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You're like a King Arthur expert or whatever, right? So when I was like 8 I pulled the sword from the stone, does that mean I'm the king of England?



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  • He’s a total dork, but he’s your dork
  • And he knows that his dorkiness makes you laugh and smile
  • Vernon is always trying his hardest to make all these really (cute) dumb tricks and faces whenever and where ever
  • You’ll be out on a walk in town window shopping and you look over at him and he immediately pulls a face
  • You’re out on a date at a fairly fancy restaurant and as you place your menu down in front of you Vernon’s already got a face prepped and ready for you
  • You laugh, “How long have you been holding that one?”
  • “I pulled it right after we sat down.”
  • As well as being a cute lil dork hes also really clumsy
  • We’ve all seen the videos…
  • Dropping the mic and knocking over the fan, like not a real person but the thing that blows air
  • This time its important things like your grandmothers fancy china, or even dinner
  • “Alright babe I think I can do this.”
  • “Vernon put at least one of the boxes on the floor. This is my grandmother’s EXPENSIVE AND VERY FRAGILE CHINA. It’s been in my family for generations and if you drop on-”
  • The sound of braking glass is echos in the entryway and Vernon’s face goes entirely red.
  • “I’m so sorry Y/N. I swear I didn’t mean to do it.”
  • /sigh/ “Its alright. Just give me a box.”
  • You never hold anything against Vernon though
  • (I mean the boy is clumsy, its bound to happen)
  • Vernon is also the type of guy to do the “fun” sort of dates
  • Like the arcade, amusement parks, carnivals, bowling alleys, and mini golf
  • He likes to be sort of active on your dates and hey, if hell take any chance at “showing you the ropes”
  • For instance, mini golf
  • You’ll be about halfway through the course and you’re not doing so well. Vernon is doing surprisingly well and it was you whose beaten the ball into the water hazard for the fourth time
  • “UGH!”
  • Vernon laughs, “That’s the fourth time you’ve hit the ball into the pool.”
  • “I know! I just, ugh I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”
  • “Here let me help you.”
  • Vernon gets up behind you pressing his chest against your back. He loosely grabs your hands in his as he wraps them around the putter. Hell move your hair to the side as he places his face right next to yours, your cheeks touching. Your breathing quickens and a blush creeps onto your cheeks
  • “So this is what you’ve got to do.”
  • His voice is low causing goosebumps to spread all over your body.
  • “Spread out your feet shoulder width.”
  • “Uh-uh like…this?”
  • “Mhm, that’s great babe. Now I want you to slightly bend your knees.”
  • “Perfect. Now lets try a practice swing.”
  • Vernon tightens his grip over your hands and leads you hands back as the two of you take a practice swing.
  • Your cheeks feel like they’re on fire and you’re VERY aware of how closely pressed your bodies are together and mess up the swing just a little
  • “Almost” he whispers dying tbh
  • “Now lets go for the hole”
  • You take a deep breath and try your hardest to focus on the hole and not the intoxicating scent of Vernon’s cologne
  • As you pull back and swing forward Vernon’s grip loosens until its completely gone
  • The ball goes diving down straight into the hole
  • “Babe! You got a hole in one!”
  • You turn around to face Vernon who was doing a little dance and break out into laughter
  • “I did it!”
  • He gives you one of his cute lop sided smiles and grabs you by the waist drawing you closer to his chest
  • Your heart is beating and your cheeks are heating up
  • The two of you just stare into each others eyes until your focus trails to each others lips
  • The two of you slowly lean in and right before your lips meet Vernon says
  • “I think you deserve a congratulatory kiss”
  • There’s fireworks erupting as your lips meet, and everything in that moment is just perfect
  • Gonna go dig my grave so I can die 


I hope you enjoy!~

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They took too long to take the shot because Hide kept pulling faces, so Touka got fed up and walked off. They kept it in because it gave Touka a mysterious air about her.

