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I’ll never give up on you

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Jace Wayland x Reader 

Warnings : none 

Request :  Hello!! Could you do a fic where reader is dating Jace but someone comes up to her and lies to her saying Jace has said he is going to break up with her. Before reader can talk to Jace about it he has an accident and temporarily loses his memory. The reader decides not to tell him about their relationship because she doesn’t see the point if he wants to leave her anyway. But then he gets his memory back and confronts her about not telling him. Fluffy end please, thanks! Xo

     “ Babe , hi !” Jace greeted turning you around and kissing your soft lips tenderly , you gave in placing your hands around his neck kissing him back .

     “ Hi !” you answered softly as you pulled apart , your arms still wrapped around his neck , you buried your head in the crook of his neck and he chuckled kissing the top of your head . “ What are you going to do today ?” you asked curious about what was he going to do , you always cared about him and you needed him close this is why you still had your arms around him .

     “ I’m going on a mission with Alec in a few hours and I don’t think I’ll see you until tonight so I’ll better spend the left time with you .” he says and takes you up carrying you to his room as you giggled between his kisses .

     “ So , how are things going on ?” Roger asked as he came behind you placing his hands on your waist . You quickly pulled apart and turned around looking at him trough narrowed eyes .

     “ What do you want ?” you asked in a demanding tone as you didn’t liked to around him .

     “ You’re more irritated than usual , seems like there are serious problems in Paradise. It’s no so surprising that Jace plans to break up with you .” he said and turned around .

     “ What the hell are you talking about ?” you yelled trough gritted teeth .

     “ I heard him talking with Maryse , he said that he is not sure that this works for him and that he thinks that it’s better t break up with you than to still be in this thing since he doesn’t finds it pleasurable anymore .”

     “ What ?! No , this is not true ! You’re lying to me , you manwhore !” you yelled as you got closer to him and kicked his chest with your tiny but strong palms . He catches your wrists and holds you closer .

     “ Shhhh …. Calm down , (Y/N) ! Calm down , little one !” he whispers as loud sobs escape from your lips and hot tears leave your eyes falling on your cheeks .

     “ This is not true . This is not true …” you kept muttering this words under your breath as Roger was rocking you back and forth trying to calm you down as sobs were wrecking your body violently .

     Eventually , you calmed down and escaped from the cage that his arms had made around you .

     “ Thank you for telling me !” you say and leave the room in a rush and you don’t want more people to see you crying . You went into your room and sat n the bed crying . After you finished crying you took a shower and changed from the sweaty clothes in some new ones . 

     You wondered around the Institute when Alec burst into the hall holding a bleeding , unconscious Jace in his arms . You rushed to them and helped Alec to carry Jace to the infirmary . You applied some creams made from herbs before Alec drew some iratze’s on his body .

     You and Alec took care of Jace for the next four days as he was still asleep , Alec saw that something was off with you but when he asked you what it is you said that it was nothing .

     After days of waiting Jace finally opened his eyes and he looked at you with a curious gaze and at Alec just as always as if he’s the best thing that can ever happen to him , his brother , his parabatai .

     “ Good , you’re awake ! How are you feeling ?” Alec asked as a bit of his worry fading away as he was his brother awake .

     “ I’m fine . Who is she ? “ Jace asked as he was still looking at you .

     “ She’s (Y/N) , your …”

     “ Alec can we talk outside ?” you asked suddenly as you cut Alec off .

     “ Sure . I’m coming back in a second .” he said looking at Jace then he followed you outside .

     “ What is it ?” he asked and looked at you with hie piercing blue eyes .

     “ Don’t tell him that I’m his girlfriend !” you demanded and Alec looked at you shocked .

     “ Why ?” Alec couldn’t understand why you didn’t wanted Jace to know about you two.

     “ I heard him talking with Maryse and he said that he’s not happy anymore and that he wants t break up with me .” you informed him and Alec looked at you suspiciously .

      “ Why would he talk with my mum about this ? I’m his parabatai and he never told me about something like this .” Alec affirms and you lover your head .

     “ You’re a boy , Alec , maybe he wanted some advice about how he could break up with me without hurting me and he decided to ask your mum .” you tried to convince him and Alec nodded .

     “ Okay , I’ll won’t tell him .” he promises and goes back into the room to talk with Jace . You go in moments later , and apply some of your creams on Jace’s temples as he said that his head was hurting a lot .

     A moths passed and Jace still didn’t got his memory back , you wasn’t sure if you should be happy about this or not but for the moment it was okay .

