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A familiar feeling of discomfort began to boil in your stomach and for the second time that morning you found yourself kneeling in front of the toilet. After lethargically wiping your mouth, you get up to brush your teeth, however, before you can even grab your brush you feel a set of hands wrap themselves around your waist. Resting his head against your shoulder, Michael whispers groggily in your ear, “Why are up this early?” You thought about the least gross way to say that you had ‘puked up all of last nights pizza’ but suddenly, you feel him turn your face to the side with his hand like he was about to kiss you. 

“Wait!” you quickly pull away, “I literally just puked.” He turns you around so you were facing him while leaning against the sink. 

“Again?” he says with his hands on your hips and a look of concern on his face. You simply nod and respond. 

“Yeah” you pause,  “it’s probably nothing.” hoping to satisfy to his worried expression. 

He furrows his eyebrows,“It’s not nothing. It’s been happening all week.”

His remark pisses you off for some reason and you retort, “I think I know my own body better than you, okay.” Instead of responding to your grumpy attitude you watch his green eyes widen. “What? What’s with the face?”

“If you know your body so well, then wasn’t your period suppose to come a week or two ago?”


You felt Ashton’s head laying on your stomach, still completely asleep and worn out from his concert the night before. You start to stroke his wild bed head hair to wake him up a bit, tugging gently at the ends. 

“Ash, you’re sort of crushing me.” He let out a deep breath and slowly began to lift his head to meet your eyes. He looks down and noticed that half his torso was on top of you,

“Woops,” he says in the cutest morning voice imaginable. Instead of moving, he grabbs your sides and flipps you over so you were on top of him. You lean up on your shoulders and he looks up at you to say “Now you’re the one crushing me,”

You reply, “Yeah, because you decided to flip me over like a pancake.”

Ashton looks deeply into your eyes but you can tell he has something else on his mind. You can’t ever tell his hungry face apart from his horny face. 

“Pancakes? Wanna make some?” he remarks with gleaming eyes. 

Okay, he’s hungry. 

Before you could reply, he pushes you off of him and makes his way to the kitchen like a little kid running for his gifts on Christmas morning. 

“I’ll make some scrabbled eggs too, your favorite.” Ashton yells from the other room. You hear the sound of a pan searing and you make your way out of bed to join him. The second you walk into the kitchen, you’re hit with a sudden disgusting smell. 

“What’s that smell, holy shit.” you start to fan your face. 

“…It’s just eggs.” Ashton looks at you quizzically. 

You love scrambled eggs, and they definitely never smelt bad before. Leaning over the stove, you decide to test for yourself. It only takes one whiff and you’re nearly gagging while Ashton watches in confusion with the egg shells still in his hand. 

“Y/N, You’ve never had a problem with eggs before.” He comments suspiciously.


Taking advantage of the beautiful sunny day, you decide to go to an amusement park with Luke. You wait, as he goes to buy the tickets and admire the tall spindly roller coasters in wonder. 

“Let’s go in, Y/N” he turns up behind you and takes your hand into his. You were so happy to be spending the past couple of weeks with him. Whenever he was on tour for months at a time it was torture for you. 

There hundreds of people at the park but they are all too distracted with the fun they’re having to notice that Luke Hemmings is among them. You never admit it but it’s nice when there weren’t any fans around, at least when you’re on a date.  

“What ride do you wanna go on? I heard this amusement park has one of the faster roller coasters in the worl- woah, look! Let’s go on the teacup ride!” Your eyes follow to where his finger points; a round ride with various different colored cups. Sheepishly, he attempts masks his outburst with a gruff voice, “I mean, if you want to go on it. It looks pretty babyish” 

You laugh heartedly, “It is totally not babyish.” you say reassuringly. Luke smiles, accepts your approval, and begins to lead the way amongst throngs of children to get to the small queue for the teacup ride. The person working at the entrance gave your 6 foot something boyfriend a strange look before opening the gate. 

He lets you choose which teacup, and you point the light blue one, 

“They match your eyes.” you reason to him. 

You sit down next to him and strap on the small belts that barely go around your waist. This ride is obviously meant for children and you can’t suppress your laughter when you notice that his belt doesn’t even fit around him. 

Once the ride starts, he holds you hand and laughs at his own kindness. The ride is pleasant and slow because it’s not meant to make you too dizzy. However, after about a minute things start to get a little blurry. Your head begins to feel light and you drift off into nothingness. 

