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You’re Okay, I Guess

Pairing: (platonic) Jughead Jones x Reader

Summary: Jughead helps the Reader out in a run-in with her ex by the most unexpected methods

Warnings: nah, not much to say

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You swirled the thick straw in between your thumb and index finger, staring gloomily at your half-drunken cookies and cream milkshake, not really having the appetite to down the milkshake, despite it being one of Pop’s more popular specialties. Honestly, it would be a miracle if you ended up feeling better by the end of the day, seeing as today was as shitty as days get.

First off, your mother had, earlier today, told you that if you wanted to continue living under her roof, you were to find a part-time job and try to ‘support the family’; and by 'family’, she meant her debilitating alcoholism. What with you being in the editorial board, plus running for track and being in a band, there was absolutely no way you could even indulge in the idea of working part-time seeing as your social life was non-existent and your actual life was hanging on by a fraying thread. Then of course, today marks a week since the Break Up with your ex Reggie, whom you recently found out through Kevin Keller that he had been sleeping around with other girls even when you were still together, which added more salt to the wound, as if more salt could ever be rubbed in that particular, still-healing injury.

So there you were, taking up an entire booth at Pop’s, wallowing in self-pity as you picked aimlessly at the crumpled tissue where you had wiped your mouth earlier, thinking of the tissue as a metaphor for your life, when the door to the burger-and-milkshake-serving diner opened, and in came a rowdy groups of guys you knew went to Riverdale High with you. How could you tell? It was probably because Reggie was smack-dab in the middle of the group, laughing and fooling around with his equally nauseating friends, shoving at each other as they made their (unwanted) presence in the otherwise peaceful shop known.

Of course, you had immediately ducked your head and pretended to fiddle with your phone to try to hide from Reggie and his puke-inducing gang of friends, in case they decided to make your day a living hell more than ever, practically having bile rising up your throat, trying to calm yourself down by sipping lightly at your milkshake. Through your eyelashes, you saw that some of the guys had crammed inside a booth, but to your horror, Reggie and one of his cronies had sidled up to the counter less than 7 feet away from you to pick up their order like they usually did after school when you tagged along, talking rather loudly about something you didn’t care to listen in on. Thankfully, they didn’t seem to have noticed you, and you were intent on things staying that way for as long as they were here, but of course, luck seemed to have abandoned your side completely as Reggie’s friend had scanned the diner and his gaze landed on you, where you tried to pretend you were typing away into your phone. Out the corner of your eye, you saw the friend nudge your ex with his elbow and not-so-discreetly whispered, “Well, look who it is, Reggie.” to him, making your ex turn and glance at you.

Of course, he didn’t say anything, just gave you that judgemental, 'you-are-all-beneath-me’ look and rolled his eyes at you. “I can’t believe you tapped that, I mean what was she like? Isn’t she like, a neurotic loner or something?” His friend pressed on.

“Trust me, biggest mistake of my life.” Reggie played along, knowing full well that you heard every word, trying not to break down and yell at that smug bastard for being a petty dipshit. “I mean, look at her, she’s hoarding an entire booth for her fat self and she’s so pathetic, she doesn’t even have friends to share-”

“Hey, sorry I’m late.” A vaguely familiar voice cut through the dissing Reggie and his friend were doing at your expense, and to your surprise, a raven-haired guy in a grey beanie sat down next to you in the booth, forcing you to scoot over reluctantly, despite not being aware you had agreed to meet anyone up at Pop’s today. Not that you had that many friends to hang out with in the first place…

Before you could ask the guy on why he was sitting there with you, he said, “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.”, glancing pointedly at you with his back towards Reggie and his friend, dark eyes instructing you to play along when you realized who he was; Riverdale High’s resident Emo McEmo, Jughead Jones.

You recalled seeing him a few times at school, him mostly keeping to himself with headphones practically surgically attached to his head, the quiet, mysterious type of guy that probably knew everyone’s deepest, darkest secrets just by silently observing his surroundings and gathering information unnoticed. He was an intriguing guy who seemed to have way more going on in his mind than most kids in Riverdale High combined, a person who has a deeper understanding on the human emotion and yet rarely shows any emotion other than boredom most times. But still, it didn’t answer your earlier inquiries on why the hell did he think you both were friendly enough that he could just barge into your booth and make himself at home when your bully of an ex and his similarly brute douchey friend were less than 7 feet away from you both.

