pull apart sweet rolls


Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread 

this is just me getting out some anahardt feelings bc there’s not enough out there and reinhardt is a huge teddy bear who’s been in love more than half his life

Reinhardt stood outside of the door, swallowing around the lump in his throat as he burned the door’s number into the back of his eyes. 

It was her old room, preserved perfectly after all this time, if not for a fine layer of dust (he used to keep it up a bit better before Overwatch split up and he wasn’t able to visit Gibraltar anymore.) He remembered many a night when he would sit with her in that room, hiding away from all of the drama and tension between Gabe and Jack, drinking her strong Arak or his ale and laughing the night away.

He often tried to remember the last time they had done that. If he had known it would be the last, perhaps he would’ve made it more of a ceremony.

But now she was back, both her funeral and years of mourning rendered moot.

And Reinhardt had really, honestly thought she was dead, so he’d never let himself consider what he’d do if Ana were to ever return, so he was both surprised and unsurprised by his own reaction.

He could’ve been angry, like McCree, or furious, like Fareeha. He could’ve been astonished, fighting back tears, like Mercy, or give great, heaving sobs like Torbjörn. He could’ve even had bright stars in his eyes, zipping around asking questions like Lena, or looks of confusion like the newcomers, Hana and Lúcio.

But when Ana had appeared on their doorstep, with an eyepatch and long, raven hair grayed with age but still as beautiful as the day he’d met her, he was silent, stoic, observing. The others had definitely noticed it because Reinhardt was never silent, not even when he was asleep (Mercy had tried hundreds of tests and treatments to relieve his thunderous snoring, to no avail,) but they were either giving him his space or were too wrapped up in everything to worry about him.

Either way, even if they had approached him, it wouldn’t have changed that he had gone back to his room once all the excitement had died down, locked the door behind him, and wept.

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Sweet potatoes round up please!!!

Here’s a vegan sweet potato round up, vegan sweet potato fry round upvegan sweet potato burger round up and vegan sweet potato brownie round up. Below are other sweet potato recipes that have been posted in the past. Feel welcome to let me know if there’s a specific sweet potato round up that you’d like to see. Enjoy!