pugs in fashion


Hi everyone!!

 I decided to share with all of you this little storyboard I did last year, I needed it for a job I was applying, so my brother help me to write a little story for me to draw.

It was so  muuuuch work and I had to be out of my comfort zone with this project, I had to draw backgrounds, my worst enemy! hahaha and when I ended drawing it, I feel like I illustrated a whole book!!! (believe me I have worked in that before and its super exhausting)

Of course I didn’t get the job haha but it was fun!

Hope everyone likes it!  (and of course, the dog is my own baby momo)

Suri, Pug, 2017 NY Pet Fashion Show, New York, NY • “She seems sweet but she’s a beast. She’ll push her brother out of the way and knock down his baby gate. She also thinks the cat litter box is her unlimited treat buffet.”