“The freak and the slut, a perfect pair, yes?” Reggie’s friend nudged at the former, him looking a little put off by Jughead’s arrival. Everyone with a brain knew of the beef Reggie had with Jughead, so it was understandable why Reggie tensed up a little when Jughead appeared, under the pretence that you and him were somewhat friendly with each other. Whatever, it’s not like he has a hold over me, you thought, sending a steely glare at the two.

“Leave her alone.” Jughead spoke, a low but dangerous tone, one that surprised you. Surely he wasn’t actually…sticking up for you, was he? Jughead Jones, Defender of the Bullied? As far as you knew about him (and it wasn’t much), he was more of a sidelines guy, keeping out of trouble by staying under the radar. This, however, was totally out of character. “Don’t you asshats have something better to do than pick on people who did nothing wrong against you?”

“Oh-ho, look, the freak speaks! Defending his lady now, is he?” Reggie’s friend sneered.

“I did (Y/N) a favour by hooking up with her sorry ass.” Reggie spat spitefully, upturning his nose at you as if you were dirt under his shoes. “But in the end, she wasn’t even worth it.” He smirked when he saw both you and Jughead shift in your seats at an almost identical position, clearly ruffled by his words.

Before you could tell him to go shove a cactus up his ass, Jughead once again stepped in and told him, “No, it was (Y/N) who did you a favour by going out with you; I mean, who would even want to hook up with a guy like you?” This comment caused Reggie’s friend to turn pale, a bad sign, seeing as not many dared to talk shit about Reggie…to his face.

“You’re one to talk, Hannibal Lecter, when you’ve never even gotten past first base with a girl!” Reggie said angrily, just as their order arrived, his friend momentarily diverting his attention to the food.

“At least I’m getting laid.” Jughead replied calmly, and then, as if it was no big deal, turned towards you and pulled you into a kiss, one hand cupping your cheek as his mouth moved slowly against yours, a clear sign that he wasn’t used to kissing. Too surprised to even function, you noticed the disgruntled sounds of disgust coming from the two, and when you finally let Jughead take control, you heard them moving away from near your booth, defeated.

“Um…” You pulled away from the dark-haired boy once they were out of earshot, eyes wide at the realization that a guy, whom you barely spoke to in the past years you’ve been in the same school as him, had just defended you and kissed you despite not even owing you anything. “Wha…What was that for?” You asked him nervously, eyes darting to where the group of guys were, all of them already halfway out the door, not noticing the two of you.

“You wanted them to stop bugging you, right?” He asked you, following your gaze to the door that shut behind the group, you nodding slowly. “That should do the trick.” He added, referring to the kiss.

“But…why would you…why would you kiss me?” You asked him, confused.

“I, uh…” For once, Jughead didn’t seem to have a proper answer.

“Are you…are you gay or something?” You squinted at him, trying to squeeze out the truth from him. “I won’t judge you or anything-”

“No, no, it’s quite complicated, really…” He readjusted his grey beanie before continuing to speak. “I’m not attracted to girls. And guys. I’m not attracted to anyone, really.” Oh.

“And they’ve been harassing you about that?” You caught on quickly enough, recalling how hurt Reggie looked when Jughead told him he was getting laid. I will never understand boys and their over-inflated egos, you sighed inwardly.

He nodded, looking, for a split second, as if he was going to say something, but he didn’t. “Well hey, at least your plan worked!” You nudged him optimistically, coaxing a small smile from him, just the faintest twitch of the corner of his lips you were kissing a few minutes ago. “I’m cool with platonic kissing.”

He quirked an eyebrow at you. “This doesn’t mean I’m attracted to you or anything, I just…” You gave up trying to justify your words. “You’re not…you’re okay, I guess.” You mumbled feebly.

“Well, the feeling is mutual, (Y/N).” Jughead smiled, a proper smile, one you’ve never ever seen before. “If I had to choose a girl to willingly kiss for the rest of my school year, it would be you.”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.” You grinned, before both of you burst into laughter.

