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I have to tell you something - Jeff Atkins

Request: If you are comfortable with this can you do an imagine where Bryce rapes the reader and Jeff (her boyfriend) wasn’t there to save her and he beats himself up for it? 💙If not I understand

A/N: Before you start reading this I would like to say please don’t be too hard on me, I tried to put all my emotions into this and tried to give you a story as good as possible. I really cried writing this. Sorry if it’s not what you expected or wanted but I couldn’t do better. 

Word count: 1468

All you wanted was to take a nap because you couldn’t walk straight anymore. Just a nap. But now you were sitting in the corner of the dark room where you became someone else, you became a victim. You were numb, you couldn’t even cry. You knew you were drunk but you experienced every single second of it. You started to question yourself. Did you say no enough? Did you send some wrong signals? But you couldn’t find an answer, this was not your fault. You didn’t deserve this. Why did you drink so much, otherwise you could have fought back. You were staring at the bed. The sheets were wrinkled because of the movements he made on you. You felt disgusted and dirty with the thought that there was still something left of him on you. You missed Jeff, all you wanted right now was for him to take you in his arms and let you cry as long as you needed without asking questions.

With all your power you got up and started to stumble down, your shoes in your hands. Without getting noticed you walked out the door and went straight home where you showered for 2 hours and scrubbed your body multiple times. But the feeling of dirt didn’t go away.


It’s been two weeks since the party. You were still numbed and not ready to go to school. All day you lay on your bed staring at the ceiling, replaying what happened that night over and over again. As much as you wanted to tell your parents or tell Jeff, you couldn’t. They would look at you differently. You kept faking a headache but you were sure your parents knew something more was going on. Jeff past by a couple times, he brought ice cream to make you feel better but you weren’t hungry. All you did was cry in his arms when he came. He was really concerned about you so after the first two times you cried your eyes out without saying 5 words he started to come daily, just to be there for you. He also texted you every morning letting you know he loved you and he would always be there for you. You weren’t able to talk so when he came over he always talked about what happened at school to keep you updated. You knew he tried to take your mind of whatever you were going through not knowing he dropped the name of the person who made you like this, your rapist,  a couple times. Jeff was a really good guy, he always took care of you and he didn’t push you or ran away when you were at your lowest. But you were scared for his reaction. You were scared he wouldn’t believe you and leave you or something like that.


Another week went by and Jeff was cuddling with you on your bed. This was the first time since he started to visit daily that you weren’t crying. You decided a couple days ago you were going to tell Jeff what happened and since you were so calm right now you thought this would be a good time.

“Jeff..” you said whit a shivering voice. Jeff shook up because it had been 3 weeks since you let a word out. He knew that something was coming, what he didn’t know is how wrecked he was going to be after.

“Yes baby, what’s up?”

“I have to tell you something..” and with that you replayed the scene once again but this time out loud what made it even harder.

“.. and that’s why I’ve been like this.”

Jeff’s eyes started to fill with tears while he takes you in his arms and holds you thight.

“I’m so sorry y/n, I should have been there for you. I should have protected you.” Jeff said while tears were streaming down his face. You could see he was blaming himself for all this.

“No no no Jeff this is not your fault, the only one to blame is Bryce himself.” This was the first time you called him by his name, not ‘him’ or ‘somebody’.

Jeff looked up. “Bryce?”

You felt a lump in your throat. You regretted telling this already. You saw Jeff clenching his fist. He stood up and started to pace up and down your room.

“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” Jeff asked

You just looked at him with your red puffy eyes. Your shoulders hanging to the floor.  You regretted telling him already. Jeff always wanted to protect you no matter what and in his mind he failed the moment he left the party before you.

*Jeff’s POV

I failed, y/n is the one person I care about the most and I let her down. How could I be so stupid to leave her at the party while I saw she was drunk. I should’ve stayed I should have taken her home. How could I be so stupid. I’ll never forgive myself for this. Y/N is the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. The only thing I can do to make this right is never let her down again. I just can’t let her down another time.

*3 weeks later  ( back y/n pov)

Since you told Jeff you started to feel better again. Jeff took you to your secret spot and talked with you for hours about how much you were worth and how beautiful you were. He did everything to make you feel happy again. You even smiled again sometimes. The first time you smiled again Jeff almost started to cry. He saw the old you was slowly coming back and he couldn’t help but get emotional about is. What on planet earth made you deserve someone like Jeff you asked yourself multiple times. You never thought someone could love you so much, you never thought you could be loved like that.

It was a Friday evening and Jeff went to a party to celebrate their win with the baseball team. He asked you 10 times if it was okay but you wouldn’t want to make Jeff a prisoner so you said he had to go. The only thing  you asked him was to stay calm around Bryce, again. You asked him every day, you knew it was hard for him but the last thing you wanted was for the school to starts rumours or to find out about what happened. Every day when Jeff came to your house he asked you again why he should stay calm. All he wanted was to punch Bryce but he held it inside, just for you.

You were watching a movie when suddenly your phone rang. It was an unknown number.

“y/n? it’s Justin I got your number from Jess, you have to come and pick up Jeff right now, he drank too much and went crazy on Bryce. Come please? Bryce already went home so I think he’s calm but just come please.”

“What? Now? Where is it?”

“At Mont’s place.”

You put on some pants and ran to your car. Even tho you wouldn’t want to face Bryce, you had to make sure Jeff was safe. You arrived at Montgomery’s place and ran to the backyard immediately. You saw you boyfriend hanging in a chair. His fists were bleeding. You walked up to him a kneeled down in front of him.


“y/n? You’re here? Why?”

“Justin called me I had to pick you up, he said you went crazy on Bryce?”

“He deserved it, I really tried to stay calm babe really but he came up to me and started to make some sick jokes about how fit you were. I couldn’t help it anymore. Please don’t be mad I just..”

“I’m not mad Jeff, I just want you to be safe. Let’s talk about it tomorrow I think you you could use some sleep” You said while standing up and giving Jeff a shoulder to lean on.

While stumbling to the car Jeff suddenly says:

“We’ll get through this y/n, I promise.” And for the first time you believed his words. With Jeff by your side you really believed you had a chance to get through this.

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading xxx


I decided on a whim to fire up the first episode of Utena again tonight, and something about this sequence struck me for the first time.

There’s no shortage of people pointing out just how obviously not a boy’s uniform that is.  We all see it.  The jacket is not the right color, what is with that skirt thing, no one else is wearing hot pants, etc. etc.  The jokes are too easy, and there’s also a good deal of very insightful meta about how Utena’s sartorial distinctiveness is part of what marks her out as one of the “special” “chosen” people whose position the show interrogates, or how her dress is less a “boy’s unifrom” and more of a “prince’s uniform” and the assimilation of “prince” into “male” in the narrative system, and that’s all good as far as that goes.

But I’m struck by a much more basic thought.  Utena asserts herself to be wearing a boy’s uniform, and the rando teacher agrees with her assessment.  At the same time this dialogue is happening, in some of the very same shots, the camera shows us actual Ohtori Academy boys, wearing actual Ohtori Academy boys’ uniforms.  And just so we know exactly what we’re looking at, this episode has also made sure to show us actual Ohtori Academy boys wearing actual Ohtori Academy boys’ uniforms since the credits, and in multiple shots leading up to this point that have multiple Ohtori Academy boys in them.

This was done on purpose, and there is no plausible way a viewer could miss this.  If you can see the screen, you can see that Utena is not in fact wearing the boys uniform of Ohtori Academy.  You can see that these two characters are saying things - appearing to believe things - that are just not true.  At four minutes and thirty seconds into the first episode of the show, you, the viewer, are presented with a contradiction, and a choice.  Whom do you believe?  The characters living in the world?

Or your lying eyes?

The joke is that, for all the wisecracks, nearly 100% of viewers will write off the obvious contradiction as a stylistic choice.  Yeah, that doesn’t look like the other boys’ uniforms, we’ll say, but I’m sure they just did that to make the character distinctive.  Because we’re familiar with that kind of maneuver, the artistic decision to make the main characters visually obvious by depicting them with implausible features or implausible clothing, we figure, eh, it’s a trope.  And we decide to ourselves that, artistic tropes notwithstanding, the character dialogue is basically trustworthy.  We note Utena from that point forward as a character who wears a boy’s uniform.  We describe the show’s protagonist as being a girl who wears a boy’s uniform.  Shoujo Kakumei Utena becomes famous as an anime about a girl who wears a boy’s uniform.

She isn’t.

It’s like the show is Police Chief Wiggum: “Listen carefully, and watch me wink as I speak, OK?  Here are the students of this academy, the girls wearing puffy-shoulder sailor suits, and the boys wearing puke-green jackets and white slacks.  And here’s our protagonist, a girl wearing a purple jacket and red hot pants.  And here is some dialogue where these two characters talk about the “boy’s uniform” she’s “wearing,” wink.  Yep, definitely a lot of character conflict all centered around this girl who “is” wearing a “boy’s uniform,WINK, WINK.”

The characters of this show cannot be trusted to describe to you what is happening in this show, on even the most basic level.  They are all eating so deeply from the trash can of ideology that narrative overrides even basic physical facts for them.  And so are we.  And that’s why the show can tell you the plain truth right from the start… and just count on you to ignore it.

anonymous asked:

Would going on estrogen effect broad shoulders? I have really broad, fairly masculine shoulders and they make me really dysphoric.

Chrissi says:
Unfortunately not my sweetpea…

Oestrogen does not alter your skeletal structure, unless taken pre puberty, and even then, if you have broad shoulders then it wont help you. I’m sorry lovely, there's a lot oestrogen can do, but it can’t do that… :(
However, if they make you dysphoric, there are some things you can do to help with that.
Here’s a Chrissi special top tips list peeps! ;

1. Emphasise your waist while balancing out your figure.

Think peplum, it cinches your waist but the flaring on the bottom balances out your shoulders. Also, omgosh pretty.

2. Avoid tops with detailing at the shoulders, or balance them out with volume on your lower half.

If you have a beautiful top with detail on the shoulder, pair it with a flowy skirt that balances out your shoulders and lower body.

3. Embrace the skater skirt, she’s your friend.

Skater skirts flare out to balance your lower body with your upper body, so even with a detailed top, proportions are balanced.

4. Yay to scoop and v-necks.

Wearing lower cut tops keeps the attention away from your shoulders, leading the eye down instead of from left to right.

5. Avoid structured shoulders and pads.

Shopping for the perfect blazer or jacket? Try finding one without structure or padding, or remove the pads for a sleeker look. If your favourite blazer or jacket is padded but awesome, pair with a flowy skirt or patterned pants to balance your lower half out.

6. Sport a long necklace.

Like v-neck tees, long necklaces bring the eye naturally downward.

7. Pair a dark top with light bottoms, creating the illusion of a narrower upper-half.

This doesn’t have to mean sticking to black on top and white on bottom, as long as the top is darker than the bottoms, your figure will appear more balanced.

8. When choosing tank tops and halter necks, the thicker the strap, the better.

The more material between the neck and shoulder, the smaller your shoulders will seem.

9. Know the types of tops that will accentuate the broadness of your shoulders.

Strapless and off-the-shoulder tops lead the eye to the shoulders, sometimes making them seem even wider than they naturally are. Avoid the extra attention by pairing one of these tops with a bottom that adds volume, or go for a full-bodied dress. Because sexy sexy sexy.

