all the time. You know how they say it's all in the wrists? Well, you gotta train your wrists.
  • Ruby: JAUNE.
  • Jaune: ...Holy shit I'm an idiot. These aren't wrist exercises, she just wanted me to jack off to her.
  • Jaune: Guys
  • Jaune: I think Pyrrha might've liked me
30 second self care for tactile sensory problems

1. Take off your shoes, pull up your socks and put your shoes back on. (Bonus: make sure to toe seam is placed correctly)
2. Pull your pants up, and your shirt and sleeves down.
3. Make sure your pants pockets are straightened out.
4. Bra wearers: Adjust your melons, pull your bra down, adjust the straps, untwist if necessary
5. Underwear: Untangle them, pull them up.

Bonus #2: If you wear a binder and are in a place where you CAN, take it off for a while and breath

If you are feeling anxious or in an uncomfortable situation, excuse yourself to the restroom and try a couple of these. It sounds lame, but you’d be surprised at how many “little things” can contribute to sensory overload, even when you aren’t thinking about it. Take care of yourself guys!!

Seventeen reaction to their virgin S/O asking to try thigh riding


Anon: Seventeen (if you can only do units then the vocal) where their virgin s/o asks if they wanna try thigh riding? *slowly hides back in the shadows* thank you so much! 💟

Hello Anon! Thank you for requesting! Decided to treat you to the entire group except Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino. I hope you like it lol. Not that smutty tbh but still lol! xx

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  • Little Girl : Mom, what's this ?
  • (***she pulled down her pants***)
  • Mom : That's your garage, don't let boys put their car into your garage.
  • Next Door Little Boy : Dad what's this?
  • (***he pulls down his pants***)
  • Dad : That's your car, you need to put that into a girl's garage.
  • (***He nods and hops off***)
  • Little girl walks in with her hands covered with blood..
  • Mom : What happened!?
  • Little Girl : The boy from next door tried to put his car into my garage so I pulled off it's wheels.
Losing your virginity to Carl Grimes :

(Woooowooo more virginity prompts :3 It’s a little more fluffy than anything else XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.) 

-It being the first time for the both of you and you being prepared for it

-You making out together with as much love and passion you have for another

-Him holding you tightly against him and not wanting to part with you for a second

-Him slowly starting to grope your body and making you feel good

-You trying to return the favor and doing the same for him

-The two of you then stumbling towards the bed and even finding time to laugh about it

-Him taking the opportunity to start pulling down your pants and making you laugh even more to see him eager

-You helping him out of his clothes and holding him tight as you start to kiss him again

-You taking your time to appreciate him as he had been and even making sure to reassure him about his eye

-Him entering you and trying to soothe the pain away by holding you tightly and kissing you

-You both falling asleep in each others arm

Warren Worthington iii + “Can I get a list of things Warren does to you in bed?”

  • Warren holding your hips down while he eats you out.

His large hands wrapping around your hips, his nails digging into your skin, leaving crescent shaped marks while his lips wrapped around your clit and sucked harshly on it. All the while his sinful blue eyes stared back up at you.

  • Warren pulling your hair while he takes you from behind.

Neither of you were naked, instead his pants were pulled down past his hips and your skirt had been pushed up past yours-your shirt had been discarded across the room and your breasts had been pulled free from the cups of your bra so they were pressed against the desks cool wood. One of his hands was around your wrists while the other had curled itself in your hair. Everytime he pulled his length out he’d grip your hair tighter and pull on the roots.

  • Warren bending you over his lap to spank you.

The room was dark, the only light were the few jasmine smelling candles that were littered around the room. You had lacy white underwear on and a mismatching bra-it was a hot pink push up. Warren had on his stain boxers, which felt like heaven as you rested across his lap, ass in the air. You know he called the spanks “punishment” but you both knew that every time his warm hand left a rosy red mark on your cheeks you never felt anything other than pleasure.

  • Warren having you call him daddy.

It’d been when he had your arms pinned above your head and your legs wrapped around his waist. “Call me daddy.” His voice was rough and his lips were brushing up against your necks pulse. You let out an agreeable hum while he rutted against. “What was that?” He bit your earlobe. “Yes-yes daddy!”

  • Warren saying I love you.

You were cuddling in bed. You were both sweaty, naked and out of breath. “Hey.” You up looked at Warren, your head lifting itself off his chest ever so slightly. “I love you.”


