Let me bestow upon thee some writing advice

during my somewhat short yet very on and off writing career, I have read my share of writing advice/tips and lemme tell you, almost none of them have worked for me. now, I’m not saying that they won’t work for you, but if you’re anything like me, then maybe give these a go and, like, actually maybe finish a book…

1. writing every day is important, yes, but if you’re writing every day just to fill up a norm, then you’re not writing a book, you’re writing an assignment and anyone who’s ever written an assignment knows how fun those are to read. write every day, but write for as long or as short as your imagination and inspiration runs that day. don’t try and force the damn thing, because sometimes, when you write 4.000 words because you wanted to hit a mark and then you write 20 words because you were inspired, those 20 words become a fucking movie and those 4.000 words get skimmed over.

2. windows word ain’t for everyone. seeing that prim and proper page and those rulers and those font sizes and those word counts and all that, jeez, that just makes me- eh. I tried to write in windows word, and it goes, but when I write and feel like I’ve accomplished something and then look at the page number or word number, I get discouraged and I just… dwindle down. or start writing bullshit just to fill up the pages. if you’re like me, maybe try with windows note and then when you’re done, transfer it to word and edit. much less frustrating.

3. create something that’s going to keep you motivated. it can be a moodboard, it can be a video(that’s what I did), it can be a playlist, a sketchbook, just, something you can look at and see your book, setting, characters, vehicles, everything, when it gets a bit tough to stay on track.

4. use pictures or songs to describe your characters to yourself and not get their personalities wrong. this helps a lot when you can’t give a straight answer to those questions lists like: what’s his deepest secret, what’s his favorite passtime and shit like that. I found that when I did those questions lists, I got bored of the character very easily because then there was nothing left for me to discover about them. a picture of a frowning boy or one with bloody knuckles and broken glasses will do just fine to remind me that my character is a little shit who talks a lot of shit and doesn’t take any shit form any other shits.

5. write it like you want to read it. write the character so that, as the book goes along, you discover their secrets and personalities just like the reader would. it’ll help you not get bored and it won’t be as hard.

6. don’t let writing become a chore. that’s pretty self-explanatory, because once you let writing become a chore, it isn’t fun anymore and immediately, it takes the fun out of your book.

wow, I actually wrote something useful. ha. who’d have thunk.