10. Make sure the seam lines on your shirts and jackets actually fall on the edge of your shoulder.

The seam lines on your shirts and jackets are made to fall on the edge of your shoulder, so if they’re anywhere closer in toward your neck, it will make your shoulders appear further extended.

11. Go for a diagonal cut sleeve, rather than horizontal.

Horizontal sleeves will add weight to your shoulders, while a diagonally cut sleeve will soften the area.

12. Choose jackets and cardigans that elongate your figure.

Cropped jackets look boxy, which can make your upper body look wide and short, accentuating your shoulders.

13. Sign yourself up for a drawer full of dolman sleeves.

A dolman top’s sleeve has a dropped seam and usually a wide top and narrow wrist opening. Due to the natural slouchiness of this garment and the dropped seam line, shoulders appear slouched downward, not outward.

14. Puffy sleeves, though cute as hell, will definitely draw eyes to your shoulders.

The puffiness extends the shoulder line and adds bulk to the top, so balance the perfect puffy-sleeved top with a patterned pair of bottoms or perhaps a skirt of a lighter colour than the top.

15. Invest in a kimono top.

The extra material in a kimono sleeve flares out past your shoulders to minimize them.

16. Choose dresses and tops with an empire line.

Empire lines cinch under the bust line, thus drawing attention to the smaller part of your torso rather than your shoulders. Dresses that are full and flared will give additional volume to your lower half, drawing the eye downward.

17. When sporting a collar or lapel, go for something thin and narrow.

For shirts and jackets: go collarless whenever possible to minimize attention to that area.
For blazers: a narrow lapel will bring the attention down and in, whereas a wide lapel brings attention outward.

18. Trick an observer’s eye downward with detailed bottoms.

Embellished skirts or patterned pants paired with a plain top will bring the attention down low instead of up top. Ruffles, pleats, beading, lace, and patterns all fit the bill on this one.

19. If you’re going to wear skinny jeans, pair them with a plain top.

While glorious for boots weather, skinny jeans taper your lower body, making your top half look more voluminous. Pair with a v-neck tee or a top like the one above that draws attention downward and you’ll be good.

But honestly, do what works for you, girl.

Own it. Work it. Love it.

Just a game pt 3

As a college reunion takes an unusual turn, the reader finds herself amidst a game of truth or dare not knowing of how the declaration of dare would change her life into a spiral of trouble with the mysterious clown that lives in the sewers. Now her dreams are haunted by him and she knows he loves to play with his food…

…following the completion of the dare that resulted in the loss of her phone and an explosive angry rant at her friends, the reader decided to call it a day and sleep it off. However, a nightmare involving the clown awoke her and it seems her nightmare has come true…

Alrighttttt here we are again for part three my dudes! Honestly, this has been a lot of fun to write. I didn’t think it would get the attention that it is and I’m close to my first hundred followers already! Thank you all so much, it means so much to me! I hope you’ll enjoy the story as we progress, there will be smut soon I believe so keep reading if you’re into that.

Once more, if you’re not into this kind of stuff then please just scroll on, I am trying to keep out of the main It movie tags.

When you’re scared, your body releases adrenaline into your bloodstream so you can either fight or run as far away as you can. But you could do neither as you stared at the bathroom door just to the right of the bed; the source of the creak and his voice. You bit your lip and grasped onto the bed sheets, pulling them to cover your face apart from your eyes. To your horror, the door creaked open slowly as though the clown wanted to torture your mental state. Behind the door was the tall, hunched silhouette of him in the centre. You could barely choke the air into your body as he began to step into the room, bells chiming and his feet thumping on the wooden floor. Your eyes were adjusted to the night so you were able to make out some details of him. The ruffles of his collar and the creases of the puffy shoulders and pantaloons of his outfit. He was grinning, the eyes glowing silver as opposed to the amber and red. He walked oddly in straight lines, and then swung round to face you directly at the foot of the bed. You shivered.

“You’re- you’re not real. This is just my mind being funny-”

Your words were cut off by his manical laughter, causing you to flinch.

“Oh, I don’t think so! Now, it’s time to float!” He said gleefully. He lifted his hands in a pouncing position and before your eyes they transformed, claws ripping through the thin material of his gloves. You shook your head hysterically.

“No, no, no! You’re not real!” You began to cry, your legs kicking at the covers so they were free if you decided to run. But that wasn’t to be a possible plan anymore for the creature leaped from the foot of the bed to your chest, his legs pinning your hips down and his clawed hands grabbed your wrists to pin them either side of your head. Drool was dribbling down his chin as his face lowered down to yours, only to stop inches away. Your chest was heaving and little whimpers escaped your open lips. Pennywise moved closer until his nose was pressed against the jugular vein of your neck and he inhaled deeply. A guttural groan rattled in his throat as he pulled away, a malicious grin pulling on his lips.

“Your fear… oh how it makes me hungrier.” He whispered. You let out a sob and he whined, mocking you with his lower lip trembling rapidly. This was it for you. You were so sure of it. There couldn’t be any way to get away from him, you’d tried to shove him but his strength was inhuman, understandable because he clearly wasn’t one. But then you remembered in the sewers, his reaction when you kissed him. Would it work again? You had no idea but it was all you had left. You stared into the manic silver eyes one last time and scrunched yours shut, forcing yourself forward to press your lips against his again. Pennywise grunted just as he had last time and his grip on your wrists loosened enough for you to pull away and cup his cheeks, deepening the kiss that he had no idea how to kiss back in. You hated how soft his lips were, how they moulded to yours perfectly. Luckily for you, you felt stronger in this instance and whilst the clown was still distracted, you used your might to shove as hard as you could, pushing him off you so he was lay on his back, your lips no longer touching. And then you were off the bed and bolting for the door. You heard a growl behind you as you fiddled with the lock, and then his footsteps stomped towards you. By this point, you crying loudly, clanging the door locks and trying to pull the bolt open so you could get outside.

From the outside, you could hear some of your friends who were also staying at the motel banging on the door and calling your name. You screamed when you heard Pennywise giggle not far from you and you turned your head to see him almost swaying towards you as one would do if they were performing. If you weren’t so terrified you’d have laughed, but the murderous glare in his eyes made you cry harder and rattle the door lock, cursing in your head at the stiffness of it. But as Pennywise was almost within reach of you, the bolt clicked and you were able to yank the door open and run outside, crashing into your friends with a sob. Collapsing onto the ground, you turn so you were facing the door, pushing yourself away from it.

“Close it! Close it for god sake!” You screamed. The closest friend to the door slammed it shut and you curled up into a ball on your side, your cries of distress had everyone surround you and a pair of arms wrapped around you and pulled you into a warm hug. Your whole body was shaking as you sobbed, incoherent words babbling past your lips. The person hugging you slowly rocked you side to side hushing softly and you began to calm. It was a full ten minutes later when your cries quietened down to small hicks and sniffles and you were able to pull away to see (bf/n) gazing back at you in concern.

“What happened?” She asked softly but with firmness. You trembled.

“H-he was here. P-Pennywise. He came and he was gonna eat me.”

Your friend stared at you blankly for a moment and your brows furrowed. “(Bf/n)?”

“Pennywise? Who is Pennywise?” She asked. You blinked and laughed in disbelief.

“You know who he is. You told me about him! The clown in the sewers! You dared me to kiss him!”

No matter what you said, she didn’t show any sign of understanding. You pulled away and pushed off the ground, stumbling slightly as you turned to the others.

“Surely you know what I’m talking about.” You say but there was no familiarity. One of the friends, a taller male with messy locks of hair stepped forward with a creased brow.

“(Y/n), you seem like you halucinated pretty badly…there wasn’t anyone there when I closed the door. Are you sure it wasn’t just a dream that made you more… jumpy?” He suggested carefully. You stepped away from him at an utter loss. How could they have forgotten about the terrifying clown?! You couldn’t get him out of your head!


“(Y/n). You’re just disoriented from your dream, a common occurrence after an argument or a fit of rage. Just try to get some sleep and we’ll go for a walk tomorrow, okay?” The male said. This was impossible.

You glanced down at your feet and you bit your lip, letting it slip through your teeth.

“You’re right…I’m sorry I woke you all, and for getting mad.” You mumbled. Without another word, you stumble your way back into your motel room and close the door, your eyes darting around the room for any sign of the clown. But he was gone and you weren’t sure if you were happy about that or not. You didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

Okay so this wasn’t as long as the previous chapter (I think haha) but regardless I hope you all enjoy!


And that’s not a typo.
It’s the month of Bre.
Mandatory hugs for all, and lots of love.


Originally posted by harrysimpact

“You’re so hot for him.”

I turned away from the full body mirror as my best friend and roommate Zuri walked into my room.

“What?” I asked, although I already knew the answer.

“Don’t play dumb, Y/n. This is the most feminine I’ve seen you look all year,” she replied as she fixed the sleeves of my outfit. I traded my usual look, which mostly consisted of jeans & t-shirts, for a cute & puffy, yellow, off-the-shoulder romper paired with white block heels. 

“Zuri Brooks, always the comedian,” I stated sarcastically as I turned towards the mirror once more to apply a coat of sparkly lip gloss onto my full lips. 

“You know I’m right though,” she said as she leaned against the dresser. “You only look this good when Harry’s around.” I scoffed as I shook my head. Well, she’s not wrong.

Over the past couple of months, Harry and I had become very close friends due to Zuri, who happened to be his personal stylist. Everything was fine for a while until I started crushing on him super hard. I tried my hardest to push away those feelings because I didn’t want to be disappointed when said feelings weren’t returned. He’d never be into a girl like me.

“You made it!” Harry exclaimed as Zuri and I made our way towards the already packed table. 

Harry stood up and pulled me into a tight hug after embracing Zuri. I wrapped my arms around him in return, subtly burrowing my face in his chest a bit. Damn, he smells good. 

“Thought you’d never show,” he grinned as he pulled away. 

“Hey, it takes time to look this good,” I (sorta) joked. 

“You always look good,” he replied, and I could’ve sworn his cheeks tinted red. I don’t think I can make it the entire night.

“Congrats on #1 by the way,” I diverted. For whatever strange reason, compliments always made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

“Thank you,” Harry replied graciously as a genuine smile spread across his features. “I like these by the way,” he said as he picked up one of my box braids, “s’cute.” I grinned in thanks as he lead me to the bar.

“D’you want a drink?”

An hour later, Harry and I, slightly buzzed, had made our way onto the dance floor, moving to the beat of a song I didn’t care to know the name of. 

“M’really glad you made it,” Harry shouted over the music.

“Why wouldn’t I?” I shouted back. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.”

He was about to respond before Nick made his way over, wrapping an arm around him. “I see Harry’s finally won you over, Y/n! Quite the lad, yeah?”

“We’re just friends, mate, fuck off,” Harry laughed. Although I knew that my feelings for him would most likely never be returned, it still hurt to hear Harry say those three words. 

“I’m gonna get another drink,” I said before quickly making my way to the bar. Just friends. Ugh.

I woke up the next morning with a huge headache and a sour taste in my mouth. I slowly opened my eyes, groaning as sunlight poured through the windows. I snuggled deeper into the covers in an attempt to shield myself from the brightness. Funny, my sheets smell just like Harry. 

Wait a minute. 

