I went to London Comic con / MCM today!! It was insane. So many amazing costumes and characters!!
Then we ended up going to a club and daaaamn, it was odd seeing buzz light year and sailor moon grinding up each other. The DJ also played the Pokemon theme tune and Ash & Brock both ran in and danced on the dance floor. It was great 😂
Deffo going next year too!!
It was held right around the corner from our hotel as well. Pretty cool.
ALSO I’ve just got into bed. I spent the last hour standing in the rain fussing the cutest pug everrrrr, drunk, at 2am, in the middle of London. His name was frickin Boris!! Ahhhh. I love London.

Meet Alfie, the 3-Year-Old Therapy Pug

Follow Alfie’s adventures — and learn more about what matters most to him — on @alfiethepug_beat.

Hello, world! Today’s #WeeklyFluff is Alfie (@alfiethepug_beat), a very dapper 3-year-old therapy pug from the UK. Alfie has a kitten named Cheese who he loves to cuddle up and goof off with, but he’s also a charitable fellow who supports causes like Beat, an organization dedicated to helping people overcome eating disorders.