Being a Curtis sister… (Head Canon)

-You continuously argue with Darry because he treats you like a child, you’re older than Ponyboy and he get’s even more freedom than you do.
-Darry threatening to break the gang’s bones if they so much as look at you in a sexual manner. 
-Having to go bra shopping with Darry when you move up two cups… and Darry blushing the whole time. 
-Sodapop always going to the movies with you, because he knows just how hard Darry is on you. 
-Having a crush on Johnny Cade and wanting nothing more than to take him away from the harsh life that he lives.
-Giving Ponyboy advice because that boy is so goddamn clueless when it comes to girls.
-One night you sneak out, only for Soc’s to come across you one night when they’re roaming the streets blind drunk. 
-Darry and Two-Bit finds you lying on the floor, blood pouring from your body with a soc pulling down his pants as the others hold you down- and suddenly it all seemed so damn clear as to why Darry was so strict on you… he just didn’t want to see something like this happen to you. 
-Darry takes you home and cleans you up- he doesn’t yell… you look at him and see a strange calm on his face- and then he breaks down, he holds you in his arms because he is so damn sorry- he pushed you into sneaking out, he was so strict on you that it had the opposite effect. 
-Johnny stays with you every single day, helping you to try and get over your ordeal… he doesn’t leave you.
-Johnny tells you how he feels… and you ask him out, Darry doesn’t mind so much that Johnny is your guy.
-Marrying Johnny and taking him away from the harsh life that he lives…

Camping Trip (SMUT)

A/N: I’m in dire need of some Niall smut. This is also for the anon who requested for smut with GIFs. Not sure if you’re the same person who requested this, but here ya go! Also, pretend the bed in the GIFs is a sleeping bag XD

Character: Niall

Warning(s): Smut + NSFW visuals

DISCLAIMER: NSFW GIFs used aren’t mine.

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“You know, I never was into fucking boys.” Negan smirks as you kiss your way down to his navel.
“You’ll not regret it.” You respond and open his belt, slowly and teasingly.
The older one growls impatient, his hand fists in your hair as you pull down his pants and boxer.
“Fuck boy, you were right.” He groans as you spoil him with your mouth..


On the counter in the kitchen, I approach her with a kiss to her neck. Catching her by surprise, I kissed her roughly as I started to undo her pants. I move down her neck with my lips, grazing my tongue over her collarbone. I shove up her bra to put my mouth to her nipple sucking on it gently and pinching it between my teeth. I shoved her back against the wall as I pulled off her pants and kissed down your stomach, ultimately putting her legs over my shoulders. I leaned forward and slid my tongue up the slit between her thighs. Pushing her legs up as I spread them, I spread my tongue over her clit then massaged it firmly. Making out with her pussy, I lick, suck, and tease her repeatedly. She moans and squeaks running her fingers through my hair. Her hips start rolling as she grinds herself over my tongue, her eyes rolling back as she does. With a moan and a biting of her lip she groans “I’m gonna cum” followed by her moaning uncontrollably as she cums into my mouth. She pulls me up to kiss her with a whisper “Thank you”

Bruise (Sherlock x Reader)

Originally posted by mycroftslittlebrother

Sherlocks gaze went up and down your body, briefly staying at your bloody knuckles. You felt blood running down your nose and out of your split lip. Dark bruises were growing darker and darker per second. “You were in a fight”, he stated. You grumbled, pushing past him. “I really don’t have the nerves to talk to you right now, so leave me alone.”, you exclaimed, walking straight to your room. You shut the door behind you loudly, peeling of your shirt. Your sides hurt like hell. Bending over to pull down your pants was hard, but you managed to do it.

You cursed under your breath as you examined your body. Suddenly your door was thrown open, but before you could yell or cover your body you were wrapped up in a hug. You struggled weakly, but that only hurt you further. Sherlocks scent invaded your mind. “Sherlock… what?” He just sighed, pushing you backwards until you were sat on the bed. He pulled back, placing supplies on the bed beside you.

After you were patched up, Sherlock sat down beside you. You hadn’t said a word the entire time, only and occasional hiss escaped you. Sherlock looked you up and down, making sure he didn’t miss any injuries. Then, he carefully cupped your cheeks and pressed a light kiss to your lips. “Let me help you the next time”, he mumbled, straightening up and leaving your room.