I popped up from the sheets, groaning again at the rush. I looked down to see that I was wrapped up in his dark sheets, dressed in a large t-shirt and sweats. I quickly downed the glass of water and two painkillers he set aside for me on the nightstand before kicking off the sheets. That was when last night hit me. 

“Woops,” I giggled as I almost tripped on the stairs. 

“Careful,” Harry said as he wrapped my arm around his neck and an arm around my waist. “You can’t walk on your own in this state.”

“Ooof,” I let out as I plopped myself onto his bed. I nuzzled my face into his pillow, breathing in his scent that smelled of mint and cologne. “Yum,” I mumbled.

“Here’s a change of clothes,” he said as he placed a t-shirt and sweatpants at the end of the bed. “They’re a bit big, but I’m assuming you’d be more comfortable sleeping in these instead.” He left the room, stating that he’d be right back. 

I slowly stood up from my comfortable position and began to undress. I had just rolled up the large sweatpants when Harry walked back in, equipped with a glass of water, eyes widening in surprise as his cheeks tinted red.

“S-sorry, I should’ve knocked,” he stuttered out as he turned his back towards me. 

“S’okay,” I shrugged as I slipped on his large t-shirt. “I’m done,” I giggled as I waited for him to turn around. He peaked over his shoulder, turning around fully once he saw that I was indeed fully dressed.

“Sorry about tha’,” he apologized again, running his hands through his hair. 

“I don’t mind,” I shrugged as I plopped back on the bed. If I was sober, I’d be freaking out at the fact that Harry saw me half-naked. “I like you too much to care anyway.” I laid on my side, propping my head up as I watched him rummage through a drawer. 

“You’re really beautiful, you know that,” I slurred out as I watched the crease between his eyebrow appear as he continued searching for whatever he was looking for. 

“Uh, thank you?” he questioned, as he let out a little laugh. 

“I’m serious,” I persisted, reaching over to run my hands through his hair. “You’re like, the prettiest person I’ve ever seen.”

“And you are really drunk,” he chuckled. 

“I’ll show you a drunk,” I slurred as I moved closer to him. 

“I think you already have, love,” he smirked, finally grabbing a bottle of painkillers. He looked up to place the bottle on the nightstand, jumping a little when he noticed how close we were. 

“I really like you, Harry,” I blurted out without a hint of regret.

“Oh,” he said, eyes widening in surprise again. I wrapped my arms around his neck, bringing him closer from his kneeled position on the floor. Our lips brushed a couple of times, but before I could fully press ours together, he took my wrists in both of his hands.

“I think it’d be best if we discussed this in the morning when you’re in your right mind,” he whispered as he placed his hand against my cheek. I shamelessly leaned into his large palm, enjoying the warmth that he brought me. Or maybe it was all of the alcohol.

“I’m gonna puke!”

After heavy contemplating whether or not I should sneak out through the window, I decided to make my way downstairs and do damage control instead. I made my way into the kitchen, stopping when I saw Harry with his back turned, cooking breakfast. Okay no, I can’t do this. I can fit through the fit through the window if I suck in a bit.

Before I could turn around and tip-toe out of the room without alerting him of my presence, he turned around. Damn it.

“Hi,” I shyly greeted. 

“Good morning,” he replied as he placed two plates of pancakes on the granite island. “How’d you sleep?”

“Like a baby,” I rolled my eyes as he smirked at me. It was silent for a while before he hesitantly spoke up, breaking the awkward tension. 

“So, about last night,” he trailed off, turning off the stove before leaning against the counter. 

“Let’s just forget anything happened, okay?” 

“That’s the thing, Y/n. I actually want to talk to you about–”

“I was drunk. I shouldn’t have said anything. It was really stupid,” I interrupted. 

“Why was it stupid?” Harry asked with curiosity, crossing his arms.

“Harry..” I warned, hoping he’d let it go.

“I just wanna know, Y/n.” I let out a heavy sigh, playing with the end of one of my braids as I tried my best to not make eye contact with him.

“Because I know you’d never like a girl like me!” 

Silence washed over us, lasting for what seemed like forever. I slowly drew my eyes upwards to see he was already looking at me, the crease between his eyebrows present. 

“Why..why would you ever think that?” 

“Because Harry,” I sighed again, “I’ve seen the girls you’ve dated before! And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not a model, blonde, or thin. I’ve got wide hips, chubby thighs, and stretch marks all over my ass. Hell, I’m not even white.” I closed my eyes as I pinched the bridge of my nose, willing myself to get it together. A little too late for that, sis.

“I’m sorry, I’m just gonna head out. Just..forget I said anything.” I hurriedly walked out of the kitchen, but Harry ended up catching up. He wrapped a hand around my wrist and pulled me towards him.

“Harry, I don’t–”

“No, listen,” he interrupted this time. “Don’t I get a say in how I feel about you?” 

“Look at me,” he said as his fingers guided my chin towards his gaze. “I don’t ever want to hear you compare yourself to anyone else, because you are absolutely perfect just the way you are, alright?”

“Shut up,” I said in disbelief as I shook my head, looking away once more. He brought my gaze towards his again.

“M’serious! You need to understand that, Y/n. You are one of the sweetest, funniest, and most gorgeous people I’ve ever gotten to know. I’ve actually liked you for quite some time, so please don’t think for one second that I don’t feel the same about you because of the color of your skin. You’re beautiful inside and out, and it hurts me to know that you feel this way about yourself.” 

We both stood in the doorway of the kitchen, eye contact never wavering. I wrapped my arms around his torso as I embraced him. “I like you so much,” I whispered into his chest as he hugged back. 

“M’glad to hear it, love, ‘cuz I like you too,” he lightly laughed, resting his chin on top of my head.

i was listening to supermodel by sza while writing this ha

big thanks to @raspharries to helping me with this!!

i’m sososo sorry it took forever for this to come up, but i hope you guys liked it! & to the anons who sent in request: they’ll be up soon! please be patient!

questionseeker  asked:

New EqG outfits for new series have finally gotten a full picture. What say you of their quality o' auteur of EqG design?

Ooooooh not bad!

I’m loving Rainbow’s jacket/hood look. Mixed feelings about the leggings or tights or yoga pants or whatever the heck they are. Good color, but I feel like the lack of something to break up that large area is a bit problematic. And I’m gonna miss the skorts.

Fluttershy’s new outfit is objectively infinitely better. I still kinda feel like she should be wearing long sleeves and a long dress (when she’s not doing animal care anyway)–but I suppose that’s more the incredibly timid and modest Fluttershy of the early season, whereas she’s more confident these days, so it works. And she’s doing the bare-shoulders/halter-top that just slays me. God she looks cute.

AJ’s top looks no different, but eh, I guess that’s fine. Her boots are similar but they lost the weird giant shape they used to have (same could be said of all the girls, but her new boots are especially nice, so I mentioned it here). I still feel like she needs jeans. She needs them, like, way more than RD needs pants, I just have a hard time seeing AJ wearing anything less than practical on an average day. Having said that, the new skirt is definitely an improvement over the old one; It’s following the rule of thirds with a lot of good details like seems and flare to break up the kind of bland shape it used to have.

Pinkie’s looks good as far as I can see. Like AJ, her new skirt is way more detailed and elaborate than the bland simple shape of before–and also more unique to distinguish it from the other girls skirts (the similar silhouettes was kind of a issue before). Her top looks cute, but maybe a bit simple? Hard to say without seeing more. Loving the bow though.

Twilight’s is…eh. I dunno. I think I hate it actually. I hate the puffy shoulders, for sure, and every single Twilight design has them; and I’ve disliked every single one to varying degrees. With the sole partial exception of the Crystal Prep uniform she used to have–and that was the best look for her. I wish they had done something similar to that. But honestly…this looks like the worst. Boring lack of color/value contrast. And horizontal stripes are like, the most obvious of fashion faux paus, so I don’t know what anyone was thinking there. Big disappointment here.

Rarity’s seems good but I literally can’t see any significant portion of it. No more to say on that until I see more.

Sunset’s is absolutely the best of this lot though. I can find literally nothing to complain about it. Sunset’s unique blend of traditionally masculine and traditional feminine fashions has always been completely on point, and there’s no exception here. Loving the unique skirt, and always the leather jacket/boots combo. At the worst, I feel like she might benefit from something to break up the big empty area of her legs, but it’s a minor thing and I honestly am not convinced it would actually improve her design for sure.

When doing character design for a whole cast, it’s always important to make sure that they look good together as well as apart–and it’s especially important to make sure they all have unique and compelling silhouettes. Previous designs kinda dropped the ball on that 2nd one but these designs freakin nailed it. They did away with the homogenized boots and skirts of the first movie and really let each girl’s own style take on a life of it’s own.

With the exception of Twilight and the lack of anything Rarity, I’d say they did a damn good job.

touch me (m) | park jimin

summary: a dance-off turns into something with more.. skin

pairing: k.a.r.d.member!reader, reg.!jimin

request:  I’m waiting on the jimin request I sent you about jimin falling for you and you’re an upcoming artist 😍

rated: m

a/n: im starting off 2017 by reintroducing smut to my blog… i realize sex is a beautiful thing, not to be afraid of, and that the chances of any of us having it with these amazing men is slim to none. in no way is this meant to represent park jimin or what he would do as an actual person, but instead is meant to represent an intimate part of him we will probably never get the chance to see lmao. also based off K.A.R.D.

Debut was months ago, but you still got nervous every time you saw how many people were in the audience. 

Stood in a room empty, save for your group members, you hung out by the bar towards the back of the room, nodding your head along to the low bass rumbling from the speakers- courtesy of Jiwoo’s aux cord and Pandora station. Sipping on some odd mixture of Mountain Dew and vodka, you glanced back at the mirror you leant against, making sure you hadn’t messed up the lipstick you were meant to wear for your performance later. It was dark red, as was the whole concept for your debut. Your group, newly debuted from BigHit Entertainment as a mixed-gender, was nervous yet excited for their fourth stage this week. You had a solo, as expected being the leader, and your status as the lead dancer had you running through your moves in your head. 

The door to your closed off section jingled and your eyes shot towards the entrance. It slammed back against the wall and seven sweaty boys jogged into the room, cheering and slapping one another on the backs in congratulations. 

Bangtan Sonyeondan. They were your senior group but you’d grown up with them, being a trainee in BigHit for a little over seven years. Their maknae was a year younger than you and their eldest was only three, and the similar ages made for lots of teasing, jokes, and laughs. They were like the brothers you never had- of course, not including your actual group members, Taehyung and Matthew. 

Their faces were pink and their gasps filled the room quickly. You eyed them all and their fancy clothing- all cuffs and puffy shoulders and lace vests. You smiled, admiring how good they all looked until you came to- 

fuck, he was already looking at you. 

Park Jimin was the one you’d gotten close to over trainee years. He was the first one who welcomed you to BigHit when he was a trainee himself and even through his debut, his trip to America, and his maturing in dance in music he’d stayed as your friend and, sadly, like a brother. His hair had been dyed blonde as their concept for a comeback and you’d be lying if you said the blue contacts he wore weren’t attractive. Everything about him was attractive, though, if you were honest. His jaw was sharp and his nose was irritatingly perfect, along with pursed pink lips glistening with the stylist’s personal gloss, tan yet somehow light (it was the make up, you were sure) flawless skin and ugh

“Hey!” Jungkook exclaimed excitedly at the sight of the five of you. He rushed forward to greet everyone, along with a shining Hobi and a proud Namjoon. You watched him hop around until he got to you, arms extended. “I’m so excited to see your stage!” 

