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Fireworks: Lin x shy!reader

Request: Yayyy!!! Another Ham imagines blog!! Could I request a Lin x shy!reader and/or JLaurens x shy!reader? Thank you!!! Can’t wait to read some new fics!! <3

Requester: @fangirlwithasweettooth

Word Count: 1117

Warnings: drinking, kissing

A/N: Finally got around to writing one of my requests! Sorry it took me so long!

You had been living with Anthony for about a year and you had still never been backstage at Hamilton. It wasn’t that Anthony hadn’t invited you; he had done so millions of times. You always came up with excuse, saying you had to do this or that. You had seen the show, of course, but you quickly gave congratulations to your friend and headed out the door.

It wasn’t easy, rooming with an actor. It was like Anthony wasn’t afraid of anything. You, on the other hand, were afraid of everything. You didn’t like to be impulsive or loud. You knew your place. Somehow, your friendship with Anthony still worked. He did things for you that scared you and you accompanied him to every event and made him laugh in the background. It was like having a fun, twin brother.

One day, when the two of you were out getting coffee between his matinee and evening show, he wasn’t letting up on bringing you backstage. “Y/N, you have to come,” he whined. “You’ve never been!”

“Ramos, can we just let this go?” You sighed.

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Here in the UK it is Holocaust Memorial Day. A reminder of how easily unreasoning hatred of the Other (”not like us, are they?”) leads to horror on a scale that Hell itself would turn from. All the more pertinent now as the “alt-right” (what most of us would call Nazis, let’s be honest) are openly marching, giving Hitler salutes at rallies and advancing the same old rhetoric of hatred against groups they despise.

Art from Spiegelman’s Puliter-prize winning Maus.