     Magnus checked on Jace and told him that his memory will come back in a few months if he didn’t used a rune to open his mind . Even if Jace wanted to do so , Magnus convinced him to wait  for them to come back instead of forcing them to come now , but Jace got this feeling that something extremely important was missing and he just couldn’t wait anymore .

     After a few more weeks he went to Alec and asked him to made the rune of remember on his skin . Alec tried to convince Jace to wait but he didn’t wanted to so Alec drew the mark and looked as Jace’s eyes rolled back and he fainted . After half an hour Jace woke up . His eyes were wide with anger and concern.

     “ Where id (Y/N) ?” he asked in a instant and Alec told him to go to your room .

     Jace entered as a storm in your room and wrapped his arms around you , kissing your lips in an instant .

     “ Why did you kept it away from me ? Why didn’t you told me that you’re mine ?” Jace asked as he pulled apart looking at your eyes whom were full with tears .

     “ You want to break up with me ? Why I should tell you this since you don’t want me anymore ?” you asked and pulled apart from Jace , tears rolling on your cheek .

     “ What the hell are you talking about ?” he yelled full of anger .

      “ Roger heard you when you told Maryse that you want to break up with me and he told me .” you said softly and Jace came closer to you .

     “ I’ll never break up with you , he lied (Y/N) ! I’ll never give up on you ! You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I love you (Y/N) ! I’ll always be here with you love , I swear you’re the only thing that I want , the thing that my heart and body craves for in every second of my life !” he affirmed as he kissed your head . You looked in his eyes and he lowered his head kissing your lips softly as if he wanted to assure you that he’s never going to leave you and that you two belonged t each other from the beginning and nothing is going to change that .

Imagine Legolas messing with your horse…and he ends up kissing you.
{Not my gif}

“Legolas!” I called. I’m about to yell out for him again when I see him kissing my horse’s muzzle. I chuckle and roll my eyes.
“I see you’re very fond of my horse.” I laugh. He looks at me and laughs.

“Of course! He is yours, so of course I’m fond of him!” He tells me. My horse nudges me, making me stumble into Legolas.

“I think he knows something!” I hear Merry shout behind me. I roll my eyes.

“What does he know?” Legolas whispers, turning to face me.

“Nothing.” I say, blushing. Legolas smirks.

“You’re lying.” He whispers again. I gulp. My horse sighs and walks off. Legolas and I burst into laughter.

“I didn’t think he would want to see anything else.” Aragorn chuckles. I shoot him a glare and he shrugs. I turn my attention back to Legolas. He slowly, yet softly presses his lips to mine. I’ve always loved the feeling of his lips on mine. His hand moves to behind my neck and my hands to his cheeks.

“Alright you two! That’s enough!” I hear Pippin laugh as we pull apart. I just roll my eyes.

“One day they’ll understand.” Legolas tells me.

“Maybe. Maybe.”

I loved this gif!! I needed to an imagine with it…so I did.

All Nightmare Long - Draco Malfoy Imagine

A/N: hello dearies, here comes another (awesooome) request :D

Anonymous said: Can I please get a Draco one where its 5th yr & we’ve been dating since 4th, but Pansy still isn’t over him?So shes always throwing sly insults at me & my responses are usually sharper, but one day I hit her where it hurts& she slips me a potion that causes nightmares. I end up having to go to Draco’s dorm every night till he finds out with the help of his friends that its her fault& they get her back while I recover in the hospital wing? Then he visits me& the boys come later& it’s all fluffy!! 

so… here it goes :D 

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

Your name: submit What is this?

All Nightmare Long

“Hey, how’s my favorite girl?” (Y/N) heard her boyfriend’s voice coming towards her.

“Hi love” she said smiling up at Draco Malfoy as he leaned down to kiss her lips.

“I missed you” he said sitting on the sofa next to her.

“I missed you too” she said closing her book. How was Quidditch practice?”

“It was alright. We’re going to crush Ravenclaw on Saturday” he said smirking.

“Well, I don’t doubt it we do have the best Seeker in the entire school” she said smiling at him and kissing him on lips again until she heard a familiar voice she despised.

“Ow, look how adorable” Pansy Parkinson said walking over to the couple with a bunch of girls behind her.

(Y/N) and Draco pulled apart rolling their eyes. Draco quickly wrapped his arm around (Y/N)’s shoulders and she buried her head on his chest. Draco and (Y/N) had been dating over a year now and they both couldn’t be happier. But Pansy seemed to think that Draco still belonged to her; which, according to Draco, he never did. The point was that Pansy always found a way to mess with (Y/N), insulting her and bringing her down. She had tried really hard not to let her get on her nerves and most of the time, she succeeded, but sometimes, she just didn’t know when to stop.

