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Meet Alfie, the 3-Year-Old Therapy Pug

Follow Alfie’s adventures — and learn more about what matters most to him — on @alfiethepug_beat.

Hello, world! Today’s #WeeklyFluff is Alfie (@alfiethepug_beat), a very dapper 3-year-old therapy pug from the UK. Alfie has a kitten named Cheese who he loves to cuddle up and goof off with, but he’s also a charitable fellow who supports causes like Beat, an organization dedicated to helping people overcome eating disorders.

a concept: crocodile has to take his new pug to serious underworld meetings with dangerous criminals because he doesn’t trust anyone to dog-sit. for some reason things go incredibly well and he didn’t even have to make threats he fully planned on carrying out. it’s soon after that he realizes he’s won the moment the client makes eye contact with the pug on his shoulder.  


30 day AU challenge - day 8, disney movie/fairytale [part 2]

101 dalmatians more like 101 pugs am i right