Lance made a choked noise as they made eye contact. He searched Keith’s face with a confused, hurt expression, and hiccuped as he tried to catch his breath. “Do…Do you―…” Slowly, very slowly, he wrapped his arms tighter around Keith’s torso and pulled him in closer until they kissed softly.

Chapter 10 - What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair

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what she says: Stranger Things was awesome! I love everything about it! It’s a great nod to classic science fiction films with interesting characters and a riveting plot. 

what she means: Why was Barb so easily forgotten? Was she not Nancy’s best friend who would’ve been severely impacted by her friend’s fate? How did Barb’s mother cope with this? Why didn’t they explain what happened to her? Why didn’t they take her body back to the real world? What happened to the portal in the facility? What is that slug Will puked out? Why was the monster trying to do with Will and Barb’s bodies? Why is Will still connected to the other realm? What’s that egg? Are there more of those things? Where did it come from? Is it an alien, a djinn, or an experiment gone wrong? Whats up with Hopper? What deal did he make with the bad people? I think I would’ve liked it more if Mike and Eleven were just friends but I guess the mutual crush was pretty cute. Oh my god, why did Nancy pick Steve? Why did Nancy pick at all? What classes did each boy play as in their D&D campaign? 


Okay now day 16 of #31daysofharrypotter! @charlomack requested Hermione sending birds after Ron…cause he’s a jerk. Honestly, I would do the same thing if I were the brightest witch of my age. Lesson to be learned here: don’t mess with Hermione Granger…aka- hell hath no fury. #hermionegranger #ronweasley #wanwan #puke
Feel free to comment with any suggestions for your favorite characters/moments, I’ll add all suggestions to my hat! Literally. ✍🏼😎

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