I’ve taken up a new art form today haha 😂😜 It’s a three day weekend for me here in Canada so I’m gonna make the most of it and try to relax this morning! 😊❤ I can’t think of a better way to end my back to back convention weekends! 😁😉Do you cuties get the long weekend too? 🤔 If not, I hope this silly doggy helps make you smile and helps brighten your Monday! 🐶💖 Have a great morning cuties!😙💞

A border story from Nogales, Arizona: I spotted 12-year-old Alexander Figueroa bringing his pug, Michelle, back home across the border from Nogales, Mexico. The dog’s lip had been torn in a fight with a bigger dog. The vet in Tucson quoted them $675 to stitch Michelle up. So instead, Alexander and his mom, Liliana, drove south. Total cost in Mexico: 600 pesos, or about $30. “And they gave her a free shower!” Alexander told me, happily.

Photo: Melissa Block/NPR