pulchritudinous gal

  • Kim: Traight sounds like a fitness plan or something lol.
  • Me: Want to get fit in thirty days or less? Then try the Traight! It's guaranteed to produce lasting results!
  • Kim: Pfft "My names Kim and I tried Traight and lost 2000000 pounds. I've never felt better!"
  • Me: Oh my goodness did you turn into a pile of ash or something? :P "My name's Ally and I tried the Traight program! I lost 8000000 pounds (because I'm awesome like that) and now I can wear skinny skinny skinny jeans made for dolls!"
  • Kim: omg lol "Traight, try it and you too can be turned into ash and wear super skinny jeans made for barbies or your money back! Go out and get yourself some Traight!"
  • Disclaimer (by Kim): Warning: Traight may cause excess feels, incoherent thoughts or actions, flailing, graphicing/writing fics/arting of your OTP, having more than one OTP, blogging all day everyday, loss of social life, shows becoming more important than RL, laziness, collecting reaction gifs, and death from becoming ash and struggling to fit into barbie jeans. Traighters may also find themselves laughing at the weak.
  • Kim (as Artemis): I'm a vampire.
  • Me (as Dick): I'm a werewolf. Gasp Arty, our love is forbidden.
  • Maddie (as Wally): I'm sexy.
  • Me (as Dick): Oh oops, Wally you're Bella.
  • Kim (as Artemis): Ewwie Bella.
  • Maddie (as Wally): Ew. No bro I'm Charlie.
  • Me (as Dick): BELLA.
  • Maddie (as Wally): I'M RENESMEE
  • Kim (as Artemis): Wait I don't want to be Edward.
  • Jay: ....seriously. O.o I don't know if I should laugh or be scared about YJ/Twilight comparisons here...

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