Week 8 -- 4 Things Thursday & Flying responses

1. Ran 3 miles.  I RAN 3 MILES!  Yeah, this deserves it.  Finally knocked out a run that was on schedule.  It was slow. But got it done.

2. Tried a new park’s trail for running.  Dislike it very much.  How much is very much?  I wrote a letter to the county parks & recreation, that’s how much.  The trail is uneven the WHOLE ENTIRE LENGTH (which is less than half a mile, despite saying it was 6/10 of a mile trail).  We’re talking I was running/walking at a slant the entire time.  And I thought it hurt when I did that on the streets, it’s about 100 times worse.  I almost gave up and went home, but I told myself 3 miles had to get logged before my 10.5 miler on Saturday.  Therefore, 3 miles were logged.

3. Tried eggplant.  It’s alright.  I fried it up with some olive oil and combined it with onion, yellow squash, zucchini, and carrots. Nothing too special.  Have a few slices left that I’m going to bread tomorrow and fry up some portabello mushrooms and make into a sandwich.  The recipe looked delicious, so I’m enthusiastic to try it.

4. Finalized NYC flight plans.  I’d been waiting for a bit, you know me and procrastination, and realized that the end of February is fast approaching and I needed to get the plane tickets purchased so my friend knew when I was coming and going.  The procrastination paid off.  In the end, I paid less for the tickets than when I first looked at them–the difference is the 4 days of long term parking at ATL’s airport.  Definitely a win!

Daily miles: 4 miles

Daily workout minutes: 90 minutes

Weekly miles: 13 miles

Weekly workout minutes: 291 minutes

Jumping Jacks: 180/180

runenvy replied to your post: NYC Flight booked!

I would just wear my medal on display. don’t hide it lest they think you’re being shady. You may want to wear all the medals you have, just to show you’re on the up and up, you know. That’s what I would do. Yeah, wear them all at once. And take pics!

Not even all my medals are on display in my room.  I know I know, I earned them they should be up.  But my room is cluttered with so much stuff from my childhood and combining that with college…I’m waiting until a place of my own where I can display the awesomeness of running medals.  Although, my Soaring Wings medal is right next to my bed–and in a little over a month when I’m back home, my NYC half medal will be there, too!

 puka2018 replied to your postNYC Flight booked!

Ny so cool…why you going to new York??

NYC = NYC Half Marathon March 18th.  I got in via the lottery on a whim (because tons of people on my dash were applying and I figured why not).  So I got a place to stay with a college friend, all I needed was the tickets for a flight.  I have thesis research to do in ATL and any flight that I were to take from Florida to NYC had a layover in ATL anyway.  It’s just a lot easier.

 lifechangeneededaisle3 replied to your postNYC Flight booked!

Everything is good! When I flew from Ottawa to Phoenix, I had 48 gels, 2 medals, garmin, bodyglyde etc.. all on my carry on. I had no problems. I even had a ziplock bag full of Hammer Heed powder..

Thanks a ton! Definitely answered my questions! :)  Last time I flew there weren’t nearly as many restrictions and I didn’t pay too much attention because everything was going into checked luggage rather than carry-on.  For 3 nights I don’t need enough stuff to make up checked luggage, so now I’m paying attention to all of the carry-on details. 

Misc. responses

theskinnyongettingthinny replied to your photo: Happy Saturday tumblr! Run all the miles you…

you look so thin!!! :)

Thanks!  I don’t feel it, but it’s great to know other people see it!

Congrats on your half this weekend!  Hope the experience was great!

 puka2018 replied to your photo1.25 mile swim in a little under 80 minutes It’s…

awesome Nava!! how you been?

I’m doing alright, glad that the semester is FINALLY over.  It’s a huge relief.  But now comes the scary part as I up my job applications and focus on jobs, thesis, and working out.  I’m really pissed at my scale and the way my clothing fits, to essentially be the same weight I was a year ago is both good and bad–good that I can maintain, bad because it’s not a number I want to maintain at.

How have things been with you?

 lostweightgainedlove replied to your photo1.25 mile swim in a little under 80 minutes It’s…

Who swims that far, not me, but you!

Irony of irony, I’ve been a swimmer most of my life but never swam more than 1900-2000 yards before in one session.  This time around I’m trying to push myself for further distances (I guess since I’m a distance runner I can be a distance swimmer now, too?).  I’m a slow swimmer because the breast stroke takes more technique, but I’m trying to work more on freestyle to see just how much I can speed my times up.  I also feel like freestyle gives me more of a workout (my heart rate is usually higher) than breast stroke which really I think just forms my arm muscles better.  We’ll see just how consistent I can stay with swimming to see if this will help in tandem with running for losing weight and toning better.  You know, when I actually decide to be consistent with running again, haha.