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Orange Skies and Blue Eyes

I haven’t posted in like forever but since it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to finish all my requests and will open requests again when I’m done doing so. 

Also Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was awesome 💚 I loved it and cried so much when I watched it. 

Can you do a one shot where Draco places his head in your lap? Kinda like when he did that with pansy but you know, cuter -Anonymous

“Leave me alone, Parkinson” Draco sighed, quickening his pace to get away from the dark haired girl. She had been acting extremely clingy today and seeing as Draco was already having such a stressful day, he couldn’t handle the way the pug faced slytherin’s obsession with him was an all-time high at the moment. Pansy was like an animal during mating season every once a month. There are times when her love for him was at a minimal and there are times (like now) where her hormones blast like fireworks waiting to burst.

“But Drakey….” Pansy whined, trying to make her face puppy dog like but ended up making Draco visibly disgusted “You promised to help me with Potions! We can watch the sunset too once we’re finished” Her hands had created a death grip on his bicep, disabling the boy from getting away. Draco mentally cursed at how he couldn’t just push her away. He was a Malfoy, he still had a reputation to keep.

“I don’t recall that” He squinted at her. The day couldn’t have gone worse for him. He had gotten detention from McGonagall because of his little banter with the Golden Trio during their Divination class and the fact that he had a tiring quidditch practice this morning. He looked up and prayed to any god there was up there to help him.

And just like that.

“Draco!” He turned his head to find his favorite pair of (E/C) eyes and (H/C) hair. You stood behind the awkward duo, holding back a laugh. You and Draco had been best friends since you were children. You fathers worked together in the ministry and were delighted you were both sorted in the same house.

“(Y/N)” He breathed, happily. Relief flowed through him as he stared at the smiling girl in front of him. You tried your best to hold back your laughter due to his obvious discomfort. Parkinson on the other hand looked at you with uttermost hatred. During the sorting in your first year, you were nervous as to where the hat would place you. Draco knew of your uneasiness and held your hand the whole time until your name was called. From then on, she swore to make your life at Hogwarts hell. That plan never went accordingly since you never visibly shown you were affected.

“I’ve been looking for you all over the damn place” You smiled, sweetly as Pansy scoffed not caring if Draco heard her. Your smile disappeared, feigning a hurt expression. “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten…” The blonde gave you a baffled look.

“It’s Sit under a tree with your Best Friend Day!” You hollered, raising your arms for extra emphasis.

“That’s not a thing” Parkinson exclaimed, exasperated.

Draco slowly understood what you were trying to do and decided to play along.

“Oh yes. Of course I haven’t, love.” He grinned, scratching the nape of his neck. He looked down at the clinging girl next to him before he spoke “Sorry, Parkinson. It seems my schedule’s booked. Maybe on the 30th of February?” Pansy smiled, squealing in joy as she hugged Draco one last time. “You promise?” She batted her eyelashes making you gag.

“Yeah, I promise” Draco said, sliding his hand from her grip and wrapping an arm around you. You giggled realizing how dim witted Parkinson was. Well, they say love makes you blind but you didn’t recall that it also disintegrated your intelligence.  Pansy stuck her tongue out at you as if to say ‘I won’. You shook your head and giggled under your breath.


You made many happy memories in Hogwarts with Draco. Your first casting of a patronus, first duel and even your first skinny dip –that’s a story for another time. You’ve done everything together well except snog of course. Friends don’t do that. You sat down on your favorite tree to sit on. It had the perfect view of the castle and had the perfect shade to protect you from the sun’s rays. Draco sat next to you, sighing contently as he lent his head back against the tree. You looked at him with concern as he noticed how tired he looked. You knew he wouldn’t admit it but he does get tired of acting this way from time to time. It wasn’t easy having his kind of title; The Slytherin Prince.

“You should rest, Draco…” You insisted, gently nudging his shoulder with yours. He opened his eyes to look at you, his signature smirk evident as he noticed the concern in them. “You could my lap as a pillow” You suggested, smirking as well “It’ll calm you”

“I’m not a child (Y/N)” He scoffed, noticing your teasing manner.

“I never noticed” You whispered, giggling after “Please?”

He could never resist you. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t. You had a way of controlling the him that had no need for dominance or violence; physical or verbal. He’s always seen you as more than a friend and if you were someone else, he would have asked you to be his from the start but you were you. He was afraid of you. Afraid of what you truly feel and how much it would affect him. The girl with (H/C) hair and (E/C) eyes. There are numerous girls with these colors but only you can bring out true beauty. God, he hated himself for sounding like a girl.