I started the fencing season midway. I lost my first tournament badly, getting last in the county. Everytime I was subbed in on the varsity strip, I lost. My knees would shake and my hands would tremble when I picked up my weapon. My whole team was ahead of me and I got left behind.

By the end of the second season, I am my school’s A-strip fencer, I’m the best epee they have. Before I was even declared A-strip I had beaten multiple A-strip fencers from other schools and I placed second in the annual quad meet. I don’t shake or tremble because before I pull my mask over my face, I know I’m going to win.

Never give up on yourself, change is possible, all you need is motivation. You can do anything you put your mind to. Start with the small things and before you know it point B won’t be so far away.



dance piece, floatin’ - sh*t kingz original choreography x ( 0.30-1.50 )
moves are mostly like noppo’s ( front, right )

he walks in without hesitation, a calm look pulled over his face. auditions are not something he’s used to, but all his life he’s always wanted to become an idol. so far, he has not given two cents into actually auditioning. maybe, all this time he has actually been waiting for someone to scout him. after all, jeon wonwoo has always regarded himself as someone that people want to approach, instead of being the actual instigator of a conversation (unless it’s a cute girl who’s caught his attention).

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❥ - Bending over in a short skirt / shorts / tight pants, showing off dat booty muahahaha

Jun’to groaned from where he lay, cracked porcelain skin sandy and his face hidden underneath a ridiculous sun-hat placed over it as he lay in a small patch of grass just before the ground became sand.

Apparently, this fishing trip lasted a little too long, the sun came before Jun’to expected, and the prematurely ejaculating sky-fire was giving our favorite moonie a headache.

“Xauuuuu…XAUUUU, XAUKO!”

The woman was ignoring him, so he couldn’t complain. HOW DARE SHE!

He pulled the had from his face and sat up with a squint, only to hum thoughtfully at what he saw.

The slim Keeper was bent down, attempting to unhook a particularly squirmy little fuck of a fish. As she did this, the tiny shorts she’d been wearing beneath her larger, floofier ones - can’t get /those/ wet, they’re cute! - clung wetly to her subtle form. They outlined a gently defined rear, and a slightly more functionally forged pair of thighs.

If he made a stupid comment, the girl’d probably do that thing where she meeps and gets shy.

So he lays back and rests the hat over his face.


“So, what was your favorite catch?”

“A sigh’ o’dat ass.”


“A fight’ah o’a bass.”

Gun is just Three Letters From Mom | pregaming open

She pulled hair from her face as her pencil danced between her finger. She wasn’t the most skilled artist, but good enough that she could put together a pretty decent blue print, except, well, this wasn’t really a product that needed much decency.

“Do… Do I add another gun to the thigh? No, wait, the tail!”

Her expression was serious, like this was a life or death situation, but her tone brought to mind an excited kitten. She swung her legs down from the ledge she was laying across to quickly scribble a tail gun onto the mech. Even Kanon didn’t have the skills to make something like this yet, but a girl could dream. It would take years and probably hover tech to be able to make a city sized device like this. And where would it even be used?

As it was, she sat excitedly on a a ledge outside the school, her pen twirling between her fingers fast enough for her fly away if it were any bigger.

“I’ll probably needed to add a few more cooling fans for this, an an extended engine.”

Ole crazy face 😜 pulling Maddie’s extra skin is def one of the tiny joys in life.

This has been an interesting season…getting stirred up again over here…hopefully some fresh work to come out of it


👑✨My favorite Jaebum looks✨👑 (Top 3) #3

       ↳ Changi Airport + Incheon Airport 150426

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#puttinginthework Today I did deadlifts and shoulders
• deadlifts 6x10-2 ascending weight (135lbs -> 225lbs)
• DB shoulder press 5x 15-8 ascending weight
• DB lateral raise 5x 12ish (drop) failure
• rear delt cable cross flys ss w/ face pulls on lat machine 5x 20, 15
• shoulder press machine ss w/ plate raises 5x 12-8, failure
• incline bench rear delt flys 5x 20ish
• lateral raise machine 5x failure(ish) (drop) failure
• #selfies 5x 40

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Trouble at Work - Part 3

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You look at his face which showed a mix of emotions, relief, happiness and confusion. His eyes stared into yours. He slowly leaned towards you as he didn’t seem entirely sure what he was doing. “Thank you (y/n), for saving me.” You were confused. How could you have possibly saved him? Before you could ask, he pressed his lips on yours.

