pug coat

Mark ego's as quotes from my life
  • Dark: "i accidentally created a cult."
  • Dark part 2: "you interupted my monologue. "
  • Dark part 3: "I AM THE DUNGON MASTER HERE!"
  • Bing: "are those underwear with pockets!?" "those are shorts..."
  • Bing part 2: "bone apple titty"
  • Bing Part 3: "he was a girl, she was a boy...wait thats not how that song goes."
  • Wilf: "I'll go get the sacrifice...i mean guest."
  • Google: "im charged and ready to fight god in the bathroom."
  • Host: "i'm secretly 5 pugs in a trench coat"
  • Host part 2: "what if im secretly blind?"
  • Doc: "i dont have enough money to have cancer. i dont even have enough money to die."