He shuffled rather messily to get into the right position. You couldn’t help but laugh at the way he looked so happy to be able to rest his head on your lap. He enjoyed it, especially at the way you caress his blonde locks between your fingers.  You knew again that this was something he wouldn’t admit to anyone –well except you.

“I told you it’ll calm you….Drakey…” You teased, looking down at him to see he was cringing at the name. You laughed, continuing your hand movements on his hair. “Don’t ever call me that” He groaned, placing an arm over his eyes.

“You should tell her the way you feel, Draco. Who knows what she’ll do next” You spoke in a joking manner but he knew it was laced with concern. He knew of what Parkinson tries to do to you when he wasn’t around but you’ve assured him countess of times that you payed no attention to the pug-face herself.

“You think she’ll try to get me to marry her?” He joked, trying to make you smile again. It mildly worked as he saw you had given him a half-smile. You looked up at the sky above you as it started to turn yellow-orange. The sunset in Hogwarts was always so beautiful to look at. The blonde removed his arm to stare at you. As cliché as it sounds, he thought you were more beautiful than the sun, moon and stars.

“(Y/N)” You tore your gaze away from the sky to see a better view of blue. His eyes were an ocean that you drowned in countless of times. He sat up, surprising you as he held the back of your neck with his hand. Your heart was beating rapidly unsure if he was going to do what you thought he was. He leaned in, capturing your lips in his. For once in his life, he actually felt something when he kissed a girl.

“You’re more radiant than whatever the sunset could bring” He said once he pulled away. You returned to your original position; His head on our lap whilst you relaxed against the tree, fingers wrapped around his soft blonde hair.

“Rest, Draco, my love. I’ll see you in a bit”

I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about Slytherin women lately.

For one thing, we barely see any of them in the books. Pansy Parkinson is portrayed as shrill, jealous, and pug-faced. Bellatrix Lestrange is psychotic… and shrill, and jealous. And Merope Gaunt is desperate, lonely… and shrill and jealous, as far as I can tell. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s the extent of the Slytherin cast of women.

But how freakin revolutionary would it be to see a Slytherin woman who is portrayed as nuanced, and even likable? The Slytherin traits are exactly the traits that are demonized in women in real life. Ambition, cunning, selective loyalty… how many “villainous” woman fall into that category and are somehow more hated than their male counter parts? Cersei Lannister. The lady from Breaking Bad (sorry, haven’t watched it). The White Witch in Narnia. Ursula. Cruella De Ville. Izma in Emperor’s New Groove. Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. And on and on and on.

One thing we NEVER get to see is a woman who values success, who puts herself first, who has a few deeply loyal friends that she fiercely protects above all others, who uses her mind and her wiles and every resource she has, who isn’t played off as bitchy, bossy, unfeminine, unlikable.

Women protagonists fall into a small set of boxes. Gryffindor heroes who just wish they were men (this trope KILLS me just as much- why can’t women be impulsive rootin’ tootin’ idealistic cowboys without giving up their femininity???), bookish Ravenclaws who save the day with their smarts but eventually lose the glasses to date the male hero, and sweet, kind Hufflepuffs who use their compassion and kindness to smooth everything over. There’s nothing WRONG with those roles, they’re great roles and I love lots of characters who fall into them.

But what a feminist moment it would be to have a power hungry lady character who isn’t reviled for rising above her station. Give me a Hillary Clinton character. Give me Beyoncé and Nikki Minaj- it takes a hell of a lot of ambition and cunning and resourcefulness to get to where they are. Give me powerful, unapologetic, ambitious, heroic LADIES.

As a Slytherin woman (and not in the oh-so-edgy I was goth in middle school way, although love ya’ll too), I wanna see myself in the mix. I wanna see a character who sacrifices everything for her goals and isn’t made out to be a horrible unloving bitch because of it. I wanna see a character who slices unnecessary baggage from her life and elevates the people who elevate her. I wanna see a lady who puts herself first and doesn’t care if everyone else says she should be supporting her man first, or making babies, or whatever the fuck else. I feel like girls today would benefit so much from that representation.

And then when we’re done with that, how about hufflepuff guys who are the heart of the group. Ravenclaw ladies who lock themselves in a wizard’s tower to be alone with knowledge. Gryffindor girls who kick butt and take names and paint their nails and love a good pumpkin spice latte. BUT MOST OF ALL, SLYTHERIN LADY HEROES.