“Us too,” you laughed, trying to hide your nerves behind a red solo cup. Across the room perched next to Min Yoongi, Jimin eyed your drink with one lifted brow, lips pursed perfectly and curiosity sparkling in those irises of his. 

“Don’t be nervous,” Hoseok clapped a hand down on your bare shoulder and squeezed it comfortingly. You’d taken off your overshirt upon realizing you’d be waiting awhile for your stage, leaving you in a tight thermal tank top tucked into your army jeans and boots. Jimin secretly admired the way it clung to your curves, smiling softly behind his hand. 

“I’m not,” you admonished with a shaky laugh. Eyes wide at your own words, you took another long sip and hissed when the vodka burned through your nostrils. 

Hoseok stumbled backwards into Jimin and draped his arm over his shoulder. Amused, Jimin looked down at him. “I know what we can do to make everyone loosen up.” You raised your eyebrows, urging him to continue. Hoseok held his hands out like he’d just discovered something monumental, eyes narrowed and mischievous. Behind him, Jungkook was rubbing his hands together deviously. 

“Dance off.” 

You snorted behind your cup. You’d been dancing since you were four years old, taking formal ballet classes up until you discovered trap and hiphop-style dances. Swept away into the world of underground dance at the age of thirteen, Hoseok had been just introduced as a trainee, and everyone knew his name where you danced. Now you were twenty, living in Seoul with your group members in an apartment off Flower Street, dancing and earning money for it. 

You were lying if you said dancing didn’t loosen your nerves. 

“Come on,” Hoseok clapped his hands together and jumped excitedly. By the door, Kim Seokjin laughed and made his way for the bar next to you. He flashed you a wink and poured himself a drink. 

On the couch, your group member Taehyung (for the sake of confusion, you’ll just refer to him as Seph), jumped to his feet. “_____-ah against Jimin-ie. It’ll be hilarious. Street dancer against contemporary.” 

“Ahh,” you shook your head grinning, “I don’t wanna embarrass him.” 

You’d seen Jimin dance street. He was good. No, scratch that- he was better than good. He could’ve battled, even- he danced next to Hoseok flawlessly, and that was saying something. 

Across towards the door, Jimin raised his eyebrows and placed one hand over his heart, “Jagiya, I could destroy you.” 

I wish, you thought to yourself lamely. 

Babe,” you recalled your English-speaking years from your original country, being North America in New York, “don’t flatter yourself.” 

Your nickname for Jimin had all the English-speakers in the room jumping to their feet, hollering and screaming at the both of you. You noticed immediately that Jiwoo had changed the song on the speakers and turned it up, letting the low bass of August Alsina to shake the floor. At this point everyone was yelling at the two of you, calling out one another. 

Jimin held your gaze tightly. His eyes were darker now (was that possible with his contacts?), half-mooned and lips shining in a tiny, teasing smirk. His slender, skinny fingers traveled up to the buttons of his gold-and-black lace vest, undoing each one from his throat until he was removing them from his unfairly-tight jeans. He wore a white tank top underneath as an undershirt, kept in place by his expensive belt. Running a hand through his blonde locks, Jimin stepped forwards, “Well, come on then, princess.” 

Matthew hooted at you from the couch and stuffed a handful of popcorn into his mouth, urging you to go. 

You didn’t want to start- you wanted to see what Jimin was going to bring to the table. Chugging back the rest of your vodka and Mountain Dew, you beckoned him to go first, watching as Seph and Jungkook yanked the coffee table back for more space. 

Jimin’s eyes never moved from yours. He slid to the middle of the room, breaking character just to laugh when Taehyung shut the lights off and began the strobes kept for performances. Silver and purple flashed on the dancer, enunciating every hard muscle exposed through his tank top- yeah, sure he wasn’t going to have a six pack again, like you believed that for a second. 

His legs moved forwards, jerking before they smoothed out into fluid, calculated moves. You tried not to ogle as he slid across the floor, grinding his hips onto the rug (much to Jungkook’s amusement) and smiling sloppily up at you. You swallowed, a vein in your neck throbbing awkwardly at the sight. 

Jimin slid on his knees towards you and stopped, staring up at you with a bead of sweat dripping down his front pec and under his tank top. His eyes were hooded but held amusement and… something else, you couldn’t be sure of. A pink, wet tongue came out to lick his bottom lip and he shook his hair out of his face, mouthing the words your turn

The better half of you, the half that danced and was sexy for this concept and knew what to do to look good, took over the one that was nervous and awkward at the sight of him like that. You set down your empty cup and swept your hair backwards, smirking down at him while licking your lips. Matthew yelled at you and cheered, along with Jiwoo and Somi, who clapped eagerly. 

Stepping forwards, you jerked your leg to the side and followed it, transitioning into more fluid movements before falling backwards and catching yourself on one hand, grinding your hips up into the air. The sounds of your friends screaming for you drowned out against the smooth chords of the song. You could anticipate the next beats and you followed them, experimenting and deciding whether you would drag or rush. At one point you caught Jimin’s eye, holding his gaze as you stuck one leg out and swung your hips back and forth, running your hands through your hair and holding the strands up so they could fall messily back onto your face. 

Jimin’s lips parted, lust written across his face though you couldn’t be sure. He spun across the room towards you and stopped just at your feet, reaching out to stroke your cheek. You sucked in a breath at the proximity, watching with wide, shocked eyes. For a moment you thought he might kiss you but the thought disappeared when he swiveled backwards, feet moving and sweeping across the floor. You stared in awe at every muscle, every jerky and every graceful movement Jimin committed before you. 

Every group member in the room was yelling now, all on their feet and calling at either you or Jimin, urging one or the other to fight back. Your muscles were loose now, whether it was from dancing or vodka you weren’t sure, but you rushed forwards and cut the blonde off from his next move, whipping your hair around so that it could fall into your face. Smirking to yourself, you fell backwards onto one hand and ground your hips up into the air- the move everyone deemed American and the one move you loved to break out. With a sloppy grin on your face you spun around and stuck your ass out, crawling towards Jimin, who was leaning up against the couch, his face glistening with sweat and eyes darker than you remember. 

The door to the room flew open and a woman with a clipboard and glasses hurried in, “K.A.R.D., you’re on in ten. Get backstage.” She eyed you curiously, on the floor and already sweating before your performance. “You should probably see makeup before you go on.” 

You laughed to yourself and hid your face in your hands, suddenly embarrassed at what you’d just done. The music ended and you hopped to your feet, absently wiping at the perspiration on your forehead and hurrying to grab your jacket. The Bangtan boys fell onto the empty spaces you left for them, though Jimin stood by the door, arms folded and rippling as you hurried to makeup. The last one out, no one noticed when he caught you by your bicep and held you in place. 

Your eyes bulged out of your skull, frozen. You stared at Jimin in confusion, your chest tight when he leaned down to whisper in your ear, “We’re not finished.” 

Heart pounding, you scurried out of the room, trying desperately not to pass out as you went. 

Jimin took the red cup from Jin and propped himself up on the arm of couch, watching the television screen as the letters “K.A.R.D.” flashed across the bottom. He sipped from the soda Taehyung had thankfully poured him, free of alcohol or anything of the sort, eagerly waiting for the lights to flash on. 

The beat was fairly American, a sort of trap-dance tune that reminded Jimin of the style their own group was going for. He wasn’t sure if everyone else was nailing their choreography or lines, though, because his eyes were glued to you. 

You looked outrageously gorgeous in the outfit, even if it was simple, and the way you danced was so fluid and personalized that he found his lips parting unconsciously. By the time it was your turn to sing, Jimin was on the edge of his seat, watching as you slipped between notes and rapping. His nails dug into the thick denim of his jeans when you turned to roll your hips against Matthew, and he reminded himself to never watch the choreography video. 

The camera zoomed into you and you smiled lazily to yourself, face glistening with sweat and you eyes half-lidded with pleasure. He wondered if you got off on dancing like he did, if you fell completely in love with whatever you were doing so much so that it turned you on. 

“She’s so good,” Jungkook fell into the seat behind him and rested his arm on Jimin’s thigh. “You know she’s close to my age?” 

Jimin narrowed his eyes and leaned back to hit Jungkook behind the head, “Don’t get any ideas.” 

“We killed it!” 

Matthew jogged up next to you, dropping one sweaty arm over your shoulder and pulling you tightly against him. You smiled, high off each other’s excitement and pride, walking alongside his stumbling feet.You knew you’d have to wait a bit before you were allowed to leave so you followed your group back to the waiting room-

“Hey,” popping out of one of the hallways was the one person you’d been thinking about. Jimin appeared, lips curled into a tight, obviously forced smile. He glanced between Matthew and yourself, one eyebrow raised in your direction. “Can I borrow ____-ah for a moment? I wanted to talk to her about the point dance.” 

Matthew glanced down at you curiously, before glancing back up at Jimin. You swallowed and nodded your head understandingly. “I’ll be back soon,” you reassured you group, who’d all stopped now to watch the interaction suspiciously. Squeezing Matthew’s arm reassuringly, you stepped closer to Jimin, arms folded over your chest. 

He watched until everyone had filed into the room before his fingers closed around your wrist. In one fluid, powerful movement Jimin had pulled you into an empty dressing room, one you didn’t even know existed. You stumbled in, eyes wide and a gasp sucking in through your lips. Jimin hurried to lock the door. When he turned around, he wasn’t the sunshine small boy you saw in interviews or on shows, but someone you only saw when he danced- someone  with dark eyes, and less than good intentions. 

Jimin’s tongue darted out to swipe across his bottom lip, “You.” 

You gulped. He moved towards you and you stepped backwards until your knees hit the back of the couch. The cushions jumped underneath your weight and your eyes bulged, watching in shock as Jimin moved towards you. His legs were slow, eyes narrowed, like a lion stalking a gazelle. You scooted backwards on the couch, chest heaving, “M-Me?” 

A tiny smirk quirked on the edges of his lips. Jimin placed his knee on the arm of the couch, slowly moving until he was crawling over your body, rigid and frozen beneath him. You could smell his cologne now- strong but fruity, and you had half a mind to thank the stylists later. 

“J-Jimin, what’re you doing?” You whispered shakily. Jimin lowered his head until his mouth was by your ear, softly brushing against the sensitive skin there. 

“Can I?” His breath was hot and wet, his cheek softly leaning against your own. Your voice was lost somewhere in your throat, gone from shock and surprise. You could only nod your head pathetically. In one sharp movement Jimin was hovering above you again, his colored eyes glaring down into your skull, but there was something warm behind them- something he’d been looking at you a lot with. “I need to hear it.” 

The ball in your throat bobbed nervously, “Yes.” 

There was no time in between your words and his mouth attaching itself to yours. Your eyes were wide and round, pupils gone to pinpoints, staring at the top of Jimin’s blonde head. A fire coiled in the lowest pit of your stomach at the softness of his lips and you had always imagined it would feel this way- soft, cushiony, and wet against your own. Your fingers moved up to his shoulders, gripping his skin tightly. “Jesus,” Jimin whispered against your mouth, “you taste so fucking good.” 

