pugs not drugs!

in the bottom drawer of his desk, sam has an old cigar box where he keeps:

  • a pin jess gave him, many years ago now, that says, “pugs, not drugs.”
  • a photograph of him and dean as kids. in it, sam is 13, and dean is 17.
  • a handful of matchbooks and a few “do not disturb” signs he’s collected from some motels they’ve stayed at over the years.
  • a small sewing kit that’s meant for buttons and zippers but has, more often than not, been used to close up cuts and bullet grazes.
  • a letter from bobby singer. apparently they have paper in heaven.
  • two amulets: one from a high school play, and the real one.
  • a brochure for online college courses he picked up at the library.
  • a pack of playing cards and a few green plastic army men.
  • expired coupons for dog food.