There was a tenderness about it. Like you were made of paper and he didn’t want you to break. You felt as if your heart was melting. He gently placed his hand on you cheek, holding it there for a moment, before pulling away. His faced looked surprised and confused. As if the whole kiss was involuntary and something that he just couldn’t stop himself from doing. He looked at your face for reassurance. You were smiling and he began to mirror it with his own grin. The strangest thing was that it didn’t feel weird. It just felt comforting. You weren’t really sure how this was going to affect your relationship with your boss. There was a moment’s silence. You didn’t want to be the first one to say anything. “You’d better go and get some sleep but make sure not to lean on that arm. I’ll tidy up round here and then get some rest myself.” the Joker said. Him tidy? You weren’t sure that you could believe that. You were about to protest but you were tired from the day’s events. “Good night” you say as you stumble into your bedroom. The Joker watched you carefully to make sure that you were OK.

You woke up the next morning. Your arm was sore. That Harley Quinn did a really good job, you thought to yourself. After getting dressed into a purple shirt, jeans and a pair of black boots, you walk into the kitchen to get some breakfast. You weren’t particularly hungry but you needed to eat something with your pain killers. You made a cup of tea and another of coffee and brought it into the lounge. You saw that the Joker was already awake and reading a magazine. He had an empty bowl of what looked like cereal next to him. You placed the coffee next to him whilst saying “morning”. Looking around you could see that he was true to his word as your apartment was spotless. You sat in your armchair, wincing as you lifted your arm to drink the cup of tea.

“How’s the arm?” he asked. “It hurts and I didn’t sleep very well.” you reply whilst sipping your tea. It was kind of strange how neither of you mentioned the kiss you had last night. Besides, you were scared at what his answer would be, if you asked him about it. Though the Joker did occasionally look as if he wanted to say something, but then stopped himself. Luckily it was Sunday which was much more relaxed. It was the day that you could catch up on any work you’ve missed and take it easy.

You had finally gotten comfortable in your chair when your phone rings. You struggle to lean forward. “Don’t worry. I’ll get it.” the Joker says picking up the phone. You grin as you could see who it was and he wasn’t going to like it. Horror flashed over the Joker’s face as he spotted the word ‘Mum’ on the phone. “I kind of messaged my parents late last night saying that I couldn’t phone them because I had hurt myself.” you say, looking apologetically. “Ello” the Joker said as he answered the phone nervously. You burst out laughing. “They know that I’m not in the UK. You don’t have to try and sound British, especially with that terrible accent!” you giggle. The Joker grinned back at you whilst continuing to speak on the phone. “(Y/n) can’t come to the phone right now, her arm is really sore… She slipped and fell cutting it open… No, don’t worry she’s ok, she just needs to rest… I’m J. I work with your daughter… I called in on her this morning to make sure that she is alright… I’ll get her to ring you a bit later on when she’s feeling a bit better… Bye.” he hung up the phone. You could see the pressure and concentration in his face as he was talking on the phone. He had even started sweating. You weren’t sure why, they were only your parents and he deals with far worse people at work.