The alcohol was gone from your system, you knew that, and you knew it was okay to kiss him without feeling terrible. The sweat perspiring on your skin must’ve tasted sour but Jimin licked at it nonetheless, softly moaning in the deep pit of his throat, the deepest it had ever sounded. He sucked on the thin skin, his warm tongue sliding over whatever it could reach. Your heart pounded erratically in your chest, your breaths suddenly short, bursting in the air. 

“Jimin…” gripping his shoulders tightly, he leaned back so that he could look down at you, eyes half-lidded and lips swelling quickly. You were sure by now you’d soaked through your underwear but you hoped he couldn’t tell, couldn’t feel it when he flipped the two of you over so that you were straddling him. But by the way his eyes rolled back in his skull, you figured he had. 

His cock strained between your legs. The denim-on-denim was rough and you wished you could’ve ripped his jeans off right there, but the better part of you knew not to, so you opted to kiss him, sucking and licking on all the places he’d done to you. 

Your thoughts, for the moment, had subsided. While you were still in disbelief that this was happening- to you, of all people- you allowed yourself to become lost in the way he felt underneath you, writhing and whispering your name against your lips and God, was this really happening

Jimin’s hands came to rest on your hips, tugging frustratedly at the band of your pants. “Can I…” he whispered against your chin. His breaths were heavy on your skin, his eyelashes fluttering softly against your cheek. You glanced down at the sight of him- flushed with want, that ridiculously handsome face of his glistening with beads of sweet. You’d be clinically insane if you were to say no. 

Your tiny word of approval was enough for him. Suddenly you were being thrown back against the couch, the back of your head lying comfortably on the arm rest. Jimin crawled down so that he was eye-level with your abdomen. He eagerly began to undo the buttons, pulling down the zipper so fast you worried it would break. You lifted your hips to help him tug the jeans down your legs. He chewed on his bottom lip as you wriggled out of them, pulling your shoes off after. 

Jimin hesitated. Your heart stopped when you realized something- you weren’t wearing underwear. Fuck, how had you forgotten? Even your stylist emphasized not wearing any, as it would bunch up in your jeans and make a visible line during the performance- not even a thong was an option, Junwoo had enunciated. 

His eyes narrowed at the sight of you, legs spread open before him and your pupils blown, staring down at you. Your pussy was just as perfect as he imagined it would be, glistening with your wetness, practically throbbing for his touch. One hand gripped your thigh tightly, pushing it farther away from the other. Jimin let out a long, slow breath, “I can fucking smell you.” 

His soft lips found the skin of your knee, slowly kissing their way up your thighs, until they were close enough that you couldn’t breathe, that you could feel his hair brushing your inner leg. Your stomach tightened with knots, tensed up before him. You could feel his short breaths panting onto your lips. Suddenly he was gripping the edges of your tank top and ripping the fabric in half, a smirk on his lips when he saw the soft red shade of your bra, pushing your breasts up a considerable amount. 

“Mine,” he whispered against your leg, cheek resting comfortably on your inner thigh, “you’re mine.” 

Before you could even possibly think up a response, that ridiculously warm pink tongue of his was darting from his lips, licking one long stripe up your folds. Your breath caught in your throat and everything froze for a moment, stilling at the unbelievable sensation. You could feel his smile against your thigh, though it disappeared when he leaned forwards, hiding his face between your legs. You gasped and grabbed onto his blonde strands, jerking your hips up uncontrollably. 

“So sweet,” Jimin mouthed against you. His tongue gave long strokes of kitten licks over your wet folds, dancing across your labia and teasing your clit. You pulled on his hair when he found your hole, grazing over the entrance, before he moved back up to suck on you. Pathetic whimpers escaped your parted lips, your eyes wide and staring down at the sight before you. 

You weren’t sure how long he went for, but it felt like eternity. You gripped his hair so much you worried it would rip out but he didn’t complain. Low growls rumbled in his throat, humming against your open legs in a manner that couldn’t even be described as ‘sexy’. Jimin was something else- was he even human? You weren’t sure. Especially with how undeniably gorgeous he looked at that moment. 

You stopped breathing when his finger crawled up your thigh, teasing your entrance. Jimin looked up at you with dilated eyes, his mouth and chin glistening in the fluorescents with your juices. A smirk quirked at the edge of his lips as he slipped one finger inside you- an easy feat, considering how wet you were. A long, drawn-out moan vibrated in the air- you weren’t sure if it was you or him, but God, you couldn’t find it in yourself to care anymore. 

“Fuck,” Jimin curled his finger inside you, “fuck, you’re so wet.” 

You squeezed your eyes shut, “Jimin… please..” 

He glanced up at you, one finger lost between your legs, “Please what, baby girl?” 

The petname pulled at something warmer inside you- the part of you that admired the way Jimin smiled and not at the way he moaned against your thighs. Your chest expanded with something foreign but you couldn’t focus on that- not with the way he was looking at you. 

“I can’t-” you stared down at him, your chest heaving, “if you keep going..” 

Your hole was pushed apart by another finger of his, the one with the thick band- the sight of it almost made you scream, as you’d always admired how his hands looked with the amount of rings he bore. “What is it, sweetheart?” 

“Jimin,” you pulled on a strand of his hair and narrowed your eyes, “i-if you keep going… I mean- I.. I want to cum with you…” 

Jimin’s breath caught in his throat, anticipating what you were to say next. He pushed his two fingers deeper inside you, curling them and rubbing them along your walls. “Say it.” 

“With you in me,” you finally exhaled. You stopped, waiting to see what his reaction would be. The dark color of his eyes was visible through the ring left by his colored contacts, burning through your bones and setting your skin ablaze. In less than a registered second he was crawling up your body, hastily ripping off his shirt and discarding it somewhere along with your torn one. You helped him undo the buckle of his jeans but you got caught in the odd, fashionable way they’d been done. “Fuck, these stupid fucking stylists and their-” 

Jimin chuckled down at you and quickly undid it himself, “You’re so precious.” His words were soft and meant for himself, but you caught them being muttered quietly. Your heart bloomed with more than lust for him, though you pushed it down, mentally reminded yourself this was probably just sex and he most likely didn’t feel the same way you felt about him. 

By the time he’d finally managed to get his jeans off, you were in awe. His length stood proudly against his abdomen, which rippled with taut muscles that you wished he wouldn’t work so hard for- he was gorgeous either way. 

He was… wow. You weren’t expecting him to be large, just because he was small and adorable and not what you were witnessing before you. Veins throbbed along the side of his cock, his head soft and pink and glistening with pre-cum. Was it even possible for everything about him, even his dick, to be perfect and beautiful? 

“If you keep staring at me like that, princess,” Jimin warned as he pressed on hand on your cheek, “I won’t be able to stop myself.” 

Bravery burst through your lips, “Don’t.” 

Smiling down at you, Jimin’s fingers, slick with your wetness, moved up to your lips, rubbing the whitish substance over your mouth. You stared up at him in disbelief, confused as to what he was doing, before he moved down to press his lips on yours, licking across what he’d just put on you. The fire between your legs erupted and you sat up to push him back onto the couch. He bounced back on the cushions, gazing up at you in a mixture of confusion and lust. Slowly, you crawled over him, positioning yourself so that your pussy was rubbing along his shaft. You held his hungry glare as you undid the clasp of your bra. It fell off your shoulders, exposing your breasts to his predatory gaze. 

Jimin sat up quickly and pulled you down onto him. He attached his mouth to your breast and nibbled on your nipple, licking at whatever skin he could find. You held the back of his head in a gasp, grinding your wet folds down onto him. 

He slowed and gripped your hips tightly. His fingers dug into your skin and Jimin looked up at you through hooded eyes, silently begging your permission. You chewed down on your lip and nodded your head, whispering the word “yes”. 

Your world slowed as his head slid up and down your folds, gathering enough of your wetness so that could press himself against your entrance. You held onto his shoulders, staring down at him as you slowly sank onto his cock. 

You’d had sex before, sure enough. You’d had sex in the back of cars, trying to hide from the paparazzi, but it was all to get over those puppy dog eyes Jimin would give you during rehearsal and training and practicing, to fuck away the memory of how much you were attracted to him. But, now you were here, sitting on his dick with his hands holding your waist, low growls emitting from the deep pit of his throat- and it was all for you. 

The two of you recovered the fluidity of your movements just an hour before. You recalled the way he swept across the floor and how you ground your hips onto it, yet now they were on him, above him. “Fuck,” Jimin groaned beneath you as he jerked himself back up into you, “you’re so tight, what the fuck.” 

Pathetic whines broke through your pursed lips. You couldn’t find it in yourself to even form anything other than moans or cries of pleasure, and you hoped suddenly that Jiwoo had put her music back on and that no one could hear you fucking yourself onto Park Jimin in this empty waiting room. 

“I’m not gonna last long,” Jimin whimpered. His hands moved up to cup your bouncing breasts, holding them in place and kneading them while his cock pistoned in and out of you. You meant to reply with “me neither” but the words never found their way to his ears, lost in your moans and pleas for him to fuck you harder. 

His breaths got shorter, panting out into the room. By now you were sweating more than any dancing had ever gotten you, and your hands were in your hair, holding it back from your flushed face. Jimin held your hips tightly and sat up, pushing you back onto the couch again. He grabbed the back of your knee and hoisted it up and over his shoulder, positioning himself so that he could slide deeper into you. You held onto the fabric of the couch and his bicep, your eyes rolled back into your skull. 

Jagiya-” Jimin’s strained voice cut off and he let out one long, shaking groan. His hips stilled against your thighs and you gasped, unable to look at him. He stared down at you as his hot cum shot inside you, and he thrust his hips again, wanting to watch the way your breasts bounced at the force and how your face contorted with pleasure. Your cunt tightened around his cock, milking him better than he could’ve himself. 

Jimin collapsed on top of you and dropped his forehead onto the crook of your shoulder. “I don’t wanna pull out yet,” he confessed against your neck, his heavy breaths forming perspiration on your baby hairs. 

“Don’t,” you reached up to drive your fingers through his locks, pushing them back from his pink forehead. You smiled at the sight of him like this- fucked out and tired, laying on your body, exhausted and used. 

Minutes passed before he found it in himself to pull out. You sucked in a breath at the loss and gripped the couch tightly, eyes closed. 

“Shit,” Jimin froze, halfway out, “shit, did I hurt you?” 

You chewed on your lip and shook your head, “N-No.” 

His eyes narrowed suspiciously, “Did I hurt you, _____-ah?” 

You looked anywhere but him and swallowed thickly, “It’s just… I haven’t… in a long time and-” you glanced down at the floor and pursed your lips awkwardly, “sorry.” 

The last of his flaccid member fell out of you and you hissed, squeezing your eyes shut. “Don’t be sorry,” Jimin shook his head in disbelief and hurried to move off the couch. He rushed to somewhere in the room and your heart stilled. He was leaving. You knew it was too good to be true- that Park Jimin, of all people, would want to stay with you after fucking you. 

“Here,” he reappeared with a blanket and crawled in next to you, draping it over your exposed body and tucking it in by your arm. Your eyes widened in surprise when he pulled you closer into him, hugging you against his chest. 

“Jimin…” you whispered, dumbfounded, “what’re you doing?” 

He smiled sleepily down at you, nustling his sweaty head against yours, “We’re not going out there until we’ve rested. We can tell them we went and got ice cream, or something- but I’m not passing up an opportunity to be with you.” 

Your cheeks flooded with warmth and you looked away from him, staring at the interlocked frame of your nude bodies underneath the sheets. “O-Okay..” 

