pukunui81 asked:

I'm glad! She's meant to be a little creepy. I debated adding some extra teeth along her jawline like Skelita has but in the end decided against it. So she's a skeleton with an appropriate lack of nose but still with a mouth. LOL. I'll post a side view of her face in a sec.

It’s awesome !

dance to the music on Flickr.

Had a bit of fun painting some of Robecca’s accessories today. More specifically: her fashion pack belt, Dance Class boots and wristwatch, and Dead Tired victrola.

I’m considering putting a dash of paint or two on her body as well to bring out the rivets and such.

Her stuff always has so much detail but never enough paint with which to show it off! I suppose that’s OK, though, because otherwise I wouldn’t get to have any fun painting it myself.