“What do you want, Parkinson?” Draco said glaring at her.

“Oh, no need for last names, Drakey dear” she said smiling at the blonde boy.

“Seriously, what do you want?” (Y/N) said annoyed glaring at her too.

“Nothing with you, obviously” she said rolling her eyes. “As if I would waste my time with a pathetic being like yourself” she said laughing and making her group of friends laugh.

“Hey! Don’t talk about her like that” Draco said upset getting up.

“Honestly Draco, I don’t even know what you see in her?” she said rolling her eyes. “Never thought you’d like stupid little cry-babies” she mocked him.

“Really? Is that the worse you can do? Wow, you’re really losing your touch, Parkinson” (Y/N) said rolling her eyes. “Pathetic.”

“Ugh, please! Do you even know what everyone says about you?” Pansy said turning to glare at the girl.

“Whatever it is, it can’t be worse than what they say about you” (Y/N) replied. “I mean, you’re the one who’s been after my boyfriend for over a year now” she pointed out. “You’re the one that has to bring people down just to feel better about yourself” she continued.

“Oh, please I am better than anybody in here and everyone knows it” she said crossing her arms.

“That’s what you tell yourself every morning, isn’t it?”

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All the yarn I found, save for the armload that needed to be re-wrapped.

This doesn’t include any yarn that is being used for partially-made projects that will probably be pulled apart and re-rolled.

So much yarn. Holy moley. (The grey tote has mostly-finished projects in it)


Give My Love to Huckleberry Finn - Part Seven

Cece didn’t wake until noon. Harry was still fast asleep, so she quietly slipped out of Louis’ cot and climbed down the ladder. The barn doors were open; Louis must’ve come in at some point. When she went around the barn to use the outhouse, she saw him knelt in the fields, a brimmed hat on his head to block out the sun, which was big and bright that day.

           Another half hour went by before Harry began to stir. Cece sat on Louis’ cot, rereading her favorite passages from Huck Finn to pass the time. When she heard him let out a little groan, she put the book aside and knelt down beside his bed.

           “Harry? You okay?”

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Changed: Part 10

Part 10: Seen

Summary: A/U in which the Reader is married to and has a child with Soldier!Steve.

Pairings/Characters: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader, Bucky x Natasha, Sam x Natasha, Peggy, OC Daughter – Emma

Warnings: Angst. Funerals. Death. Language. General Sadness. Smut. Panic attack. IDFK READER BEWARE.

A/N: Ok. Another short chapter. Hang in there. It’s about to go down, okay?BTW. THIS IS UNBETA’D and NOWHERE NEAR WHERE I WANTED IT TO BE SO BE GENTLE. 

Sitting alone on the couch, a dull ache washing over your heart.

What was that? Was Bucky cheating on you? Did Bucky fuck the babysitter? No. It couldn’t be. Could it? He’s the perfect man; loyal, intelligent, jaw dropping. Let it go.

Tapping your foot against the hardwood, your mind races, visualizing the worst possible scenarios.

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Let’s summarize the first week, shall we? 😊

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Greek Turkey Meatball Gyro with Tzatziki


Super Energy Cranberry Apple Smoothie

Chocolate Rose & Ribbon Rainbow Cake

Italian Butter Cookies (Lingue di Gatto)

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Quinoa Soup




Thai Chicken & Rice Noodle Soup

Steak Bites

Garlic Parmesan Pull Apart Rolls Recipe


Oh tumblr


Darling (Happy X Reader)

I’m still in mourning but luckily for y’all this mourning process has proved beneficial to my muse. 

First and foremost thank you to the legend; Prince. This one-shot would not exist without you. You are the embodiment of sexuality. 

Second - I don’t generally write smutty filled things but today is a special day. 

Third: My recommendation is to listen to the song that inspired this short. It’s hot as f**k (link below) 


Part I | Part II | Part III

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WARNING: Straight up smut. 

Playlist: Darling Nikki - Prince

He drove past the sleek black mustang parked on the opposite side of the street without taking notice of it. Had he seen that particular car sitting there, he wouldn’t have been surprised to see that his house had been broken into. Nonetheless, he continued on, oblivious to the fact that there was someone awaiting his return. He pulled into his driveway, turned off the ignition and pushed out the kickstand. 

You heard as he killed the engine and grinned to yourself. It was about time. You rolled off the bed, stretching your arms above your head. Game on.