“Okay,” Jimin hugged you closer. “Let’s sleep then. Tomorrow we can go on a date.” 

Your eyes bulged out of your skull, and suddenly you were awake. “A-A date?” 

Jimin nodded his head and let out a sigh, “I wanna take you on a date. Is that okay?” 

That warmth returned to your chest, expanding through your body, to everywhere he touched you, everywhere he kissed you. “Y-Yeah… it’s more than okay.” 

Jimin beamed, though his eyes were tired and lidded. He reached up with a sigh and pulled out the contacts, discarding them on the coffee table. You looked up at him and smiled, admiring the new chocolate color his eyes were- the color you’d fallen for a long time ago. He glanced down at you, his chest tight, and leaned forwards to kiss your lips. 

“Let’s sleep.” 

Family - Sirius Black Imagine

Prompt: Imagine your pureblood family disowning you, and being comforted by Sirius.

Edit: I wrote a part 2 for this imagine!!! Find it here

You shuffled into the Great Hall, dragging your feet, your face emotionless. You sat down at the Gryffindor table next to your friends and began to shovel your breakfast into your mouth. It was the first day back to school after the Christmas break, and it was suffice to say that yours had not gone at all well. Your eyes were red and puffy, your shoulders were uncharacteristically slumped, and you hadn’t spoken a word since you had returned.

Your friends watched you in dismay, all of them knowing exactly what was wrong, but especially distraught because you had never been this upset by your family.

Your family were all purebloods, mostly Slytherins, like Sirius’. You and Sirius had bonded over this fact, because you were both the outcasts of similarly horrid families. However, you had never been so emotionally disparaged by your family as you were over the past break. They had tried to force you to take the dark mark, and you had refused. That had not gone over well.

Sirius was sitting beside you, silently eating his breakfast as well. Since you arrived, you had been bombarded with attempts at conversation from all of your friends, the conversation awkwardly avoiding Christmas break. You had not talked to anyone. Sirius knew what it was to want quiet and solitude because of his family so he gave exactly that to you. He communicated his support by sitting a couple inches closer to you than normal, putting his hand on the small of your back as you walked, gently rubbing circles into your hand as you sat next to him now at breakfast.

Everyone began to get up and walk to their first lesson.

Lily smiled as you walked by. “I’ll see you at lunch, okay?” she said. You nodded in return, your face blank.

Sirius walked with you to your first class, which you shared with James. He placed a small kiss on the top of your head as he left to go to his. The day passed swiftly, as you sat in class stoically, neglecting to take notes in any class. However, as you walked into the common room at the end of the day, you were handed a pile of notes from Lily.

“We all took double notes in the classes we had with you, so you didn’t miss any of the lessons,” She smiled kindly at you. You looked at her and smiled, if only slightly, and engulfed her in a hug. She gladly returned it, and whispered to you “I know your break was horrible, Y/N, but believe me when I tell you, those people are not your family. We are.”

As you pulled away, there were tears streaming down your face. Her smile vanished, and she immediately began to coo, “Oh Y/N, don’t cry, it’s ok! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to make you upset…”

You turned away from her and walked rapidly right back out of the common room, your mind swirling with thoughts of your family and the events of the past couple weeks. You were running down corridors, you didn’t know where your destination was, but you needed to get somewhere quiet so you could finally cry in peace.

You eventually came to the astronomy tower, where you climbed to the very top, looking up at all the stars. Tears silently fell from your eyes as you calmed yourself, allowing the stars to capture your mind.

You heard the door behind you open, and you whirled around to see Sirius standing there, with a sad smile stretched across his face.

“You know, this is the first place I’ve come to look for you. I knew you’d be here. This is where I come when my family is on my mind, too,” he spoke quietly. He slowly moved closer to you and sat down next to where you were sat.

The tears continued to stream down your cheeks, and you looked over at your boyfriend. You whispered, “They disowned me, Sirius. Said they wanted nothing to do with me. They wanted me to take the dark mark, but I said no. My father, he-” your voice broke, a sob wracking your body. Your hand flew up and covered your mouth, struggling to contain your sobs. Sirius wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest.

“Shhhhh,” he whispered. “It’s ok. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

You sobbed quietly, looking up at him. “He used the cruciatus curse on me. He said that I needed to take the mark, or the dark lord would doubt their allegiance. It was during the whole break, Sirius. They wouldn’t stop.” You sounded numb, almost disconnected from the words you were saying.

Sirius pulled you in even closer, his muscles tightening. “You will never have to go back to that house again, ok? Not one more time.” He sounded angry, but his eyes were sad. He couldn’t stand the fact that the girl he loved, the girl he was holding in his arms, had suffered so much at the hands of her own family. This kind, gentle, brave girl, had been broken down by the people that were supposed to love her and protect her. But now, as he held her under the stars, he promised himself that he would fill that void. He, and all her other friends that loved her so much, would be her family.

Get a load of that jacket!  It’s so cool.  I got it at that sale I got some other vintage bits at, but I haven’t worn it with An Actual Outfit until now.  It looks super Elizabethan, even more so when I have the front buttoned up.  I feel like a stagehand at the Globe or something!

Also every time I wear a dress over jeans, my inner middle-schooler rejoices.

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with pink hair in a very short bob.  The front part of one side of my hair has been braided back from my face.  I am leaning on a metallic pink cane that I’m holding in my left hand.  I’m wearing a slightly sheer, orange-with-a-hint-of-brown dress that hits at about mid-thigh.  Over it, I have on a brown vest–a little of the dress is showing at the neck.  Under the dress, I’m wearing dark wash skinny jeans, which are cuffed at the bottom.  I have on patterned red socks and light brown hiking boots with black soles and dark red accents.  I’m wearing a black, yellow, white, red, green, and blue plaid shirt tied around my waist.  I have on a short, grey-brown leather jacket with sleeves that are a bit puffy at the shoulder and tight at the wrist, and a wide collar.  I’m wearing red stud earrings, big dangly gold earrings, and dark red lipstick.  As always, I have on my round, black glasses.]

Cheesy Notes, and Family Reunions

Summary: After Cisco refuses to work with Earth- 2 Wells you fill his vacant position. At first you were sure that Harry hates you but you two grow closer and closer. However, Harry starts to notice you’re giving him a cold shoulder and can’t understand what he did wrong. 

Warnings: major fluff, angst

Pairing: Earth-2 Wells x reader

Originally posted by darkangel66a

“I quit!” Cisco exclaimed while walking into the core of STAR labs.

“What you do mean you quit Cisco?” Catlin asks as she makes her way from the samples she was examining to her coworker and friend who collapsed on the chair next to you.

“I can’t work with that dick bag any longer! I will blow my brains out,” Cisco replied. Just then there was a familiar gush of wind, Barry had arrived holding three cups of coffee from Jitters. He had a smile on his face which immediately disappeared as he saw the distressful look that was on all three of your faces.

“What’s going on?” he asked putting down the coffees and crossing his arms.

“Cisco doesn’t want to work with Earth two Wells anymore,” you replied to him. Barry scowled and took a moment to gather his thoughts before he talked, “Well we can’t leave him, alone guys. We all agreed on this and if Cisco can’t work with him anymore then one of us will have to do it.”

The core fell into silence as all of you tried to come up with a solution for the current problem at hand. ‘Who could you trust to replace Cisco’s spot and keep an eye on the Earth-2 Dr. Wells?’ you thought. About 2 minutes after hard thinking, you feel the eyes of your friends staring into your soul. “What? Do I have something on my face?” you joked while looking at each their faces. Suddenly it hits you, other than Cisco, you were the only person that had a background in engineering. “NO! No way! The guy hates me! I can’t work with him?!?!?!” you protested.

“Please (Y/N)! He hates me! You’re the only one on this team that he can stand to look at,” Cisco reasoned with you. Stand to look at? Please. It has been two months since the arrival of the Earth two Wells and he has not said one single word to you. At first, you couldn’t care less. You hated Earth one Wells for all the manipulation and misery he did to your team and seeing this Wells made all of those memories and pain come back. After a while, you decided to ease up and give him a chance to earn your trust but every time you tried to talk to him, he would either mutter something under his breath or leave the room right away. The behavior never seemed to cease so you stopped trying to give him a chance to earn your trust and pretended he didn’t exist like he did to you.  

You took a look at your friends, mainly Cisco who was putting on the best puppy dog face he possibly could and sighed. “Fine, I’ll work with him,” you muttered out to which all three of them cheered. Cisco gave you a hug while saying thank you for a hundred times. “You so owe me!” you grunted while picking up your things and making your way to Harry’s lab.

As expected, when you walked in he did nothing to acknowledge your presence. It wasn’t until you cleared your throat that he decided to stop what he was doing. “Catlin needs Cisco to work with her on something so I’ll be working with you from now on until they’re done,” you stated frustratingly as he continued to work on what he was doing before you interrupted him. After a while of uncomfortable silence, Harry got up and told you what he wanted you to do for the day.

For the next few weeks that is how it was between you two. Harry would tell you what he wanted you to finish by the end of the day and you finished your work without a peep. The more you worked with him, the more you noticed he wasn’t emotionless, he was just miserably depressed. Every day you walked into the lab, he would already be working on something, and he would still be working while you leave for the night. He would only stop to go to the bathroom or replenish his system of nourishment.  

After finding out about Jesse, you set it as your new goal to make Harry smile. And one night Harry and you were working extra late to finish up a device that would slow Zoom down when you were struck with a brilliant idea to make Harry smile. Excusing yourself from his presence by using the complaint of “lady problems” you quickly made your way to the nearest big belly burger. After getting him about half of the menu, you had no idea what his favorite food was, you walk into the workstation that you two shared and notice that Harry was not there. Thanking God for the aversion of a potentially awkward conversation with him, you left the bag of food with a cheesy note that read “Nothing can cheer a person up faster than Big Belly Burger”

The next morning when you walked into the lab Harry was nowhere to be found. Not thinking much of it, you started on the device you were working on yesterday when you notice a warm cup of coffee next to you, with a note attached to it. Taking a sip of the coffee you read the note which read, “Coffee seems to make people more likable during your morning grumpinessJ” As you take another sip of the coffee Harry walks in with a smile on his face and a coffee cup in his hand. You two stare at each other for a bit before returning to your respective works in silence.

This pattern of leaving each other gifts continued for a good couple of weeks. The team thought your behavior was unbelievably cheesy and this lead to all of them, including Cait, to tease you relentlessly whenever you were in the same room as them. However Harry started to notice a sudden cold shoulder coming from you and for the life of him, he could not figure out what he had done wrong. The rest of the team knew the reason for your sudden detachment, it was nearing the anniversary of your family’s untimely demise.

Three years ago your family died in a car crash while on their way to come get you from your college dorm. They knew that you never forgave yourself, no matter how many times people told you that it wasn’t your fault.

Every year since then, around this time you would stop smiling, stop joking and one year even stop coming to work. They tried everything in the book to try and stop you from feeling down but not a single thing brought back your chirpy spirits. Cisco made a robot that would do all of the domestic chores and cook all your favorite foods. Cait barged into your apartment and tried to get you to go out for a “girl’s night”. And Barry scooped you up and went super speed running. None of this seemed to work, Cisco’s robot malfunctioned while cleaning the dishes, the bar that Cait took you to turned out to be a gay bar, and Barry’s running gave you whiplash and made you throw up into next week.

