Dear Supernatural Writers,

Please stop trying to shove Dean and Amara together. A majority of the fandom isn’t going for it and complain about it on a daily basis. And a lot of us don’t want to keep watching because it disgusts us. It’s gross. We don’t want it, Dean doesn’t want it. No one wants it. Let it go.

the gang downloads snapchat

dennis 200-second stories on a daily basis. trying really hard to get all the trophies. trying to get on the local philadelphia story. they haven’t posted any of his snaps.

mac typical mirror selfie of him at the gym. then he leaves the gym. rarely posts on his story. uses the philadelphia geotag a lot. trying to beat dennis at getting on the local philadelphia story. 

dee really cute selfies on her story. complains about everyone elses stories. snapchats u when ur song is playing on the radio. 

charlie is obsessed with the face filters. uses the rainbow-puke one too much. has a lot of famous internet dogs as snapchat friends. snapchats u pics of stray dogs he sees on his way to/home from work.

frank wont stop sending u pics of his dong at a bad angle. occasional selfies of just his forehead.

[insp. by @honeyhugh‘s tweets]

anonymous asked:

one time i threw up a little on my boyfriends dick while i was giving him head and i don't think he even noticed i sucked it back up pretty quick

Idk what’s more disgusting: the fact that you threw up or the fact that you ate your own puke???

//* *Internal screaming, fangirling too* omg guys, i-i just realized that i´m almost 300 followers!! OMG!! in fact, we are now 299 OHHMYYY! i want to thank not only God, but also Jesus.  of course you guys too! hee hee, I LOVE ALL OF YOU!! (w-when we oficially reach 300, i-i want to do something!)

I send you a loooot of hugs! Elliie*//


Scene taken from to the sky without wings, chapter 6, after Luke rescues his Dameron-in-Distress from the Senate hearing.

For @leupagus, hoping this is something like you pictured it.


“I’m sorry if I — if I hurt you,” he adds, looking away. “I didn’t enjoy doing it.”

Poe resists the urge to go and kiss him — but then he doesn’t, lowers himself down between Luke’s knees and takes his head in his hands, reverent. “You really, really didn’t,” he murmurs. 

to the sky without wings by @leupagus

And then they have an epic makeout session that ends in tears – my tears. In other news it’s been 84 years and I’m still in rarepair hell (which apparently has PUKE as the ship name, fitting). Am coping by posting doodles, of which I have an embarrassing plethora of, inspired by the fic that started it all.