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Yeah, I know I’m a Supernatural fanfiction account but like a lot of people on Tumblr, we were thrust into the world of Riverdale when we watched it, so it’s understandable. 


If you like Supernatural (especially Rob Benedict/Chuck Shurley/Gabriel/Richard Speight Jr) then you can go check out my masterlist. If you want more of Jughead one-shots like this, feel free to request me anything that isn’t smut because I respect ace (aroace?) Jughead (c’mon guys, it’s canon). All you gotta do is send me an ask! 

“Some people are meant to be loved and others just naked” (II)

A/N: Part II of businessman Harry. It contains smut, daddy kink and it’s quite long. I’m stil not sure if it’s alright, but I hope you like it. 

Harry and Y/N are enemies in the business world but the perfect partners under the sheets.

Based on the song Wrong by Zayn ft. Kehlani

Part I. Part II. Part III.

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“Styles Corporations’ CEO Harry Styles enjoys 22nd birthday bash in tropical paradise with long legged beauty”

While no one would ever dream of describing Y/N as anything less than a genius, a business luminary whose accomplished eminence is often described as freakish by those who are several decades older than her yet much less successful, she could humbly admit to all of them that she was the biggest fool in the world for thinking that getting over Harry Styles would be easy. She didn’t want him back; she just wanted what he had taken from her. He could keep the black lace thong he had tucked into his pocket a couple of months ago after he had bent her over his desk, raining dirty words and harsh nibbles down her neck. But her sanity? He would definitely have to give that back. The sooner the better. As for delivery preferences, no white roses or puke-inducing handwritten notes this time, please. And while he was at it, she had another request: If he was going to be in her head all day, he should at least regard some sort of decency and put some clothes on. How inconsiderate of him. Chivalry is dead.

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Happy Birthday Avi! ~💙

A/N: Today is @avinsfu‘s birthday! To celebrate I wrote him a fic about the pairing of his choice and reasons! Hope it’s been a good one mate, and I hope you enjoy the suffering of Eden!

Mmmmmmnnnn….” Eden let out a low groan and tried to rearrange his position on the bed.

“You still feeling rough?” Jude asked, giving his boyfriend a quick tap on the cheek.

“Yeah…” Eden murmured. The two of them had meant to be having a cosy night in together – Jude didn’t have any planning he needed to do and Eden was all up to date with his assignments, but right now Eden was curled on his side, clutching his stomach and moaning slightly.

“I told you you shouldn’t have eaten that mushroom stroganoff…” Jude said, but his tone was joking as he poked Eden’s shoulder gently.

Urgh, you’re not helping Jude…” Eden groaned, curling his legs up so he was almost in the foetal position. Jude looked down at Eden, frowning, it wasn’t like him to be unresponsive to Jude’s good natured jibes; Eden’s eyes were closed and Jude tried to determine if his already pale skin was lighter than usual.

“Are you really feeling that bad?” Jude asked, dropping the pretence of jokes as he put the back of his hand to Eden’s cheek.

“I feel really sick…” Eden answered honestly, not bothering to open his eyes and look at Jude. For the past three quarters of an hour the churning sensation in Eden’s stomach had grown worse and worse until it was absolutely impossible to ignore.

“Do you want some water or anything?”

Mmmmnn…” Eden hummed lowly. “I don’t know whether it’s wise to put anything else in my stomach…”

“Okay…” Jude wracked his brain, trying to think of something else he could do that might make Eden feel better. “Shall I give you a tummy rub?”

“I… I don’t know,” Eden moaned, seemingly unwilling to release his hands from where they were on his stomach.

“Okay, just try and rest…” Jude instructed, and using two fingers he stroked gently down the side of Eden’s face. But no matter what way Eden lay he couldn’t get comfortable, and even with Jude’s fingers gently caressing the side of his face he couldn’t rest as his stomach seemed to be staging it’s own revolution inside him. He was sure he’d heated the stroganoff all the way through but it certainly wasn’t being kind to him now. He tried to push that thought out of his mind, as the mere thought of food elicited a sticky sour taste in his mouth. This was absolute torture. He wanted to cry, but if he did that then Jude really would get worried, and Eden felt like he’d brought this on himself anyway.

