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Picking a Voltage Character

Voltage: “As you see, we have plenty of wonderful options.” *gestures to all handsome pixel men*

Me: “They’re nice, but…” 

Voltage: *flabbergasted* “But what?! Look at all this beauty!” *snags a guy from the row* “And this one has a tragic past and soulful eyes!” 

Me: “Oh, you know I’m a slut for tragic pasts and soulful eyes.” 

Voltage: “Yes we know.” 

Me: “But still….” 

Volatge: “Or how about this one!” *snags another pixel man* “He plays sports and is only devoted to you!” 

Pixel man 2: “I play sports and am only devoted to you.” 

Me: “Okay, but stillllll…..” *leans sideways to look past the pretty pixel men* 

Me: *points* “I want that one.” 

Voltage: *looks back* “You want the tiny, blonde, sadistic one?”

Me: “No, the one next to him.” 

Voltage: “Oh wait,” *turns back to me, pointing to the back* “The short hitman with the ‘pug life’ t-shirt?” 

Me: “Yes!” 

Voltage: “But what about the tall, dark, and handsome thing?” 

Me: “Nah, I’m more of the short, dorky, and dangerous kinda girl.” 

Voltage: *exasperated, stepping back with their hands in the air* “Have at it.” 

Me: “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.” *tackles selected Voltage man*

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Reigning Madness – Chapter 10


Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: A vaguely smuttiy sentence or two

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I wasn’t blind. I did see her irresponsibility, she drank and partied a bit too much, she was always getting into fights with people. But it wasn’t so long ago, I was doing too much partying myself. And she had been dismissed and disrespected so much in her life, it wasn’t surprising that she was always expecting to have to fight to be treated well. She had her demons. There were better ways to deal with them. I was just trying to help her see that. I wanted her to believe in herself enough to let these other things go. I thought she was worth it.

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I can’t believe I haven’t posted this here, yet.

So like…ages ago, my wife (the original creator of this meme) made this thing for her Instagram page. I, being the utter trash I am, flipped out and in a moment of fanboy weakness, swore I would make it into a shirt and wear it proudly across my chest. A week later, this was made. I still have it. I wear it often.

I make them for people who pay for the materials needed to make them. 

I also plan to make Hartwin and Percilot shipper T-shirts when I can manage a good design for them. 

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this may be a bit strange but,, rfa's reactions to mc being obsessed with pugs?? loves them as much as jumin loves elizabeth and yoosung loves lolol



  • finds it adorable beyond b e l i e f
  • seeing everyone so invested with cats in the rfa (well except zen lol), he thinks that your obsession is pretty cute
  • is obviously dying to meet your pug
  • thinks they’re funny animals
  • might buy you a pug charm for your backpack/phone
  • hopes you bring your pupper with you every time you come over


  • h e IS RELIVED 
  • is actually NERVOUS to meet your dog
  • totally afraid (for once in his life) that a living thing won’t like him
  • needless to say your dogger LOVED HIM
  • let’s just say you sometimes get jealous over him cuddling the pupper more than he cuddles you
  • notices that and immediately pulls you up to him
  • you’re his princes(ses)


  • isn’t too fond of dogs either
  • but pugs (specially your pug) means a lot to you, she’d be tolerant and let you bring him/her over
  • zen what? pugs are HER THING NOW
  • buys you matching pug coffee mugs
  • likes accompany you to take your pug on a walk


  • He’s pretty hesitant at first because he doesn’t know how to bond over dogs with anyone else
  • but when he actually sees how excited you get over pugs his heart would melt and he’d give the pupper a chance
  • once you suggest bringing your pug over he is NERVOUS AND EXTREMELY UNSURE
  • acting like a parent towards Elly
  • when he sees how good he/she and Elizabeth 3rd get along he’d feel like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders
  • eventually he’d grow to adore your pupper as much as he does Elly
  • but just your pupper
  • he’d N E V E R admit it
  • but he adores him/her
  • and you’ve caught him spoiling him/her and talking all sweetly too him/her and just ugh <3