Suddenly, you’re woken up by loud worried yelling.  

“Y/N are you okay?” Luke’s hands are at the sides of your face as he inspects your eyes. You notice that the ride wasn’t moving and that a small crowd had clumped up near the gates of the ride. 

“Did I just faint?”


“God, Calum, You can be such an asshole sometimes.” You yell across the hall at him as he makes his way to the living room. 

“I only said that I didn’t feel like going out with your parents tonight. I’m really tired.”

Instead of responding to him, you slam the door to your shared room shut. Calum expected you to always be up for going out, but this one time you ask him to do something for you, he’s ‘too tired.’ If he’s so tired all of the time, how does he go on tour and do concerts every fucking night. You didn’t want to explode on him like that, but he needs to know that you feel like he doesn’t make enough time for you. 

After a couple of minutes of silence, you still haven’t let your anger boil down. When you hear gentle knock at your door, you bark “Leave me alone, Mr. I- Don’t-Have-Enough-Time-For-Anyone.”

You hear a dejected sigh, “Y/N. Please let me in. I’m sorry alright. Let’s talk about this.” 

“How about you take a nap first, since you’re so exhausted? Maybe you’re even too tired to talk to me.” You retort, in a seething tone. 

“Y/N, please” he whispers. Decidedly, you open the door. Not because you feel bad for him, but because you just want to yell at him some more so he gets the picture. 

Without a word, he wraps his arms around you and places your head against his chest. 

“What’s going on,” he says in a firm but tender tone. 

Suddenly, you wrack with the utter desire to bawl your eyes out. It starts out with a single sob but then a couple of moments later, his shirt is stained with tears. 

“I don’t know. I’m just really” you sniff, “upset.” You had never cried in front of Calum before, so you’re slightly embarrassed aside from the fact you probably look like a mess. Your emotions are absolutely all over the place. 

He kisses your forehead and gazed down at you with his chocolate brown eyes, “What has gotten into you, baby?”

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phlint- "I'm going to regret this, aren't I?"

“I’m going to regret this, aren’t I?” It’s mumbled, what with the way Phil’s slung his arm over his face so he’s talking into the crook of his elbow, but Clint hears it all the same.

Lying next to him on the floor, surrounded by shirts and pants and shoes all discarded in an eager rush, Clint’s afterglow is pretty much banked by the comment, and all the happy-wiggly butterflies in his stomach suddenly leave him with the desperate urge to puke.

Where the fuck did he read this wrong? Phil was definitely into fucking him a few minutes ago. Hell, he was the one who started it! Well, technically Clint did, with the kissing and all. But Phil’s the one who went below the belt first! So he wanted it, wanted Clint. At least he did. Now, it seems, not so much.

Maybe Clint’s just really shitty at sex. That’s a fair possibility. Clint Barton: World’s Greatest Marksmen But Eternal Disappointment (In Bed). Yeah, that sounds about right.

Clint’s arms are heavy as he tries to move them into a position to push himself up; he’s not sure if that’s his darkening mood bringing him down or just post-coital exhaustion. He manages to turn onto his side, so he’s not facing Phil, at least. His back’s cold now, though. So’s the rest of him, come to think of it.

He reaches out a hand sluggishly for the nearest piece of clothing. It’s Phil’s dress shirt. He’s not really sure why he just freezes there, fingers clenched around the rumpled fabric, just staring at it, but still. He does.

“Clint? You okay?”

“Fine,” Clint manages to rasp out.

“Think you can help me up then? My back’s already killing me,” Phil groans, shifting around behind Clint.

“Huh?” Clint turns his head back to Phil, blinking in confusion.

Phil levels him with a stern glare; the sex-mussed hair kind of dampens the effect, though. “No more floor sex. Is that a thing for you? ‘Cause you can beg all you want, but never again. Next time we’re finding a bed.”

Twisting back around, Clint can’t keep the excited hope out of his voice when he asks, “Next time?”

Phil’s head falls back, dully thumping against the floor, as he sighs. “You gotta give me at least a few hours, babe.” And how sweet is it that the endearment rolls off Phil’s tongue so easily, like he’s been casually calling Clint babe since they met? “I am old.”

“You’re not old,” Clint insists, indignant of Phil’s behalf.

