pug boston terrier mix

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what type of dogs are they? dogs are the best

I’m actually a full time dog walker/pet sitter, so this is a pretty normal thing for me. Though when working for clients I don’t drink, lol. But one is a pug/boston terrier mix (a bug, lol), 1 is an old cocker spaniel, and the other one is the cocker spaniel’s son, who’s mixed between her and another dog (we don’t know the breed).

imagine if those people who pup play used tumblr like… could you imagine the embarrassing headers….

Derrik • 175 (dog years) • boston terrier pug mix (yes im mixed) • Massachusetts • Aromantic Gay k9 

Mabel, English Bulldog/Pug/Boston Terrier mix (1 y/o), Pier 84, New York, NY • “Mabel is our little athlete. She’s a high five champion and a snow enthusiast. The deeper the snow, the better. She wants another blizzard.”

Kai, Boston Terrier/Pug mix (2 y/o), 10th & University Pl., New York, NY • “Is there a funny name for his breed?”
“I guess he’s a…Buggle?”