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so I just thought about cockles (you know as I do) and it occurted to me that in the beginning of their friendship Misha thought that Jensen was a stuck up prick (he probably exaggerated, but we know he really thought something like that) and now he said that Jensen doesn't have any annoying qualities and Jensen thought of Misha as really weird (in a bad way) and now he thinks Misha is the funniest thing that ever happened to him and for some reason that's some really adorable shit

When you summarize it like THAT, this literally makes me want to puke rainbows

PLEASE DONT IGNORE THIS im not popular but please reblog this, its so important this guy is abusing animals and posts videos and pictures, i have screenshots of the videos and theyre gruesome, he had lighted a guinea pig on fire, dropped it in a fan, etc. PLEASE report his account and to the police for animal abuse. Try to kik him to get as much info as possible. Please boost this, i’m crying so hard over this i want to puke. If you want to find a few videos of the animal abuse, check out the user: britney.ngg on instagram. Theyre VERY graphic, so be careful, Please repost this everywhere, please report him. He needs to be jailed



The inside of a cherry pie (just cut me open.)  Lipstick kisses on his mirror. His knuckles after he smashes it.


Sunrises. Blood stains after you tried to bleach them out. Your eyes the morning after you get drunk.


Sunshine. Lightning bugs in the summertime. Medical notes. 


Poison ivy. Puke. Glitter.


Empty skies. Hazy apartments. Bruised thighs.


Hospital sheets. Your image of heaven. The eggshells you walk on.


This is extremely important. After revealing his identity Peter puked. That’s how hard it was. Peter felt ABSOLUTE TERROR in that moment. HIS WORST NIGHTMARE. All for Tony Stark. Tony who went and betrayed his trust. Tony who bugged his spider suit. Tony who beat him up. Tony who trusted NUMBERS over his friends. Tony who still thought he was doing the right thing when he buried his friend. And the worst thing is, we’ll never know if he was right and it was worth it all.

I really hope they’ll be able to convey the horror of Civil War in the MCU.

god but I really wanna stop feeling anxious but I can’t afford to go back to a psychiatrist and I’m tired of putting drugs in my body and I really wanna try working out bc it’s the only thing I can think of that might make me stop feeling awful for more than a second but I can’t afford stupid gym shoes which is making me feel more anxious than I felt before because I’m thinking about how broke I am and how I’ll never be able to have enough money to do things for myself that will make me feel okay and I wanna curl up and cry and puke this is so exhausting

Bring the Cuestick

Droog pockets the phone, checking into the motel room. The clerk knew him, of course. Droog’s room, 212,  wasn’t rented out to anyone else. Droog paid a small fee every month to keep it, and occasionally intimidating the owner certainly helped smooth out the details. But similar to many things, Droog had found that sugar had attracted more flies than vinegar. So, the fee was paid and the room kept very well, just for him.

It was different than the others. Inside was not a drab, mustard-colored duvet, half-molded wallpaper stained with water damage. No scratchy sheets, no half-assed berber carpet in a color between puce and puke. The window wasn’t cleaned with water and snot, the streaks making it look older than it was.

Droog’s room was a hidden diamond. He had pride in making himself tiny hideways, tiny gems in the midst of sand and grit and mud. The silken sheets, the elegant cream walls, the drapings of lavender and violet, trimmed in gold and black. It was elegance, where it never should be.

He was here to meet Innovator. Of course this gave him a sort of duality of thought, and he liked it that way. He could say he was screwing the man for the sake of the Crew, for gaining his trust. And he could do this whilst denying that it was just for raw pleasure. Because who doesn’t love a good screw, rough or gentle, in what should be a dingy, run-down motel room that is secrely a pearl in a pool of grim shell?

He waits, holding his cuestick, at the front entrance of the motel. His guest was due any minute, and Droog made sure he looked perfectly presentable. He did, naturally. He wouldn’t expect himself to look anything less. Droog takes a few breaths.

A nice screw. It was alright that Spades was upset with him, he can always sweep up the mess later. This was a foot in the door, a chance at a kind of… political interception, as well as a venture of pleasure. 

He kept in mind that he’d cater to him. Make them lust. Make them want to come back. Under the thumb. 

Goal in mind, he finds himself relax. Everything was simpler once it was put in simple terms, after all.

Thank You!

So, we hit the goal for our fundraiser for Sasha and my family is so happy and touched that I belong to a community that was so helpful and giving when we needed it most. Sadly, I can’t end the fundraiser early, which means it’ll be up for another two weeks.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE STILL, THAT WOULD BE GREAT. Our other dog, Leo, an Italian greyhound, got sick and was puking blood all night long the other night (1. It was terrifying, 2. Blood is a bitch to get out of the carpet). While he’s okay now, the cost was about $200 we have to pay back. So, now that Leo’s safely getting better, we’re sort of struggling with how to pay for it, but luckily the vet’s being pretty nice and giving us time to figure it out. 

Anyway, what I’m saying is, if you pity me and my family, you can still donate and help us so we can pay for Sasha’s tests and Leo’s treatment. If no one can, it’s not a big deal. I’ve really ask for far too much already, I just thought I’d throw it out there.

Hopefully after this, I can stop being so ridiculous and we can move on and I’ll never have to be this pitiful again.

Sasha’s Medical Tests Fundraiser
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Thank you guys so much for putting up with me and my shameless begging. I legitimately wish I could weep and hug you all for your support. I wish I had a better way to thank everyone than rambling incessantly xD


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*m!a poof*

*sits quietly* *the ground hasn’t stopped shaking*
*in fact it’s getting worse* guYS ITS NOT GETTING BETTER

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I am an overweight teenaged girl. Recently I have been trying really hard to lose weight, but suddenly, any time I eat, I get nauseous. I do not have an eating disorder, but I involuntarily feel like I am gonna puke every time I consume food. Help?

Oh, shit, I just saw this.

I don’t have a lot of experiences with eating disorders myself, but it sounds like disordered eating to me, and I think you should get some help from a counselor that has more experience than I.

It sounds like you’re also putting a lot of pressure on yourself to lose weight and I would advise against doing so. Not against losing weight - if you want to lose weight for health reasons, go right ahead - but against doing it in an unhealthy manner. Your health should always come first. – Misfitreindeer

tbh, how do you sns still get feels from shit writing like gaiden…..at this point, I want to puke on every ship, actually anything written by kishimoto

The Space Speeder

Pairing: Dan and Phil

Genre: amusement park AU, fluff thing, I’m really sorry

Word Count: 2.8k (oneshot)

Warnings: terrible jokes?

Summary: Phil works as a ride operator for a galaxy themed roller coaster- the Space Speeder. When a cute but annoying boy won’t follow the safety rules, Phil’s boss tells him to take the boy to security.

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