ICYMI:  The official video of the REBECCA SUGAR Q&A from MoCCA Fest 2016 has been posted on YouTube!

It was an absolute honor to play host, and the crowd of fans fed the room with rapt attention and love for Rebecca’s work. Over the course of an hour we discussed Steven Universe, representations of queer youth in media, the importance of diversity in casting and behind the “camera” on a show, Rebecca’s comics, Roland Barthes “image-repertoire” concept, and upcoming personal work and poetry that she is working on… Rebecca took questions from the room, and even played a song from “Cinderella” on her uke! It was a really fun and special hour, and I feel lucky have been part of it.

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Looking at houses for sale in my home town. Highlights include: titty wallpaper in the wc, blue house wherein not a single wall is painted the same colour, pug bedding, fridge in the bathroom.