pug rolls

“Pooka, where did you go??” Mira hissed, the heels of her shoes clicking ever so slightly as she rushed through the silent halls. The black cat had been a bit of a troublemaker from the get-go, despite how much time they’ve spent together. He was a free spirit, is what she told herself to keep from getting angry every time he escaped. 

She followed his quiet and teasing mews until she rounded a corner, finding him in the very middle of the hallway, looking at her as if he knew the stress he was causing. “Okay, come on boy. That’s enough..” she said, out of breath as she slowly approached him. It was obvious he was about to take off again, and Mira wasn’t sure how much longer she could run. Taking a look around to make sure no one was around to bust her, she slid her wand from her robe and quickly flicked her wrist. “Petrificus totalus!” she whispered, letting out a heavy breath of relief as her fast feline friend became completely still within an instant. 

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Hartwin & V) An abandoned or empty place <3

Angst with Happy Ending

It’s not easy for Eggsy, at first, living in Harry’s old home. It’s a rather large residence, and all Eggsy has is himself and JB, the pug rolling around on the wood floors while Eggsy moves his things in. 

He’d considered moving in his mum and Daisy, of course, but keeping Kingsman a secret from them would have killed him. And he’s not ready to tell his mum. He can’t worry her like that, like with the Marines. He knows he can make a difference as a Kingsman, and he can’t give it up.

He thinks it’s what Harry would have wanted.

So he asks Merlin if he could get one of the old Kingsman safe houses in London. Something discreet, but clean and safe and close to good schools for Daisy. Within a week of beating up Dean in the Black Prince, Michelle and Daisy are in a small townhouse with a lovely garden out front. It’s close to a nice, respectable primary school for Daisy, and it’s close to a small business hub that Michelle can find a job in. Everything they need is within walking distance, and the security in the house is monitored by Eggsy.

Eggsy slowly turns Harry’s home into his own in the meantime. He left it alone for as long as he could stand, but all of Harry’s possessions, the butterflies, Mr. Pickle, the whiskey… it makes the house feel like a coffin. A empty shell of a memory. Stained with the scent of death and regret, and Eggsy feels like he’s suffocating the longer he leaves it alone.

So he turns Harry’s abandoned house into a home. All of Harry’s possessions are packed neatly and organized for easy access, tucked away in the back of closets or the corners of rooms.

Eggsy files all of Harry’s Sun pages in chronological order and slides the file into the desk in the office. He starts his own wall, a single page from V-Day.

He’s still amazed the Sun was able to print out anything considering the madness.

Mr. Pickle is left in the bathroom, but the bathroom is locked since Daisy and Michelle often visit Eggsy in his new home. Eggsy doesn’t want to have to explain why there’s a taxidermied dog in the bathroom. 

And slowly, slowly, Eggsy can breath again. 

Sometimes he hears the ghost of Harry’s voice giving praise or instruction, a pleased “yes, Eggsy” or the whispers of a martini recipe in the back of his mind.

It’s not until he finds Harry in his bedroom that he wonders if the whispers had actually been Harry after all. Or maybe Eggsy’s finally gone crazy, maybe he wasn’t actually breathing after all in this shell of a home, maybe he’s finally suffocated under the weight of Harry’s death.

But Merlin smacks Harry upside the head when Eggsy calls him over, and Eggsy collapses with relief and joy.

This abandoned house is a home again.