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Hello! Yesterday i make this collection of pillows, rugs and bed covers!!! I gonna be making more CC for house and some clothes recolors so prepare your mods folder!!!

I love making this is so fun and helps me not to stress to much 
\(^▽^)/ So i hope everyone like it! 
Thanks for all the downloads in my last things! Thanks everyone! 

If the link don’t work click Open link in new Tab! If you want me to recolor somethings send me a message!


  • Pillows mesh (Orange Coussin) by @msteaqueen (52 colors) I love the pugs one is so adorable!
  • Bed covers mesh by Pilar (51 colors)
  • Rugs base game (54 colors)
  • Pictures by society6 (the best site ever)
  • Custom thumbnails (every recolor have it)
  • If you don’t find the recolors try type [PR_SS] Circa in buy mode
  • (^▽^)


CC i used from:

@leo-sims @mio-sims@mxims and paintings by me! Thanks you all for the lovely CC!

Thanks for downloading and Have fun!! WCIF friendly so ask me anything!

If something wrong with the links or other things, please send me a message :D If you use my cc tag me #PR_Supernovasims, mysims4screenshots or @mysims4screenshots (<— i prefer this one) and i will like it and reblog the pictures!!!!


Eggsy x Reader

Eggsy smiled as you made a quiet noise in your sleep. It was the first night he’d slept at home for weeks and he’d fallen asleep on the sofa with you on his chest. He was all too aware that in a matter of hours Roxy would be calling and Merlin would jet them both off to where ever they were needed.


“Eggsy?” You hummed as your eyes opened sleepily and you smiled brightly.


“You are very beautiful.” He sighed and moved you higher up his chest so he could kiss you.


“And you are very handsome.” You giggled as he grinned and covered you with kisses.

“I know I am, I look better in a suit.” He winked and carried you into the kitchen where he set you down and started rummaging through the cupboards.


“Well you are a tailor so I don’t think it counts.” You said as he yanked open the fridge.


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the pug on the sofa 

[part 2 of the shinobi next door]

rating: T
pairing: eventual Kakashi Hatake x Reader. Reader & Pakkun.
warnings: cuteness overload? none.
summary: There’s a pug on your sofa.

author’s note: thank you for all the amazing support and love on the first part, i’m overwhelmed and overjoyed! as always, thank you to my wonderful beta reader, @freedomaboveallelse. constant support and understanding and love and thank you <3.

read part one [here] or on ao3 [here]

alternatively, read part 2 on [ao3]

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When you just want to go to bed

Last night, I house sat and looked after my dogs. (They’re like children and need constant looking after.) They each have a bed in the master bedroom that they share with each other, and the pug gets to sleep on the master bed at night. I took them to bed and prompted them to get in their own. The pug got in her bed, but the terrier hound wouldn’t mind me. He then kicked the pug out of her bed and flopped in it with a huff, while the pug made her way to the other bed, scrambled. 😂

They are coneheads

ICYMI:  The official video of the REBECCA SUGAR Q&A from MoCCA Fest 2016 has been posted on YouTube!

It was an absolute honor to play host, and the crowd of fans fed the room with rapt attention and love for Rebecca’s work. Over the course of an hour we discussed Steven Universe, representations of queer youth in media, the importance of diversity in casting and behind the “camera” on a show, Rebecca’s comics, Roland Barthes “image-repertoire” concept, and upcoming personal work and poetry that she is working on… Rebecca took questions from the room, and even played a song from “Cinderella” on her uke! It was a really fun and special hour, and I feel lucky have been part of it.

–> Enjoy here on our YouTube playlist! <–