puke gaga

a concert poster I made for my artRAVE next week. I wanted to make it look like one those DIY Independent/Rock/Punk Show posters. I was inspired by The Little Mermaid, Gaga’s Sea Shell look and her infamous SXSW vomit performance. I might print it as a poster or tee and try to throw it on stage for her.

Millie Brown Pukes the rainbow

Millie Brown has been making waves after collaborating with Lady Gaga at last years SXSW. Specifically for her artistic process that involves puking up paint. The London based artist tells us all about how she developed this technique and the meaning behind the term “Rainbow Body” in this exclusive interview.

Gaga's Puking: Fuck Expectations

The moment she said, “And now Im going to sing Applause because I was told to do so” was the moment everything became clear. She lost the song. She lost it to the machinery of purely manufactured, anti-critical machinery. Its her song but at the same time its an expected part of her now. What once began as a song about celebrating the essence of performance is now a empty shell being moved around without a purpose. It made me a bit sad when she said that but its completely true. There is is machine attempting to control her every move and every decision. They want to her play Applause because it is the big recognizable hit. They want her to do choreography and look pretty on stage. They want her satisfy and feed the masses. This performance was a huge movement against all these controlling forces. By “them” I mean her label, pop culture, and one-sided fans who want pop-number one charts-simple yet weird-Gaga. 

The puking was her way of penetrating through all this. She did not include choreography and did not beautify it to her original standard performances she does. Today was all about going against the grain. Look at her song choices: Aura, Swine, Dope, Gypsy, ManIcure, Bad Romance (which is funny because she also deconstructed that baby as well)etc.) Everything that we expected (i.e a nice choreographed Venus or Guy performance) was thrown out the window. 

In in the end it was all for the sake of protecting herself against all these one-sided and one-minded expectations.

So, this might be my pretentious art student side talking, but I kind of loved Lady Gaga’s performance tonight.

She seemed shit drunk, had a girl vomit on her, and just seemed like a hot mess.

When Millie threw up on her it was an obvious reference to the “Puke on Gaga” short filmed for the Monster Ball. This short filmed portrayed a younger version of Stefani puking on Lady Gaga to show how disgusted her old self would be if she witnessed herself in the present day.

Also, I don’t know if anyone else noticed how she said they ‘had’ to play Applause as if she didn’t want to perform it. Then the end when they raised up the ARTPOP sign and just smashed each letter on the floor which tells me she doesn’t like how the album turned out.

I don’t know. I feel like Gaga was pushed into this box she can’t get out of and is reacting this way because she’s being constrained into something she doesn’t really want to be.

I am extremely thankful that I got to witness Gaga perform last night. It was amazing. Best. Night. Ever. I am grateful to have her as my idol. For those who are saying that it was pointless for Millie to puke on Gaga and talking bad about it should educate themselves. Millie Brown is a performer as well. That is the art that she creates. All I can say is that it was such a beautiful performance and I won’t ever forget how happy I was to see Gaga. I believe people should just focus on the message of love and art. People should appreciate what she does instead of judging her. Either way Gaga is queen, talented, intelligent and beautiful. While people criticize her, she lives her dream. She never spreads negativity and she’s always doing her best to make every single person believe in themselves and that they can be whoever they want to be. Gaga is truly one of the most genuine humans to ever live. It’s not about fame, it’s about being bold. I love you Lady Gaga.