pug dressed up

celestvas  asked:

With a clipboard in her hand, a white jacket on and stethoscope around her neck, Yume decided to come check up on her patient. This patient was staying in a spare room in Clan for the time being. Knocking on the door, she fixed her glasses and winked at the pug dressed up as a nurse. Coming inside, she looked at her clipboard. "Patient #12345678 Takeshi, is it? Head doctor Natsu sent me to check up on you!" she greeted him. "How are you feeling today?"

Takeshi has had a good few days of rest, but he still could not seem to leave Clan just yet despite his stubbornness. Lying on the bed with a big sigh, he looked up at the walls and continuously counted the many flowers that adorned it. It seemed like the person who used to occupy the room had been one very fond of lilies, and just the mere thought of whoever could possibly like a flower that much distracted him until he heard a knock on the door. Groaning, he turned away only to hear Yume and Muffins come in. “W-Wha? Why would Ibuki send you?“ he asked, but dropped his attitude the moment he saw Muffins.

“Hey, buddy!” he could only say. “Hm… I dunno. I’m kinda icky right now…”