pugs not drugs!

Phil’s Livestream // 1.12.17

He’s wearing his pugs not drugs jumper

“Seeing you guys has just perked me right up”

They’re experiencing thundersnow in London right now

He ate loads of food over the holiday

His mum makes the best food

He wants to see his family more this year

“Great Phil. Great work.” 

Explanation of Christmas puddings

The sides of his hair are short again (not quite shaved by nice and short)


His hairdresser comes to his house to cut his hair now

There was hair all over the floor when the gas men came

Dan says 1 year Phil says 4 what is the truth

New AmazingPhil video tonight after the liveshow 

Hair swish

2 busy 4 a dog (but he wants a dog one day)

“Pugs not allergy drugs”

Self-shampooing hair 

They went to Manchester for New Years

He’s showing one gift Dan got him in the video and another one which is a game called Codenames

He’s going to make his friends play the boardgames with him

He got donut sprinkles handwash but it smells mostly of sugar

He got some straw pig plant growing things idk what it is but it cute

Their publishers got him TATINOF vans 

His mum got him fake candles because she’s scared he’s going to burn the house down

The gas leak was on the bottom floor entrance and they never burn candles there which is why they didn’t explode

The gas leak is fixed btw

He’s got loads of ideas for a certain creative project?? 

He misses when he was a bit more fit and could run up all of the stairs in their house

Top fans got scented candles

The queen recovered from her cold faster than he did rip

He loves having Sherlock back and he may go to a party to watch the last one

They actually did the entirety of Gamingmas

He misses Papyrus 


He sucked at the Undertale battles thankfully Dan was good at them

Dad? Dab? Dan?

DanandPhilShop.com is having a new year sale use the code “HAPPY2017″

Rip yoi

He’s been watching a show called Humans which he really likes

He watched Age of Ultron again and liked it way more the second time

They’ve watched the first 4 episodes of Steven Universe 

He had a weird dream that he was in Scotland being chased around a hotel and he couldn’t find Dan and then Dan’s mum texted him and said that she had the same dream 

“Sometimes I drive past Big Ben and go oh yeah I live in London”

His mum is obsessed with snow and she facetimed him so she could see it

He wants to see La La Land (possibly tonight or tomorrow)

He doesn’t know what he’s doing for his birthday yet but he may either visit his family or hang out with friends and go to an escape room again

“Stick around”

Collective dab


They cleaned the entire house while listening to the Undertale soundtrack

He’s going to put the next liveshows on LessAmazingPhil

“I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see you very soon” 


Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||||

the signs as dog breeds
  • Aries: shih tzu
  • Taurus: labrodoodle
  • Gemini: collie
  • Cancer: alaskan malamute
  • Leo: pug
  • Virgo: jack russell
  • Libra: cavalier king charles spaniel
  • Scorpio: great dane
  • Sagittarius: bulldog
  • Capricorn: dalmation
  • Aquarius: boxer
  • Pisces: beagle