FINAL FANTASY XV × Atre Akihabara

Just like in my previous post, I went to Atre Akihabara and Square Enix Cafe during my trip to Japan.

First, I went to Atre to take some pictures while trying my luck to get free stickers/seal and buy something for my brother.

I bought FINAL FANTASY XV world prologue at a book store and got that Cactuar/Chocobo/Moogle/Carbuncle sticker since it’s random ><;

Then I went to FINAL FANTASY SHOP to buy FFXV Tumbler for my brother and I got to choose which character I want so I chose Prompto since he’s my favorite! Well, it’s kinda hard to choose since I want Noctis too as well ><

I got that pukupuku seal after I showed my RT to the staff XD

Didn’t get to explore the whole Atre because I’m late for the reservation at the cafe

more photos at Atre~

J-World Tokyo Kurobas recap

^ Kiseki no Bingo carnival game at J-World Tokyo. You are given 3 basketballs, and you have to make three baskets a row (center one is free). The game attendant cheers “Seirin fight!” to pump you up. Of course I made 0 baskets.

Also in the J-Carnival area, a photo stand thing (uhhhggg so cute look at Mitobe’s smile, look at Koganei, loOK AT KAGAMI BUHH), lots of claw machines, and gashapon. I was hoping for exclusive gashapon, but they were the same as all the machines outside.

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strawberry bream wafer by Helen Silivren