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Hot Weather is Hard on Our Furry Friends!

With global warming fucking us over and the summers getting hotter and more sporadic, here are some tips on helping your furry friend beat the heat!

dogs: each breed has different needs, so please research on how to properly care for your breed! Brachycephalic dogs like boston terriers, pugs, shih tzus, etc. especially need specific care! But in general, keep your dog hydrated. make sure they dull access to cool clean water. shade is very important! I would also recommend something like a cooling vest or mat (you can find ones at petco by the brand good2go) but please monitor your dog while using them! frozen treats are a great way to help. try pouting chicken broth into ice cubes, adding apple chunks, and freezing it! got a teething puppy? freeze and soak their favorite chew toy!

cats: like dogs (and honestly, this applies to every pet) have cool clean water available at all times, with a few ice cubes! cats also love napping, so make sure you have some cool shaded areas for them to retire to after sunbathing! cats love a breeze when it gets too hot, so add a child-safe fan near one of their favorite nap spots. grooming your cat will also help, as it’s easier to regulate the heat in a clean coat. make sure to check places that could heat up quickly, like greenhouses or garages, before you leave, as cats love to explore and may be hiding in these potentially dangerously overheated areas.

bunnies/rodents: this goes for all small cage/tank dwelling animals - please keep their home out of the sun! make sure their habitat is FULLY COVERED by shade at ALL TIMES. animals especially living in tanks can be subject to it basically turning into an oven. get a fan to circulate a breeze! rabbits dissipate heat through their ears, so gently most their ears with cool water. fill a soda bottle with water and freeze it, then lay it in the container for them to lie against. keep vegetables available to help hydrate. brush out any excessive fur. put ice cubes in the water, and place a tile in the habitat for them to lie on (the time will stay cool, but again, keep them out of the sun as that will cause the tile to heat up way too much!)

if anyone has anything to add, please do! let’s keep everyone’s pets safe this summer! ☀️

The Signs as Dog Breeds

Aries - Bullmastiff; courageous, impulsive, soft spot for those close to them, powerful 

Taurus - English Bulldog; patient, lazy, stubborn, dependable

Gemini - Jack Russell Terrier; clever, restless, charming, versatile

Cancer - Labrador Retriever; nurturing, gentle, friendly, loyal

Leo - German Shepherd; confident, competitive, determined, protective

Virgo - Austrailian Shepherd; attentive, nervous, intelligent, modest

Libra - Collie; sweet, graceful, loving, sociable

Scorpio - Siberian Husky; mysterious appearance, intuitive, possessive, strong-willed

Sagittarius - Irish Setter; optimistic, outgoing, mischievous, adventurous

Capricorn - Border Collie; intense drive, responsible, cautious, agile

Aquarius - Pug; independent, companionable, curious, distinctive

Pisces - Boston Terrier; expressive eyes, cordial, intuitive, sassy or sensitive


Dog Breeds as HP Houses: Gryffindor

Defining Traits: Fearless - Daring - Dependable - Stubborn - Dutiful

The kind of companion that will bring adventure in your life and always be in your corner.  

In Order: Bull Dog, Shar Pei, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Jack Russel Terrier, Dachshund, Boston Terrier, Pug, Siberian Husky, and Weimaraner. 

anonymous asked:

I've heard people say Boston terriers don't have any breathing problems like pugs. Is this true?

Don’t have ANY problems like pugs?

No. That’s wishful thinking.

It’s easy, and tempting, for someone to believe their favorite breed is free of problems, especially such a big problem like brachycephalic airway syndrome in pugs. However, the reason I’ve often said “and their brachycephalic brethren” is because pugs are far from the only breed afflicted this way, they’re just the most common and I was seeing a ludicrous number of pugs that week.

Boston Terriers to at least have some nose, but it’s minimal. They frequently require surgery for elongated soft palate or stenotic nares to breathe well. They are affected so much that standard advice for this breed notes that they ‘don’t tolerate heat very well’, because they can’t move air effectively enough to cool down, they get heat stroke far too easily.

Here are two pictures of a Boston Terrier before and after surgery to treat their stenotic nares.

Note how closed those nostrils are, there’s barely any room for air.

And note how afterwards the nostrils look much more typical for a normal faced dog.

(Both images via wikipedia)

Now I challenge you to go through any photos you can find, Google Images will do, and look at the noses of Boston Terriers. The vast majority of them will have obvious stenotic nares, and several others will have scars from surgery.

I chose to focus on the stenotic nares because it’s something you can see from the outside. For the purpose of the internet, that’s the most useful. Stenotic nares are one of the components of brachycephalic airway syndrome, and they usually occur together.

So while some Bostons may not have breathing problems that are as extreme as the flat faced pugs and similar dogs, they still have them.

Like other anatomical problems, it’s the extremeness of anatomy that is associated with these conditions.