He stared at your phone for a moment with a puzzled look on his face. When he realised what was on it it, his cheeks started going red. “And what is this?” he asked as he handed the phone back to you. It was the photograph that you had taken of him when you had braided his hair the other day. “Hey, I was proud. I had to take a photo of my hard work.” you grinned. The Joker chuckled. After standing up to smell the bouquet of roses that the Joker had bought you last night, you sit next to him on the couch. He threw the magazine aside and stared at you. It was as if he could look at you forever. You looked into his eyes, making sure that you had his attention. “You know the first day we met at my job interview and you told me that the less questions I asked, the better we’ll get along?” “Vividly” he answered smiling. “Well, I would like to think that we are a bit past all that now, right?” you ask. “Well. Yes… (Y/n) where is this going?” he asked you with a puzzled expression on his face.

You took a deep breathe to keep yourself calm. He could see that you were nervous. “Who is Harley Quinn to you?” you asked. The Joker’s body tensed up and a cold frown appeared on his face. “She is nothing to me now. There’s no need to fret. Why are you worried about her anyway?” he said with a forced laugh. “She attacked me twice! And I appear to be the cause in her eyes. I don’t understand why someone who doesn’t know me, would want to hurt me so badly.” you say as your voice starts cracking. “She’s gone now anyway. So don’t worry.” he replies whilst staring at the floor. You sigh and say “But please can you-” “I said don’t worry!” he growled, with a look of anger on his face.

You stood up and backed away from him in fear. He was so different when he was angry. You walked out of the room and into your bedroom. You thought that it would be best if you gave him some time to calm down. Silly you for thinking that he could tell you anything. Why did he dodge this subject so much? Reaching into your work’s bag you start to look for your notebook. You might as well get some work done today. That’s odd, it’s not in there. Damn, it must still be at work because you had to be rushed home after the attack yesterday, so you could be checked out by the doctor.

Walking back into your lounge you see the Joker starting to walk towards you. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap.” he said as he began to hold your hand. “That’s alright. I just need to pop into work because I left my notes there.” you tell him. “Oh don’t worry about that today. Besides you need to rest and let your arm heal. Though I just need to go to my apartment to get changed and I have a bit of business to attend to.” he said. “I won’t be long, I’ll only pop into work. The notes aren’t going to write themselves.” you say smiling. You both leave at the same time and you lock your apartment’s door.

The reception was lot quieter today. There were only a few goons hanging around the place. Especially Phil, who was working overtime as his family is getting bigger. You chat to him about what him and his wife are planning for the new baby when it’s born. He asked how your arm was after yesterday. Picking up your notebook you have a little walk around. It was nice to look round when it was more empty. It strangely made the place feel warmer. Then you see the corridor out of the corner of your eye. That’s where they dragged off Harley yesterday. Technically you were allowed to go there but I doubt if the Joker would approve of it now that Harley was down there.
You start to walk down the corridor. “Do you think that is wise Miss?” asked Phil. “I just want to see if she’s OK.” you reply. He decided that it was best if he accompanied you.

At the end of the corridor was a room, where you could look through a wall of glass to see into a cell. There in the middle sat Harley Quinn. Her makeup was smudged over her face and her hair was messy. “Can she see us?” you asked. “No it’s one way glass. We can see her but she can’t see us. There’s also a microphone there, which we use to talk to her. The button on the side distorts the voice, so you have the choice if you didn’t want to sound like yourself.” said Phil. You walk up to the glass. Harley looked sad and bored. You felt sorry for her. There were bruises on her arms, where she was tackled to the ground yesterday. You felt like you were the reason behind her suffering. If only you knew why.

“Could you please leave us for a moment? I will come and find you when I’m done.” you asked. Phil agreed and then walked down the corridor back to the reception. He trusted you. You walked up to the microphone and held the button down. You were quite good at accents and you started to speak into the microphone with an American accent. It was easy for you since you had now lived in America for a while. “Quinn. I’ve been sent here to ask you some questions. It’s… For the Joker’s personal records.” you lie. Harley’s head turned up at the mention of his name. She grinned. “I’m all yours” she said with glee.