He couldn’t tell how long he’d been lying, trying to ignore the fact that he could feel himself sweating and hear the burbling noises emitting from his belly. It felt like hours and he couldn’t bear it. Taking a deep breath he opened his eyes and pushed himself up into a sitting position, Jude had taken his hand away as he did this, but he was still watching him very closely.

“I…” Eden started to speak, not making eye contact with Jude. “I think I need to throw up…”

“You feel like you’re going to?” Jude asked quickly, sounding instantly alarmed.

“Not quite,” Eden answered, “but I don’t think I’m gonna feel better until I get it out…” Jude gave him a long searching look, his eyebrows set in a frown, then his features softened.

“Come on then,” Jude took hold of Eden’s hand and pulled gently for him to get off the bed.

“Slower, sorry…” Eden protested, clutching his stomach protectively as Jude let him out of the bedroom and towards the bathroom. Eden’s heart was pounding as Jude put his hands onto Eden’s shoulders and steered him in the direction of the toilet. Kneeling down in front of the toilet, Eden lifted the lid of the toilet and leant forward. Jude had perched on the edge of the bath and placed a hand firmly onto Eden’s back. The sight of the water in the toilet had sent Eden’s stomach into a frenzy, churning more vigorously and he tried to prepare himself for what was about to happen.

“Take a few really deep breaths and let your body do what it needs to…” Jude comforted him, starting to rub a circle into Eden’s back to help. Eden did as instructed, trying simultaneously to think of what he’d eaten in an attempt to turn his stomach.

Hrrrrk!” The dry retch sounded painful as it scraped its way up Eden’s throat but nothing else followed.

“That’s it Eden,” Jude encouraged, rubbing a little harder on his back.

Hrrrrrk! Brrrrk!” Each heave was dry, even though Eden’s body was barrelling forward with the force, and his hands were trembling as he gripped the rim of the toilet. Tears were leaking out of the corners of Eden’s eyes as he took a rasping gasp in.

“I can’t!” He choked, sounding pained. “Nothing’s coming up!” Jude looked down at Eden, whose face was so pale it was almost looked translucent, he reached out and wiped away the tears dribbling down Eden’s cheeks.

“It’s okay,” he reassured, even though it was by no means okay. “Look, how about I try and help? If I sit behind you and press on your belly, maybe it’ll get you started?” Jude offered, his heart felt like it was tearing in two watching Eden suffer like this, and it was the only way he could think of to help.

“O – okay…” Eden stammered, swallowing hard as Jude slipped down beside him and wrapped his arm around Eden’s middle. He could feel the flesh of his abdomen puffed out as he position his hand carefully.

“Just relax, I’m going to push to see if it helps…” Jude warned as Eden refastened his grip on the rim of the toilet. Slowly Jude increased the pressure on Eden’s abdomen, able to feel the burbling upset under his hand.

Hrrrrrrrr!” Eden retched, still unproductively. “Hrrrrrbbbrrrrrruuuuupp!” A deep belch was dislodged from him and Jude released the pressure, leaning to the side to see if it had worked. But Eden was still panting heavily, Jude could feel him trembling.

“Is that helping at all?” Jude questioned quietly.

“I still… can’t get anything up…” Eden forced out, his throat sounded sore from the force of retching.

“Maybe your body isn’t ready yet…” Jude suggested.

Uuuhhhhhh…” Eden groaned and rested his head on the edge of the toilet seat. Tears were falling down Eden’s face again, but this time they were of frustration. “I can’t! I feel awful Jude…” The piteous tone in Eden’s voice again tugged at Jude’s heartstrings.

“Come here,” Jude pulled Eden away from the toilet and into his arms, holding Eden tightly even though he was shaking with quiet sobs. “Oh Eden!” Jude rocked gently back and forth, resting his chin on the top of Eden’s head.

“I… I’m sorry!” Eden said through his sobs.

“No Eden, sssshhhh ssssshhh…” Jude whispered, wishing there was something else he could do to make Eden feel better. Then he had an idea – although he wasn’t sure if it would work. “You trust me Eden, don’t you?”