Harry didn’t know this. For the past couple of weeks, he was racking his brain over what he did wrong to earn this cold shoulder treatment from you. He wanted to apologize for whatever it is that he did to you, and he was a bit angry with himself for getting this attached. However, after two weeks of watching your slumped shoulders, and puffy eyes he barged into the cortex while you were away and demanded Cait to explain what he did wrong. Though a little confused at first as to what he was talking about, Caitlin was quick to catch on and explained everything about your family.

Upon learning the truth Harry felt waves of sadness go through him. He knew all too well of the pain and guilt you felt about your family if something were to happen to Jesse he was going to shut down altogether. When he returned to his lab you were gathering your things, giving him a tip lipped smile, with eyes red from crying. Any given day Harry would have been mad that you left in the middle of the day but right now all Harry wanted to do was call out to you and try to comfort you but he had no idea what he would say to you in the first place.

So Harry waited until you left and then tried to come up with a way to cheer you up. After considering different options his mind concocted the perfect idea and set to work on it. He roped Caitlin for help first, and upon hearing the plan she was more than happy to help. Cisco and Barry was on board as soon as Harrison said, it was to make you feel better. With the whole of team Flash at his disposal, Harry finished the plan with time to spare.

Harry set the plan into motion by sending you a text saying that he needed you back at S.T.A.R Labs as soon as possible. You shot a text back a bit later with a simple ‘K’.

When you arrived at the lab that you shared with Harry he was nowhere to be found, you were about to walk out when something on your table caught your attention. Walking towards your table to get a closer look you find a beautiful vintage emerald dress sprawled out on your chair, with matching jewelry on the table along with a note that read, ‘Put these on. See you in thirty minutes. 😊’ For the first time in weeks, a genuine smile spreads onto your face. You put on the dress that reached your knees along with the jewelry thanking the heavens you decided to wear makeup that day, and hadn’t taken it off when you got home. At precisely 30 minutes after you arrived, Cisco showed up at the doorway.

“I’m here to escort (Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N),” he stated curtly while bowing almost all the way to the floor earning a giggle from you. You loop your arm with his extended one, as he leads you to the rooftop of S.T.A.R Labs. There was a white canopy gazebo lit brightly with white string lights. They had decorated the entire rooftop to make it look like a backyard, full with faux grass, and trees. In the middle of the gazebo was a table for one, the chair facing a screen. Cisco seated you in the chair and disappeared past the trees and out of your sight. The screen suddenly turned on and your attention went to it. On the screen was Harry, he seemed to be recording himself.

“(Y/N/N),” he started. “(Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), I’m not very good with emotions. I’m not very good with everything that isn’t scientifically related. You looked past my grumpy demeanor to see how hurt I was on the inside. You were the first person to put a smile on my face on this Earth, and it pains me to see you so sad. I know that nothing I say can bring back your family, but I hope by the end of this night you’ll be able to hold on to a piece of them.”

With that Harry disappeared from the screen, only to be replaced by a home video of your family. Your sisters were trying to tackle you while your mother was crying from laughter, your father being the cameraman. The scene changed to you screeching your sisters’ name embarrassingly as she walked the stage to get her certificate.

You felt like someone was staring at you from the back and turned around only to be met by your mother. Your dead mother was standing next to you smiling. Rubbing your eyes, you think that you’re hallucinating, but when you open your eyes again, you see her, as well as the rest of your family standing by you. The clearing of a throat on the screen turned your attention to it once again, “Millie, I give you a piece of your family you can hold on to. This is an advanced form of a hologram, though you won’t be able to touch them, your family can hear and respond to you. Have a nice dinner.” Harry once again disappeared and left you with your family who was now all seated at the table. Barry and Cisco came from time to time to fill your glass with water and set food at your table. By the end of the night, you felt the best you had in weeks. The holograms disappeared as you finished your dinner, and you make your way down to the cortex, where you guessed your friends were. Seeing the three of them in the cortex you immediately launch yourself onto them, pulling them into a bone crushing hug.

“Thank you so much,” you say to them releasing the hold you had.

“Don’t thank us, (Y/N/N), you should thank Harry,” Cait replied.

“Yeah. He was the one who came up with the idea and did most of the work,” Barry said.

“Yeah, he’s right. Harry did all the work, and you know how I hate saying that,” Cisco added in a whisper. You chuckle at this, and the three bid you good night. You made your way to the lab that Harry and you shared, Harry was at his station like always but he wasn’t working, he looked as though he was anxiously waiting for you to come in. When you make your presence known Harry stumbles to stand up and walk towards you.

“(Y/N/N), I hope that was alright. I’m sorry if anything wasn’t to your liking. Also, I have the machine right here if you want to keep your family with you. I can set it all up in your apartment, I can also design a portable device so you can take it with you wherever you go. The one on the roof top can be taken to one of the labs we don’t use, in case you miss them and need to talk while you’re here. I could also-“ you cut his rambling off by crashing your lips to his. It took him a couple of seconds to respond, but soon your lips were moving in rhythm. His tongue brushed against your bottom lip asking for entrance which you grant him, his and your tongue fight for dominance, him winning at the end. You pull away gasping for breath, as he pulls you closer to his chest. “Thank you so much for everything. You gave me the best present anyone could possibly. You don’t have to install this system anywhere Harrison, all I needed was to see them and talk to them one last time. It seemed impossible, which made me hurt more but you made the impossible possible,” you said.

“Anything for you,” Harry found himself saying. You look at him at his comment and he leaned in your faces just inches apart. “I think it would be foolish of me not to say this. I love you, (Y/N/N). I am in love with you, I have run my entire life from getting hurt but for you, I’m willing to risk being hurt.”

“I promise to not make you hurt.  I also promise that I will help you to the best of my abilities to get your daughter back. I love you too Harry.”

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Originally posted by baepsaeboyss

He knows what he’s supposed to do. He’s made up his mind. But why does it hurt so much?

Word count: 597

Author’s note: @/anon omg you picked the most heartbreaking combination, I swear! But I had fun writing this, and I hope you enjoy it! I may turn this into a series? Not sure yet.

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prom night // a mileven HighSchool!AU

this idea was created by the lovely sydney, who has given me permission to bring her AU to life! thank u bb, i’ll try not to disappoint :’)

I feel like this one is self explanatory so I hope you all enjoy!! Let me know if you’re enjoying these oneshots and I’ll continue to write them!

(no nsfw, just fluff, even in high school these are innocent beans :)

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The Blue Stick Part 6

Pairing: Steve x reader  

Warning: Swearing. Pregnancy.

(Remember to always have protected sex people!!)    

A/N: This one has a lot of the other’s points of view, roll with me here. I’m still learning.
(Y/N) your name
(Y/H/C) your hair color  

**Russian Terms:
Nemnogo lyubvi (Little Love)
Rebenok (The baby)
devushka (Girl)

@skeletoresinthebasement  @allyp1023  @castellandiangelo   @meatballevan @castielohcastiel   @thejameebond  @writingruna

Things with Steve and The Avengers are great till you think you have the flu. When the stick turns blue everything changes, how are you going to tell Steve. Nothings going to be the same anymore and you’re not sure how you’re going to break it to Steve what if he isn’t ready, what if you’re not ready to give your life as part of the Avengers. Everything changes when something goes bad and the team including Steve is waiting for answers.    

Gasping for breath panic rising in your chest, the elevator stopped at your floor. “F.R.I.D.A.Y.” You managed between gasps for breath.

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the language of flowers

request: ayo since you want a request,i’ve been thinking about this scenario for a while! so can you write something where the reader(y/n)is being hired by Bighit to work for BTS and like help them with so much like making sure they eat sleep and practice well, also be on time ? like being their manager for a while *since lets say Sejin (their real manager)is going to get married and will be on a honeymoon*so she will be around for 1month or more,1of the members will fall in luv with her, maybe suga? thx

pairing: min yoongi x reader

genre: fluff

author: admin m


You weren’t sure what to expect walking into the office of Big Hit Entertainment. It wasn’t like it was a choice, well, I mean, it was but, it didn’t quite feel like one when your good friend, and former colleague called you at 2 am, demanding you take his role at work whilst he goes on his honeymoon. Sejin was lovely, you admired him thoroughly, and immediately agreed. Or maybe you hadn’t, maybe it was a tired mumble that sounded like a yes and was actually a no, because, hi, it was 2 am, please don’t call past 7. You weren’t sure why you wanted to get out of this job so badly, you were well acquainted with the Kpop industry, and you had worked with groups much longer than the measly month you were being offered, but working with BTS felt different. You didn’t know what to expect, from what Sejin said, they were lovely, but you were Y/N, not Sejin, and would they be upset about the brief manager change? All those thoughts were cut off as you were ushered inside a room, sitting down at the now empty long table. You welcomed the quiet happily, breathing deeply as you tapped your nails against the wood. Suddenly, the door was swung open, welcoming eight people.

The first man, was recognisably one of BTS’ assistants. Following him was a broad shouldered, puffy lipped angelic- looking man, donning a yellow sweater, and pale wash jeans. His chocolate hair mixed in well. The man behind him was a little shorter, of a smaller build. His eyes reminded you of cat eyes, darting across the room warningly, but still hidden under the blonde of his hair. Your eyes flickered to his outfit, a camo jacket, grey jumper, and tight black jeans. His hands were littered with rings. The next man was a little taller, brown haired, and doe-eyed. He seemed soft, dressed in a cream long sleeve tshirt and jeans. The following man was the tallest, hair a grey toned brown, eyes settled straight ahead with an air of confidence. His clothing was akin to many of the other idols you had worked with- Supreme tshirt, shorts, and converse. Typical, but stylish. Next came a shorter man, who was dressed in a white tshirt, that was tight against his obvious muscle. His red hair framed his face well, and you noted the pout of his lips. Behind him, was a cute looking guy, height taller than the last, with a lithe body, and brown hair. He had a rather boxy looking smile, but it was endearing all the same. Following him was a musclier, smiley boy, who was dressed in white, and flattening his black hair with the back of his hand. The assistant smiled at you, motioning for the boys to sit. You noted that they each sat in front of a nametag, and for that you were grateful. You didn’t do much research on the group, and weren’t familiar with the members thoroughly yet. You noted the boys’ names. The first boy was Kim Seokjin/Jin, the second boy was Min Yoongi/Suga, third, Jung Hoseok/Jhope, fourth, Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster, fifth, Park Jimin/Jimin, Kim Taehyung/V, Jeon Jeongguk/Jungkook. You appreciated the naming, because now you felt a little more comfortable in such a familiar place. “Welcome, Y/N, we’re very glad you accepted this offer, as the boys simply cannot go without a manager. You’ve already been emailed the requirements, and I am assured you have gone over them. I will leave you now to familiarise yourself with the boys.” The assistant stood up, slipping out of the room. It was silent, and you gazed up slowly to the seven boys in front of you, each watching you. Namjoon was the first to speak. “Hi, Y/N, thank you so much for accepting Sejin hyung’s request. I’m the leader of Bangtan, so don’t hesitate to ask me anything!” You smiled gratefully at him.

“Thank you, Namjoon. I’m very excited to work with you all.” The boys cheered in agreement, but you couldn’t help but notice Yoongi’s mind was elsewhere, a scowl on his face.


