“You’re dead.” He blurts out, and Rhys is looking at him like he personally took a piss on his skag, Sheila.

“Pardon me?” Rhys says, voice very, very calm, “is that a threat?” he takes a good few steps towards Jack, long strides, and it takes him some time to realise what the CEO said. His eyes widen and he takes one step back. 

This is my first time doing a comic thing like this hhhhhhhh

✿ Check out @starrelia to read the fic’s with Reverse AU ✿

So the first page its finally out jesus christ. I remade it like four times but the timeline in school is starting to cut down i decided to stay with this.

The series will be 5-6 pages for the school prodject but it may be a longer running series on the interwebs.
It will play out in Los Santos in the GTA AU, that means that IF and i say IF some shipping happens its only in the GTA AU and not in the real world i ship them keep this in mind when you read. As i said, i don’t know where my sick head turnes this comic or anything but some hints to shipping will be in it. And if you can’t accept that then fuck off.<3

This will also be a Heist based comic so stay tuned for whats going to happen!

I don’t approve to upload this so soon after Monty.. But this is what i’ve been working on today.
I don’t want to want to tell everybody how i feel about him passing away. I can’t i’ve been trying to accept it but its so hard. Ive been crying over him, his family and over the staff who lost him. I cant really put my feeling to words but i know we have to move on. But its hard.

About the comic, it starting off slow at the moment but if it goes as planned it will happen some interesting stuff in the next few pages.