They are about five weeks old here! Around six weeks, I’ll get to choose one! I get second pick- for a GIRL. I felt as though my odds were good and they obviously WERE…. how can you go wrong picking a pug?

SPOILER ALERT: I end up picking the one with the black spot on her back… same one as the second to last photo with the close up of the pug!!


This is the litter about 3 weeks in… look how cute and fat they are getting!!! At this point, I don’t know which one will be mine… I am not even sure which ones are girls and which ones are boys! Considering all six of them are cute, cute CUTE, I decide I don’t care which one I pick! Later, you’ll see that I end up being completely torn between two pugs!!


Earth’s Mightiest Heros Are… Avenger Pugs! (by disneypetsandanimals)


PICKING DAY!!!! MEET THE OFFICIAL LUNA! This day was really exciting!!! We went to the breeders home and got to meet all the pugs– All with a different personality!! I was torn between a timid, relaxed, and calm little pug and the wild and crazy runt of the litter. I chose the timid, relaxed one because the other one was super, super crazy!!! Very outgoing and curious, but biting, running into walls, loud, snorting etc. Seemed like the more relaxed one would be easier to train and tame. I think I made the right choice!!! The official Luna!!!