“Too old for sex on the floor, at least.”

“It’s not all that comfortable, yeah,” Clint admits with a huff of breath that might be considered a laugh under the right circumstances.

Thank you. Seriously though, if you don’t help me up in the next minute or so, you’re going to have to carry me to bed.”

Sliding over on the floor so that he can mold his front to Phil’s side, Clint mumbles. “I’m okay with that.” It could be a tease, but it’s actually not. Clint’s mostly just a sucker for any excuse to hold Phil.

“Fine. But I demand you throw me over your shoulder.” Phil raises his arms and flaps his hands in a get-on-with-it-already gesture.

Clint smirks as he climbs to his feet, cooing, “Aw, you don’t wanna be my Pretty, Pretty Princess, Phil?”

“No, that’s fine. We can do that later. But right now, I just want to ogle your ass.”

And indeed, once Clint has him hoisted over his shoulder, Phil brings his hands up to rest on the globes of Clint’s ass, squeezing them together appreciatively.

The laughing fit hits Clint right in the gut, and it’s a struggle to stay upright with Phil’s weight added into the mix. “Are you drunk?”

“It’s the endorphins. I’m sex-drunk.”

Snorting, Clint maneuvers them so that he can flop Phil onto the bed with minimal fuss. “Sounds like a fun party.”

“In my pants!” Phil giggles, an honest to God giggle, and Clint is so gone for this guy. Phil looks up at him, smile going dopey, and starts to pat the bed next to him in invitation before thinking better of it apparently, and patting his chest instead.

After-sex Phil is quickly moving into first place as far as Clint’s Favorite Faces of Phil are concerned. As a bonus, he doesn’t seem to have noticed that Clint was being an idiot for a while there, so it’s safe to bury that fleeting moment of shame and just crawl into bed to cuddle Phil.

24886) I purged in the shower last night somuch that I started puking blood. The worst part is that I got so light headed I laid in the tub and peed myself and just layed in it because of how out of it I was. Eating disorders are not cute.

This is my “class really kicked my ass tonight” face.
Seriously, we did all the cardio 😫
I nearly puked but I hung in there!
I signed up to continue going each week.
Maybe this is just what I need to stick with working out this time.

Before you sound off, Tim Curry was a great Pennywise, no doubt. But I believe this dude will be awesome. He looks creepy haha and before you talk about remaking classics, let’s be honest, the ‘It’ miniseries was nothing like the book (which is scarier) and the acting in it was enough to make you puke. Plus it was kinda cheesy, but I still enjoyed it. A remake is needed. As one is needed for Pet Sematary.

I’m feeling better today! I’m still pretty sleepy, but I’ve drank some water and eaten a half handful of food with no puking. I am unfortunately a tad bit gassy.

  • Tubby James who is really short 
  • Skinny Lily who’s really tall
  • No, like, REALLY SKINNY. People are always making anorexic jokes at her 
  • James who can’t stand being the way he is and by third year has tried every single height spell in the library to no avail
  • Even in the restricted section
  • (truth be told, the only reason he didn’t try them all BEFORE third year was because it took him two and a half years to figure out how to get past the librarian)
  • Lily eating until she puked in order to try and gain weight
  • (it didn’t work)
  • Eight year old Lily trying to stand under the garage door while it was closing so she would be squished, in the hopes she might be shorter and thus more proportional
  • Pre teen James trying to tie rocks to his ankles and hang off tree branches by his arms, trying to stretch himself out after being laughed at for being so fat
  • James getting to Hogwarts and secretly despising Lily for hating how he body was and willing to have given anything to swap bodies
  • Lily thinking the exact same thing
  • Them finally talking through mutual friends and hitting it off right away
  • Getting together only weeks into knowing each other
  • Talking to each other about their insecurities
  • They begin to be able to laugh about their bodies
  • Laugh in a good way
  • Always in a good way, once they meet
  • Marrying early
  • Having Harry and hoping to God that he will never have to go through the hell that they went through about his body
  • James and Lily never growing old enough to find out whether he does or not
Best leg day ever

PR’d on almost every exercise ! 💃

Reverse hack squat- 160lbs (idk how heavy the machine is so only counting weight added)

Cable kickbacks- 40lbs

Hip thrusts- 220lbs

I think I’m gonna puke.