Catty’s left ear: it looks a lot like Toralei’s to me. I’m thinking maybe they reused Tor’s head mold for Catty. Will have to take a side-by-side when my Cat Tastrophe shows up.

I also thought it was interesting that they wrapped a bit of her hair around the top of her ponytail to hide the rubber band.

Intro post

Hi folks. Decided to give tumblr a try. Not sure what all I’ll post here aside from my MH photos (and probably some non-MH photos now and again too).

On the topic of Monster High, I’ve got a few dolls coming: namely, Wydowna and 13W Howleen. Also got some clothes and accessories in the mail.

I’m currently hunting for the “lab partner” classroom 2-packs. Heath’s the only boy I haven’t got, and I love that Cleo and Ghoulia. Not such a big fan of candy-striped Abbey, so will probably sell her.

I’m also looking forward to a number of the dolls revealed at SDCC, especially Slo Mo and Boolittle. Not sure about Honey or Clawdia. Oh, and I *really* want I <3 Fashion Scarah. I just love her 60s fashions.

That’s about it for now.