pug in tree

My study room looks amazing I honestly can’t believe this little cosy room is all mine! 😍 Happy Birthday to me! ✨



Thinking about making these into simple screen prints. Color paper with a white base to lay down two color shape over and finally a halftone black of the drawing. I love the pig and pug this way and like the squirrel and bird, yet I am not sold on the duck and bunny. Think could be my color choices or could be there is SO much drawing then the others that it doesn’t lend itself to the graphic look I going for.


    I love Albering…. @w@
but… what about Pewds? xD
Marzia and Puga-chan the adventurers, of course!!! :DDD
and Edgar is disappointed as always xD

I would like to albering again this year… at least.. 1000 times!!! >w<

I’m a little monkey inside çwç

Have a nice day Bros :)


kaddy-heartstar : I am like pewds in this drawing with Albering…I sliped down once like this…so good you are held up by a rope doing this x’D

wow, what a bad experience! :O  :)

kaddy-heartstar ha detto: It happend because everything was wet and slippery, we shouldnt have done it that day ^^ but I survived ;D what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, right? |D

Right! xDDDDDD *brofist* :))) I’m happy that you’re survived :))