I’ve been thinking and Pulchrit is a really tall person, since she stands at 5'8", with a strong build!
So it got me thinking even more, and I kinda like the idea that if someone is taller than Pulchrit, she wouldn’t know how to react…!!
She is so used to towering over others, so someone being taller than her is something she isn’t used to!
She’ll probably fidget a bit, staying quiet, before resuming to speak. BUT! BuT! If you pay close attention, it seems like Pulchrit even has a bit of blush on her cheeks…!! (≧∇≦)She’ll be ReALlY flustered…!!!!


Fatesona 30 Day Challenge: Day 1 + Some Fatesona Interactions

I had a lot of fun doing these~   (●´艸’● )


So I finally caught up on my zzzss-
1. “You think you’re better cause you’re tall huh!” no one said that but okay

2. Nags a lot and absolutely does not trust Niles with anything at all. 

3. Em found out by chance about Karin’s late night practices due to his insomnia. He admires her dedication while Karin is just like ”NOO- MY IMAGE HAS BEEN RUINED!!” 

Sprite Sheet 

Fatesonas in order of appearance:

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Pulchrit: Miss Miyu! I know this may seem direct, but I have to wonder if you'd like to accompany me on a stroll through the gardens? I'd love to get to know you more!

[Why, I must admit I’m surprised by the amount of younglings who’re taking the time of their day to pay visit to an old woman such as myself! I’m rather pleased to see the youth of today is more accepting and open-minded than the generations prior to them.]

[I just finished training the newcomers and I think I have some time off before the next bunch… So yes, I’d love to join you for a walk, lady Pulchrit! I’ve been rather curious about you as well after seeing you on the battlefield the other day…]


Pulchrit interactions doodles batch 3 coming right up~! Next up, I’m still deciding if I should do Ira interactions, or more Hortus interactions….. 

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!

The fatesonas that are here are:

Below are the relationship/interactions with Fatesonas!

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🌱 Do you like flowers Pulchrit ? 8DD

Pulchrit: “Oh…! How are you, Em? Are you… taking care of yourself…? Remember, sleep is important!”

“But, yes! I would not mind at all planting a few…, or perhaps a bunch…, of flowers with you! I adore them…!”

“Growing flowers…. It reminds me of home… I remember to love growing flowers alongside my sibling and mother…!”

@soundlessroom / @anderwelt 

do you mean who’s adopted into Pulchrit’s family? :D

cause… if that’s the case…. EVERYONE IS ADOPTED


Of course, with permission, since Pulchrit would hate to make anyone uncomfortable~!

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So I doodled Hortus when they are older in their post! route endings! 

Honestly, the worst ending for Hortus is Conquest because they end up isolating themselves, delving deeper into dark magic, till the point that they start to lose themself. It’s just really sad… even if Hortus has a great outfit in that ending

The best ending, and I might be bias on this, is the Post!Revelations! Strategist Ending! This is because Hortus learns to care for the life of others, learning to give rather take all the time!

The Malig Knight Ending, is like the in-between. Hortus is still pretty mean,but in a sorta friendly way? And they end up following in Pulchrit’s footsteps, inheriting her ax, becoming a royal retainer and soldier for the Nohrian Army.