“What I would like to know is how do you know the Joker?” you ask. Harley laughed.“ Me and Mister J go way back. He brought the Harley Quinn out of Harleen Quinzel. He made me who I am and I thank him for it. We fell in love and there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for him. I’d die for him, kill for him, live just for him. That man has so many talents, if you know what I mean.” she giggled. “We became a butt kicking duo. Sure the relationship had its moment, we would argue sometimes. But he’s my hot-headed sweetheart. My Puddin’ is everything to me.” she smiled. You were now starting to understand why the Joker didn’t want to to talk about Harley with you. Her voice when she spoke about him was crazy bordering on obsession.

“Why did you want to see him so badly yesterday?” you ask. “Oh that’s easy.” she replied. “You see, I gave him everything. Then he left.” your eyes widened with how bluntly she said it. “Why?” you ask. “He got bored of me I guess. He was acting really distant about six months ago. We had a massive fight about something. That night I tried to see him, I couldn’t. He left me a message saying it was over, that he couldn’t handle me anymore. He broke me and then threw me away.” her voice started to crack. She looked heartbroken.

Now you were in too deep and you couldn’t resist asking Harley this question. “Why did you attack the woman on the reception desk yesterday?” you ask as you clenched your fist. Harley laughed crazily. “I’ve seen the way my Puddin’ looks at her. She’s his precious little caged bird. I thought if I take the temptation away from him then we can be back together again.” Your eyes start to fill with tears. It was not easy to listen to someone who wanted to murder you. “Why would he want her when he had you?” you ask. Harley smiles. “She’s just so… innocent. In her manner, the way she lives. Right down to that cute little British accent of hers. He likes a project you see. Sooner or later he won’t be able to resist breaking her.” Tears start to role down your face. “Thank you Miss Quinn, that is all I need for now.” Harley began to laugh again. “No problem! If you see that British bitch, tell her that maybe next time she’ll be lucky and I’ll finish the job by cutting her throat. Also tell Mister J that I’m still waiting!”

As you release the button on the microphone, you notice the camera on the ceiling. Damn, you hope that it didn’t have audio. You walk out of the room whilst drying your eyes. Harley was crazy yet she made sense. You thought that you saw a figure whip around the corner, but it could just be where you were wiping your eyes. You decided that perhaps a walk outside would be good for you to clear your head and digest what Harley had said. Besides you didn’t want to be cooped up in your apartment all day. The only problem was that you needed to have a chaperone if you were going outside, so you wouldn’t truly be on your own. You looked at Phil and saw that his mind was wondering. “Hey, I was going to have a walk around the park. That’s near where you live, right?” you ask him. “Yes Miss” he answered. “Why don’t you walk me there and then take the rest of the day off? Spent some time with your Mrs. I’ll inform the Joker and he will still pay you for the whole day.” He smiled at you. He knew that you should be protected at all times but if you were going to sort it out with the Joker than that would be fine.

You both reach the park and Phil goes home. You noticed that a purple sports car had pulled up down the road when you both had arrived at the park. Probably a coincidence but you had to admit it was odd. You message the Joker to inform him that you were at the park and what you told Phil. You also said to dock your pay to pay for Phil’s salary today. You didn’t want him to get into trouble with Joker, especially as it was your idea. You sat on a bench and just let your mind unwind. You started to write up your notes and actually found that you could get your work done quicker outside on your own. You knew when you agreed to work for the Joker, the lifestyle that you had to have. But sometimes it was just too isolated. You loved the fresh air as it breezed past you, the smell of grass and the sound of birds singing. The afternoon sun warmed your face. It was nice to be outside without a goon staring at you the entire time. You did love your job and the people that you worked with but it was the simple pleasures, like sitting outside by yourself that you missed.