He moved to insert his house key into the lock but when the metal ground against the door, the latch jiggled and it creaked open. His nostrils flared. He shoved his keys back into his pocket and yanked his gun out of the back of his jeans. He used the tip of his firearm to nudge the door further open and peered around the corner. All the lights were out. This was shaping up to be the M.O. of an ambush. His teeth clenched together, the tick showing in his jaw, as he stepped through the threshold.

You shed your leather jacket, dropping it haphazardly on the floor. You heard the click of the door opening and chuckled. He was playing right into your hands. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and plugged it into your portable dock. You had your little set up arranged on his dresser. You scrolled through your playlists, finding your song and pressed play when it came up. You adjusted the settings to play the song on repeat and then turned up the volume.

He heard a rustling from down the hall, coming from his bedroom. He took a cursory glance around his living room before confirming that it was clear. He was inching down the hallway when he heard it. He could recognize that song from the first two notes.

You swayed on the spot, using the beat of the music as momentum to pull your shirt up over your head. Any second now he was going to come barging through the door, demanding to know why you were here. You popped the button of your jeans through the fabric and were just bending over when his door swung open. You tossed your hair over one shoulder, and gazed over at him, your body still bent over.

“Y/N.” His deep rasp sounded.

He watched as you bit down on your lip and he growled.

“What are you doing here?” He demanded.

You gave him a sweet grin, “Can’t a girl visit her boo?”

“You say that every time.” He exasperated.

You shrugged, tugging your jeans down over your bottom and down your legs. You stepped out of the pooling fabric and advanced towards him. He froze as you approached, his fingers tightening around his gun. You ran your fingers down the edge of his arm, starting at his shoulder and ending by circling around his wrist. With delicate fingers you pried his gun away from him and set it on the dresser next to the speakers. Without giving him the chance to recover from your touch, you stuck your tongue out and licked his clavicle across his chest and up his neck. When you reached his ear you nipped.

“I missed you.” You whispered to him.

He groaned and attempted to back away. You grabbed his wrist and hooked his hand between your legs, stroking his fingers against your already soaked panties. You watched as he rolled his eyes at his welcoming. He threw all caution to the wind and reached around your back with his other hand, snapping your bra strap open. You laughed at his enthusiasm and let the undergarment fall off of your body. He leaned against you, his lips crushing into yours. His hands roamed your body, getting his fill of all the bare skin showing. You began backing up until the back of your knees hit the edge of his bed and you tumbled backwards. His body barreled towards yours, his hands landing on either side of your face to stop him from crushing you. Using all the muscles in his upper body, he launched himself up and tore his shirt off, jumped out of his jeans and crawled on top of you again. You yanked his face towards yours and bit down on his lower lip. He pulled your legs apart, rolling his lower body against yours. You arched your back, throwing your head backwards and let out a moan of anticipation.

“You want me that bad, Y/N?” He grumbled.

“Oh god… Yes Happy.” You let out another moan and he ran his fingers along your body over the flimsy fabric.

He hooked his fingers into your thong and ripped it off, destroying the only underwear you’d brought with you. He slide two fingers into you and bowed his head at the feeling.

“No fore play?” He growled into your ear. 

You wrapped your legs around his hips and using his body weight as an anchor, flipped him over onto his back. You raised up, smacking his arm away and positioning him in place. You sent a brief prayer to whatever higher being there was out there, thanking them for IUD’s and then dropped down on him, burying his member deep within. You both let out strangled groans. His hands snapped up and ground into your hips. You rocked your body against his, placing both hands on his chest to keep yourself upright. His gaze was glued to the area of your body’s that were slamming together, the sound of slapping skin overpowering the soundtrack.

Before either of you could create a rhythm, Happy shoved you off of him, pinning you down on the bed and forcing his tongue into your mouth. He yanked away, grabbed you by your upper arms and flipped you over onto your front. His body loomed over yours and you felt his hot breath on the back of your neck.

“You know how this has to end.” He reminded.

You curled your fists into his sheets and pushed your entire lower body up into the air, “Yes Happy. Please, finish this.”

He slapped your ass hard enough that there would be a mark there in the morning. You yelped in absolute pleasure and whimpered, wanting him to stop teasing you. His hands connected with the sides of your body and he tugged you towards him. He plunged deep into you causing you to cry out. Your bodies rocked with the momentum and you could feel the heat in your body start to settle in your pelvic area. You slammed your hips backwards into him, matching him thrust for thrust. You could feel his movements become erratic and you knew that you were both close. He pulled out, smacked you across the bottom a second time before plunging back into you. You whipped your hair backwards and screamed incoherently as your orgasm grew closer.

“Say my name.” He grunted.

“I’msoclose.” You jumbled the words together.

