puke valentine

I Hate Valentine’s Day Starters

“If I see one more heart, I’m going to hurt someone.”

“Roses are red, violets are blue…Go to hell, fuck you.”

“Why can’t I just NOT be single this year?”

“I think Cupid just slapped me in the face…”

“How about you come over so we can watch bad rom coms and make fun of them?”

“It’s totally not pathetic that I’m on Tinder/Grindr right now…”

“I HATE Valentine’s Day.”

“This holiday is nothing but capitalistic propaganda anyway.”

“Valentine’s Day is a web of lies.”

“The only good thing about it is that once it’s over, all of the chocolate goes on sale.”

“Cupid is a douchebag.”

“All of these happy couples…I’m going to puke.”

My friends and I had an anti-valentines day party and we were all drunk and my friend was in the bathroom while I was puking and she started to freak out because my puke was colorful and the whole night she just kept saying “GAYS PUKE RAINBOWS!”

achibikitsune  asked:

How would Genji and Mercy deal with their kids getting sick from something like a cold, flu or a "back to school bug?" I started school 2-3 weeks ago and for the first days, people were getting sick left and right! I'm just curious on how they would deal with a situation like that.

Ohhhh doll, here we go! Gency kids get the flu!


  • When she gets the flu, Genji straight up panics. Mercy will calm him down though, its just a flu, she’ll be okay. Momma Mercy has got it covered. 
  • She always flips the wet rag on her daugher’s head to the cooler side and checking her medicine and condition around the clock. Softly whispering to Valentine of how much she looks like her daddy. 
  • At Mercy’s word Genji’s fetching whatever his little Sakura needs, whether it be soup or more blankets he’s already got it to her. 
  • He’ll rest beside his daughter, and she’ll just curl into his side. His metal body helping cool her fever burning body. He’ll brush her dark hair out of her hair with careful fingers while whispering soothing words in Japanese.


  • Mercy gets a little worry about the fever doesn’t break for a few days. She keeps calm though, a common flu isn’t nothing her little boy can’t handle. 
  • When he starts throwing up, she’ll rub his hair and forehead afterwards. Cleaning him up before laying him back down, she’ll whisper how strong and brave he is. His little tired smile giving her a little burst of energy. 
  • Genji is once again nervous, his mind going over every horrible possibility of how the sickness could end up for his son. Mercy once again having to reassure him that a flu won’t permanently harm Taro.
  • At his son’s request, Genji will stay with him through the night of throwing up and making it through a fever to tell him stories of dragons and adventures he and his uncle went on when they were younger.

Aw i love talking about Gency kids. They give me life <3