Worry starts to fill your mind. What if the Joker finds out that you had spoken to Harley. He would never forgive you. He would fire you, or worse! You had to get back to your apartment and compose yourself and then tell him everything. You start to rush home. You were walking quickly on the pavement. Your face tilted downwards as you focused on what you were going to say to the Joker. You weren’t sure what you were going to do when he got really angry. Suddenly you bumped into someone. You looked up to see a man with black hair and a very expensive looking suit. He stared at you in surprise. “Oh, I am so terribly sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” you say apologetically. “No harm done. That accent, are you British?” he asked whilst smiling. His voice was quite posh sounding, it was obvious that he came from money. “Yes, Sir” you say smiling back at him. “I can see that you are in a rush at the moment but if you would ever like a tour of Gotham City, let me know. I’m Bruce Wayne.” he said. “Thank you. I’m (y/n)” you reply. You then carry on walking. What a nice guy, you thought to yourself. You had never heard of Bruce Wayne before.

When you got back to your apartment you start to look in your kitchen. You found some chocolate brownies that you had baked the other day. You pop some onto a plate. You were thinking about having one to eat a bit later. You were also planning to drop one over to Joker’s apartment. He has a bit of a sweet tooth and you thought that he might not be able to yell at you so much if he was eating something.
You pick up your phone to ring the Joker. You thought it would be easier if you called him first.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. You opened it and backed away slowly. It was him. He was smiling. “I thought I would drop by to see how you were.” he said. “Please can you sit on the couch” you asked. He sat down and you sat next to him, looking at his face. He looks at your hands and then stares into your eyes with a look of concern. It was obvious that you were scared as you were shaking a lot. “Joker there’s something I’ve got to tell you. When I went into work to get my notebook. Well I. You see. Curiosity got the better of me and I spoke to Harley Quinn. I know that you wouldn’t approve but I was frightened and wanted to know more and I-” you were starting to talk very quickly and your voice was cracking. “Shh shh. I know. I know everything.” he said as he took your hands in his and started stroking them, attempting to calm you down. “I know what you did and I know what she said to you. I should have answered your questions this morning when you asked.” he chuckled quietly. You never thought that he would have accepted responsibility so quickly like this.

“So… Is what she told me, true?” you ask. There was an awkward silence. He looked at the floor. This worried you even more. You tufted and said “I thought that we were passed all this. That we were friends. Or is it that just because you pay me to work for you, I’m your property, is that it?” He looked up at you. He knew that you didn’t mean it but it was a way for you to show him how hurt you were. It was like he wanted to get told off for his actions. He continued to stroke your hands. He sighed. Finally he was going to open up to you. “Typical Harley, not telling you the full story so she looks like the victim. She used to be my psychiatrist back in Arkham Asylum. Those were the early days. She became infatuated with me. She was close to madness back then. I thought it would be funny if I tipped her over the edge. Boy was I wrong. She became more crazy than I ever was. Stuck to me like glue, she was untameable. I was very lonely back then, she was fun and would idolise me. I mistook loneliness for love.” he looked embarrassed as he spoke. It was obvious that it was difficult for him to open up like this. You gave him a kind smile. 

“She said that everything changed after a fight you had?” you said. You knew that you didn’t want to push him but this might be the only time that he talks to you about this subject. “Ha ha, that fight. That must have been just over six months ago now. It all started when I let slip that you had started working for me. Harley got insanely jealous. How dare another woman be near me for such a long amount of time. I tried to explain that you were a work colleague but she didn’t believe me.” he laughed a little over how silly it all was. “So she broke up with you? I thought that you broke up with her?” you said confused. “I did break up with her, I had to. I completely ended it because she wanted to kill you and I wouldn’t let her. I cut off all contact with her and was happy to not see her again.” he replied.

Your eyes widened. You were in danger the entire time. “Why didn’t you just fire me and continue your relationship with her?” you ask. He smiled, his eyes staring into yours. “And give you up? There was no way I could let that happen. Sure you were my employee at the start but now you are so much more. I had finally met someone who saw the man behind the clown. Accepted me for who I was and made me a better man. Someone who made me question the life I led and who saw good in me even when I didn’t. An English rose that I could count on to always be there when I needed her.” You looked at him is disbelief. All you could say was “What?”