He smacked you for a third time, “Say.My.Name.”

He pounded into you, waiting for you to hit your peak. He was having trouble keeping pace, keeping his own orgasm at bay. He wanted you to come undone first. You pushed back into him even harder and felt as your body began to quake.

“Happy!” You cried out as your orgasm boiled over.

He let out a satisfied huff and thrust five, four, three, two, and finally one last time before his own pleasure took a hold of him. Completely spent, the both of you dropped down onto the bed. A damp layer of sweat covered both your bodies as you laid there, side by side, breathing heavily. You flung one arm out and laid it across his chest. He dipped his arm under your neck and tugged you closer.

“We have to stop meeting like this.” He murmured into your hair.

You gave a breathy laugh, “Let’s talk about it in the morning.” 

He didn’t respond verbally but you felt the shock your statement caused through his body. He froze for a brief second and then he relaxed.

“Alright.” He agreed.

You snuggled together until your breathing evened out and your eyes fluttered shut.

You woke up an hour later, gazing around the room. It was still plenty dark outside. That gave you just enough time to get out of town before he woke up again. You rolled out of the bed, careful not to make an unnecessary noise and picked each piece of your clothing back up. When you reached for your ripped up underwear you couldn’t help the smile that grew on your face. You slid the speakers off his dresser and tiptoed out of his bedroom. You made your way to the kitchen, pulled on all your clothes and then rummaged through his drawers until you found a paper and a pen.

“Until next time, boo.” You wrote and drew a heart next your name. With a final touch, you placed the spent thong on top of the note.

You shoved your speakers into the duffle bag you left on the kitchen table, tucked your phone into your back pocket and then slipped out his front door. You skipped down his driveway, across the road and up to your mustang. You unlocked the door and dropped your bag into the passenger’s side seat. You pushed the keys into the ignition and turned, letting the engine roar to life.

He jolted awake, hearing the sudden roar of an engine and reached for you. His eyes popped open when he found you missing. He flung out of bed, swiping up his boxers and running towards the front door. He reached it just as you sped off down the road. He punched the door, pissed that you’d run out on him for the millionth time. He whipped the door shut behind him and tread into the kitchen. He flicked the light on and spotted the note right away. He read it and produced a feral growl. He fell for your tricks again.

“Dammit, Y/N!” He grumbled into thin air, “Not again.”

The Signs as Sweets from Harry Potter
  • Aries: Pumpkin Pasties from the Hogwarts Express
  • Taurus: Professor Slughorn's Banoffi Pie
  • Gemini: Honeyduke's White Chocolate Truffles
  • Cancer: Sirius's Citrus Sandwich Cake with Mango Filling
  • Leo: Hagrid's Custard Sponge Cake
  • Virgo: Mrs. Weasley's Double Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Libra: Hogwarts' Cinnamon Pull-Apart Breakfast Rolls
  • Scorpio: Butterbeer from the Three Broomsticks
  • Sagittarius: The House-elves' Chocolate Éclairs
  • Capricorn: Hogwarts' Creamy, Dreamy Chocolate Gateau
  • Aquarius: The Beauxbaton's Blancmange
  • Pisces: Hogwarts' Halloween Pumpkin Delights

anonymous asked:

I hope you still write prompts! So high school au. Stiles is a popular jock, Derek is kind of a nerd. Anyway, Stiles has a huge crush on Derek and tells him that. Repeatedly. But Derek doesn't takes him seriously because how could a popular guy like Stiles ever like such a dork?

i kinda changed the prompt a little


Someone is throwing pieces of a bread roll at Derek. Smirking a little, he licks his thumb and turns the page of his book as if unaffected. A crust hits his eyebrow, Derek raises said eyebrow as if fascinated by what he’s reading.


Derek shuts his book, and hears a sigh of relief. He glances over the blurb blindly, makes an interested sound, and then flicks the book open again.


Half of the bread roll lands in the middle of his page, and he sighs, looks up to glare at the beaming face across the table. The face belongs to Stiles, of course, who seems intent on disrupting Derek’s quest to finish Don Quixote. It’s been slow going, so he’s not entirely adverse to being distracted—especially by Stiles—but, he can’t say so. Instead, he looks impassively back at Stiles as Stiles wiggles his eyebrows, grins widely.

“Oh hey, did I interrupt your reading?”

Derek rolls his eyes, snatches up the bread roll and tosses it back at Stiles. Stiles opens his mouth and catches it, chews until it’s disappeared, and Derek wrinkles up his nose in disgust.

“You’re incredible.”

You’re incredible,” Stiles retorts, “What are you reading?”

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