It had been two weeks, half way through managing BTS. You were enjoying yourself, familiar with their schedules now, and pretty satisfied that you could finish this off easy-fuckin’-peasy. Your only issue was Min Yoongi. He barely spoke to you, he barely even acknowledged you, and you weren’t sure what you had done wrong. It didn’t help that he was extremely attractive, and smart, your type, and working with him was becoming difficult just for that reason alone. You would never break idol/manger boundaries though, the risk was never worth it. Deciding to go to Namjoon about it, you set down their planner on the desk in your room, before slipping down the halls into the dorms. You knocked on Tae and Joon’s door, waiting hesitantly. A loud gruff came from behind you, and you squealed, spinning around. Yoongi was gazing at you, shaking his head with a small smirk. “I knew it, you like Namjoon.” His tone of voice was demeaning, and you glared at him.

“No, Yoongi, I do not ‘like Namjoon.’” Yoongi shook his head, rolling his shoulder.

“Then why are you here, huh?” You were fed up, first, he doesn’t talk to you, and now the accusations. You were sick of it. “No, I’m here because you never seem to even take into consideration the work I’m doing for you, you ignore me constantly, brush me off, shit, dude, you even laugh when I ask you to go to training,” you paused, cheeks flushing, realising your mistake, “I apologise, Yoongi. My professionalism is lacking, please excuse this. Ignore all that I said.” You bowed your head, awaiting to be berated with anger that you most likely deserved. “I, I’m sorry I make you feel that way.” Yoongi mumbled, brushing his blonde hair from his face, before turning quickly and racing away.

You’d fucked up.


It was the last day of working with the boys, and you were sad, but excited. It had been lovely, you had learnt a lot about them, and their music, and had even become friends with Taehyung, something you had doubted would happen, because your personalities were far too different.

You were sat at the table all this had started at, the seven boys in front of you. Yoongi still hadn’t spoken to you since the incident, and you were surprised you hadn’t been fired yet. Namjoon grinned at you, before standing up with the other boys, hugging you as a thank you and goodbye. “Thank you so much, Y/N!” Jungkook grinned, hugging you firmly as the other boys took turns. Yoongi kept his distance, eyes glued to his phone. You sighed, as the last goodbye left Jin’s lips. “Thank you boys, it was lovely meeting you. I hope to see you again!” You walked out, feeling accomplished. You’d managed a somewhat rude idol, a crush on said rude idol, and seven young men. As you landed at the bottom step, you felt a hand brush your shoulder. You turned, and let out a small gasp. Min Yoongi was in front of you, holding a gorgeous bouquet. “I, there’s uh, different flowers for different reasons, I read about them in one of my English books and I,” he seemed shy, and your heart swelled in your chest. “Yeah, its stupid but, the uh, this one, the, acacia blossom, it means, concealed love and, yeah. The ivy represents an apology, so uh, yeah, um.” Yoongi’s cheeks were the colour of cherry blossoms, as he passed it to you. His hands brushed yours, and your body thrummed at the contact. “I was rude because I, liked you, and I didn’t want to be stupid, and get you fired so I just kept my distance and-“ You leaned in, kissing his cheek softly, noting the pink flesh’s warmth. He turned to you, smiling slightly. “Go on a date with me, Y/N?” You nodded, gripping the flowers in your hands.

“Of course, Yoongi.”

An End and A Beginning

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Request: OOOOOAHAHAH ARE YOU STILL DOING REQUESTS??? If so PLEASSSEEE write a blurby thang about how the reader has been working at the BAU alongside her husband Spencer for 3 years now, but when they go home to their house after Derek had just quit (for his B.B. boi) Spencer starts crying really hard and eventually the reader tells him she’s pregnant and fluff and just- plz

That day Derek had said goodbye to everyone and walked out the building for the last time, which is why Spencer was leaning on your shoulder with puffy eyes. “I’m going to miss him, Y/N,” He sniffed as he stared at a lone striped sock on the floor.

“I am too, Spence, I am too,” You were running your fingers through his curls, massaging his scalp.

“I mean, I would probably leave too if we were going to have a baby.” He smiled at the thought of you two having a child.

“Well, I don’t think I’m going to,” You smirked, placing your free hand on your stomach.

“Going to? What do you- “He sat up, looking at you, “Are you serious? Oh my God!” He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you tight against him. Spencer let you go to lean down to your stomach, his hands rubbing it. You watched him, his frown replaced with the biggest grin. He looked up to meet your eyes, “When did you find out?”

“A couple of days ago, I was gonna tell you, but then everything with Derek happened,” You smiled, placing your hands on top of his which still rested on your stomach.

“At least now Hank will have someone to play with in 9 months.”

Resting Roses

Anonymous said to kpopfanficsforthesoul: Hi! Can you do Rose from blackpink from  12. “My roommates boyfriend is staying over, can I sleep on your floor?”please (:            

12. “My roommate’s boyfriend is staying over, can I sleep on your floor?”

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You knocked on the door, tapping your rabbit slipper on the ground as you waited patiently for someone to answer. Finally, the door swung open, revealing a tired looking Rose.

“Y/N, what the heck are you doing here, it’s two in the morning…” she yawned, brushing her dark hair out of her eyes.

“My roommate’s boyfriend is staying over, can I sleep on your floor?” you asked, staring at her with pleading eyes.

“Alright, but only because you look so cute with your puppy dog eyes.” she mumbled, stretching her back. “Come on in…”You walked in, looking around Rose’s living room.

“I hope you know that once I wake up, I can’t fall asleep again…” Rose mumbled, sitting down on her couch.

“Well, we’ll just have to tire you out.” you suggested, walking into the kitchen. You made two cups of hot tea with honey, taking out the grahm crackers and chocolate frosting. You came back into the living room, sitting down next to Rose. “I do this when I have insomnia… late night night snacks and meaningless news channels always put me out.” You turned on the TV and set down the food.

“Thanks Y/N.” Rose smiled, taking the mug from you.

For the next half hour, you both went on and on about annoying roommates, finals, and your professors, trying your best to get Rose sleepy.

“And I just thought to myself, these two are definitely gonna fickle fackle, I better go to Rose’s apartment… don’t you think?” You looked over, but realized her head was propped on your shoulder, her puffy eyes closed. You shook her a bit, “Rose?” She didn’t answer, remaining asleep. Your plan had worked.

You smiled as you picked her up and carried her into her bedroom, tucking her into the blanket. You patted her head before shutting the light off.

“Thanks for letting me sleep on the floor.”


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questionseeker  asked:

Seeing as though we're on the topic of EqG designs, what do you think of Sci-Twi's design in the EqG specials? She's the closest to a redesign for one of the Mane 6 we've gotten and, I won't lie, I think it's a tad too busy. :/

Well its…

Ya know, you’re right. Though I wouldn’t say it’s too busy. I’d say it’s too *noisy*, specifically when it comes to the colors.

They clearly wanted to use all the same colors as Pony-Twi’s EgQ outfit, but still make this outfit unique. But that resulted in the color that’s better as an accent (the fuscia) becoming a main color of the outfit, especially with her top being mostly made up of it.

Fuscia is such an INTENSE color, to use it as anything other than accent, at least in Twilight’s design, is overwhelming.

I think the design details of the outfit are fine. If you just presented this as colorless line work, it’d look just fine–though still, kinda in line with the older Mane 6 designs, which I still say is it’s own issue.

Because, I will say that I didn’t even remember Sci-Twi’s outfit here. I had to look it up. Despite being a recent design, it really fits in with the older designs–much like Sunset’s older design, being a bit more detailed than the others.

So yeah, I’m not a big fan of it. Not a big fan of Pone-Twi’s outfit either. I think the puffy shoulders=sleeves look juvenile and silly :V

Shoutout to The Crystal Prep Uniform though.

Now that outfit is cute af.

marriedthedark  asked:

Do you have any Blacksun Halloween headcanons?


they’re older here, assume they’re college students about to graduate (basically post whatever war they’re fighting against Salem/the fang)

  • Sun loves Halloween. He’s the person who gets ready months in advance. He’s not too keen on the changing weather (he likes to be shirtless after all) but the holiday is his favorite. He’ll be that person decorating the house and organizing events and parties for Halloween and Blake’s looking at him like Sun wtf it’s September.
  • Blake isn’t too crazy about it. Not that she dislikes it, more that she’s indifferent towards it. But Sun’s (and their friends’) enthusiasm for the holiday made it grow on her. She’s definitely excited for fall because it includes her favorite weather and it’s perfect tea and book reading weather. While Sun’s jumping in leaves and preparing to scare kids she’ll be on the porch reading and watching him.
  • Blake was ready to kill Sun when she came home and saw a pumpkin in the middle of her living room. It was huge. Massive. About as big as an Ursa and Blake has no idea how he brought it home or how he even got it inside the house considering the thing was both taller and wider than their doors.
  • Somehow the next day the pumpkin was outside. Sun was carving it with his team, Yang, Ruby, Weiss, and jnpr. Blake didn’t let a single one of them go through the door until they got all the pumpkin guts off of them.
  • Weeks before Halloween Sun was talking to Blake about couple costume ideas. Blake finds it silly but Sun always wanted to do them and Blake promises each year that “next year we’ll do it” so he pulls out the puppy eyes and makes her say yes. She eventually agrees (who can say no to those eyes?) and she asked for suggestions. He jokingly said sexy cat. Sun slept on the couch that night.
  • On the actual day of Halloween the two of them agreed that they’d have 2 pairs of costumes: one costume was for the trick or treating kids, the other one for the inevitable house party they’d go to later at night.
  • Blake dressed up as a witch for when the kids began trick or treating. It was a simple puffy off the shoulder blouse with a long black skirt and large hat. Sun bought a bunny suit. A grimm bunny suit. He thought it would scare the kids. It did not.
  • He even tried hiding in the pumpkin. Blake was about to tell him it would be a bad idea to put all that fabric near a flame but she figured “no he can’t be that stupid” well. He jumped in the pumpkin. Immediately jumped out. Sun lost his costume’s tail that night and almost lost his own.
  • In Sun’s defense he was thinking too quickly and forgot about the flame lighting up the giant pumpkin.
  • Later that night after the kids left they changed into different costumes. Sun would use any excuse to get his shirt off so he dressed up as a sexy pirate. Blake wanted to keep the same costume but Sun said it should be “sexier” to fit with his theme so she just cut the skirt shorter, wore her thigh high boots, and put a corset around the blouse to become a pirate. Sun bought her an extra pirate hat but she took his and insisted she would be the captain. Sun let her because he’s a good boyfriend but also he thinks her being in control is hot. 
  • The party itself was pretty fun and Blake found herself enjoying her time there. Sun was happy because he knew she usually only comes to parties for him so he was happy she was genuinely happy being there.
  • The party wasn’t too wild as it was organized by jnpr but had Yang or SSSN organized it they would have gone until sunrise. But the party quickly came to an end some time after 3 am when people began passing out.
  • Sun and Blake went home after helping Pyrrha clean up a bit before she insisted Jaune would help her take care of it in the morning.
  • When they got home Sun’s pumpkin was gone. Sun was devastated and Blake spent the remainder of the morning comforting him about his loss but ultimately she was just confused. It’s a huge pumpkin. How did whoever stole it even take it. Who and HOW-
  • It was Nora. She got drunk and stole it. Ren made her take it back and apologize the next day. Sun was just happy to have his pumpkin back. Blake remained confused.