As some of you may know, I’ve been going through an art block, and what better way to try and get rid of it by doing stupid comics in the middle of the night :D

All of this is directly inspired from April in Parks and Recreation since April reminds me way too much of Pulchrit since they are both so dead inside….

The fatesonas here are:


Em finally joined Exire and his leader is Pulchrit  ! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) HELLO ALOID ! Thanks @localserialkiller​ for helping me ! *3* (i hope it’s fine ?? i still can change anything)

Say hi while i’m drawing more reference of him (or not)


THANK YOU!!!!!  - also sorry for the rushy draw ;o;

I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL OF YOU BC YOU TAKE A LITTLE OF YOUR TIME TO MAKE ME A PRESENT (Here or others plataforms) or just to leave a message to said me “Happy Birthday” 

Pulchrit @localserialkiller and Delta @deltatim just having a good time (Pulchrit, you must don’t drink… we’re a bad influence)
Jin @jememe Yei!! :D
Mai @happywonderfuldays and Em @emyasmina … brushing the hair of Mai, and Em broke his comb (Don’t know why you can’t brush your hair D; )
Floran @oreowarrior ; Alex: Now I have a penguin.. and he loves me :D 
Jay @touyuxiao Thank you!!
Sheryl @sakudrew ; Alex: Your hat is so awesome *o* 
Haku @seliaxlexias ; Alex: Thank you for taking care of Xander this day 
Papillion @miki-7heaven super-amazing-friendly hug >w<!!

Again, Thank your people and sorry for the mess >_>


Instead of Pulchrit batches, I decided to take my hand at Hortus and Child Fatesonas Interactions!! 

This is the first batch and like always, there is more to come~! 

 Also, the Hortus here is different to the Hortus that I would draw since this is Hortus AFTER Pulchrit and them have their A-support. Meaning, this is a healthy, non-cruel Hortus cause I can’t bring myself to draw something so mean….

So the interactions do mention Pre!Hortus, but mostly focuses on After!Hortus

Fatesonas that were drawn here was:

I hope I did your characters justice everyone! All of your fatesonas are so cool!

Details on their interactions are below the cut!:

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMIL AKA @lskartcorner!!!

it’s still your birthday in my timezone so this doesn’t count as late- //SHOT

im sorry i just got home from cram school TuT


okay jk jk i dont mind, i have it saved in my calender now ily

I hope you have/had a lovely birthday and I wish you all the best! WE ARE THE SAME AGE NOW LMAO i cant believe that you are actually younger than me mwhahahahaHHH ha.. o)-(

a world is turning around, my kouhai feelings towards you are confuzzled


You are such a sweet bean and I love our little talks and interactions,it’s so fun to talk to SUCH A LOVELY AND FUNNY BEAr!

I love you lots and hope that eternal happiness, luck, love and success blesses your life u3u)7


I made a child unit for Ira!! He’s name is Malum and he is a piece of crap. :D 

I’m not kidding

Ira is so done with having all these violent family members (Still loves him though)

His information is under the cut! 

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