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My budgie seems to be sick. She was fine yesterday, but today all she has done is sleep with her feathers all puffy. She has eaten a little, bit I'm worried. Should I wait a few days and then maybe bring her to the vet?

Take her to the vet as soon as you can.

Even if she is not sick it is always best to get a bird to medical help asap.  They can hide even the most vicious of illnesses and by the time they start showing symptoms the illness can be very far along.  

While prepping for an appointment try to think of things that may have changed, temperature, environment, diet, this way when you get to the vet it can help them narrow down what could possibly be going on.

Your bird might very well be fine but a loss of appetite, puffing, and lack of energy are usually pretty good precursors to illness.

- Courtney

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"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for either muse c:

This is a very curious lady! Likes her hair short, but still tries to braid it for fun sometimes. She’s as flirty as Amber and can get as easly bored like Boo.
They’ve learnt how to ‘see’ with their eyes closed. She has a close and happy relationship with her parents.

This sweety sometimes rathers to be called He, sometimes She, and some other times They. With Chomp’s blue blue eyes and the puffyness of their hair combined with Boonies classy style and more reserved personality has resulted in a well behaved kid that gets along with nice people and will never be ashamed of their teeth.

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do you know any way to get rid of under eye circles/bags? mine are so visible and it's so tiring to see myself like this :/

salt intake!!! cut down on salt, drink a lot of water. being dehydrated = puffyness!!! also sleep, get a lot of sleep (8+ hours!). You can put cucumbers on your eyes at the same time every night for 20+ minutes. :) You can also put green tea bags on your eyes for 20+ minutes (make sure theyre cooled, not piping hot). 

You can also just use a powerful concealer. I think mac has a super super super coverage eyebag cover and you can try that! for now what i suggest is pick either cucumber/green tea (or both) and do that as much as possible. then conceal during the day…. in a few months im totally sure the puffyness will be reduced! 

mmy mom asaw my puffye eyes and askefd if I was crryinng yep thsi si. ddefinetly time to di e

Some healing progress. The butterfly stitches fell off on their own today so that’s kind of cool. The redness and general inflammation is down but there is still some pinkness/puffyness around the entry points of the sutures.

Gonna be a gnarly scar…counting my blessings. I’m pretty conflicted on how I feel right now. My training protected me, kept me calm and safe. There is still a certain nagging worry about what a close call it was. I shouldn’t let an almost eat at me…it wasn’t even an almost. It was an almost almost…gnarly times my friends.

Teabags DO reduce black circles

Hey guys you know that tea bag thing where you put teabags under your eyes to reduce puffyness and black circles. ..it works just did it now. I think it has something to do with caffeine

guys i havve been sleeping 9+ hrs each night for the last two weeks, drink almost 2L of water a day and train and eat heathly everyday yet the puffyness around my eyes wont budge. help?  

it’s like my eyes were already puffy from crying last night why not just keep crying to maintain puffyness

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Onikaaaa - origings ginzing eye cream or kiehls avocado eye cream? For someone who has dry under eyes and dark circles or would you recommend another eye cream x

Ginzing is better for darkness and puffyness, I’m using it atm alternating with Sweet Almond Oil as my eyes are near death from this stupid report I should be writing instead of being on tumblr rn *screams* yolo. Kiehls is good but more for moisture. So I’d recommed the Origins and alternate at night with almond oil and your under eyes will be bright and hydrated in no time :) 

Crying yourself to sleep has to be one of the worst feelings in the world .. It’s a vulnerable state .. Holding your pillow ever so tightly .. Saying repeatedly stop .. Begging your tears to stop putting out , Begging your heart to stop aching and your mind to stop playing those memories .. The laughing and smiling because it’s unknown if that smile will appear again .. As tiredness slowly creeps up and eyes become heavy but sleep is unwanted because dreams can’t be controlled and the memories can break through , the heartbreak can come through .. As you wake in the morning the mirror isn’t your friend it’s a reminder of your sleepless night . The puffyness of your eyes and redness of your nose .. The bags hanging below your eyes and your tear stained cheeks . Fake smile makes its way on your face as you face the day in a living nightmare …
—  I’m