“Let me put it a bit simpler.” he said with a big grin on his face. He kissed you. Pressing his lips roughly against yours. There was an urgency and assertiveness about it. You found his kiss intoxicating. He pulled away and looked at you, as if he wanted your approval. You looked at his lips before looking up into his eyes again. You smiled, grabbing his shirt to pull him towards you. You kissed him passionately. He wrapped his arms around you as he started to kiss you back. You ran your fingers through his gorgeous green hair.
In that moment you had never felt more happy about answering that job advertisement in the paper eight months ago.


Kissing Sirius Black Would Include

  • Him catching your eye from across the common room and slowly biting his lip

  • Keeping his gaze on you as he comes close

  • Sliding two warm hands either side of your face

  • Pulling you in and, at the last moment, blowing a huge, wet raspberry on your cheek

  • Dying laughing at your horrified shriek

  • Him pouting when a minute later you refuse to let him within a metre of you

  • Enjoying the look of need that builds in his eyes as you keep denying him throughout the day

  • His gaze wandering in lessons

  • Playing up to it and shifting over to give him a good view

  • Watching his jaw clench

  • Feeling his arm wrap around your waist as you leave the room

  • Him literally always feeling so warm and soft

  • Him leaning down and whispering in your ear

  • “are you trying to kill me?”

  • Melting a little bit at his husky voice

  • Running a hand through his hair and smiling evilly as you enjoy the way his intense gaze is making you tingle

  • “No darling, just teaching you a little lesson”

  • Walking away from him confidently even though it takes all of your self control

  • ‘accidentally’ brushing up against him as you enter the common room

  • Feeling his fingertips automatically stretch out and glide deliciously over you as you quickly slip out of his reach

  • Looking over your shoulder and seeing him close his eyes and breathe out slowly

  • Literally always being so aware of where he is in a room because you can never take your eyes off him

  • Sneaking into the prefect’s bathroom (like you do every Wednesday) and gasping as you walk in on Sirius Black looking far too satisfied with himself

  • Him arching an eyebrow and smirking as he tugs the tie from his mouth

  • “Oh…sorry darling, this bathroom’s taken”

  • You just standing there opening and closing your mouth as he shrugs out of his shirt

  • Sirius starting work on his trousers before realising with a smirk that you’re frozen to the spot

  • Greedily taking in his gorgeous chest as he walks towards you and closes your mouth with a finger

  • Not even caring because he looks like a Greek god right now

  • Sighing in delight as he comes close to you and brushes his lips against your neck

  • Feeling your legs going wobbly and being thankful when he slowly backs you against the wall

  • Moaning as he starts to suck gently at the sweet spot where your neck meets your collar

  • Feeling him unbutton the top of your shirt and push it back so he can keep trailing his lips along your skin

  • Suddenly finding his eyes burning into yours

  • “do you want to kiss me now?”

  • “Mmmfh”

  • “what’s that?” He’s way too pleased with himself but he’s also way too hot

  • “yes, Sirius”

  • Catching a glimpse of his devilish grin as he shoves you out of the door

  • “well, I suppose it’s my turn to teach you a lesson”

  • His wink tearing you apart as he closes the door in your face

  • Standing there with your mouth open again and mixed feelings as you realise he’s won your little game

  • Backing away just as the door swings open again and he pulls you inside with the brightest grin and a glint in his eye

  • “just kidding, I can’t fucking resist you”

  • His warm lips on yours finally

  • His hand on the back of your head, shielding it as he pushes you back against that damn wall

  • His teeth tugging at the buttons of your shirt

  • The little crease in the corner of his cheek when he smiles up at you

  • His hands on your wrists, pinning them above your head

  • Your little, delighted moans into his mouth as his body presses against yours

  • Pulling him closer and feeling like you’ve won the lottery

  • “you can teach me this lesson all day long, Black”