pukkelpop 2011


Watch from 0:40 until the end.

What should have been a vibrant summerparty, has turned into a nightmare.
5 people died, 3 are still fighting for their lives.  

Pukkelpop 2011

Have you ever had a traumatic experience?

Because I have. And it’s been 3 years and I’m not even over it yet. Like it was this festival, and there was a storm and people were dying and I even called my mom to say goodbye. I actually thought I was going to die. And after 3 years, I still think about it sometimes, like I still end up crying.. Idk how to even explain it.
Just look at this vid. It shows it. 

This is a stand where a lot of people were hiding for the storm at Pukkelpop festival. A tree fell on the stand and people where hurt very bad and even died.
RIP 5 victims who died yesterday.
I wish the families of the victims and all the other people who were (badly) wounded a lot of strenght.

August 19, 2011


Deadly Storm Killed 5 In Belgium’s Pukkelpop Music Festival 

Authorities reported that at least 5 people died and 100 more were badly injured in the on going Pukkelpop Music Festival in Belgium. The festival is now officially canceled after a deadly storm wrecked two concert stages. In a span of only 10 minutes, the entire place was turned into a mudbath. The incident was clearly unexpected because if not, the festival would not have been pushed through.

This news scared the hell out of me. Especially, because I would have been there as well if I didn’t have to study for a qualification test. Nearly all of my friends were there when this happened and I still don’t know if they’re okay. Right now I can only hope that they’re safe.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims.


My pics from Pukkelpop. I waited just for Glasvegas at the front row that day. I was surrounded by (very friendly) Foo Fighters fans. They didn’t know Glasvegas at all. So it was kind of awkward. I was so enthusiastic and screaming all over the place. No wonder the cameraman made me appear on the big screen a lot. Normally I would just hide, but I didn’t care this time, at least I had the best time of my life. They were amazing. One of the Foo Fighters fans at the front gave me the plectrum of Paul too. And afterwards I got the setlist(s). For me the performance of Glasvegas was only the beginning of Pukkelpop, and I was so happy that I had to change to see them. If only I realized then, my “dream” would soon turn into a “nightmare”. We all know the stories now. 

(I know this review is crappy and stupid, but it’s kind of difficult to write about it, but I just wanted to show some of my pics)


A moment of silence to remember the victims of Pukkelpop 2011

Glasvegas, Pukkelpop 2011. 

For some reason listening to this band, always reminds me of that sad day… I cannot express how glad I am, that I did see them after all, first I didn’t have a ticket, then I got one ticket two weeks before the festival strated, we had such nice weather, I was front row, especially for them, amazing gig, foo fighters fan gave me Paul’s guitar pick, got the setlists, only if I knew two hours later the nightmare would begin… 


Hi kids,

From now I’ll be posting all the clips I make on this blog. I’ll start with the one I made for an amazing Lifetime & Jawbreaker influenced band from Kingston, Pennsylvania called TITLE FIGHT.
At the Lintfabriek, a small venue near Antwerp-city, they played a sort of surprise show in the summer. I was present & I’m glad I was. The room was filled with teenage anxiety, on stage and in the crowd, it was everywhere. I witnessed the true energy of live independent music.
After the show I asked my friends Hans & Wim, aka Sike & Stief Positief, the occasional drivers of the band, if I could join them with my camera while they were playing two festivals in Belgium, Rock Herk and Pukkelpop. I wanted to make a videoclip for a song called COXTON YARD, with live footage and images I shot during their stay at the festivals.
After Rock Herk, which was amazing, the band asked me if I would like to join them at Pukkelpop. They fixed me an all-areas pass. I was happy as fuck. To be completly honest I was also really siked about seeing Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters, because they were playing on the same day of the festival. So I wanted to get Dave Grohl on camera. I thought it would be interesting to get Dave Grohl,  who used to be this young punk kid raising from the underground scene to a much bigger audience, next to Title Fight, a band in some ways living the same story. So that the day I had put on my SCREAM-shirt, just to attracted Grohl’s attention and left Antwerp filled with teenage anxiety. I spent an amazing day until somewhere around 6 PM. The storm got its raise and we had to count its casualties in the nightmare it evoked. I stopped filming, unlike Leto’s crew covering the whole picture like posh joks with their fancy 5D’s. I was in shock. People were missing, cellphones weren’t working, chaos took over and Pukkelpop looked like a warzone. I’m glad none of my friends got hurt, and I feel sorry for those who are demanding their money back. I know it’s easy to say for someone who got in for free, but still, Go Fuck Yourself.
Enjoy the clip!


This video keeps touching me. I was there with my sister and friends. We could have died during the storm cause almost everything collapsed, but luckely we’re still alive. Five people can’t say the same thing.


First black screen: It would be a festival that nobody would ever forget …

2nd: But nobody expected it would happen by this way …

Last: In memory of the victims of pukkelpop 2011