pugs in wigs

those crufts style pekingese dogs look like black pugs in some kind of wig disguise like they’re undercover fbi agents busting a case

they still….do not suspect me…. god i hate my job

anonymous asked:

I'm having such a bad week like my nan is really really ill and I'm so scared I'm gonna lose her and my mum got rushed to hospital twice and the only person who has truly cared is the guy who's like my best friend but he lives so far away and eurgh:( it's just been such a bad week and now I'm curled up in bed crying:(

its okay bb heres a picture of a pug wearing a wig

How not to blow up your Death Star: genuine data security lessons from the Imperial Senate

Because being able to force-choke your enemies won’t help if you leave all your passwords on sticky-notes attached to your monitor.

There are a vast number of interesting things to apply to business from Star Wars: A New Hope. Don’t, for instance, dilute your core brand by developing its name into a parent group for subsequent offshoots that don’t live up to the successes of the original. Or the fact George Lucas was the first person to really harness the power of micropayments; access the original Star Wars for the mere price of a cinema ticket, participate in the phenomenon by paying slightly more for mulitple hits of an unlimited and growing array of variations on an infinite collection - it’s just it was physical plastic, not Kardashian stars at the time. That’s not a criticism, it’s just smart.

I’m not a brand manager or micropayment incentive specialist, though, so I’m not going to talk about those things. I’m a nerdlord charity database manager so buckle up kid, we are going to learn about how, if you find yourself in charge of a totalitarian empire (or, say, repository of any sort of important data at all) you’re never too all-powerful to not need a few basic lessons in infosec.

Star Wars predated the ubiquity of computers in a professional capacity and indeed, all data protection legislation. But it’s ultimately a story about how losing loads of data can result in proton torpedoes up your garbage chute and, in a world of rapidly changing information security standards and equally rapidly developing threats, you only need the gentlest tractor beam to dock one obsession into another.

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