“Yeah!” Eden responded instantly, still nestling his head into Jude’s solid chest.

“Right,” he unlatched Eden from where he was rested and made him lean back over the toilet. “I’m going to try something to help you feel better, just trust me okay?”

“Always…” Eden murmured, gripping the toilet at Jude’s command.

Unexpectedly Eden felt Jude’s hand snake round from behind, touching Eden’s lips and forcing them apart. Taken aback, Eden recoiled slightly, but Jude’s other hand was firm on Eden’s back to hold him in place. Jude’s fingers slipped into Eden’s mouth and towards his throat; this was a risk for Jude, but he was willing to try anything if it would make Eden feel better.

Hiibbbrrrr!” Eden’s entire body jerked forward with a gag that sounded wetter than before. “Hiccuuuuuur!!” Jude could feel saliva dripping onto his fingers, but didn’t withdraw them as it sounded like it might be working. Instead he wiggled them about inside Eden’s mouth, hoping to provoke a harsher reaction. “Huuuuuuurrrrrk!” Jude felt a slight rush of liquid coat his fingers and then heard a splash into the toilet bowl.

“That’s it!” Jude patted Eden’s back a few times, trying to wiggle his fingers around a little more as that had seemed to work.

Hiikkkkkuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrghhh!” Jude didn’t get his hand away in time as a huge heave rolled up from Eden’s gut, vomit splashed onto his bare hand as now the floodgates were open Eden was hurling the entire contents of his body into the bowl. Each heave sounded sticky, bringing mouthful after mouthful of dark puke pouring from Eden’s mouth; Jude could just make out the offending mushroom stroganoff, barely digested, as it made a repeat appearance. “Bbrrruuuhuuurrrgh!”

“Get it all out,” Jude tried to grab a piece of toilet roll to wipe the sick from his own hand, but it stuck awkwardly to the liquid coating it and he had to fight to free it. “You’ll feel better once it’s out…”

But Jude wasn’t sure whether Eden could have stopped now even if he wanted to – he was beginning to bring less and less sick up with every heave, until eventually they became dry and punctuated by a few seconds of calm.

“I… do…” Eden choked hoarsely, spitting the horrid taste out of his mouth.

“What?” Jude inquired gently.

“Feel better… already,” he replied, taking slow breaths in through his nose and reaching up his trembling hand to flush the evidence away.

“Oh good!” Jude exclaimed, relief flooding him that the technique had worked.

“Sorry about your hand…” Eden muttered quietly.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jude brushed it off; Eden suddenly leant back from the toilet, resting against Jude once again.

“I am never ever eating mushroom stroganoff again!” Eden stated firmly. Jude let out a little chuckle, and Jude would always make sure of that.


Request: Hey uh, can you do one where you find out you’re pregnant with twins and Brendon reacts more excitedly then you expected him to, and now you have to tell his whole family about the babies and you’re really nervous? Maybe some fluff, it’d be cool if it was funny and as many “awww” moments as possible. Thank you so much!

A/N: So here is the first part where the reader finds out she’s pregnant and the next section will be about the twins. To be completely honest, I’m not sure if I’ll write the second section, just because I’m busy and have a million other projects going. Probably not my best work, but hopefully you like my start though, Anon!

You wake up and are greeted by a hot wave nausea pouring over you. Fantastic. You roll out of bed straight to the bathroom and barely get the top up in time before you start puking.

Brendon is getting dressed when he hears you throwing up.

“Y/n?” He called as he dashed into the bathroom. He quickly appears behind you, calm but concerned, and kneels down. He gathers your hair in his hand to keep it out of your face. He rubs your back. There was nothing in your stomach to even throw up so early in the morning, so you threw up bile and proceeded to dry heave for a second.

“Okay, it’s okay,” he soothed. You fall back away from the toilet onto your butt and take a shaky breath.

“Feeling sick, baby?” Brendon asked sweetly.

“Um, what do you think?” You replied with a smirk, laughing weakly. Brendon realizes it was indeed a stupid question and laughs too. He gets up and wets a wash cloth before sitting back down on the floor with you. He places it gently on your forehead. You take over holding it to your head.