  • oh bOI
  • you’d walk into your room (when you finally moved in) and it was ALL PUGS
  • wallpaper, sheets, floor tiles, evERYTHING
  • oh GOD
  • he’d change it later, he’d just wanted to see your reaction
  • once you told him about bringing your doggo over he’D BE ALL UP FOR IT
  • you were nervous about him not liking him/her because he’d usually fanboy over Elly
  • you knew he was called the cat abuser. CAT abuser. c a T
  • constantly hearing your pug growling at him
  • I don’t know what’s up with him/her, MC, it just started barking at me,” cue puppy eyes.
  • pulls at his/her tail (obviously not hard, not frequently)
  • steals his/her treats
  • you were ABOUT TO MOVE OUT before he promised never to tease your doggo again
  • he’d apologize so much and even make a pug robot just for you
  • afterwards, let’s be honest, he’d spoil him/her rotten as well
  • constantly cuddling it with him/her, cooing at him/her, and playing with him/her

I hope I did your request justice <3 

#58: morning routines

comment: a morning version to ‘bedtime routines’

Mark: He’s always up early, waking you up by stretching out his legs in bed. “Get up,” he says, trying to wake you up. You groan, hating how much of an early waker he was. “I hate you,” you say, putting a pillow over your head. “No you don’t,” he says laughing, and you sit up, throwing the pillow at him. “I hate it when you wake me up,” you huff, and he laughs, pulling you in for a hug like he did every morning. “Love you too,” he says, and you give each other a loving kiss before you get up to start your day.

Jr: He always wakes you up with a kiss on the cheek. “Morning,” he says, and he pushes the hair out of your face and plants one on your cheeks. You shuffle a little bit, stretching your legs out while Jinyoung quickly checks his phone. “Heyyyyyy,” you say, and you pull him closer to you as he drops his phone onto the bed. “Check it late,” you say, and he smiles that smile where it crinkles right next to his eyes… “It could have been important,” he says, chuckling, and you raise an eyebrow. “Okay maybe not that important,” he says, and then decides to kiss you, like he did every morning.

JB: He always makes breakfast, every morning, no matter what. If he was going out earlier than you, he’d make sure to plastic wrap it for you so when you wake up, it’s already waiting for you. But today, he was home, and you woke to the aroma of waffles and fruit and all things lovely… You walk into the kitchen in nothing but JB’s baggy shirt, and he’s humming to himself taking another waffle out of the waffle maker wearing a loose tank top. “Smells good,” you say, walking in and putting an arm around his waist and you go onto your tiptoes to kiss him on the lips.

Jackson: He’s never up on time, and you’re left waking him up. “Jackson!!!!” you tell at him, and he opens his eyes quickly after falling asleep again for the 4th time. “GET UP!!!” you say, and you grab a pillow to hit him with. He springs out of bed with a pillow of his own in his hand and hits you gently back with it. “HEY! LET ME SLEEP!” he says, and you grab the pillow out of his hands to hit him again. “PUT SOME PANTS ON ANd get ON WITH IT!” you yell while laughing, pointing at the clock. It was almost 2:00PM. “Oh,” he says, “Sorry.” and he giggles as he chases after you to give you a hug from behind and planting a huge kiss on your cheek.

BamBam: You always got ready with each other, every morning. “Pass me my pug t shirt,” you say, pointing at his side of the closet. “You mean my t shirt?” he says, laughing. He throws it over to you and then changes out of his pajamas. “It’s mostly mine since you never wear it,” you comment, and he laughs again, throwing on a different shirt. “Wear those pants,” he says, pointing at the purple jeans on the hangers, “They look good on you.” He smiles as you put them on, and then you choose a pair of pants for him to wear, too. It wasn’t much, but making a mess in the closet and throwing clothes at each other wasn’t too bad of a way to start your morning.

Youngjae: You both couldn’t get on with your days until you had a glass of juice together while telling each other about your dreams. Still in your pajamas, Youngjae pours you a glass as you start on yours… “And I was in the middle of the street in a cowboy hat and I was just so confused.” He laughs at your completely ridiculous dream and then passes you your glass as you take a huge sip from it. “Oh yeah?” he says, raising a brow, and continues on with his equally ridiculous dream and you both laugh so hard that you have make sure you didnt spit out your juice.

Yugyeom: He sets his alarm to play his favourite song, a song that you were pretty much sick of by now. You sigh as you hear the first verse of the song starting, and you look over to Yugyeom, who’s fast asleep. “Hey! WAKE UP!” you shake him until his eyes flutter open. “Oh,” he says after a second of panic. “I think you’re getting too used to that ringtone,” you say, chuckling, and then you lean over to kiss him on the cheek before rolling out of bed. “At least I’m not sick of you,” he jokes and you both laugh. Even in the early mornings he had his sense of humor.