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Orrla puku. Do you like Pink flowers or yellow flowers better pukupuku?

“Well pink of course. I looove them. Follow me.” Orrla happily takes the scrub to a little pot with pink flowers she has planted. After circling around them, she stops on the opposite side. “They’re so pretty and they usually even have some yellow in them.” She gets closer and tries her best to not scare the newfound scrub. Still her eyes gave a different vibe. “Don’t touch these though. They’re a gift from a friend of mine. And they told me they’re really good for making dyes. So that’s why pink is the best. Yellow you see too much.”

FINAL FANTASY XV × Atre Akihabara

Just like in my previous post, I went to Atre Akihabara and Square Enix Cafe during my trip to Japan.

First, I went to Atre to take some pictures while trying my luck to get free stickers/seal and buy something for my brother.

I bought FINAL FANTASY XV world prologue at a book store and got that Cactuar/Chocobo/Moogle/Carbuncle sticker since it’s random ><;

Then I went to FINAL FANTASY SHOP to buy FFXV Tumbler for my brother and I got to choose which character I want so I chose Prompto since he’s my favorite! Well, it’s kinda hard to choose since I want Noctis too as well ><

I got that pukupuku seal after I showed my RT to the staff XD

Didn’t get to explore the whole Atre because I’m late for the reservation at the cafe

more photos at Atre~

J-World Tokyo Kurobas recap

^ Kiseki no Bingo carnival game at J-World Tokyo. You are given 3 basketballs, and you have to make three baskets a row (center one is free). The game attendant cheers “Seirin fight!” to pump you up. Of course I made 0 baskets.

Also in the J-Carnival area, a photo stand thing (uhhhggg so cute look at Mitobe’s smile, look at Koganei, loOK AT KAGAMI BUHH), lots of claw machines, and gashapon. I was hoping for exclusive gashapon, but they were the same as all the machines outside.

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strawberry bream wafer by Helen Silivren