“Thank you Bren,” You mumble. He’s stroking your arm.

“Are you okay?” He asked sweetly.

“Mhm,” you hummed.

He helped you up off the bathroom floor with a smile and you rinse your mouth out. He took you to the living room. You lounged on the couch for a little while, definitely not ready to eat just yet. When you’re ready, Brendon makes you some toast and that sits in your stomach pretty well. By midday, you’re actually feeling a lot better.

Brendon had a big interview that evening for some music press company. He kept asking if you wanted him to stay, but you insisted he go. You felt fine and there was no reason for him to miss such an amazing opportunity. He leaves, only after you literally push him out the door.

You go into the bathroom and realized the toilet hadn’t been cleaned yet. Ew.

You open the cabinet under your sink and look for some godforsaken, lemon scented chemical you could use. You find some clorox and scrub it around before flushing it. You go to put it back.

You see your box of tampons. You feel sick to your stomach again.

I was due for my period last week.

You usually run like clock work. All the sudden you’re in the car on the way to the closest CVS. You make a beeline to the pregnancy tests and pick up two. You go the register and look down at the floor through the whole transaction, not wanting to look at the cashier. He doesn’t comment on your purchase.

You pee on the stick. Both of them, for good measure. You wait, pacing back and forth in the bathroom. Has three minutes ever passed so slowly? When your timer goes off, you take a deep breath, and look at them before you can chicken out.

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Character: Castiel (and some obligatory Dean)

Warning: None

Word Count: 776

Prompt: You look really cute in that sweater.

Tagging: @amy-de-l-abc


    Ugly. That’s the only word for it. Completely and utterly ugly, one of the most puke-inducing sweaters you’ve ever seen, it looks like maybe it has already induced puke and been on the receiving end. It’s not quite camo, not quite stripes, not quite tribal, and the colors are … well, they’re questionable and painful to look at, and that’s putting it lightly. You didn’t know such sweaters were in production, and you didn’t expect to see one on Castiel. Apparently, the naive little thing shouldn’t be allowed to shop alone.

    When he enters this bunker with this sweater on, you stifle a curse word, a task not so easily accomplished by Dean who just about snorts and chokes on the cheese puffs he’s been snacking on. While Dean recovers, you offer Cass a pleasant (forced) smile and try not to stare at his shirt. The closer he gets, the harder this becomes.

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Let’s Not Fall In Love | 10



chapter length and warnings: 11.1k. some fairly sexual content (sorry about the fade-to-black) and as usual, lots of swearing. I’m sorry this chapter’s a little weird, idk I just wanted to smooth out some of the bumps before it continues. so a lot of it is just people talking, and I’m sorry for that. but anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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Common People, Ch. 3

Hey everybody! Thank you so much for you patience, hopefully this chapter is worth the wait! 

As always, thanks to madfatty. Thanks so much for all the encouragement and help and the noises you make. <3

Chapter 3

Dear Tix,

There’s been so much going on since I wrote you last, I don’t even know where to start.

Okay, that’s a lie, I know EXACTLY where to start! So I hope you’re sitting down on something extra fluffy when I tell you that… I HAVE BEEN DATING SOMEONE! 

I know, right???

Technically we’ve only been on two dates, but we did meet at a cafe so I’m counting that as a third. Three dates is considered “dating”, I have that on good authority, i.e. Chloe. 

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Kamisama no Iutoori finally premiered last Saturday and I run to watch it xD

The story: high school students across the country find themselves captured inside strange world where they have to play and most importantly, win in Japanese traditional children games in order to stay alive. Based on popular manga of the same name.

To my pleasant surprise, it wasn’t actually that bloody or disgusting, even Miike Takashi’s Aku no Kyoten was much more puke-inducing.

Daruma, maneki-neko, kokeshi dolls and other “creatures” that make students play (and violently kill the students who lost) are unexpectedly cute, cheeky and even likeable. They are CGI animated but look very natural and voiced very well too.

Story pace is quick and while there are hardly any mind-blowing twists the movie is entertaining enough. However, because it’s based on the manga it’s rather easy to spot who is “character with design” and who is just a secondary character to be killed off quickly in order to give our leads time to solve the puzzle and win the game.

Some actors are great others not so much but all in all it’s an ok level of acting. Sometani Shouta has a minor role but steals all the scenes he’s in (he’s type-casted again as a jaded and cynical guy). Kamiki Ryunosuke is also type-casted in his usual villain role but of course he owns every minute of it all the while looking badass and charismatic. Fukushi Sota’s acting is not very expressive while his character is likeable but kind of plain (your typical harem-styled anime zero-personality lead).

The movie stops on an absolute WTF place so I guess they have a sequel in plans? Well, I certainly don’t mind :D The visual is very beautiful, the story is entertaining and I found myself liking it much more than I expected.

anonymous asked:

So is that girl in the comics and stuff your persona? Have you ever had any other ones before this one, or did you always have this as your persona?

You have just unleashed my Pandora’s Box.

Warning: Terrible fursona/persona’s coming up.


Yes. My character I use for comics and answering asks is supposed to be me. 

And yes. I’ve had a pretty large amount of really bad fursona/persona/s. I don’t have all of them saved, but I do have a few I can show you guys.


Buyon and Neko

(This isn’t an old picture. I just doodled their designs for you guys.)

I can honestly tell you I don’t know why I chose the name ‘Buyon’ (I must have thought it sounded anime-y enough), but this dude was all over my Middle School planner. When Halloween came by, Neko the cat showed up. Neko…I know. I’m weeaboo trash.



External image

*vomits profusely*

Oh. My. God. I drew a fricken’ sparklecat as my fursona. It’s all so necessary. I mean, look at those adorable leg warmers..and goggles….and tail ring?? 

Clearly, I was doped up on something when I made her.

more trash from 2008


External image






CURSE YOU, DEVIANTART! *shakes fist*


Comelyfeline 2.0

External image

Well…at least this one is black-ish. Less repulsive than my first Comelyfeline.

Ugh. “Comelyfeline”. Seriously, my thought process was like, “I LIKE CATS. THEY’RE CUTE. WHAT’S ANOTHER NAME FOR ‘PRETTY CAT’?? *looks up thesaurus* COMELYFELINE IT IS!”

2010 (for .5 seconds)

Peanut the Owl

External image

This lil’ guy lasted for, like, .6 seconds. I created a new DA account that was Harry Potter themed…and only posted one picture and then never went back on that account.

Good riddance.


Tart the Cheetah

External image

…And then I made another DA account called Etartsulli (wow, ‘Illustrate spelled backwards. How clever.), and, for some reason, chose a Cheetah character named Tart. 

I mean, this one isn’t absolutely horrendous, but UGH.


Tart 2.0

External image

Ooooh, it’s getting there! Still a fursona right now, but at least it kinda sorta looked like me.


The beginnings of SOUTHPAUZ

External image

Hey! Look a human! That’s when I realized I never really drew my fursona character anymore. Looking more like me!

(haha, as if I’ve ever had a thigh gap)


The Beginning of Southpauz

External image


That’s when I got sick of my ‘Etartsulli’ deviantart username and changed it to ‘Southpauz’! 

New username. New character design.


Starting tumblr Southpauz

Ohhhh so close. Setback. Now I’m a cat again. BUT IT’S BASICALLY ME.



Look at that sexy beast. So elegant. So wonderful.


Heartstrings Verse - SummaryFollowing their fake-date at the carnival, Blaine tries to convince Kurt that it had meant something. Kurt isn’t buying it (except he totally is).

Warnings: pure fluff and angry nerd!blaine which is the exact same as fluff anyway and kissing

A/N: i’ve been writing so much in this verse but then I realized none of it would make sense without this piece. 

Kurt isn’t sure what to expect at their first tutoring session after their “date”.

But then Blaine is staring at him with wide eyes, making it very hard for Kurt to concentrate on fake-reading his textbook, and suddenly it’s obvious what he was expecting all along.

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Hi Emperor!!! Do you have fluffy Xiuhan must reads? Like super-fluffy-rainbow-puke inducing kinds? And btw can I just throw this out there, I lover your blog cause it makes me love you... Hihi.

Telling me that you love me so you can get fics lol gull please hahaha I’m just kidding I love you too

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